15 Savage Memes Of Rednecks Being Rednecks

So, here are 15 memes of rednecks being rednecks, meant to be silly and often stupid.

Goofy redneck memes are all over the web these days. Of course, they're meant to be all in good fun and not created in a malicious way, and it's often the self-described “redneck” himself who's doing the posting of these moronic memes.

The common stereotypes are over-the-top and often hard to believe, but the memes keep on coming, and the folks who get a hearty chuckle out of them keep seeking out new ones to see and share with those who find the jokes and jabs equally amusing. While many of the themes of the memes keep repeating themselves, you can always rely on a clever individual to come up with a new and improved meme that takes the usual redneck topic and reinvents it to become something unique. Something to be proud of? That’s their call.

Whether the meme is about family dynamics, work ethics, living arrangements, intellect, or something else, the memes keep on popping up, and those who love to seek them out get pumped up when they see one they hadn't yet discovered. Some of these memes go viral, while others are only viewed by a select few, but the desire for such memes is apparently a “thing,” and the interest isn’t slowing down.

So, here are 15 memes of rednecks being rednecks, meant to be silly and often stupid, yet for some reason or another, they're fully enjoyed by people who like to see such ridiculousness on the web. Free time seems to be spent in all sorts of wasteful ways…

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15 Biology 101

Nobody can say that a redneck doesn’t know his a$$ from his elbow after seeing this silly meme. Of course, here, the meme creator is making fun of this fella’s perceived accent, but the meme would work for nearly anyone who may not speak with perfection. Actually, it's rather reassuring to consider that this man was apparently talking about his broken-down four wheelers rather than the part of his body where the sun doesn’t shine! That would be a meme in a class of its own. Just imagine what the photo would look like. Yikes! At least the word “rectum” has finally found its way into a meme. When was the last time you had a good laugh at a ridiculous rectum joke? Uranus? Sure. But rectum, not so much, and for good reason.

14 A Woman’s Place

Here, you may first think we have the classic “A woman’s place is in the kitchen” vibe, redneck style in this meme. Barefoot and pregnant? That comes next, of course. With the play on “loading,” we're getting the hint that this guy isn't talking about dishes at all, though. Give it a minute, and your brain will catch up. But based on the other prevalent redneck memes, perhaps this dude’s wife is also his cousin, so this is a meme that has legs. The oddest thing about this meme isn't the offensive header and footer, but the fella in the photo. He looks to be about 15, so if he has a wife, that's another issue altogether. Leave it to a redneck meme to get ya thinking.

13 Kissin’ Cousins

A very popular redneck meme theme seen on the web is the common stereotype that it's no big whoop to get together (romantically) with a cousin. Who knows if this really happens (except for what we may see on an episode of Maury), but the notion is alive out there, so memes inevitably come to life. Here, we see a fella who apparently married his cuz, but the marriage didn't end well. But hey, at least they can still see one another at the family reunion! Marriages may fall apart, but cousins last a lifetime. And there are always other fish in the sea, and maybe one won’t be a blood relative. Kissin’ cousins are apparently the best kind in redneck meme country. Talk about a close family!

12 Don’t S#it Where You Eat

Well, would ya look at that? This old redneck fella has found a brand new use for his toilet seat. Who knew one could get so much use out of the thing? Why use a standard table or get a dinner tray when you can take a crap, remove the toilet seat, and then enjoy a hearty meal right on top of it? Then, once the meal has made its way through your body, pop that bad boy back on the toilet bowl, and do your business once again. Does IKEA know about this? If not, they could really corner the market. Leave it to an embarrassing redneck meme to consider recycling in a whole new fashion. They could sell toilet seats as a 4-pack so each family member can dine independently. Genius.

11 All in the Family

That stinkin’ son-of-a-gun cousin. When you rightfully call “shotgun” on your sister, who is he to break the rules and go after her? Where’s the “bro code” in redneck world? No wonder this guy looks so pissed off. But isn’t there another family member for him to hit on? OK, this whole topic is super creepy, to say the least, so let’s hope this “family affair” business is only just a myth created by meme creators looking to have a little fun. Perhaps, if the cousin is far enough removed or related by marriage, they can be fair game, but a blood relative? Heck no! Look elsewhere. Plus, by the looks of this guy, his sister could do a lot better anyway. His cousin has got to have more “game” than this guy, and he’s wearing a wedding band!

10 Hello, My Name Is…

One first name per person is plenty, and a middle name is quite common, but four first names, with the last two connected? Those are simply far too many first names for one man. OK, so "Billie" is a fairly common name – usually spelled “Billy,” so maybe this old bearded fella is just trying to differentiate himself from the other men in the area with the very same name. Also, “Jimbob” could potentially be this man’s last name, but it's doubtful. Hey, if famous celebs can go by just one name, like Madonna or Prince, then who says a common guy can’t take as many names as he’d like? And, when all you're described as is “neighbor,” a man has got to find a way to shine on the 6 o’clock news. Heck, this could be Billie’s big break!

9 It’s a Girl!

Talk about a rip-roaring, attention-getting baby announcement. If this excited family is not having a baby girl, then it must mean that the Pink Panther is coming to town. Some may think the shocking pink fumes are quite celebratory, but all that thick fog and dust couldn't possibly be good for a pregnant woman or her unborn child to inhale. But who cares about that when you can grab all the neighbors’ attention with your pickup truck releasing cotton candy-like smog into the otherwise fresh country air? The wife will be perfectly fine if she wears a mask for the big announcement. But if this is merely the gender reveal, what's left for when the baby is actually born? A bright pink gas spill seems extreme, ya think?

8 Spa Day

Who needs a fancy (and expensive) day at the spa when you can build a makeshift hot tub of your very own over an open flame right in the comfort of your own backyard? The water is just right, and the friendly company is even better. Just like a life-size cauldron of chicken noodle soup, these four best buddies are simmering and comingling in their own juices, and they seem to be having a great time doing so. Jacuzzis certainly don’t come cheap, so why spend the hard-earned money when this DYI setup is just as soothing? The fresh country air and the outdoorsy feel is revitalizing, and surely, the next-door neighbors don't mind seeing this group splash around in their birthday suits. Hop on in; the water’s fine!

7 Jack(ass)-O-Lantern

Halloween is a festive and fun time of year when kids and adults alike delight in carving pumpkins to place on their front porches or in their windows as part of the annual autumn celebration. But carving a Jack-O-Lantern takes a good deal of time, skills, and patience, so why bother going through all that hard work? Instead, taking out the good old shotgun and shooting a few strategic holes in the gourd seems like a much more efficient plan of action to get the job done fast. Two holes for the eyes and one for the mouth. A nose is optional. Just be sure nobody's standing behind the pumpkin, or this year’s Halloween will be more ghoulish than ever. Sheesh, what did that poor pumpkin ever do to you?

6 Ridin’ in Style

When it comes time to travel in style for a special event like a wedding or the senior prom, many people rent a high-end limo and chauffeur to take them to the grand gala or a party. But limos aren't cheap, and there are plenty of other things to spend money on. That said, this “redneck stretch limo” is the perfect solution to arrive to the intended destination with a group of other people without the expense of a real limo. Not only is the creativity off the charts, but the colors of this slapped-together vehicle also really make a statement. What that statement may be is questionable. Wouldn’t you be charmed if your boyfriend pulled up in this bad boy and took you out for a romantic dinner? Me neither.

5 Home Reno Redneck Style

This redneck realized his wife wasn't specific in her request, so off he went to the yard to create her “screened-in patio” as desired. Next time, she'll be sure to be much more detailed, because surely, she wasn't looking for a bunch of plastic chairs enclosed in a wire fence as part of her backyard “elegance.” But you’ve got to hand it to the hard-working hubby who put his mind to it and created a special little area to impress his loving wife. Too bad his plan backfired, but at least he gave it the good old college try. Hey, if the wife isn't going to use her new patio, the chickens might enjoy a new place to gather. If not, an outdoor “man cave” is born.

4 Mr. Fix-It

Rule #1 seems to be quite crafty. No need to hire a plumber, carpenter, electrician, or repairman when a simple roll of duct tape and a couple of extension cords are all you need to easily fix things around the house. Not only does this prove that lots of us waste time and money hiring outside help, but we don’t even consider using what we already have lying around to solve life’s many problems. This heavily bearded fella looks like he knows what he's talking about, so the next time your toilet is leaking or the shingles are flying off the roof, just slap on a piece of sticky duct tape and secure it with a bit of extension cord. See how things turn out by morning. Should be fine.

3 Toilet Toss

In more toilet-seat news, after using the seat for its intended purpose, bring it outside for some good old family fun. A giant-scale ringtoss game with half of the toilet seems like a great way to bring the family together on a weekend afternoon. And when it’s time to put the seat back on the bowl, who doesn’t want to sit on a toilet seat that’s been flying through the mud all afternoon? Who needs to be so sanitary anyway? The toilet seat already gets plenty of action, but now, it can finally see the sunshine. And when you tire of playing, set the toilet seat down on the grass so you don’t soil your shorts when you want to sit down to take a load off. So many uses, so little time.

2 Getting the Right Angle

The ever-popular selfie stick is all the rage with smartphone users, but not everyone can find one where they live or don’t want to bother ordering one. But we all want to get that picture-perfect shot, so this quick-thinking redneck came up with the perfect solution to this nagging problem… use a pitchfork in place of a selfie stick! Not only can he get the photo he wants, but the lovely backdrop can find its way into the scene. Plus, he can secure the perfect angle and flattering lighting to make himself look even more handsome than he already probably is. Sure, the selfie stick seems more practical, but why take the easy way out when you can solve problems creatively like this guy? Do you think Kim Kardashian would use one, too?

1 Words to Live By

In another case of unfortunate mispronunciation, this aging redneck has his own idea of what “cedar” is all about. Trees are one thing, but this fella in overalls isn't talking about the wooded forest. He apparently caught a glimpse of something far naughtier and had just the words to express his thoughts on the matter. For a greying guy who's holding a tree branch, “cedar” should be something he's far more familiar with. But no, he “cedar cooter” and was likely quite pleased with the view. Let’s hope this guy isn't going “commando” as well… the thought (and visual) of that is more horrifying than knowing he was peeping up a poor lady’s skirt. To say this fella is barking up the wrong tree is an understatement.

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