15 Screenshots That Make Us Miss Recently Cancelled Shows

Television shows drift on and off our screens and in and out of our lives with such frequency that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. A lucky few of those shows captivate audiences and studio executives alike and manage to stick around long enough to wrap up all loose ends with a designated series finale. The vast majority of television shows, however, fail to make it to an official final season, much to the dismay - and often times total devastation - of their loyal fans.

Fans fall in love with television shows for a variety of reasons. Many are drawn in by the storylines and the characters, while others fall for cinematography and direction. If you’re like me, you appreciate a clever, well-written story, but nothing gets you to tune in like some good old fashioned adult storylines and themes of a sexual nature.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen dozens of shows be taken off the air by unhappy networks, many of which featured regular controversial storylines, semi-nudity, and sometimes even full-frontal revelations. I will admit not all of those shows were critical favorites or television masterpieces, but they more than made up for that in steamy moments, and I made sure to get screenshots of all of them.

Here are 15 hot screenshots that will make you miss recently canceled shows.


15 The Blacklist: Redemption

When NBC began promoting The Blacklist: Redemption, a spin-off of the hit series The Blacklist, the network billed it as a more thrilling and sexy version of its predecessor. Unfortunately, viewers seemed to disagree and the series was canceled after just one season of perpetually declining ratings.

So NBC may have been wrong about the whole “thrilling” part of the series, but the promised sexy materials were definitely in there. There was an odd eroticism about almost every scene featured in the series, even in the mother-son conflict between the characters of Scottie Hargrave and Tom Keen. If we can look beyond these characters to the actual actors featured in the screenshot above, we see no fear in the eyes of the beautiful Famke Janssen as Ryan Eggold’s hand wraps around her neck. Instead, it looks as though Janssen quite enjoys the feeling of Eggold gripping her throat, which isn’t entirely unjustified.

14 Rosewood


Rosewood followed Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., a Miami pathologist struggling to balance his intense career in law enforcement with his equally - if not more so - intense personal life. The series was a resounding critical failure but enjoyed consistently high ratings prior to its decline and eventual cancellation in May of 2017.

I’m sure the vast majority of those who tuned into Rosewood on a weekly basis despite its poor storytelling and sub par performances did so in the hope of catching one of the show’s many exhilarating “adult” scenes. In the screenshot above, we see one such scene play out as Jaina Lee Ortiz, one of the most naturally beautiful actresses of recent memory, removes a rather dull tank top to reveal her spectacular self to the show’s titular character.

13 Outsiders

Outsiders enjoyed a run of two seasons before being canceled by WGN America in April of 2017. The cancellation of the series came as a major blow to fans who had become invested in the gritty storylines and underdog characters, though they found some degree of comfort in the promise of the show’s producers to shop the series to other stations.

Despite the fact the show was set in a small (and fictional) Kentucky town, the characters’ sexual exploits could rival those of New York City socialites. In this screenshot, for example, we see series stars Kyle Gallner and Christina Jackson as they act out an intimate moment between their characters. This locking of lips lay the groundwork for some passionate reels of love making a little later in the episode.

12 Scream Queens


Describing Scream Queens to somebody who hasn’t seen it before is no easy task. If you are unfamiliar with the show and want to understand just what it was all about, your only real option is to sit down and watch a couple of episodes, because the series was just too camp and wacky and delightful to be explained in a few lines. What I can tell you about the show, however, is that its writers had no problem incorporating some raunchy scenes into their scripts.

Actress and model Brianne Howey was one of the first to show some skin in Scream Queens, and boy was it a good place to start! In the screenshot above, the blonde bombshell can be seen standing in nothing but her underwear as her colleagues look on, as transfixed by her beauty as those who were watching at home.

11 Castle

Castle followed the adventures of Richard Castle, a crime novelist who joined up with the police force in order to gain inspiration for his next book. The show started off fairly strong, but got pretty weird towards the end - with kidnappings and alternative universes - and was canceled in 2016.

Although the show didn’t feature any particularly raunchy scenes or frequent nudity, it did have its moments. The screenshot above, for example, was taken during the episode The Mistress Always Spanks Twice and features actress Dina Meyer in the role of a professional mistress. The storyline saw Castle and friends take a trip to a dominatrix’s dungeon in search of evidence for a murder case or something (I kind of lost track of the story as soon as Dina Meyer appeared in that PVC skirt and leather corset).

10 The Odd Couple


The Odd Couple is one of those things that Hollywood just won’t let die. Every couple of years, when studios are in need of something to bring in viewers, it seems the original idea is awoken from its slumber and rewritten to appeal to the audiences of the time. Although Neil Simon’s iconic play remains as entertaining as ever, few other Odd Couple renditions have been successful.

CBS’ recent attempt to recreate the play for television featured Matthew Perry and Felix Unger and was, unsurprisingly, a total disaster. The one saving grace of the series was Lindsay Sloane, who appeared as the creatively named character Lindsay. In this photo, Sloane is shown partaking in a yoga class. Clad in a revealing red tank top and her face fixed in an irresistible smile, Sloane eagerly awaits the directions of her fictional instructor while giving us all one reason to wish this particular remake of The Odd Couple had managed to make it off the ground.

9 2 Broke Girls

I never found 2 Broke Girls to be a particularly well-written sitcom. To me, it was always a haphazard attempt to bring back the classic “odd couple” trope and blend it with modern mainstream comedy and ironic urban lingo. Some of the industry’s most influential critics were less than impressed by the series, yet it managed to run for six years before being canceled by CBS in May of 2017.

A common point of criticism was the show’s over reliance on innuendo and the sex appeal of Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, who portrayed the main characters Max and Caroline respectively. While it certainly is cheap to rely on the good looks of the cast to raise the viewership of a series, I do have to admit that I understand why the producers did so. I mean, I don’t think anybody can argue that Dennings and Behrs are anything but stunning.

The above screenshot shows the pair as they appeared during a 2 Broke Girls Super Bowl commercial, where the full extent of their beauty was made known. Clad in thigh-high PVC boots and sequinned dresses, the stars of the show swung from a stripper pole while licking icing from their fingers, thrilling those watching at home but doing very little to explain what the show was actually about.


8 The Knick


When period drama The Knick first hit our screens in August of 2014, it received international attention due to the casting of Eve Hewson in her first major television role. Eve Hewson, for those who are still unfamiliar with the actress, is the 25-year-old daughter of U2 lead singer and Apple enthusiast Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono.

Not only did The Knick star the jaw-dropping daughter of one of the most famous musicians on the planet, it featured her in a number of titillating sex scenes. Despite the raunchy nature of much of the show, Hewson has stated that she made her parents watch every moment of every episode, even her nude scenes. Out of respect for Bono, I won’t include one of those nude scenes here and will instead show you a screenshot of a fully clothed, yet gorgeous Hewson that will make you want to track down the aforementioned more racy images yourself.

7 Sleepy Hollow

There was a point in time when Sleepy Hollow was synonymous with The Headless Horseman; that pumpkin-carrying, equestrian-loving sociopath constantly on the lookout for a new cranium. However, thanks to the recently canceled series which bore the same name of that little town, most people associate Sleepy Hollow with tempestuous romances, naked bodies and anything but a lack of head.

It should also be pointed out that, despite the name of the series, none of the characters in Sleepy Hollow seemed to get any significant rest during the darker hours. In fact, the vast majority of them seemed to be up all night long, something to which the following screenshot will attest. Here, we see Ichabod Crane and his frustratingly beautiful wife Katrina as they lie naked in their marital bed after making full use of it.

6 Emerald City


Recently, there has been this weird trend of recreating The Wizard of Oz for a new generation, which has led to I don’t know how many rewrites of the original story. Emerald City, which began airing in January of 2017, took more than a few liberties with L. Frank Baum’s creations and likely would have continued to do so had it not been canceled just four months after its premiere.

In a notable but not all that surprising departure from the original world of Oz, the producers of Emerald City made every featured character unrealistically attractive, including The Wicked Witch of the West. As seen in this screenshot, the Wicked Witch of the West seen in Emerald City differs drastically from the Wicked Witch of the West we have come to know. Her usually green face has been replaced with flawless pale skin, while the traditional pointy hat has been done away with to reveal a full head of thick silky hair, which flows down upon the witch’s thin shoulders.

5 Sense8

When Sense8 was first released on Netflix, many expected it to be another one of the streaming giant success stories. Despite a strong start, viewership of Sense8 quickly dwindled, largely due to the obvious attempts of the show’s producers to create diversity for the sake of diversity, which led to the convoluted plot suffering more than it already was.

I stayed with Sense8 through the entirety of the first season, but found it incredibly difficult to follow, which I’m sure had something to do with the fact I kept getting distracted by the show’s frequent (and admittedly needless) nude and sex scenes. This screenshot was taken during a girl-on-girl encounter which took place in the opening minutes of the first episode of the first season and really set the tone for the rest of Sense8 right up to its 2017 cancellation.

4 Pitch


Pitch starred Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker, a female pitcher who becomes the first woman to play in Major League Baseball when she is snapped up by the San Diego Padres. It wasn’t the most riveting plot and that was reflected in the poor ratings of the show, which led to it being canceled after just one season.

Although Pitch wasn’t quite as sexually charged as a lot of other television shows of the modern age, the hot screenshots were there for those who were willing to search for them. Take this screenshot, for example. Here, we are granted a glorious view of Kylie Bunbury from behind. The actress is decked out in full baseball gear which should not look half as stylish as she makes it.

3 Quarry

Following the struggles of a Marine recently returned from Vietnam in 1972, Quarry had a pretty interesting story and it was heightened by an incredibly talented cast, which featured the incomparable Jodi Balfour as Joni Conway. For the most part, the series received positive reviews but was nonetheless canceled by Cinemax in May of this year.

As disheartening as it is to know a show that had quality writing and performances throughout was canceled while The Big Bang Theory was renewed for its 270th season (a rough estimate), we can all take consolation in the fact that we at least got to look at Jodi Balfour for a little while. Balfour, as this screenshot proves, is one of the most naturally beautiful actresses in the world today and looks smoking hot even when the makeup and costume departments have put done their best to make her character look unattractive.

2 Marco Polo


Marco Polo was another one of those Netflix originals that was supposed to continue the streaming service’s gradual takeover of television and movies, but it just didn’t happen, which came as a bit of a surprise to viewers and critics alike. I mean, Marco Polo was no classic, but it wasn’t terrible either. It was a perfectly fine television show that more than made up for its shortcomings in plot and character development with steamy adult scenes.

The above screenshot is the perfect example of why I regularly tuned into Marco Polo when Netflix was still producing it. In it, we see the actress Zhu Zhu - who played Kokachin on the show - filling her perfect lungs with smoke while a fire blazes in the background. Later in the series, fans would get to see Zhu Zhu strip down and sit in a steaming bath while brandishing a blade, but you’re gonna have to watch the show for yourself to see that.

1 Good Girls Revolt

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Good Girls Revolt before it was canceled by Amazon Video in December of 2016, it was basically Girls Gone Wild thinly disguised by storylines and characters with the illusion of depth. The series followed a collection of female researchers forced to play second-fiddle to male reporters despite the fact they were more intelligent and talented than them. I suppose it was intended to be Amazon’s answer to Netflix’s recently released GLOW, but the company forgot to factor in the fact that literally, nobody watches Amazon Video.

Although it had next to no impact on popular culture, Good Girls Revolt received minor attention for its subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sexual scenes, which I suppose is better than receiving no attention at all. This screenshot captures actress Genevieve Angelson - who played the role of Patti on the show - sneaking a quick cigarette in the girls' bathroom. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette that is undeniably attractive, especially when she’s all glammed up as Angelson is in this screenshot. Lung cancer never seemed so worth it!

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