15 Scenes In The Walking Dead That Are Truly Hard To Sit Through

The Walking Dead may be the single goriest show in the history of television, which goes with the territory of being a show about the zombie apocalypse. Sure, we are living in the era of gory televisi

The Walking Dead may be the single goriest show in the history of television, which goes with the territory of being a show about the zombie apocalypse. Sure, we are living in the era of gory television. We’ve seen Daenerys eat a heart on Game of Thrones. There has also been True Blood, Dexter, Hannibal and certain seasons of American Horror Story. Gore is in. It seems that the gorier your television show is, the higher your ratings will be. That being said, The Walking Dead is winning in both ratings and gore.

However, there are certainly some scenes in TWD that are more disgusting than others. Sometimes, it may be because we have a close personal connection with a character who is being eaten by zombies, and other times, it may simply be because what is happening on the screen is truly disturbing. Either way, there are certain scenes on The Walking Dead that stay with you long after you watch them, and below are fifteen of them.

Before reading ahead, be warned that these scenes are all-out gross. You may seriously not want to be eating while you read this or while you watch any episode of The Walking Dead ever.

14 Cannibals Eating Bob's Leg


Watching this scene, it is really hard to not feel for Bob. I mean, unless you are heartless, you feel for Bob. The poor guy is sitting there with his leg cut off. He can see where the group is cooking his own leg over a fire, like they are roasting a chicken breast.

As if that isn't bad enough, the head asshole from Terminus then taunts Bob by eating his leg meat right in friggin’ front of him. He goes on to tell Bob just how good he tastes. He also talks about how he usually prefers women because of the extra layer of fat that they have. The whole scene is an uncomfortable reminder of the fact that even the humans have lost their humanity in this zombie world.

Also, is it odd to think that Bob is probably hungry in this scene because he hasn't had a decent meal in years? It totally adds another weird layer to the whole situation.

13 Actually, Everything Terminus


Thinking back on the Terminus dudes, just about everything they did was absolutely difficult to watch.

When Bob, Glenn, Rick and Daryl are taken away for slaughter at the Terminus headquarters, they are sat in front of a tub with four other prisoners. The Terminus guys then systematically hit their victim’s head with a baseball bat, pull their head back by grabbing their hair and slit their throat.

While formulating an escape, the scene gets even harder to watch as the group goes deeper into the Terminus rooms, seeing people’s bodies hanging like racks of meat, all the tools used to shave off the muscle from their bodies and their leftover belongings.

12 Negan's Prelude To His Kill


If I were writing this after the season seven premiere, I would almost definitely have Negan’s kill scene on this list. Hell, it would probably even be number one if it’s as gory as all of this build up is making it seem like it will be. I mean, we all remember the scene of Glenn glancing at the ‘after’ photos hanging on a wall. The faces were not even faces anymore. They had absolutely no features left - no nose, no chin, no mouth.

We haven’t even seen the episode in which Negan bashes the winner of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe to death but we have seen the prelude. Negan’s build up to the beat down is rough in its own right, as each character looks terrified and Negan threatens to cut out Carl's eye and feed it to Rick. With the anticipation building, Negan’s psychopathic confidence and his seeming enjoyment of coming slaughter, it is truly hard to sit through.

11 Dale's Death


Dale, you gentle soul. He was the wise, older character in season one and two but with his understanding of humanity, he wasn't destined to last all that long. One thing is for sure, if he met season six Rick, Glenn and Carol, he would not be okay with the ways they have all changed. But, this is zombie world and you need to do some things to survive.

When Dale decides to leave the group because he fears for their humanity, he stumbles into a zombie. While fighting off the zombie's snapping teeth, the zombie’s hands literally tear open Dale’s stomach, exposing his guts. We usually see zombies biting people. This is one of the few times that you see a zombie tear open someone’s stomach with their hands and it’s pretty gruesome. Dale lies there with his guts out before Daryl puts him out of his misery.

10 Taking Hershel's Leg


Okay, this entry could actually be ‘Whenever Someone Loses A Limb,’ but Hershel’s leg scene might have been the worst.

Unfortunately, when Hershel got bit, he was the one with the most medical training. He probably could have taken his leg off much better than anyone else on the show. Instead, Rick has to hack away at it several times. It shows the reality of just how difficult amputating a limb would be. No quick slice.

Furthermore, just about every single time someone's limb gets bitten, it's cringe-worthy because you know in about five seconds, someone else is going to take off their leg or arm. These scenes are always some of the worst to watch, especially knowing just how much more difficult living in zombie world is with only one arm or one leg. Though, much praise to Merle who made the best of his missing hand by replacing it with a knife. You know the saying, give Merle lemons and he'll make... meth. He'd probably make meth but, in this one case, he totally made lemonade.


Ah, Noah. We didn’t know you for very long but you had one sick ass death.

Beth helped Noah escape from the hospital and he ended up helping the group's efforts in breaking Beth out of the hospital. In a sad turn of events, Officer Dawn demands that in order for Beth to leave, Noah must stay. Noah says it’s fine but Beth deems it unfair and stabs Officer Dawn, resulting in Beth being shot and killed. That scene is sad but hey, Noah did get out of the hospital so I suppose that was the silver lining. Or at least that was the silver lining for a few episodes.

Shortly after finding Alexandria, Noah goes on a run and ends up stuck in a revolving door being eaten by zombies, as Glenn watches in utter fear. The fact that Noah only made it a few episodes after Beth gave her life for his freedom makes her death even more painful. Also, we may not have known Noah all that well, but his death was truly gnarly. I will never look at a revolving door the same way ever again.

9 Carol Puts Down Lizzie


The Lizzie and Mika plot came to a very tragic end. Lizzie was confused about zombies, so much so that she fed them rats and thought they were playing with her when they would chase her around. Nah, Lizzie, they are trying to eat you. This is not a game of tag.

Lizzie ends up killing Mika but didn’t hurt her brain so she would come back as a zombie, which Lizzie thought was a good thing. This entire scene is very uncomfortable as the unknowing Lizzie stands, covered in blood, in front of her little sister, who she just killed but she didn't think she just killed.

The scene gets even more uncomfortable after Carol and Tyreese decide that Lizzie must be stopped. Carol takes Lizzie out of the field and instructs her to look at the flowers before shooting her in the head. Of course, this is not the bloodiest scene on this list but whenever a kid dies on TWD (or ever), it’s usually a hard scene to sit through.

8 The C-Section


This scene is incredibly difficult to watch both for the gore and the emotional hardship in the scene. After realizing she is having complications with the birth, Lori asks Maggie to give her a C-section. Lori knows that she will not live through this and she says her goodbyes to Carl. This is where the sentimentality ends.

Maggie cuts straight into Lori’s stomach and pulls out the baby. C-sections are pretty gross, as it turns out. Lori's guts are just out there in the world. Carl stays behind in the room after Maggie leaves and shoots his mother in the head so she won’t turn.

With both the emotional layers and the gore of this scene, it’s extremely hard to watch.

7 Rick Finds Zombie That Ate Lori


When Rick finds out about Lori, he’s pretty bummed because… y’know, she was his wife and all. His face crumbles in a truly sad scene. Who knew Andrew Lincoln could play both badass Rick and emotional husband Rick?

After finding out about Lori, he spirals and goes into the prison, killing 1,000 zombies along the way. That’s basically what Rick always does when he’s bummed about someone dying – he goes on a zombie killing rampage. If Carl ever does die, Rick may be able to rid the entire world of zombies.

In his rampage, he stumbles not upon Lori’s corpse, but rather upon a very full zombie, a zombie who has a belly so full that it cannot even stand up. The zombie was gross and even grosser was the assumption that this zombie probably ate every last piece of Lori. The zombie literally made Lori completely disappear from this earth. Rick obviously had the same assumption, as he continued to stab the zombie in the stomach several times.

6 Dog Meat Dinner


We can’t fully blame the gang in this scene but it’s still pretty stomach churning.

Between their stay at the prison and Alexandria, the group finds themselves walking around for a while. Some members of the group are pretty pissed off, as many of them had just a lost loved one. Maggie and Daryl are upset about Beth. Sasha is having rage issues because of Bob and Tyreese's deaths. Regardless of rage issues though, every single member of the group is thirsty, hot and starving.

At that point, they come upon a group of feral dogs barking at them. This noise would certainly draw walkers so Sasha’s shooting the dogs makes sense. Then, they roast the dogs and eat them up, which also makes sense for the starving group, but it's still hard to watch. About 85% of people have a pet dog or have had a pet dog at some time in their life. I made that statistic up but it sounds right. Hell, some of these characters probably had pet dogs before the whole zombie thing happened.

But, when you’re hungry enough, you’ll eat anything. Just ask the Terminus people.

5 The Well Zombie


The zombie in the well was perhaps the most disgusting zombie on the entire show. At Herschel’s farm there is a zombie in the well, who has clearly been in there for quite some time. He’s bloated and pruning. He looks like Jabba the Hutt. Nothing about it is cute.

The group decided that instead of shooting him in the well and risking contaminating the water, it is best to get Jabba the Walker out of the well. During their Jabba the Walker mission, Glenn almost died, but what else is new? While pulling Jabba up on rope, they almost have him but… the zombie splits in half. His lower half, blood and guts fall into the well, contaminating the water that they tried to save.

If you’re drinking anything while watching The Walking Dead, this scene may have you spitting it out.

4 Daryl Uses A Zombie Head As A Weapon


Just when you think The Walking Dead simply cannot get any grosser, it out-grosses itself. While on their mission to save Beth, Daryl gets in a scuffle with a police officer. The police officer holds Daryl down between two snapping zombies getting dangerously close to biting him.

Daryl keeps reaching for the one zombie head, nearly getting a finger bitten off. It’s unclear exactly what Daryl is trying to do, this is until he sticks his fingers in the zombie’s eyes, grabs it like a bowling bowl and uses the head as a weapon. It seriously cannot get anymore gross than that, but when in tough situations one must, err, use a zombie head as a weapon.

3 Maggie Stripping


Sometimes the scenes that are truly uncomfortable to watch have nothing to do with blood or zombies. At times, it’s just truly gross to see how people have lost their humanity in this zombie-ridden world. This scene between The Governor and Maggie is one of those scenes.

While being questioned, The Governor has Maggie take off her shirt, then her bra. He then walks over to her and bends her over the table, clearly about to rape her. Although he does not actually proceed with the act, the message is clear.

Meanwhile, Glenn is being questioned by Merle, who throws a walker into the room while Glenn is tied to a chair. Glenn ends up kicking the zombie’s ass and afterwards, The Governor brings a topless Maggie to see victorious Glenn, dangling the possibility of his taking advantage of Maggie in front of Glenn’s face.

Also, you would think a scene in which Maggie strips would be hot, but nope.

2 Whenever They Wear Zombie Guts


Every time they are in a sticky situation and decide to wear zombie guts to get out of it, I always think ‘Why don’t they do this all the time?’ If there was anything I could do to keep zombie from eating me, like wear zombie guts, I think I’d do it every single day. Then, they show the process of getting said zombie guts and I change my mind.

The process of gutting the zombies looks pretty disgusting to begin with, but then wearing the guts looks even worse. Glenn even throws up the first time they wear zombie guts in season one. To his credit, he had an intestine wrapped around his neck like a goddamn scarf. That would be enough to make even the most hardcore throw up.

Upon seeing how sick this is, I understand why the characters wouldn’t want to wear zombie cloaks all day, even if it does make them invisible to the zombies.

1 Rick Biting Out A Dude's Throat


This scene may be the most beautiful and grotesque scene in the entire series.

The group of baddies who were looking for Rick finally find him, Carl and Michonne while they are camping out. The scene escalates, as Daryl had joined the bad guy group and is being beaten for trying to defend Rick and co. A huge dude grabs Carl and insinuates that he’s going to rape him. As all of this is happening, the entire group looks defenseless, with no weapons and no way out. This is the end.

Rick is being held in a bear-like hug, with his hands behind his back. With absolutely no other way to defend himself, Rick bites the guy's neck out. This results in the guy gushing blood and Rick spitting out the flab of flesh he had bitten out of his neck.

At this point, Michonne grabs a gun and the whole gang fights back. When the guy holding Carl wants to back away, Rick declares that he’s his and kills him too.

If there has ever been a scene to embody the entire theme of the show, it is this. Humans have become animals themselves and will do anything – anything! – to stay alive. That is where the beauty of the scene comes from, even though it’s horrifyingly gross too. Also, seeing Rick covered head to toe in blood the morning after is pretty gross too. Daryl, of all people, tells him to clean up.

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15 Scenes In The Walking Dead That Are Truly Hard To Sit Through