15 Sci-Fi Characters Most Dudes Fantasized About

The science fiction genre is all about dreaming. What if we could explore the farthest reaches of space? What if we could invent and develop technologies that would advance our species to greater heights? What if we discovered alien women that were super hot? Hey, while we’re dreaming we should satisfy multiple desires, right?

This list isn’t just about hot alien characters. We also include the scientists, cyborgs, royalty and regular humans who all happen to be beautiful. That’s one of the cool things about science fiction-- everyone is welcome. Sci-fi isn’t prejudice about color, gender, race, planet or species. If she’s hot, she’s fair game. Except for Klingons, they’re all a bunch of douchebags, right?

Of course, another factor in science fiction is where this all happens in time and space, which was one of the biggest challenges for choosing the hotties on this list. We wanted to include some nostalgic characters, but also wanted to be topical. So a singular 1980s movie hottie, like Kelly LeBrock, in Weird Science, didn’t quite make the list. Meanwhile, TV reruns and movie sagas have a tendency to linger on for years, so Star Trek, or Star Wars characters had a better chance of fitting in. Either way, you will find that certain sci-fi hotties do bring back some vivid, and very fond memories of growing up and crushing on chicks, while other more recent actresses are still fantasized over today.

15 Padme Amidala

Natalie Portman was a first crush of many, many dudes, and we have that tight white Attack of the Clones outfit to blame. Plus she grew up in the movie business, so we had a sense of familiarity about her, before she took on the legendary role. Portman has been known to throw shade on the fanboys, however, and even said she regretted taking the Padme Amidala role to begin with. She’s also pretty feisty with the paparazzi, and doesn’t really seem to appreciate the people that helped make her career. But we can’t blame her. She’s a mom now and she is just trying to protect her kids. She just gave birth to her second child a few days ago. Motherhood should eventually mellow her out, and perhaps when her kids are old enough to fall in love with the Star Wars saga, she will learn to love her role after all.

14 Gamora

Zoe Saldana is a repeat offender in the science fiction genre, and we love her every time she shows up. She plays Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, which is releasing an even hotter sequel later this year. She also played Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek, back in 2009. That was the JJ Abrams directed version, which was totally awesome. Saldana also did the follow-ups of Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond. Also, Saldana played Neytiri in Avatar, and some dudes found themselves oddly attracted to that blue cartoony, wide eyed face, which totally makes sense since Saldana was involved. And just when you thought Avatar was old news, oh no, it’s just getting started. Saldana is all lined up to play Neytiri in three more Avatar sequels, which are scheduled to be released in 2018, 2020 and 2022. The actress is gorgeous as she is ageless, a remarkable 38-years-old, and doesn’t look a day over 25. And that’s great since it looks like she’ll be walking the red carpet for years to come, on Avatar projects alone.

13 Number Six

Tricia Helfer is one smoking hot blonde, and she was the favorite of many dudes during her 73 episodes on Battlestar Galactica. She played one of the many humanoid Cylons on the series, but she was by far the sexiest. Since the show wrapped, Tricia has remained busy, starring in several other TV dramas including Lucifer, The Firm and Burn Notice, which overlapped briefly with Battlestar. Then she posed for Playboy in the February 2007 issue. And of course, since Tricia is so hot, she starred on several episodes of Two and a Half Men, which was known for having the prettiest of guest stars. Tricia is Canadian, where she grew up on a farm. She was discovered outside of a movie theatre in Alberta, by a modelling agent. Right place at the right time. That stuff really does happen, folks. Keep dreaming.

12 Deanna Troi

Alright guys, this is an oldie, but I know many of you recognize this character. This is Deanna Troi, played by Marina Sirtis, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. For many dudes, The Next Generation was their first introduction to the Star Trek saga. The Captain Kirk Series was too old and stale, and multiple TV networks ran Next Generation reruns constantly. If you remember, the show was a classic. There was the old, bald, Captain Picard, with his super cool accent, and there was the pale and pasty robot dude, Data, and the guy from Reading Rainbow, wearing the fancy louvered glasses. I think they even had the precursor to Siri on their ship. And all the while you were watching the show, and just killing time, waiting, and watching for Deanna Troi to come into the picture. This was a dude crush for sure. She was so calm and effortless, with her sexy voice and super tight shirt. Alien hottie number one.

11 Mikaela Banes

We had to include Megan Fox, the hottie from Transformers, which straddles that line between science fiction and blow-it-up colossal action movie. Another film, similar in genre, is the Terminator series, and many dudes had a crush on Linda Hamilton. But this list went with the obvious winner of the two, Megan Fox. Fox is so pretty, and her body is so hot, especially when she’s sweaty, and leaning over, which she is in like every scene of Transformers. And although beautiful, much has been written about Fox’s ugly habits. She has insulted producers and directors. She has a weird nubby little thumb deformity. And when she takes a dump, she doesn’t flush. Some dudes find these details intriguing. To each his own.

10 Echo

It only took a mere 27 episodes to establish Eliza Dushku as one of the hottest science fiction characters of all time. She played Echo in Dollhouse, which appeared on Fox, and detailed the exploits of futuristic mind-erasable double agents. Eliza also had a part in the creation of the show, and was a spokesperson for it at fanboy dreamland, aka ComicCon. The show’s concept originally involved a lot more sex, but unfortunately Dollhouse was dulled down and turned into more of a thriller, per the request of Fox. It was either that co-operation, or its cult following that allowed the show to be greenlit for its second season, making it the lowest rated TV show to be renewed in 20 years. Eliza made her big break starring in True Lies as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter. She was also James Cameron’s first choice for Dark Angel, a part that was turned down, and ended up launching Jessica Alba’s career.

9 Alice

Jovovich has built her career upon Alice in the Resident Evil franchise. She starred in the original film, back in 2002, and has returned for the many sequels. Also under consideration here were her hot co-stars including Kate Beckinsale and Ali Larter. What set her apart was the fact that Alice isn’t Jovovich’s only famous role in the science fiction world. Before Alice, she starred as Leeloo in The Fifth Element. Most dudes remember the hot scene, when a young, hot Jovovich, with bright orange hair, is wearing what appears to be an outfit made of white duct tape. The Fifth Element had some really goofy parts, but overall, it’s a pretty good flick. Jovovich and Bruce Willis have some great chemistry, and the cameo by Chris Tucker as a futuristic drag queen entertainer is high pitched, and hilariously annoying.

8 Dana Scully

At one point in time The X-Files had a huge following, and even though many dudes may hate to admit it, they all had a secret crush on Agent Scully. She wasn’t the hottest coal on the fire but she certainly grew on you week after week, and when you’re young and watching a show habitually, most guys are bound to fall for the female lead. David Duchovny wasn’t digging her though. Rumor has it that they weren’t the best of friends on set, and basically couldn’t stand each other. Sounds like sexual frustration to me. David got that all out of his system with his next TV drama, Californication. There’s enough nudity on that series to satisfy any appetite, including Duchovny’s character who played an author and sex addict.

7 Claire Bennet

There are many dudes in this world who hated Heroes. They had no freaking clue what was going on most of the time, and they didn’t care either, they were just waiting for Hayden Panettiere to show up. Hayden played the cheerleader who was basically indestructible and cute as a button. Hayden’s next big TV adventure was on Nashville, on ABC, which was cancelled and then picked up by CMT. Hayden plays the spunky pre-madonna, pop-country starlet who has a major attitude and an addiction problem. She constantly battles the old guard of country played by Connie Britton. Britton’s character recently died unexpectedly and the drastic change may have fatal results for the already floundering drama series.

6 Persephone

Okay, if you’re making a list about science fiction hotties, a woman from The Matrix has to be mentioned, and the clear winner is Monica Bellucci. Her role may not have been as pivotal as Trinity, but Bellucci is way hotter than Carrie-Anne Moss. Bellucci is one of the hottest women that ever walked the planet, let alone The Matrix. Moss looks like a goth high school boy dressed as Catwoman next to her. And Niobe isn’t any competition either. Sure, she’s pretty and petite, and has cool hair, but nothing compares to Monica. Monica’s character provided the sex appeal, which is just what the movie series needed. Dudes were nerding out trying to follow those confusing plotlines and got tired of watching Keanu bend over backwards. Dudes needed to see some breasts to come back down to reality, and Bellucci delivered.

5 Rose Tyler

So we had to get a Doctor Who girl on here somewhere, right? Is Billie Piper the hottest one? I hope so. Sure, Piper is nerdy, and has a huge smile, but that’s her charm. She’s still gorgeous and had great chemistry with both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Her performance was so vital that she received the top billing alongside both Doctors, and many fans agree that she may be the best companion ever, if not the hottest. After starring in a remarkable 35 episodes over 8 years on Doctor Who, Piper was a regular on Penny Dreadful. She appeared in all 27 episodes of the horror drama series, before it was cancelled last year. If you ever look up photos of Piper you will be amazed at the number of different hair colors this girl can pull off. Red, black, blond, whatever, the girl looks good in any shade.

4 Princess Leia

Now don’t be surprised. You knew Leia was going to be on this list. You knew it! If she wasn’t, the entire world would come crashing to an end, because just about every dude ever, at some point or another, had impure thoughts about Princess Leia. The question is why? Sure she’s hot, and that Return of the Jedi bikini was off the chain, literally. But why are dudes so attracted to her? She was young, just 18 at the time A New Hope was filmed, but she certainly didn’t seem that young. I think it was her fighting spirit that was so attractive. It was her strength of character that shined. Dudes like to get all excited about boobs and butts, but there are bigger things that attract us as well. Carrie Fisher was a great Leia, and she will always be a sci-fi honey to remember. And Jabba missed his calling by the way. Should have gone into fashion.

3 Clementine Pennyfeather

Okay, so dudes have been crushing on Leia for decades, but we had to change it up a bit. Who’s the big science fiction crush right now? Well if you’ve ever seen Westworld, you may agree that Angela Sarafyan, isn’t a bad choice for fantasy fodder. Westworld is full of hotties, and Angela wins for now. She has the most wonderful pair of eyes you have ever seen, with a killer bod. She represents the future of science fiction which is very important in a genre that basically ponders what the future will be like. Hopefully Angela will be there, playing a prominent role in Hollywood. She’s already been slaying the red carpet. Girl walked in with a dress that looked normal from the front, but the profile was a totally transparent mesh. She knows dudes have already seen what she’s got, so why not flaunt it, and perpetuate the dream?

2 Pink Ranger

We went topical with Angela, but now we’re diving back into nostalgia, and who better to do so, than the original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson. We all watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers growing up. And just because their target demographic is children, Power Rangers is often ignored within the sci-fi genre. They just don’t get the respect they’re due. There have been so many reboots of the Rangers idea, whether on TV or film, and they’ve all made money. The basis of the show is so scientific, with aliens, gadgets and the whole nine yards. The Power Rangers deserve praise, but let’s not forget to focus on Amy Jo. She was the hottest young thing many dudes ever laid their eyes on, and she’ll live on forever as an inspiration. Whether she was practicing her gymnastics routine or kicking some butt, she had our full attention.

1 Sil

All of the women on this list are timeless hotties, but some resonate more than others, depending on how old you were when you first discovered the character in question. For many dudes, Natasha Henstridge blew minds in Species. She was fully displayed across that silver screen like a boss. She had all her beautiful, flawless body parts exposed, and she was walking down the hall like she could care less. She played an alien that would kill a dude after sex, but most dudes would volunteer to do the deed anyway. She was so hot. Dripping wet in a hottub, not really talking much, it’s a dream come true. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, but that didn’t matter. Most of the time, the acting in science fiction is pretty poor. Actors are mere vehicles to relay information to keep the plot moving. Emotion comes second to science. And science comes second to sex appeal.

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