15 Savage Star Wars Memes That Are Strong With The Force

For everything amazing and iconic about Star Wars, there is usually something to match it that's either puzzling, illogical, or just stupid.

In the world of film, few franchises bring the kind of fanfare as Star Wars. The original series captured the imaginations of children regardless of whether they saw the films in the late 1970's and 80's or the 2000's. An epic tale of good versus evil in a far-off galaxy during another time period altogether, Star Wars revolutionized what was possible in filmmaking, and if you include the Expanded Universe/Legends, it is probably the largest fictional universe out there.

What we're saying is, Star Wars is incredible and we could write books about why. Well, let us rephrase. The series is iconic, but the more we watch it, the more ridiculous it becomes. The prequels, which may not be as terrible as some might suggest, are poorly written. And if you exercise extreme attention to detail in watching the entire series, there are serious plot holes, quite a lot of terrible dialogue and of course, some moments that are deserving of a massive "face-palm."

That's right. For everything amazing, magical, impressive, and iconic about Star Wars, there is usually something to match it that's either puzzling, illogical, or just downright stupid. Make no mistake. Few other fictional franchises are pure meme fodder in the way that Star Wars is. From terrible dialogue choices, ridiculous effects, plot inconsistencies, and of course, some of the characters themselves, here are fifteen savage Star Wars memes that are very strong in The Force.

15 So Long Owen And Beru

This is nice and tasteless. A perfect way to start off an article of savage memes. If you're not sure what the joke is, recall what happened to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru in A New Hope. While Luke was off searching for R2-D2 with C-3PO and then encountered Obi-Wan, at some point during that part of the movie, Beru and Owen were having their farm raided by Stormtroopers and they were eventually meeting their brutal end, possibly at the hands of Boba Fett, if you're willing to believe the theory that Fett was the man who did them in.

This one is straight up mean, and while we can only imagine what kind of devastation a kid as young as Luke would have felt coming home to dead parental figures, the idea presented by this meme is too funny to leave out of this list.

14 He Deserved Better

Even without looking at his whole story in Legends/the Expanded Universe, just the story of Boba Fett's involvement with the original films is interesting. The character first showed up at a parade leading up to the release of The Empire Strikes Back and was featured in a cartoon during the Star Wars Holiday Special, before making his brief appearances in that movie and then Return of the Jedi. 

George Lucas never had any idea that Boba Fett would develop the level of fanfare that he did, and he has said that if he had known, that third film might have been different. This meme perfectly explains the problem with Fett's presence in the first trilogy. He is presented as one of the most notorious in the galaxy. But somehow, he has a lack of situational awareness to the point where he practices no care while on a floating craft above an animal that will digest him over a matter of centuries.  

13 Expanded Universe...Legends

If a meme like this breaks your heart just a little bit, then you're a real Star Wars fan. Yes, we just said that fans of the Expanded Universe are the "real fans." Get over it. It's true. We aren't saying that you have to have read all of the literature, played all the games, and so on, but the real fans of the franchise loved the stories in the EU as much as the movies. Disney took over the franchise and as of April 2014, the Expanded Universe was declared non-canon. While many among the younger generation of fans didn't have a huge problem with this, it was a slap on the face to many of the older generation who grew up throughout the 80's and 90's with tales of the minor characters, lesser known worlds, and magical journeys that brilliantly augmented the already amazing stories told in the films.

12 #1 Way To Spot A Fake Fan

While "Idiot Nerd Girl" is an older meme, it is certainly one that can be used for a few different topics within the Star Wars universe. For those who haven't seen this one in a while, it is pretty self-explanatory. The girl pictured likes pretending to be a nerd, and thinks that some very superficial knowledge of a few science fiction franchises makes her a cute nerd girl. For the record, it does not. And anyone who is remotely within the general realm of Star Wars fandom knows that Jar Jar Binks' inclusion in The Phantom Menace  was the point at which George Lucas should have had the franchise taken from his control. If you ever meet someone like this at a convention, you have two options: give her a fake name, seal the deal and then run, making sure to never see the dimwit again, or much simpler, wish her a nice day and run away as fast as your Jedi robes will allow.

11 Luke Was Looking For A Darwin Award

Anyone who has ever been to a gun range with people who know what they're doing will understand this point. When you hand someone a tool that can be used as a weapon and they don't have prior instruction and proper respect for the implement in their hand, they are a threat to everyone around them, as well as themselves. Handing a firearm to a first-time user and not diligently supervising them and watching them like a hawk is a dangerous game to play.

This meme shows the Star Wars equivalent of handing a firearm to a dopey teenager. Obi-Wan hands Luke Anakin's old lightsaber and of course, the first thing Luke does is point the blade shroud at his face and then activate the thing and start swinging it around. Were this not some fantasy world, Kenobi's words would have been something to the effect of "What the hell are you doing, idiot? Are you trying to kill yourself? Here's a small stick. Practice not hitting yourself with this and then maybe later, we'll try again with your dad's weapon."

10 High Ground is a Big Deal

Recall two of the best lightsaber battles in the prequel series. While we recognize that Episodes I through III are almost universally considered inferior to the originals, the action scenes were well choreographed and highly entertaining. Two of those films had amazing battles. In The Phantom Menace, it was Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn taking on Darth Maul and in Revenge of the Sith, Kenobi took on Anakin.

In the earlier of the two, Obi-Wan was pushed into a reactor shaft on Naboo and seemed to be doomed, as Maul kicked his saber into the shaft. Of course, he jumped out, summoned the dying Qui-Gon's weapon, and chopped Maul in two. Two films later, at the climax of episode III, there was a similar situation in which Anakin was on a floating droid while Obi-Wan was on land, and in his own words, held the higher ground. Anakin went for a jump and lost both his legs. Where was Darth Maul's "higher ground" advantage? It probably had something to do with "The Force works in mysterious ways." But nevertheless, the meme works and is good for a laugh.

9 Ackbar Memes

If you ever have a few weeks to burn and want to get lost in a pointless fantasy about a squid-headed hero, it may be a decent idea to check out some of the "Legends" books and comics that offer insight into his backstory. He is one of the greatest military leaders of the Rebellion. Sadly, he is often remembered for uttering three words: "It's a trap!" This signature line has turned into a widely circulated set of memes online. In some cases, like the one we featured, the top caption mentions a situation in which a person is in peril but may not know it. Examples include a partner asking a question (such as 'Do you find my friend hot? How do I look in this outfit?') and other scenarios, such as "pulled grandpa's finger? It's a trap!"

There are also Ackbar memes that deviate from there being any trap involved, and instead focus on any word that rhymes with "trap." At a coffee shop, for instance, one might see a picture of Ackbar with the caption "it's a frap(puccino)." Other memes have involved the Admiral Photoshopped into a bed (It's a nap!), with a baseball hat on (It's a cap!), or standing next to Dr. Dre or Jay Z (It's a rap!).

8 They Do What They Want

"That's where you're wrong kiddo" is a comic meme that usually involves giving someone relatively sound advice, while that person ignores said advice and confidently does what they want, regardless of what the prevailing wisdom might dictate.

It has been used extensively among online political circles, with examples such as "Mr. Trump, you can't just say we're going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it! -- That's where you're wrong, kiddo," and coming from the other direction, "Mrs. Clinton, you can't just tell nothing but lies all the way through your political career! -- That's where you're wrong, kiddo!"

Most Star Wars films have nice endings, and even the darkest of them, The Empire Strikes Back, offers some hope for the future and reassured us that we'd be seeing our heroes again. Rogue One did nothing of the sort, and while completing their mission, all of our new friends in this film were killed off. Yes, it's a Disney film, but no, they did not offer much of what we would expect from a Disney ending.

7 Finn, Relax

One of the funniest memes about The Force Awakens actually started to circulate before the film came out. Looking back at the trailers for the film, every time John Boyega was onscreen, he was looking terrified and breathing heavily. As we'd learn, Finn is a Stormtrooper who had become fed up with the First Order after attacking the village on Jakku and subsequently deserted, helping Poe Dameron escape First Order custody in the process.

Before we saw the movie, however, one might have thought that Finn was some Stormtrooper with a bad case of asthma and that he'd be all better if someone just offered him a puffer. Hilarious.

6 Most Of What Is On The Internet Is Bull****

We don't want to politicize this too heavily, but saying that the Star Wars tale is a left wing or right wing story is pointless and inaccurate. The entire franchise is a struggle between freedom and totalitarian rule. The Emperor and Darth Vader are not one politician or another, they are manipulators, and violent, unfeeling sociopaths, and while any political group out there can interpret the story to fit their chosen laughable narrative, the most accurate way to explain these characters is that their actions are similar to just about any leader who has ever held political office. They deceive in order to get power, and then they do what they want, regardless of the consequences.

Prior to the release of Rogue One, there were rumors floating around social media about an alleged rewrite of the script that inserted subtle anti-Trump messages. Untrue, of course, and if you hate Trump, you'll likely see an anti-Trump story. At the same time, those who are disgusted by Hillary Clinton will likely see her in the villains of the story.

The message of this meme drills home how silly this entire idea was.

5 Rey's Speeder Looks Ridiculous

What the hell is Rey driving? Of all the speeders in the Star Wars films, this is the most ridiculous looking, and that is saying something. "They said I could do anything, so I..." is an awesome meme template and when it comes to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens this one is about as apt as they come. It really does look like Rey is zipping through the desert on a flash drive.

On the other hand, according to official Star Wars lore, Rey built this thing by herself, and we have to admit that the thing does have some impressive speed. And as any method of transportation should, it reliably gets her from point A to B. We should note that Disney actually markets a real flash drive for your computer with a case modeled after Rey's speeder. Sometimes, memes become true-to-life. What a time to be alive.

4 Skyrim Meets Star Wars

This one will require an explanation for those readers who are not avid gamers (although if you clicked an article about Star Wars memes, we'd be willing to wager that you are at least aware of the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Regardless, throughout the adventure of playing through that game, many non-player characters, mostly guards of large cities, will comment to the player, "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee." It seemed like every guard in the land had been hit in the knee with an arrow at some point in their adventuring career. Did nobody aim at center-mass? The sheer amount of guards that parroted this exact line throughout the game caused it to become a favorite inside joke in the fantasy/science fiction community. Of course, during the final scene of Revenge of the Sith, Anakin loses both of his legs in a lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan. The thought of him explaining that last scene to someone in this Skyrimesque way is brilliantly funny.

3 Stormtroopers Suck So Much

"Why do Stormtroopers suck so much?" This is one of the questions that may never be solved. The answer may well be that The Force doesn't allow the minions of the dark side to perform well in battle.

We have to look at facts. Stormtroopers are trained and should be able to his targets. We know they have an academy and all recruits are required to graduate. We have to also imagine that they are well-equipped, as the Empire has near-infinite funding. One could imagine that their armor interferes with aiming their weapons, but in a galaxy with advanced tech as they have, there has to be a way to counteract this. Furthermore, these highly trained soldiers with strict chains of command should be far more capable as a team. But no, Stormtroopers are among the most pathetic bad guys in all of fiction.

2 Boba Saw Some Stuff On Geonosis

Jango Fett, father of Boba, was one of the best things about Attack of the Clones. This was the first of two to feature Hayden Christensen as a young Darth Vader, and had a story that was disjointed and somewhat illogical at best. But like we said, the dual-pistol-wielding bounty hunter, on whose genes the clone army was based, was a good character and brought a lot to the actions element of the film. His battle against Obi-Wan on Kamino was intense and highly entertaining. His death scene was sudden, but not particularly surprising. While protecting Count Dooku at the Battle of Geonosis, he dropped down to the thick of the fighting and was spotted by Mace Windu who advanced, disarmed him, and then decapitated him. This all happened while Boba was a young boy. Should he have been there? Probably not. But then again, he was already on his way to being a top tier bounty hunter. This wasn't "take your kid to work day." It was more like a rough day during apprenticeship. Regardless of factual accuracy, however, the meme is brilliant.

1 Younglings Or Yuenglings?

The scene in which Anakin attacked the Jedi temple and slaughters kids was powerful and upsetting, but it was hard to take any of that seriously when Obi-Wan and Padme started using the word "younglings." The words "children," "kids," and possibly even "ankle-biters" exist in the Star Wars universe, so was it really necessary to use a word as stupid as "younglings?" Probably not.

The fact that there is an American brewery with a name that is very close to this term is what makes this so damn funny. The name is actually pronounced closer to "ying-ling" but again, memes aren't meant to necessarily be factually flawless. They exist to entertain, and this one, poking fun at what was supposed to be a highly emotional and profoundly troubling scene, is hilarious, callous, and savage as can be. Alright, article done. Time to go kill some Yuenglings.

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15 Savage Star Wars Memes That Are Strong With The Force