15 Scientifically Proven Things About Husbands That Wives Always Like

Are you one of those guys who went through high school feeling like the king, because that’s how everyone treated you, or are you the guy no girl would ever remember you went to the same school with? Regardless of which category you belonged to, it must have felt as if there was some invisible force responsible for making sure you remained where you were because it must have felt as if it were impossible to cross over.

However, you would be excited to know regardless of your past or present, you have the power to attract women and to make them fall in love with you. Although some handsome men don't struggle to make women notice and want them, other men would only need to change a few things in their lives to achieve as much if not better success as their counterparts.

Below are some scientifically proven things about men that women find attractive. In all of these examples, some researchers from different parts of the world conducted studies on large groups of people and interviewed them.

Therefore, these examples are the findings of different investigations and are therefore true. Although some particular women might disagree with a few of the entries, all respondents are unique, and they can either belong to the majority or the minority groups. Of these scientifically proven things that make women find men attractive, in your opinion, which of these sounds unbelievable?

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15 Height And Shoulder To Hip Ratio

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If a woman has to choose between two men who she feels treat her like a queen and are both exciting to be with, she will almost always settle for the taller one. Although most women choose taller men subconsciously, many will often go for them because they see them to be the embodiment of masculinity.

Some University of Utah researchers published a study where they claimed women have preferred taller men since the caveman days since at the time physical protection of the family was one of their main concerns. Although today men don’t engage in those many physical confrontations, the woman still sees his height as an advantage either way.

Furthermore, women also consider broad-shouldered men more attractive, a trait that scientists refer to as a V-shaped torso. A high shoulder to hip ratio is a sign a man is healthy and has a high testosterone level. However, becoming overly masculine is a turnoff for most women, so men have to find a good balance.

14 An Athletic Frame

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If you're keen enough, you'll discover that the men who don't have athletic bodies don't have the most attractive girlfriends, unless if they're rich, have a special talent, or if they know how to treat a woman like a queen. The reason for this is because women love a man who has more muscle than fat. As mentioned earlier, the man doesn't need to be overly masculine to be attractive, he just has to look fit and take good care of his body.

Therefore, if you want an attractive woman at the office to notice you, it will do you great to start doing some exercises and to watch what you eat. However, you don't need to go as far as engaging in a tough 7-day a week routine at the gym or keeping a strict supplement filled diet. Furthermore, wearing perfectly fitting clothes will give a woman the impression you're fit, so all you might probably need to do is change your tailor.

13 Great Smell

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Smelling great is something the whole human race should be deeply concerned about. Regardless of how handsome a man is, no one will want to spend two minutes with him if he smells terrible. Although a man who's working out at the gym or jogging at the park will be so attractive to any woman who lays eyes on him, no woman will want to touch or even smell his sweat.

A bad odor can be a sign that you hardly take a shower on a regular basis or just have no regard for hygiene. The two-step process involved in getting out of this mess is showering and wearing a good cologne. Women are especially keen about how men smell, and a study conducted in the UK revealed that they would even rate a man more highly based on how he smells even when they've never met or spoken to him.

12 A Beard

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If you're one of those men who only let your beard grow in November, then you will need to think about learning how to deal with more facial hair throughout the year. According to a study conducted in Australia back in 2013, a woman perceives a man to be more attractive and masculine if he has well-groomed and well-maintained facial hair, although the beard shouldn't be too long.

If you think about it, the things women are mostly physically attracted to in men are the ones they don’t have, and facial hair is a great example. The biggest problem with most men is they either want to shave their beards clean or to let them grow into a bush that looks ugly and unmanageable.

If a man can maintain a good beard, it will prove he's mature, masculine, and is dominant, qualities women admire in a man.

11 A Deep Romantic Voice

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One of the changes an adolescent male looks forward to as he transitions into adulthood is the point at which his voice becomes deeper. Since everyone develops at his own pace, the boys who take too long to catch up with their age mates don't attract as many girlfriends as their counterparts, since everyone, including themselves, perceive them as being immature.

According to a study by a number of researchers in a London University, women perceive men who have a deep voice to have a stronger and larger physicality, which they interpret as attractive. Therefore, you can imagine how a woman will feel about a man who has a deep voice that she perceives is romantic.

However, this is one of the few things on this list a man can improve on, although to some extent. Acquiring the services of a voice coach would help a man to change the squeaky sound his voice box produces into a sweet sounding voice because the human voice is indeed a powerful instrument.

10 Great Sense Of Humour

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The people who appear to be serious all the time, like bosses, aren't always approachable, and the people who interact with them only do so because they have to. On the other hand, it always seems so easy to talk to someone who has a great sense of humor, because such an individual will make you smile, and make you feel good about yourself.

In addition to feeling good about being around a man who can make them laugh, women want a man who can laugh at their jokes. According to a Northumbrian University research, human beings perceive an individual with a good sense of humor as one who is smart, both socially and intellectually.

Women find intelligent men as having the capability to protect and provide for them and their children, a concern that's as valid today as it was back in the caveman days. The good news here is that a good sense of humor is something someone can develop in time.

9 Ability To Treat Others With And Command Respect

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Women are as close to being equal with men today more than any other time in history, and the gap is shrinking with every passing day. A few decades back, men used to treat women badly, and although a lot has changed, women haven't forgotten how cruel some men can be and they'd not want to go back to such times.

According to a survey by ABC News, out of all the women who took part in the survey, 84% listed down that treating women with respect was a "must-have" quality. Therefore, women will always go for men who they know will treat them with respect.

Furthermore, a woman would choose a man who commands respect in any environment any day over one who's hated, because such respect will affect them directly. If people around them will love her man, they will automatically love her, but sadly, the opposite is also true.

8 Chivalry

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According to almost all the women out there, chivalry is over. Most of the women who've heard about chivalry think it's something that used to happen a long time ago, a medieval concept that's not practiced today. Many have only seen such wonderful actions in plays and on TV, while others can remember a bit of it happening on their first dates.

Sadly, as men are courting the women they intend to marry, they will often do everything they feel is necessary to sweep them off their feet, but as soon as they tie the knot, they focus on other things.

Therefore, if a man takes the trouble to open the door for his woman, pull a chair for her, carry her groceries, and treat her like a pearl, there's no reason why she wouldn't get attracted to him. The best thing about this is that it's easy to do these nice things, and it makes both the woman and the man happy.

7 Giving Gifts (Especially Chocolate)

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Although diamonds might be a girl's best friend, chocolate is a close second, since it makes her feel great anytime and every time. Science has proven that chocolate has the power to increase an individual's serotonin levels in the brain, which is a scientific way of saying it makes you feel better. Therefore, when a man gives his woman chocolate, when she's craving for it, which is all the time, she will be attracted to him in a great way.

Furthermore, women are attracted to generous men, because they have a good heart, and they're easy to live with. Generous men usually have a good standing in society, and everyone likes associating themselves with such men.

Developing a giving personality isn't the easiest thing to do, especially if you're the kind of person who finds it hard to give from your limited resources, but you can start. Besides, chocolate isn't the most expensive thing out there, but its benefits are immeasurable.

6 Leadership Qualities

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Has anyone you know ever referred to you as a great leader? If no one has, then you probably need to start taking charge, especially in environments where there is no form of leadership. Since as far back as history can date, man has always been the leaders in the home, and all the members of the family knew this.

However, the most respected man even in those days used to be the leader of the pack, and it goes without saying that the women were most attracted to such men, as is the case today.

Therefore, it would be hard for a woman to be attracted to a man with no leadership qualities because she needs him to play his role as a leader when the time comes. In 2014, a study revealed that people in a group usually find the leader more attractive compared to the others, and the same applies in real life.

5 Ability To Play An Instrument (Especially The Guitar)

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Can you play a musical instrument? If you can't, but in your opinion, you're a decent guy who just can't get the attention of an attractive girl, then you need to learn how to play the guitar. Actually, learning how to play any musical instrument is a huge advantage, but a guy who can play the guitar is the leader of the pack.

According to The Psychology of Music, a guy holding a guitar is three times more likely to get a number from a woman than a guy holding a gym bag, and we all know how attractive the latter is. With a desire to learn and some commitment, you would be shocked at the progress you would make in a few short weeks.

Some of the reasons women find men who can play a guitar attractive is because they perceive such to be emotional, intelligent, and passionate, qualities any woman would love in her man.

4 Ability To Relate Well To Kids

via: elle.com

Although it traditionally has been a woman's role to take care of children of all ages, seeing a man who is able to relate well with young kids is a magnificent sight to a woman. According to a research conducted recently by professionals at the University of Richmond, single dads have a better chance at finding a woman to be with compared to a man with no children. Actually, a man who has a great relationship with his kids is 30% more likely to find a long-term partner compared to a childless man.

If you've ever gone to the park and watched just how much attention the dads there get you would feel inspired to go for your niece or nephew just to get the same attention. A man who is good with kids doesn't need explaining what kind of a father he would be, and it also speaks volumes about the life partner he would make.

3 Age And Maturity

via: theknotnews.com

Although people would love to get their hands on a potion that would make them look young again, men shouldn't be too eager to take it, if it was to be invented. According to a study conducted back in 2010, the results showed women preferred older men to those of their age or younger.

Apart from the fact that we all believe women develop faster than men, in almost every aspect, the study showed that as women matured, their concern in a relationship partner was more on whether he can provide financially for her. Of course, good looks are great, but a good man should have the capacity to provide security and financial stability, and here's where older men come in.

Almost everyone assumes older men are far more stable and financially responsible compared to younger men. Furthermore, these men are sure to be better leaders as well as father figures, qualities a mature woman would find attractive and irresistible.

2 Brains And Wit

Via: slate.com

Have you ever had a conversation with the person you believed to be the crush of your life, and afterward hoped you never did? This is usually the case with the bright girls who develop crushes with the most popular boys in school, who are only popular because they're great in sports or are well-built.

Although a great body can attract any woman, it's not enough to keep her or even get her in a serious relationship. More often than not, mature women are attracted to brains over brawn. Most women would choose an intellectually stimulating conversation over intimacy any day, which is not great news to men.

However, this shouldn't be a big challenge to any man out there, because anyone can get smart through reading a few books and knowing what channels to watch. It wouldn't do any harm to watch a great documentary as opposed to a football game.

1 Involvement In Volunteer Work

via: teenvogue.com

If you want to be attractive in everyone's eyes, do some volunteer work. According to a study in the UK conducted in 2013, women found men who had participated in volunteer work to be more appealing compared to those who did not.

The same is also true about women since men found women who had previously taken part in some volunteer work to be attractive. Furthermore, people who have been involved in volunteer work are considered better suited for long-term relationships, which is what mature women are usually after.

When you volunteer to do something, you're literally telling the world that you care about people other than yourself and you don't always expect to be paid for everything. People who volunteer their time to help out in a home for the elderly, a children's home, or in a feeding programme are special and we need more of them in the world.

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