15 Scandalous Details From People Who Hooked Up With Celebs

Scandals happen to even the best of us. Rules were made to be broken, right? If you have the unfortunately public life of a famous person, just about each and every thing you do ends up being a scandal. If it wasn’t such a big deal, all those tabloid magazines would go out of business. Some of the details described in the following confessions are not things that most of us have come across during our sexual exploits, so these things may make you question your own experimentation. There are, however, certain things that you may hear about that we would not recommend trying at home, or really, trying at all.

Even though some of the following scandals are atrocious, others are simply gross or hilarious, and some are even both. Being as these are celebrities’ lives we are inclined to think that the things that might turn you or me on are on a totally different level in terms of judgment when it comes to things that we prefer.

Some of the following stories are spilled secrets from alleged groupies while others are not-so-sexy confessions from the star’s own lips. Regardless, these stories will make you think twice about some of your favorite celebrities. Some are weird, other habits we could see from a mile away, yet all are scandalous in their own way (except for the tidbit about DMX, that’s just pure weird entertainment). Sit back and enjoy learning about some of the scandalous not-so-secret secrets of your fave celebs either from groupies or the celebs themselves.


15 Pitbull Lets Pregnant Women Drink

Aye Papi! Say it ain’t so! You’ve probably heard by now that Reddit had a thread that encouraged groupies or those that had supposedly “hooked up” with celebrities to come forward with the dirty details. As one would expect, the Internet came alive with replies. While some are too wild to possibly be true, others have actually been verified with more than one other person. According to one of those Reddit users, Pitbull allowed a pregnant woman in his entourage both drink alcohol and light up a cigarette right in front of him! The person that leaked the story said that the woman had at least two drinks with a cigarette in between before she couldn’t watch any more of this travesty unfold and she had to leave the room. We certainly hope that this is one of those stories that isn’t what it seems. Maybe the chick was just incredibly fat? We hope.

14 Drake Likes To Have His Salad Tossed


Eating the booty hole, while we think it’s utterly disgusting, is actually practiced by enough people to make it a popular thing. One of the events that most likely made others more confident to come out of the closet when it came to things that get them off is when a groupie took to the web to explain, in detail, how her face was in Drake’s rear end. In a horrifyingly detailed entry, she goes on to say “He was laying there on the bed with his legs spread open and my face in his butt and his legs shaking.” While it wouldn’t be our thing to take to the Internet to tell the world where your lips were the night before, we suppose, if it was a famous booty, that story needed to be shared.

13 Quentin Tarantino Likes To Suck Toes

There are a lot of people out there who have a foot fetish, A LOT. And that’s great, feet aren’t MY thing, but that’s ok too. When it comes to feet in a sexual manner, there are a few practices that we feel take things a little overboard, at least when it comes to our preference. Sucking toes is one of them. Sucking toes while jerking off because that’s your thing is another one of those items that just takes the whole experience to a level of “no” for us. A good foot massage is really nice here and there but sucking toes isn’t our idea of pleasure, but, apparently for Quentin Tarantino, it is. To each their own, but that’s a fetish we’re going to have to pass on.

12 Johnny Depp & His Huge Barbie Collection


Johnny Depp has been a man that has had no shame in showing his various sides. There’s no way he could have gone from Edward Scissorhands to Pirates of the Caribbean to playing the part of the Mad Hatter without his eclectic and eccentric personality. Even though he has proven himself in his acting roles, he did once say that he would be embarrassed if his friends found out that he was “familiar” with women’s clothing. By familiar, we believe he means he fancies wearing them. On top of that, he plays with Barbie dolls and apparently has quite the collection. It appears he might be trying to go for a six-year-old little girl vibe. As long as he keeps his acting up, we guess we can dig it.

11 Kristen Stewart Likes Her Armpits Licked

Loving the scent of your significant lover isn’t all that strange, it’s one of the numerous ways our body communicates with itself and with others. If this wasn’t true, then we wouldn’t spend so much money on perfumes and colognes that try to attract the other sex. We wouldn’t have people who preferred to forgo the whole deodorant thing because they loved the smell their own stench. If you belong to the latter, chances are Kristen may just have a thing for you. Apparently, she not only loves the smell of different men (or, I guess, women), especially their armpits, but she also enjoys having her own armpits licked. We like having things licked as much as the next person, but we’re good on the whole armpit area.

10 Xtina’s Dirrty Secret


Ever since she hit the scene, Christina has been a bombshell. Well, not her kid phase, but everything after that. We are used to seeing her in tight skimpy outfits that leave little to the imagination. After seeing her in some of these “getups” it didn’t come as a surprise when she came out saying “I’m really into fetish gear and latex.” We could see that, and from here we aren’t complaining about the view. Even though the "Dirrty" singer has had some very public trouble battling the bulge, we think she’s absolutely stunning with or without a little extra meat on her bones as long as she keeps the latex outfits coming!

9 Angelina Jolie - S&M And Blood Play

It’s not really a surprise that Angelina Jolie made it onto this list. She is, in fact, a definite kinkster. She may have calmed down during her long-time relationship with Brad Pitt, but since the two split, she might be headed back to her scandalous ways. What ways are we talking about here? Her S&M and her famous “blood play.” Back when Jolie was dating Billy Bob Thornton, tales would always come out about their insane sexcapades. During these crazed sex-filled nights, they would partake in knife play where they would cut each other with knives and lick the blood away. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the pair also took to wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks and adorned to their clothing. Nothing says love quite like vials of blood.


8 Kim Kardashian’s Risque Clothing


Kimmy K is known as one of America’s sexiest women. Whether or not you believe her butt is real doesn’t mean you think that it’s any less than amazing. Since she was graced with such a rockin’ body, we don’t really blame her for wearing pieces of clothing that look like they belong in an adult toy store. However, since she got her claim to fame because of a “leaked” sex tape, this shouldn't be all that surprising. In fact, Kim Kardashian has worn so much porn star-worthy clothing that we think she might have developed a fetish for the stuff. The majority of her outfits leave nothing to the imagination which means every curvy inch is heavily exposed. She looks like a walking lingerie ad. But, just like Christina, until you give us something unforgivable, we just want the risque clothing to keep coming.

7 LMFAO Tag Team Women

The EDM duo do what a lot of guys in frat houses do, they tag team the groupies they sleep with. While this seemingly masculine rite of passage is a conquest more than a few men wish to encounter, you might not think that this is all that impressive or even scandalous. However, take into account the fact that they aren’t only related, they are uncle and nephew. That’s definitely closer “family bonding” than we’ve cared to experience, and it seems that it could potentially cause a lot of problems. Just imagine if one of their sexcapades got knocked up. Talk about one of the most scandalous paternity tests of the century and just think about the awkwardness at their next Thanksgiving. Everyone would be asking “who’s the daddy.”

6 Russell Brand And His Air Moves


We are more than aware that Russell Brand is fond of things that are weird. By now, he’s known for it. He does, however, have a fetish that goes beyond the description of weird into something stranger. Once he was found to be a fan of a pornography that involved a man in a wheelchair, but that isn’t as weird as this next part. Apparently, Katy, as in Perry, once said that she had stumbled across a box of unlabeled DVDs. Curious, she popped one in the DVD player to see what the unnamed fuss was about and she was disturbed at the sex acts she was seeing Russell perform. He was engaging in what is called “air sex” where the person, usually clothed, gets off by humping and grinding with the air. What a sight to see.

5 Lil Bow Wow Takes Your Phone & Makes You Sign Your Life Away

For someone who is rather lax on things like getting pictures of his own plane to boast, post, and brag about, it seems rather ironic that Bow Wow would go to such lengths to protect his privacy and his name when it comes to those he sleeps with. After Houston Rockets star James Harden was put on blast when a groupie slept with him and uploaded the proof to her Instagram account, Bow Wow felt it his responsibility to tell him the rules of the game and the things he did to get by. These “things” include: getting the shorty to sign “papers” as well as cough up her cell phone for the duration of the evening. The rule goes that she gets her phone back when she leaves. How romantic.

4 Someone From The Dave Matthews Band Made A Mess In Their Underwear


Whoever did this is nasty, so we are sort of thankful that we don’t know exactly who is responsible for this disaster. One Reddit user came forward with a confession, but it wasn’t exactly hers, it was her sister’s. Apparently, the two saw the band and hung out together afterward. Long story short, the sister slept with one or more of the band members, but that’s not the worst part. After the fact, the Reddit user says she found a pair of men’s underwear on their balcony and they were full of sh*t. Not only is that horribly embarrassing, but why in the hell didn’t you use the restroom like a normal person, and why would you leave the evidence?!

3 Shaq Frequently Honors His Red Wing License

For those of you who don’t know what the term getting your “red wings” means, it means that a person is getting a mouthful of a woman’s menstrual blood. If you just vomited in your mouth a little, we did too. Regardless of how putrid we may think this act is, people out there still do it, including famous people. Take Shaq for example, not only does he enjoy renewing his red wing subscription, but he upgrades his membership frequently. In fact, an ex-girlfriend of his once said that she tried to avoid the man during that time of the month because of his obsession. Vanessa Lopez shared the secret so you know if you’re getting busy with this bloodhound, he won’t stop just because you’re on your cycle. He seems to prefer it that way.

2 Tom Cruise’s Wrestling Session Ended In Butt Play


Sometimes when people wrestle, feelings of arousal begin to surface. When Tom Cruise had a wrestling sesh with gay porn star and escort, Paul Barresi, he experienced that effect. What started off as a few Roman-Greco power moves quickly turned into some intimate butt play and masturbation. Since this isn’t the first, and probably won’t be the last, time that Tom Cruise has had rumors of being gay circling around him, we are inclined to believe that this story is also one that is true. We know that many women around the world would have killed to have a one-on-one wrestling match with the actor, but it looks like he has a certain type when it comes to who he wrestles with. Tough luck, ladies.

1 DMX’s Answering Machine Is Just Him Barking

This bit of information isn’t at all scandalous, and it doesn’t even involve sex, sort of. Another Reddit user says that his roommate’s mom slept with the rapper and had heard his voicemail message. Now it wasn’t a perverted or a creepy message, it was the rapper himself barking for an extended period of time. You might think that this seems a little far-fetched, but since we’ve listened to the sounds he makes in his music, we are inclined to believe that this story, while bizarre, is still true. Although we are a little upset that he didn’t record it and release it to the world so that we could have him barking as our ringtone or message alert. He shouldn’t have been so selfish.

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