15 Scenes From The 2000s Where Celebs Bared All

There are certain things that we’ve come to expect from our movies. Interesting characters and storylines, compelling visuals, magnificent editing and sweeping soundtracks that perfectly accompany the film and become inexorably linked to them in our minds. Along with those, it has become a time-honored tradition for our movies to feature nude scenes that are forever imprinted in our minds and more often than not, usher us into puberty and beyond. Becoming more prominent on television than they had been in the past by the time the year 2000 dawned, that just gave more variety to the sexy scenes we’ll never forget from the era.

For those of you who came of age at some point in the 2000s, it is entirely likely that the "bare" scenes that were released within that decade will be forever seared into your brains. On the other hand, the people who were already of age at the time may have forgotten about some of the best scenes where female celebrities got nude in the history of film. While we may not think about these moments on a daily basis, let’s face it, you’re never too old to continue appreciating the naked body of a nude woman. Reflecting on all of that is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen best scenes from the 2000s where celebrities bared all.

In order for a scene to be considered for inclusion on this list it first off needed to be released at some point in the 2000s, meaning on or after January 1st, 2000, but before January 1st, 2010. Next, it needs to feature an actress that is famous with at least one portion of society that appears at least partially in the buff. For the purposes of our list, that means that we can at least include one of their butt, breasts, or nether regions in all of their glory for a moment. We did not consider any instances where it was obviously accidental nudity so you won’t find any nip slips here, nope, just full-fledged and intentional nudity.


15 Angelina Jolie – Original Sin

Seen as one of the sexiest stars Hollywood has ever seen, we knew from the start that we had to include one of the many "bare" scenes from the 2000s where Angelina Jolie steamed up the screen. While movies like Changeling, Wanted, Taking Lives, Beyond Borders, and others could have been the source of our entry looking at her nude career from the decade, there was one movie we thought of instantly. Featuring the megastar in nude scenes with another sex symbol from the era, Antonio Banderas, the chemistry between the two was overpowering. The moment from the movie we’ve chosen features the two getting busy on a bed with white sheets and is mostly shot from a bird’s eye view. As Angelina is lying on her back throughout the scene, this angle provides with a great view of her fully naked torso which is something anyone with eyes is likely to love.

14 Penélope Cruz – Vanilla Sky


Yet another actress with a very long nude scene resume, Penélope Cruz is a Spanish beauty that seems to be all too happy to share her body with us and we couldn’t applaud that choice more. Appearing in multiple scenes in the buff in the 2000s, as she did in movies like Elegy, The Good Night, Don’t Move and Captain Corelli's Mandolin, our only difficulty was deciding which to feature. The reason we chose this scene from Vanilla Sky was due to the rather intimate nature of it, which makes it seem like we were spying on a real couple falling in love. That may be due to the fact that she and her costar in this scene, Tom Cruise, would have a three-year relationship with one another. Whether they were just talented actors or we’re watching a budding couple falling for one another, we loved the opportunity to feel like we are spying on a gorgeous woman without her guard up. Of course, the fact that her breast is fully visible is a key factor to what makes this scene so wonderful.

13 Salma Hayek – Frida

When we started seeing images of Salma Hayek from this Frida Kahlo biopic we didn’t exactly think the film would be memorable for being sexy, due in no small part to her pronounced unibrow. Oh, how wrong we were. A sexually free woman who had a relationship with another famed painter, Diego Rivera, she also had a taste for bedding women as most blatantly seen in the scene we’ve chosen from this movie. Seen bringing a woman into her bedroom, Salma Hayek’s Frida lies on her bed in a rather welcoming and fully "bare" moment before being joined by her new lover whose body her hand explores. Salma was also nude in Ask the Dust, in 2006, but that scene lacked the heat of that Frida moment which made our choice of which of her movies to include a simple one.

12 Jessica Biel – Powder Blue


Early in her career, Jessica Biel appeared partially "bare" in Gear Magazine, and while you could see a nipple in those images the fact that they existed wasn’t well known by many people. That is why she is among the celebrities that the masses hoped would appear in a nude scene on film for years on end. Coming to a certain level of prominence in 1996, when she joined the main cast of the show 7th Heaven, the first time the world got to see her bare it all on film came thirteen years later. Playing a stripper in Powder Blue who danced in a club for the money of her many onlookers, her show isn't the typical one we see women in her profession give on screen. That is because she incorporates some light pain play in her show by pouring hot wax on her chest, which only serves to up the ante on the sexy scene we’ve included here even more. Who knew that was possible when it already featured her totally topless body?

11 Anne Hathaway – Havoc

An actress that we first learned about due to her starring role in the Princess Diaries films, we thought Anne would likely go through much of her career working in the family film genre. Fortunately for film, that wasn’t the case as she graduated to much more mature roles and even has an Academy Award under her belt for her powerhouse performance in Les Misérables. While her acting range was much larger than we initially believed, that isn’t the only way in which her career took us by surprise as only four years after her film debut she was already topless on screen. Havoc isn’t a movie that many people know about but for those that do, the scene from it in which her character acts seductively for a camera while taking her top partially off is simply unforgettable.

10 Naomi Watts and Laura Harring - Mulholland Dr.


David Lynch is a filmmaker unlike any other and his films are often difficult to decipher even for some of the staunchest of film fans. A movie that takes a turn part way through and is likely to leave you scratching your head confused, Mulholland Dr. has a few elements that are so instinctual you understand them instantly. Case in point, late in the film Naomi Watts straddles a topless Laura Harring on a couch while also naked from the waist up and feels the breasts of her co-star. By this point in the movie, the relationship between the pair is anything but clear but there is zero question that the moment is totally titillating. The film may not be for everyone but this scene will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys women, especially while in the company of one another.

9 Piper Perabo and Jessica Paré - Lost and Delirious

These two actresses may not be household names but they both have claims to fame. Piper Perabo may be best remembered for one of three roles, CIA Agent Annie Walker from the series Covert Affairs, one of Steve Martin's kids in the Cheaper by the Dozen films, or as the main character from Coyote Ugly. On the other hand, Jessica Paré is likely to be known either as the big busted babe who bares it all in a hot tub with Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine or as Don’s final wife on Mad Men. Wherever you know them from, in all likelihood you had no idea that these two attractive women played lesbian lovers in a little-known indie film called Lost and Delirious. A couple of students at an all-girl boarding school, they share a room which allows them to have a surprisingly tender and loving "intimate" scene.


8 Christina Ricci – Prozac Nation


A former child and teen star we were introduced to as Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family movies, she was also in Now and Then and Casper. Coming into her own as an adult actress with movies like Buffalo ’66, 200 Cigarettes, Sleepy Hollow and much more, Christina has spent much of her life in front of cameras. She also showed off much of her body on screen in the 2000s in movies like After Life, Black Snake Moan and Monster. However, the movie of hers that we are including a scene from here came all the way back in 2001 and was called Prozac Nation. Naked extremely early in the film, it was the first time she shed her clothes on-screen and they must have known we didn’t want to wait any longer. Seen sitting emotionally and without clothing on a bed, we get to see her breasts as the camera rotates around her body and all we can say is wow.

7 Alice Eve – Crossing Over

One of the most exquisite actresses of her generation, Alice Eve is routinely cast as the embodiment of female beauty for good reason. For instance, in Sex and the City 2 she is a nanny that makes one of the main characters feel jealousy and in She’s Out of My League, she dates a far less attractive man and is shown to have a near perfect body. On top of that, even people who only saw the trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness will likely remember the shot of her character changing her clothes. Fortunately, anyone who wondered if she looked as great with her top removed need only seek out the movie Crossing Over. During an intimate scene she shares with Ray Liotta, her breasts are shown in all of their glory for an extended period of time and they are just that, glorious.

6 Amber Heard – The Informers


Speaking of younger blonde actresses who look amazing, Amber Heard and our previous entry have likely competed for roles in the past. Mostly talked about in the last year for her marriage to and divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber has shown herself to be a talented actress and world-class looker in the past. In The Informers, a movie based on a script written by the always intense Bret Easton Ellis, Amber appears in an intimate scene where she can also be seen getting high with her lover. During the lengthy sequence, we get a great view of her rack and a short glance at the top of her butt. Despite the fact that she is shown in a foursome later in the film, which could have been considered a more mind-blowing moment, it is the quality of the view we get earlier that makes it win out.

5 Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball

It would be extremely difficult to argue that Halle Berry isn't one of the hottest women in modern film. Named the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' by Esquire Magazine in 2008, there is no question she didn’t get the accolade due to an upcoming project as she wasn’t even in a movie between 2007 and 2010. Still, even seven years after the release of Monster’s Ball it was difficult, if not impossible to forget her intimate scene in the movie which won her an Oscar. That is partially because it was only her second scene where she appeared in the buff and on top of that, the guttural nature of the scene made it seem like she and her co-star Billy Bob Thornton, may have actually been getting it on.

4 Eva Amurri Martino – Californication


You may have been wondering if we would feature any "bare' scenes from television on our list and we’re happy to inform you that two of our top four actually stem from the medium. The first of which came from the sex-obsessed series Californication, which constantly saw its main character getting busy with a long list of alluring actresses. However, the moment from the series we included doesn’t involve any actual sex and instead, it focuses on one of his students, played by Eva Amurri Martino stripping for his benefit. Famous for acting in movies like Saved, The Education of Charlie Banks and That’s My Boy, as well as being the daughter of Susan Sarandon, we know where she got her impressive assets. Frankly, this woman who followed her mother into acting and appearing in scenes in the buff has boobs to die for. After you finish reading this article and check out more of what we has to offer, you should watch the third episode from the third season, named Verities & Balderdash, and see what we mean.

3 Katie Holmes – The Gift

When Katie Holmes starred in Dawson’s Creek she was the fantasy girl of millions of viewers but after years spent as the wife of Tom Cruise a lot of the charm seems to have disappeared. Mostly gone from the film world during their relationship, her lack of presence allowed people to forget how attractive she actually is. Seen in the buff in a meaningful way only once on film, if you haven’t seen her topless scene from the surprisingly good drama film named The Gift, we suggest you seek it out. We say that because her chest is simply incredible and we should all thank our lucky stars that she ever doffed her top.

2 Rosario Dawson – Alexander


It's true, Alexander is a truly awful film. From the barely there age gap between film star Colin Farrell and his on-screen mother, played by Angelina Jolie, to the inconsistent accents and Alexander’s blonde hair not matching his eyebrows, nothing seems to work. Well, almost nothing anyway. After all, we sat in stunned appreciation when Rosario Dawson unsheathed her bountiful breasts. During an intimate scene that started out with a violent edge, she tries to fight Alexander off before giving in to his advances. Due to the action, we get to see almost every inch of the front of her body and best of all, her boobs look great in motion.

1 Lizzy Caplan – True Blood

Lizzy Caplan is an actress that is best known for her contributions to more comedic series and films like Hot Tub Time Machine, The Class and Party Down, because her timing and chops are on point. If you ask us, though, her looks shouldn’t be seen as a laughing matter of any kind. If you think for a second we are mistaken, then please do yourself a favor and watch True Blood’s seventh episode from the first season which was named Burning House of Love. Suddenly entering a room without a top in the episode that aired in 2008, her chest is so great that the moment we conceived of this article she was our choice for the top spot.

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