14Alien 1 – 0 Ripley

Ridley Scott directed this highly acclaimed Sci-Fi horror which was released in 1979. It follows the story of a group of mineral miners who are awoken early from a long sleep on their return journey to Earth. They investigate a nearby planet and unwittingly bring an alien life form

on board the spaceship (called the Nostromo). The alien grows larger and begins to kill the crew, in the end, leaving only Sigourney Weaver’s character, Ripley, to fend it off and escape.

In the released version of the ending, Ripley encounters the alien in her escape pod. She opens the payload doors of the craft to evacuate the creature, but it's still tethered to the back of the ship. Ripley ignites the engines, which propels the beast into space, and she returns to earth. However, another version tells of how the alien attacks Ripley, kills her, and communicates with Earth in Ripley’s voice.

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