15 Scantily-Clad Starlets Who Prove That Less Is More

Stars these days are wearing all sorts of things that pass for clothes, not that people are complaining. Bras have become tops, bottoms that more closely resemble underwear than shorts are still worn as shorts, and there is various other craziness that apparently passes for clothing in the world of the rich and the famous. Not all of it is lewd or horrible, though. Surprisingly, wearing revealing clothing can look nice (depending on the person and how it is worn), and it some cases, even elegant or glamorous. You will see what I mean soon.

You may have heard the phrase "less is more" before. It means that sometimes, simplicity is more attractive than overabundance, or trying too hard. This can be taken many different ways, one of which is how you dress. By embracing the philosophy of less is more in this way, a person chooses to dress simplistically either by wearing very little clothing, as we will see in this article, or by omitting accessories, jewelry, heavy makeup, and other unnecessary things to their bodies. The more you wear, the more it all detracts from your body and your face. The stars in Hollywood have predominantly hot bodies and beautiful faces, so it is wise of them to feature that and not all the other crap so many people adorn themselves with.

There is beauty in simplicity, whether in nature, creativity, home décor, or your own personal style. Let me illustrate it more fully for you with the 15 following Hollywood examples of less is more in terms of clothing. For many reasons beyond and including sex appeal, there is so much more to love about less.

Let's look at these 15 women spotted showing off what God gave them. Hey, if ya got it, flaunt it!


15 Olivia Wilde

As usual, Olivia Wilde has the ability to drive people wild (pun intended) with her beauty, and in this photo at least, her outfit (or lack thereof). The fact that she is playfully yet sexily laying on the grass, presumably near a swimming pool judging by the colorful inner tubes, only makes the image sizzle more. But let’s focus on the one-piece she is wearing. It is unclear if the tiny, patterned thing is an itsy-bitsy sundress or a teeny-tiny romper, but either way it does not cover much. With only her torso and the very tops of her thighs hidden, Olivia’s fair, smooth skin is shown off nicely with this less-is-more ensemble. If you're wondering where the lovely actress has been lately she only had one project going on in 2016, the television series Vinyl, but in 2017, she will be in the show Son of Zorn and the film Black Dog, Red Dog.

14 Hayden Panettiere


Ever since her days as cheerleader Claire Bennet on NBC’S Heroes awhile back in her career, we have known that Hayden Panettiere has a body to die for. Flaunting it in a very little tube dress here, she still looks young enough to be a teenage cheerleader. Seven years post-Heroes, the mom of one little girl (with Wladimir Klitschko) shows off a petite but toned figure, legs that seem longer than they really are because of the heels, and a body covered partly with fabric, and wholly with glowing bronze skin. She is the picture of beauty in this photo as in most, and it would be a shame if she did not embrace the philosophy of “less is more” when it comes to her wardrobe. Thankfully, she does.

13 Bella Thorne

These shorts give a new meaning to the term short-shorts; they could double as underwear or bikini bottoms, they are so short! But they, along with Bella Thorne's cut-off tee, work well in illustrating the concept of "less is more". This is a casual instance of less is more, and the actress really pulls it off well. The figure-hugging tee and shorts display her curves nicely, and the fact that there is so little fabric highlights every inch of her smooth legs and toned midriff. Although the 19-year-old's parents would likely prefer she cover up a little more, there are plenty of people who would disagree, because wearing less works for Bella, at least on the beach. This beachy, red-headed beauty knows how to wear less and avoid looking slutty, and she has six films coming out in 2017, including Amityville: The Awakening, and one television show.

12 Meagan Good


Actress Meagan Good looks fine wearing not very much. If you can believe it, she is 36 years old, but as we can plainly see in this simple, white, body-hugging dress, she has the physique of a 20-something. With its top dipping daringly low, its bottom precariously high, and the stark contrast between the bright white fabric and her skin, the dress is a perfect choice for Meagan, who most recently was in the 2016 movie Deuces, and the 2016 television series Code Black. She has numerous other film and television credits to her name, and on top of her acting talent, she wows wearing less. And it is not only her clothing; her makeup, hair worn down, and all-around style are simple, but pretty. In her case, less is definitely more, and looks stylishly elegant.

11 Bar Refaeli

Leonardo's two-time ex is smoking hot in this sheer royal blue number. The 31-year-old model was the first Israeli model to be featured in Sports Illustrated, and we can see why. She has endlessly long legs, a toned stomach, and luscious golden hair. She is considered one of the most internationally successful Israeli models, but she is also an actress, businesswoman, and since 2013, host of The X-Factor Israel. Perhaps appropriately, she once dated Baywatch actor David Charvet (they must have looked like Ken and Barbie!). Since this photo was taken, Bar has given birth to her first child, although you would never know it because she looks just as hot now as she did in this photo, reportedly thanks to weeks of grueling workouts.

10 Evangeline Lilly


It has been seven years since her most famous role as Kate Austen on Lost ended, but Evangeline Lilly is still very much part of the Hollywood scene, having made several movies, with several more in the works. The petite Canadian has always looked great wearing very little clothing (on Lost she practically spent the entire five seasons in a tank top), and in this photo, she proves it yet again. Posing for a photo shoot, she dons only a fuzzy royal blue sweater that is long enough to be a dress, although not much of one. Her legs bare, it is a daring choice of ensemble, but one we can appreciate given her aesthetic appeal. She hardly resembles the rough tomboy from The Island, at all.

9 Stacy Keibler

Appearing fun and frisky at what looks to be some kind of sporting event, Stacey Keibler sizzles sporting her little black dress and nothing else. Likely unable to bend over without giving the world a show, the uber-short outfit works for her. Of course, she is a former cheerleader and pro wrestler, and thus has the body to pretty much wear anything- or nothing- and get away with it. Known for her famous 42-inch legs, this dress is the perfect selection to really show them off. With her athletic physique, happy smile, and the fun environment, Stacey radiates positive energy in this photo, really proving that you don’t need more clothing to look your best. She is “less is more” all the way!


8 Blake Lively


Everyone’s favorite Hollywood blonde is no stranger to dressing well. Blake Lively (pictured at the Sherlock Holmes premiere) always seems to look put together and glamorous, even when wearing so little. Without the lace covering the tops of her thighs, this outfit would be nothing more than a black lace corset. She is simply wearing a corset with see-through lace for a skirt, and while many women could not pull it off, she does so effortlessly. The hot mom of two and wife of Ryan Reynolds always stuns, even while pregnant and shortly thereafter (her second daughter Inez was just born in late 2016), which is quite impressive. I doubt we'll  ever see a time when Blake Lively looks bad, ever- wearing less, or wearing more (but we prefer less).

7 Priyanka Chopra

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra channels her inner football lover in this photo shoot that sees her wearing only a football jersey. Sexy, isn't it? The tight jersey dress does exactly what it is supposed to do, and that is highlight the contours of her body while showing off a ton of legs. This is one of the few scantily-clad outfits that does not have a ridiculously-plunging neckline and a ridiculous amount of cleavage, but it is sexy in its own right, especially if you are a dude who loves football and beautiful women. Priyanka is the perfect embodiment of both. The knowing grin on her face and shiny hair are just icing on the cake that is Priyanka Chopra, who this year will continue her role as Alex Parrish in Quantico, and also star in the Baywatch movie.

6 Shay Mitchell


Shay Mitchell wore this lace two-piece ensemble back in 2014 to the Teen Choice Awards. But she looked much more mature than a teenager. The Pretty Little Liar donned a white lace bra top and matching midi skirt that evening, and she smoldered. Her chest, arms, midriff, and calves exposed, along with her Elsa-esque braid and dark lipstick made Shay the picture of perfection. The skirt could have been shorter, but still she was not wearing much, and looked all the hotter for it. Not surprisingly, she has modeled since the age of 15 all around the world, so being scantily-clad in front of the cameras is nothing new to her. This is obvious; just look at that confident little half-smirk. The second half of the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars, in which Shay plays Emily Fields, returns to television on April 18.

5 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has shot to stardom since her breakout role as Ree in the 2010 film Winter’s Bone, then her subsequent Hunger Games films and a string of others that followed, most recently of which was Passengers. She is of course a talented actress to have such a versatile repertoire of characters played in a relatively short time, but she is also very attractive. From a manipulative wife to a superhero to a matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty to Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer has played every kind of woman there is, and she has always looked stunning doing it. In this barely-there dress, she could not look more different than the character that made her famous, Ree, the young teen girl living in the Appalachian Mountains and skinning squirrels (Jennifer actually learned to do that for the role, by the way). She keeps it simple (and very “less is more”) with the sheer backless, spaghetti-strapped dress that she wore to the premiere of her movie Joy.

4 Kate Beckinsale


It is common knowledge that Kate Beckinsale is hot, hot, hot. So we can expect nothing less from her. In the above photo shoot, Kate wears pretty much the smallest thing possible that could still be called an outfit, although it is practically the size of a one-piece bathing suit. Still, it is an outfit nonetheless, and one that fits her body perfectly. Black is slimming anyway, but the tight waist, high hemline, and push-up bust make this outfit look like it was specifically made for Kate. It is reminiscent of the black leather outfit Olivia Newton-John had to squeeze into at the end of Grease, only much tinier. There is really not much else to say about this perfect example of a less-is-more ensemble, except for: holy legs!

3 Ariana Grande

Ariana is known as much for her big ponytail and hot body as she is for being a pop star. The gorgeous 26-year-old starlet would probably look beautiful wearing a paper sack, but luckily, she has a pretty good sense of fashion. Here, she rocks a white ruffled bra top, denim short-shorts, and high-heels. The outfit does everything to highlight her womanly curves as she appears to be dancing in the street. The photo, and Ariana herself, look fun, happy, and carefree. The fact that she is not overly made-up, wearing big jewelry or accessories, and keeps her ensemble simple all add to the less-is-more concept she so brilliantly pulls off. The Italian singer and actress most recently played the starring role of Penny Pingleton in Hairspray Live! and was also in Zoolander 2, both in 2016.

2 Jennifer Aniston


You can't have a list like this without including Jennifer Aniston, who is the queen of aging gracefully. Although she is only 47, she is already proving that getting older does not have to mean looking like it. She is beautiful even as she nears 50, and her body is awe-inspiring for being that age. Of course she works very hard for it, and the payoff is evident. The Friends actress has always been a hottie, and at times like these when she wears tiny little dresses, that payoff is clearest. This photo was taken in 2013 at the Love Happens world premiere in Los Angeles. That night, Jen wowed in this shimmery Valentino number and Louboutin heels. She kept it simple, elegant, and so very Jen. Obviously, wearing less suits her perfectly.

1 Alessandra Ambrosio

Last but definitely not least, we have Victoria's Secret supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio. We could not very well have a list of hot celebrities dressing suggestively without at least one of Victoria's Secret's Angels. The Brazilian beauty who claims she can and does eat anything despite her tiny waistline is seen above in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she walked the runway for the 2014 Schultz Winter Collection Fashion Show. No stranger to baring it all in front of millions, wearing something as skimpy as this plunging mini dress would have been a breeze for pro model Alessandra. Her face fierce, her stance that of a professional model even though she had yet to hit the catwalk when this picture was snapped, she is the epitome of what it means to embrace the less-is-more philosophy when it comes to clothing.


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