15 Scenes From Your Childhood That You Completely Misunderstood...Until Now

Now that we're grownups, there's not a whole lot that goes over our heads. When we were kids, it was a different experience watching TV and films. We were innocent and rosy-cheeked. We watched films without dirty thoughts going through our heads. We weren't soured and jaded by the real world. Maybe you had plans to go back and rewatch all your childhood favorites but there's too much new content out there to devour and Game of Thrones isn't going to watch itself. You know that watching these old films and TV shows as an adult will change the way you see them, but you've got work to do. Don't worry. We're here to help. We went out and watched through the TV and films from your childhood. We found some things that would have gone right over your head, things no kid should be noticing.

Sure, we could litter this list with shows like SpongeBob Squarepants and Rocko's Modern Life, but we won't. Those shows, and many others not on this list, had numerous adult jokes. They're known for that type of humor, so including them won't surprise anyone. We're also not looking at pure children's TV shows or films. Some are adult films, but they were deemed innocent enough that plenty of us saw them as kids. It's not only jokes either. We're interested in all types of dirty stuff. Yes, it's a broad category, but you'll get it as we go. For the most part, we just want to show you some weird moments you never put much thought into as a kid. Here are 15 Scenes from Your Childhood That You Completely Misunderstood… Until Now.


15 Toy Story

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Even children viewers of Toy Story can see that Buzz is interested in Jessie early on. He tries to hit on her, and he fumbles over his words because he's nervous. When Jessie sees that the dog needs to go pee, she jumps right into action, riding a toy car down a track, flying through the air, opening the door, and releasing the dog from the room. Kids can see that Buzz is impressed. However, when his wings pop open, we probably didn't understand the s*xual implications. It's possible that we just thought he was excited, just not in that way. As adults, it's a much different joke. The s*xual excitement in Buzz is palpable and the wings popping open can only really be one thing. If you need us to point out what's happening, you're still a child and you shouldn't be reading this.

14 South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut

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OK, so this isn't a scene. We're looking at the title here. For fans of South Park who are familiar with the creators' naming devices, this one will be painfully obvious. But there's a large collection of people out there who don't watch South Park religiously but are aware of the film. Hell, they might have even seen Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, but they might not have thought about the title's double meaning. When we were kids, we thought the film's title was innocent. How naïve we were. Yes, it is talking about a large uncircumcised male member. Yes, you should feel silly for not noticing that before.

13 The Road To El Dorado

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In the Dreamworks animated film The Road to El Dorado, there were a few naughty jokes scattered around. There was one scene, which had to be intentional, that many kids just never gave a second thought to because they're innocent and well-mannered. The scene could be interpreted as Chel and Tulio kissing, but the fact that it's hidden from view and they have an awkward body placement really puts that in doubt. So, in the scene, we hear sounds that could be kissing, but then Tulio yells our "whoa!" Now, if he was really kissing Chel, he wouldn't be able to yell. Then, as a voice calls off screen, Chel pops her head up. When Tulio raises his head, we can see he's in a daze of pleasure. We can also see that his head is much further up than Chel's. There's really no way she was kissing him on the mouth.

12 Full House

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Full House was aimed at entire families. They had the kid jokes for the kids and the adult jokes for the adults. When we were young, it was normal to have something Danny or the other adults said go over our heads, but we thought we were in a safe place with the Tanner kids. We thought their jokes were meant for us. Most of the time, they were, but there was one we've been reminded about that was not aimed at us. If it was, we missed it. After D.J. and Kimmy hand Stephanie a copy of their school newsletter, Kimmy tells Stephanie to read her column on horoscopes. She then makes a joke about the words being too big for little Stephanie. But Stephanie ain't having none of that. She jabs back saying, "A horoscope, what's that Kimmy? A telescope that can only see your face?" Ruthless burn.

11 Rugrats

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Rugrats almost didn't make it on this list because they had so many jokes in the show and the Rugrats Movie was adult-directed. However, these were funny. The first moment is from the film. When a mentally scarred baby looks at his belly, he tells another child, "Man. They cut my Cord." This causes the other baby to look into his diaper and say, "Consider yourself lucky." As kids, we might get the general point of the joke here, but there aren't too many circumcision jokes on kids' television. The other joke comes from the show when Didi Pickles was pregnant. In a number of spots, you could see Stu, Didi's husband, and Tommy's dad walking around juggling some blue balls. You get it now, but there's no way kids are catching that joke.

10 Greased Lightning

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We all know the song "Greased Lightning," but how many people have actually listened to lyrics? Sure, if you were a die-hard fan of the film Grease, you know the song off by heart. However, many people think they know the song, but they never really hear the words. Many performances of the song even alter the lyrics slightly because it's a pretty dirty tune. Obviously, this is not a children's movie by any stretch of the imagination, but plenty of kids watched it. Just look at some of the hardcore spots in the song. There's this in the first verse: "You know that ain't no sh*t. We'll be getting lots of t*t in Greased Lightning." Then the chorus goes: "You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for Greased Lightning." And finally, in the second verse goes: "With new pistons, plugs, and shocks, I can get off my rocks. You know that I ain't bragging. She's a real p*ssy wagon." So that's why they liked the car so much.

9 Napoleon Dynamite

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Remember when that old timer, Lyle, shot the cow in the face in front of the bus of screaming children in Napoleon Dynamite? Maybe you forgot that happened or maybe you thought it was just random violence. Well, it turns out that Lyle was just being a friend to Grandma Dynamite. Remember how Napoleon's Uncle Rico was always eating steak? He even threw one at Napoleon's head. Later, Napoleon called Rico out for the steak thing, saying he talked to Grandma and that "she said she doesn't want you here when she gets back because you've been ruining everybody's lives and eating all our steak." So when Lyle shot the cow, he was just replenishing Grandma's steak cache.


8 Forrest Gump

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We've heard fans say that when they were kids, they were unaware that Forrest's mother slept with the principal to get Forrest enrolled at the school. Well, the only way that that scene could be more obvious was if the camera was in the room with the two adults. It was made very clear that that was what's going on. One thing that we do find interesting and something that we never considered as children is that Forrest is on a park bench telling his story to strangers. That means that he told a complete stranger that he prematurely ej*culated when he was first with Jenny. He told them his mom slept with a principal to earn Forrest an admission into the school. We learn of his first time sleeping with Jenny and the time he and Lieutenant Dan picked up prostitutes. There's a lot of information being given here. As kids, we didn't think about how awkward those stories would be to the listeners.

7 Fried Green Tomatoes

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There isn't just one scene in the film Fried Green Tomatoes that was misunderstood by us as kids. We misunderstood the entire damn movie. This is a case of pure naivete because we didn't know this movie was the story of same-s*x love until we watched it when we were older. We thought this was about two really good friends, two friends who had occasional food fights, looked at each other longingly, and came close to kissing a few times. You know, normal friend stuff. Watching this as an adult is a totally different experience. The entire film takes on a new meaning.

6 Madagascar

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After the animals find themselves on Madagascar in Madagascar, Marty, the zebra, sees Alex, the lion, and the two animals run in slow motion toward each other. The joke comes in when Marty clues in that Alex isn't running to embrace him like he thought but actually running to attack Marty because Alex blames the zebra for their predicament. As kids, we laugh at this moment. We get it. What we didn't understand was when Marty clues in, he says, "Oh sugar honey ice tea." Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this stands in for a swear word. Since Sugar is often a replacement for "sh*t," kids can easily make this connection. What most of us missed was the fact that Sugar Honey Ice Tea is also an acronym for that very swear word. Clever dogs.

5 Ghostbusters

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In Ghostbusters, when Louis (Rick Moranis) as the Keymaster and Dana (Sigourney Weaver) as the Gatekeeper meet up, they're drawn to each other. They embrace and kiss and then walk upstairs. As adults, we can imagine what's going to happen next, but kissing was a pretty big deal for kids. We didn't take it to that next level. Later, when the Ghostbusters approach the top of the building and find Dana and Louis laying back on a slab of concrete, the implication is lost on kids. We overlooked the fact that Louis' hair is all messed up and his belt is unbuckled. We didn't even pay attention to the s*xual implication of their names. While it's all very straightforward for adults, you might have forgotten this sexy time went down if you haven't seen the movie since you were young.

4 Animaniacs

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This scene from Animaniacs has gotten a lot of love online and for good reason. It came in the episode "Hercule Yakko" way back in season one. In the episode, Yakko is portraying the famous Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie novels and trying to solve a mystery aboard a luxury liner. He asks Dot to "dust for prints." She comes back a few seconds later saying "I found Prince!" while carrying the musician Prince. This is where the joke ends for kids, but the most savage part goes right over our heads. Yakko then says, "No no no, fingerprints." Dot looks at Prince. Prince smiles. And she says, "I don't think so," tossing him away.

3 Shrek

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Most kids who watched Shrek were aware that it had several risqué jokes, but there were some that most kids missed or misunderstood altogether. In this entry, we will look at Lord Farquaad because he was involved in a few of the low-key adult jokes. Even the name Farquaad went over our heads as kids. Sure, some of us might have clued in that the name sounded like "F**k Wad" but most just never made the connection. Then, there's the scene in which Farquaad has the magic mirror play clips of Princess Fiona for him while he lays in bed. After seeing her, Farquaad lifts the blankets, looks at his crotch, and mouths "ooh." Even if some of us clued in that he's getting excited here, almost no one notices the blankets raise up prior to that. Then there's the scene in which Farquaad tortures and questions the Gingerbread Man. They dip the Gingerbread Man in what appears to be milk. But, when we get a shot of the bottle, the animal on the label is actually a bull. That might change what kind of liquid is in the bottle.

2 Ratatouille

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All kids love Ratatouille. It's pretty safe, at least when compared to the old-school Disney films where you might spot a dead hooker in the background. There is one moment which is pretty adult-centric and it comes when Remy is trying to tell Colette that he is being aided in his cooking by a rat. He comes close to saying it to her a few times, but she misinterprets what he's saying as he fumbles over his words. At one point, she thinks he's trying to admit that he has a rash. Then he says, "I have a tiny," and uses his fingers to indicate he has something small. When Colette's eyes quickly dart downwards to look at Remy's crotch, it's something we adults get but many kids don't understand.

1 How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas has a few jokes that were for adults, but most were pretty straightforward. There is one scene that fools plenty of adults too. It comes in the story that Clarnella and Rose (the Grinch's caretakers) tell Cindy Lou Who. On the night that the Grinch was delivered to them, they were having a "get-together." We quote this because the way Clarnella says it clearly marks it as something s*xual. Then, we see the party and we see people dropping keys into a bowl. Now, kids may not even care what's going on here. Many adults might see this as a drinking and driving deterrent. But really, this is what's called a "Key Party." It's a swinger's party where people put their keys into a jar and then everyone draws keys. The owner of the key you draw is the person you go home with. That's why there's so much friskiness going on at this party.

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