15 Scenes You Won't Believe Disney Got Away With

Looking at Disney's track record of adding despicable things into children's films is one of the internet's favorite things. Since the dawn of time, Disney has been trying to see how much they can get past people. In the early years, it was nudity and naughty things. Nowadays, it's a little more innocent. It's not always Easter eggs, though. Some of the most questionable material for kids is right in the main action. We wanted to compile a best-of list of all these moments, the stuff that seems like it should have been flagged by the censors. We have decided to look at all the scenes that were most questionable.

Whether they stand out against the rest of the film or they are a bit advanced for the intended audience, these scenes shocked us when we saw them. Some of them scared us and others made us laugh, but we have dirty minds. Every one of these scenes is crazy in its own way. Many of these scenes require a bit of additional knowledge. The jokes may go over the kids' heads for the most part but the shocking scenes just scared the life out of them. It's not just the censors. We're surprised that parents didn't fight back against the mouse house for this stuff.

As always, we feel we should say upfront that this isn’t a shaming project. Disney is incredible and we enjoy most of what they do, but that doesn’t mean that all their decisions are right. They've done plenty of things that made us seriously question what kind of debauchery is going on behind-the-scenes there at Disney. If they're including this kind of stuff in the films, if these are things that they feel comfortable showing the world, what is going on behind closed doors? Here are 15 Scenes You Won’t Believe Disney Got Away With.

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15 101 Dalmatians And The Shrinky Winky

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101 Dalmatians is a pretty sadistic movie in the first place. The bad guys want to kill all 101 dogs and skin them for the fur. That's crazy talk. But aside from that, there are a couple of lines in the film that are pretty advanced for kids. There's the one line about bestiality, the one where Cruella de Vil insinuates that Roger, the man of the house, is responsible for both his wife's pregnancy and their Dalmatian's pregnancy. That one is bad, but it's not as bad (or as weird) as Hugh Laurie's character's comments about the dogs. When he sees them, he says, “The sight of all these deceased creatures gives me a shrinky winky.” Well, Hugh, you should be thankful that it didn’t go the other way.

14 Wreck-It Ralph And The Cherry Chaser

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We all say things we shouldn't when we're angry. Apparently, so too do Disney characters. We can forgive Wreck-It Ralph for losing his temper because of Pac-Man, but if our kids or the censors knew what he meant in his tirade, we may not have been so forgiving. When Ralph notices that Pac-Man was invited to the party, Ralph calls him a "Cherry-Chasing Dot Muncher." Cherry-chasing is pretty straightforward. Sure, he's talking about the game Pac-Man, but he's also calling Pac-Man a virginity chaser. Dot muncher is more difficult because it could mean a number of things. It could be racist–really racist–but it might simply be referring to cunnilingus. Either way, it isn't a joke that parents are going to explain to their kids anytime soon.

13 Horned King's Death In The Black Cauldron

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There were a few moments from The Black Cauldron that we could have included on this list. There was Gurgi's sacrificial suicide, which was nuts, but it was redeemed a few minutes later. But we have to focus on the Horned King's death. This one was graphic. As the King is pulled to the brink of the cauldron, his clothes start to be torn off and sucked in. His is screaming in pain. The next to go is his skin being stripped clean off his bones. He then appears to be electrocuted, and it looks and sounds like it hurts. That's when he bursts into flames.

12 Lemon Party In Cars 2

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If you don't know what the term Lemon Party signifies, we're not going to tell you. Just google it...or don't. Yeah, probably don't. Either way, in Cars 2, the bad guys are the Lemons. They're the crappy cars, and they try to rig the race. OK, so while this race is going on, the lemons throw a party, a lemon party. This isn't subtle either. They're wearing party hats. There are lemons all over the room. They even say it's a lemon party. Disney was just asking for trouble on this one. Hopefully, no kids went on the internet trying to find a video of that lemon party because that could have ended badly.

11 A Bad Trip In The Good Dinosaur

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The Good Dinosaur is a sweet movie. It was totally innocent all the way through, that's partly why this scene felt so out of place. Honestly, it's not bad. It's just rare that you see this stuff in a kid's movie these days. So, the dino and the kid are hungry. They come across some berries lying on the ground. As they nibble, they realize that there are nice round beautiful berries still on the tree. The ones that they're eating are old and fermenting. For adults, it clicks. They're getting wasted. That's when the psychedelic drugs kick in and the hallucinations start. These two then start laughing and enjoying their trip. It's a pretty hilarious scene, but it does kind of glorify whatever drug they've discovered. Parents don't like it when their own vices are shown to be awesome in kid's movies.

10 Quail Death In Bambi

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Bambi's mother gets all the attention in Bambi. Yes, her death was tragic. We don't want to take anything away from that, but can we talk about the quail death a bit here? If it's been a while since you've seen the film, we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you had forgotten about this scene. It's brutal. As the hunters approach, the quails hide. One of the birds is terribly frightened and wants to fly away. The others urge it not to and to stay hidden. Soon, the scared bird's panic is too much to contain and it flies off. We watch it go up in the air and then, we hear a gunshot. The next thing we see is the lifeless corpse or this poor bird slump to the ground. It’s quite the scene, and we wish we knew how we reacted to it as children. Perhaps Bambi's mother's death made us forget this one, but we argue that this death is much more challenging to watch.

9 T-Rex The Murderer In Fantasia

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Fantasia is one of those movies that almost everyone has seen, but few have watched the entire thing. It can get kind of boring in spots. As kids, we don't remember watching it in its entirety, but that was probably a good thing. We do remember seeing the dinosaur fight scene, though, and it scared the crap out of us. This scene is awesome, but we wonder why Disney decided to go so graphic with it. In the scene, a red-eyed T-Rex attacks a poor stegosaurus. It's scared and we're scared. The stegosaurus runs from the monster, but it can't escape, so it's forced to fight a losing battle. The T-Rex savages it and kills it, but it's the way it dies that gets us. The T-Rex wrings this poor stegosaurus' neck. The dying animal then gets weaker and weaker until it stops moving and closes its eyes. It's an intense scene and one that isn't the most child-friendly. After this, it gets even worse. We then have to watch dinosaurs dropping dead from exhaustion.

8 Bambi And The Excited Skunk

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This one has always drummed up controversy. Some people argue that when the skunks kiss, the male skunk is simply getting flushed. His whole body goes red to really drive that message home. Sure, we can buy that. But there is another interpretation. Many people believe that this is showing the skunk getting excited. He doesn't just go all red, which could be showing the blood movement in his body. He also gets as stiff as a board. Maybe it's more innocent than that, but this is a movie that features a lot of death and old-school Disney was anything but innocent.

7 My Wife's Mouth In Toy Story 3

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The Toy Story franchise has plenty of jokes that probably shouldn't have been in a kid's movie, but most were pretty harmless. Hell, this joke here is harmless too, but when you're dabbling with inappropriate "naughty" jokes, you know you're probably getting into risqué territory. In the film, Lotso, the bad bear, takes Mrs. Potato Head's mouth off her face to stop her from talking. That's funny and it makes kids laugh. Then, Mr. Potato Head says, "Hey, nobody takes my wife's mouth except me!" Kids may laugh here but they likely don't know why. Adults may raise their eyebrows and think to themselves, is he talking about what I think he's talking about? Yeah, he's talking about what you think he's talking about.

6 A Dog's Death In Oliver & Company

via Disney wikia

The bad guys almost always die in Disney movies. Some are crazy and some are subtle. But, for whatever reason, when you're dealing with animals, it's different. That's why Oliver & Company surprised us with a rather violent death of two dogs, the Dobermans, Roscoe and DeSoto, that belong to the bad guy Sykes. So, during the big chase at the end, the parties are driven into the subway. It's here that both Dobermans meet their end, falling onto the tracks and being electrocuted to death on the third rail. Now, the animation softens the blow a bit, but we still see and hear these dogs die. It's pretty gruesome, especially for a kid's film.

5 The Brave Little Toaster And The Blender Torture

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The Brave Little Toaster has so many moments that were hard to watch as a kid. Still, the movie is awesome, and we loved it. That doesn't change the fact that the blender torture scene was one of the most brutal in any animated movie to date. This poor blender tries to hide from his torturer, the shopkeeper, but to no avail. The guy finds him, crushes him in a vice, rips his cord clean off (we cringe to think of what that's meant to symbolize), and then pulls out his heart. Well, technically, he pulls out his motor, but these appliances are alive man! That’s his heart, man! We don't expect that kids will have made the connection to the human counterparts, but parents probably did and parents were likely to send angry letters to Disney.

4 Steamy Time In The Road To El Dorado

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Chel in The Road to El Dorado is an interesting character. She's a seductress, a character type in plenty of kids movies. But, she takes it further than most do. There's the thing with the dice. She pulls out Tulio's dice from under her dress, and the guys ask, "Where was she keeping them?" Then there's the classic make-out scene, which clearly was intended to be something else. Although the kissing sounds are offscreen, when the two lift their heads into the frame, Chel's head is around Tulio's waist. We also have to wonder how he was making other noises while the kissing sounds were taking place. When you take these scenes in combination with the many other s*xual innuendos and seduction going on, we're surprised that Disney was allowed to lay it on this thick.

3 The Feather Duster In Beauty And The Beast

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Of course, you remember the feather duster, Fifi, in the animated film The Beauty and the Beast. She was the flirtatious maid who had a thing with Lumiere. In the end, she turned back into that attractive maid. Well, do you remember when she was terrorized by one of the rioting townsfolk? It happened. Think back to when they all stormed the castle. One of the villagers grabbed Fifi and began plucking out her feathers. Now, we're not sure on the anatomy transfer here, but we would bet that the white flowers being plucked are basically her undergarments. That means that the villager is essentially stripping her naked, ripping off her underwear. The guy is laughing crazily as he does it too, showing himself to be the creep we think he is. This is a pretty sadistic scene if you really think about it. It's unlikely that the kids were breaking it down this way, but you never know.

2 Fantasia And Harpy Nips

Fantasia had a few nude female creatures running around in its frames. In the film, we see topless nymphs and harpies, but there is a major difference between the two creatures. The nymphs have no nipples, and the harpies have very pink and in-your-face nipples. This seems to s*xualize the content. Disney felt that way as well. Because the nymphs were shown in greater detail, they left the nipples out. They felt they would be too noticeable. The harpies, on the other hand, were in a quick shot, so the animation team felt that it was okay to include them. Well, all these years later, we're still giggling about the harpy nipples. So obviously, it was a great decision.

1 Beads Scene In Cinderella

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Say what you will about the beads scene in Cinderella. Call it innocent and call it harmless, but don't you dare say that it doesn't make you think of those beads. What else can we do? Maybe you're sweet and naïve, so we'll describe it. Gus sees beads and gets excited. The necklace breaks, and the beads scatter everywhere. The mice then are forced to scramble to collect all the beads before the cat, Lucifer, eats them. That's when Jaq starts to put beads on Gus' tail. After one or two beads are on the tail, the total image really comes together. It doesn't matter if this was intentional or not. The final result is the same.

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