15 Savage Confessions From Everyday Homewreckers

Could you date a married man? What if you were in love? Imagine meeting the man of your dreams, the one that you've dreamed of meeting your whole life. You laugh, you have a great time together, and the sex is out of this world. The only problem is he's already married. That can put a little wrench in the plan. After all, you could never get married. That is, unless you can wreck the home that he's in and steal him all for yourself. So, you have an affair. Most people having affairs feel bad about it. Sure, they're in love, but they feel bad about what they're doing. Maybe some of them do, but there are a lot who could care less and are happy that they won in the end. These women are the ones who manipulate and scheme to get what they want, and they don’t care who's in their way.

These people may go so far as to be proud of their home-wrecking ways and have no problem boasting about it. These women are more than happy to get the man of their dreams regardless of who gets hurt. Not only are these women unapologetic; some of them are also downright manipulative. These women are all about getting what they want, and they don’t care if they destroy a family in the process. Read about these confessions from unapologetic home wreckers.


15 She’s Only Satisfying His Needs

This homewrecker doesn’t care what anyone says about her because she's only satisfying the needs of a man who isn’t being satisfied by his wife. So, is it the wife’s fault? Women like this are always blaming the wives. It’s a cold way of trying to justify what they're doing. “People say that I’m a home wrecker because I sleep with married men when, in reality, I’m not the wife not satisfying her man. She’s ruining their relationship, not me” (Rebel Circus). This homewrecker is definitely not apologetic about what she’s doing; in fact, all she wants to do is continue to please the men who are oh-so-lonely in their marriages. Maybe the husband should stay at home a little more, and he might find some action. In the end, these women are nothing more than homewreckers who are doing whatever they want.

14 In the Workplace


Many affairs often start in the workplace. Two co-workers become close at their workplace, one thing leads to another, and an affair starts. It can be a dangerous place for a marriage, and absolutely every woman should be aware that women are often stalking men that they have no claim to. “I seduced my coworker, and it broke up his eight-year marriage. I know I should feel guilty about being a homewrecker, but I actually feel great” (The Talko)! It looks like this woman had a plan to get her man long before the affair started. He got seduced, and all of a sudden, another woman had her man. An eight-year marriage is nothing to sneeze at, but it appears that didn’t mean much to the husband and his mistress. The unapologetic mistress, in this case, seems a little cold. Hopefully, she never has to see her man stolen by another woman. What goes around comes around, right?

13 Just in It for Sex

This woman is truly cold. It’s hard to tell if she has a soul at all. “We met, we hit it off, we screwed. So, no, I don't feel bad; nor do I feel like a homewrecker. I feel like a grown adult attracted to another adult and wanting a good time. You, your spouse, and a combination of the aforementioned are the actual homewreckers, and you're likely never going to take responsibility for it. This is a confession from a "homewrecker." Your home was never mine to wreck in the first place; I promise I can't do a damn thing to it. I don't feel bad about what's going on in your relationship; I feel bad that you're too naive to see it. TLDR; homewreckers don't exist; nor is anyone responsible for the failing of a relationship but the two people involved. Leave arbitrarily based morals in the past” (Reddit).

12 A Loving Mistress


Is it ever the mistress’s fault? Or is it the man's fault, who keeps stepping out on his wife over and over again? It’s hard to decide where to put the blame, especially since everything in the situation is usually wrong. “I’m the mistress. She doesn’t deserve it, but I tell myself if it wasn’t me, it would be someone else” (The Talko). She’s aware that the wife doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment, but she’s not willing to do anything about it. Maybe, it's true that the man would stray no matter what, but if all women decided to up their game and not date married men, then the men would have to go home with their tails between their legs. There's no excuse for wrecking a home, but these women aren’t making any apologies any time soon. Keep your men close, ladies.

11 Searching for Her Love

This woman admittedly is a homewrecker, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it, mainly because she found the love of her life. Would you do the same? What if you met your soulmate? Could you just turn that off? It’s hard when two people are attracted to one another, and they don’t want to be apart. Keeping an affair going can be selfish. “I found the love of my life by being a homewrecker. I wouldn’t change a thing” (Rebel Circus). That’s an unapologetic mistress to be sure, but can we even blame her? Love is love, and sometimes, we have to wonder if sometimes people aren’t meant to be together and they have to leave one situation to be in another, better situation. Maybe the wife, too, is better off, right? Why be with a man that doesn’t want you in the first place?

10 She’s Addicted to Him


What can you say to a woman who's addicted to stealing married men? It sounds like she's going after multiple men who are married, which is a completely different situation entirely. Maybe it’s a situation where she's looking for a sugar daddy -- it’s hard to say why some women date multiple married men. “Despite all the hate I got on my Whisper about being addicted to being a homewrecker, I don’t care, and I will not let those jealous, ugly girls get to me” (The Talko). She just thinks she’s a beauty queen and that all her haters are just jealous. She seems to have forgotten just how selfish she is because there are other people involved. She cares nothing for the wife or the possible children that are in these households. She appears to be just looking out for number one!

9 She Loves Homewrecking

This woman is really a hard one to like or understand, mainly because she absolutely loves homewrecking. She won’t even consider dating someone single. What does that say about this woman? “I only date guys that aren’t single. I’m really just a b*tch. I love home wrecking” (Rebel Circus). Wow, she said it herself -- she really is a b*tch. There has to be something psychologically wrong with a woman who refuses to date a single man. Is it revenge? What’s your guess? What makes a woman live this life without remorse? This catty woman doesn’t care about anyone else but herself, and she seems to have made a game out of the whole thing. This is the kind of woman that you hope that your husband never meets because she's usually calculated and manipulative. Watch out, wives -- there’s a sexual black widow out there!


8 He’s My Sugar Daddy


In this case, the mistress is being paid, so that certainly changes everything. We still feel no sympathy for the woman; she's willingly hurting a family and has no remorse for it. “I’ve been hooking up with an older guy who has a girlfriend. But he pays me for it, and he’s huge, so #homewrecker” (The Talko). In this situation, at least the couple isn't married, so maybe the girlfriend can get out before she gets hurt, but the mistress sure isn’t backing off. She likes the money and the package that her sugar daddy is carrying, and that’s all that matters to her. We have a hard time liking women like this; they're usually selfish and superficial people who can only see dollar signs. What kind of person does things like this? Women like this need to learn how to work for a living.

7 A Moment of Guilt

Dare we say that a mistress had a shred of guilt? It sure didn’t last long, but at least it was there for a moment. “This time last year, I gained the infamous label of 'homewrecker.' I spent the night with a guy who was dating someone for a little more than a year at the time. You may be disgusted to read that I didn’t have remorse for that night. I wasn’t thinking of Anna*. I was only thinking about how much I really liked this guy. Actually, I had felt guilty that night, but only because I had been out of a relationship for a month at that point, and I felt conflicted about being with someone new so soon” (Thought Catalog). Well, then again, maybe not. She was only guilty about moving on too quickly. If only she didn’t do it in the first place.

6 She Wanted Her Man


When it came to this mistress, she wanted the wife to know, and she made sure that it happened. She wanted her man all to herself, and there was no need to drag it on. “I purposefully left my hair tie in her bathroom when he invited me over to get it on. I ruined her marriage, but she needed to know” (The Talko). Wow, this girl is hardcore, and she clearly wanted her man went about getting it. Women are very particular, and we know what belongs to us in our own homes. So, it would be easy for a wife to realize a certain hair tie isn't hers. The mistress was calculated, and in the end, she won what she went after, and the wife lost her husband, though let’s be honest: she was probably better off.

5 She Gave Him a Little Push

If a marriage is about to end anyway, having a mistress is probably going to be the last straw for any marriage. It’s a sad state of affairs. Why not just end the marriage before carrying on with an affair? This woman found her man and didn’t care that he was married. She wanted him and gave him the push he needed to leave his wife. “I’m a homewrecker. His marriage was over long before he met me; I just gave him the incentive to leave… I’m not ashamed” (Rebel Circus). Yes, we can definitely tell that you feel no shame, lady, but you could at least pretend to. It’s a terrible situation, but the wife is probably better off because her husband is a douchebag anyway. These are the kinds of women that you need to avoid at all costs.

4 She Wants to Stop Homewrecking


Some homewreckers are addicted to it, and although they want to stop, they don’t know how to. “I am the girl you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. Girls say my name with contempt, and my reputation precedes me so much that one look in my direction would send a group of women into whispers. I have been a homewrecker ever since I discovered the art of texting. A boy in my class would send flirty messages to me, and I would flirt back, knowing full well that his girlfriend was in my bio class. I have been a homewrecker ever since I discovered Skype and realized how a simple video chat could be so innocently intimate. I have been a homewrecker ever since I graduated university and a fellow graduate’s boyfriend gave me — and only me — a teddy bear wearing a black mortarboard holding a rolled-up certificate” (XoJane).

3 She’s Taking Her Man Without Regrets

When a man is determined to leave his wife and family, there's rarely anyone can do to stop it, especially if he meets another woman and falls in love. This mistress has no regrets because the man she took loves her more. “I don’t feel bad about destroying my boyfriend’s marriage. He isn’t happy with her. He loves me” (The Talko)! This is a situation where love overcomes everything and the mistress isn’t going to apologize for taking what she wants. She loved her man, and because he loved her back, she got to steal him from another woman. It makes you wonder if your own marriage is safe, right? There are many women out there like this one who'll take whatever she wants and not be one bit sorry about it -- not that all the blame should be put on the mistress, though.

2 It’s Her Job to Kill Marriages


There are some psychological issues involved with a woman who has a vengeance against marriages, in general. This woman isn’t dating married men because she loves them or wants to satisfy their needs; she just doesn’t want anyone to be happier than she is. “I’m a homewrecker. I do it because I don’t want anyone to have a happy marriage if I couldn’t” (The Talko). This woman is cold and pretty darn heartless to boot. We wonder what happened in her life to make her like this. Why can’t she have a happy marriage? Maybe if she stopped chasing married men, she could find a man to marry herself. She sounds very angry and vengeful against the system. This woman is ice cold, and we hope she never comes near any of our men. Lady, why don’t you want anyone to be happy?

1 Being a Mistress Turns Her On

This woman is scandalous to a whole new level. When she thinks about the wife finding out about her affair with her husband, that just turns her on even more. “I love being a homewrecker. The idea of his wife finding out turns me on more than anything” (The Talko). Ouch! This woman is really messed up, and we aren’t afraid to admit it. Honestly, it’s bad enough that these mistresses aren’t apologetic at all, but now, we have one who literally gets off on the idea. What is this world coming to? This is the kind of mistress that's likely to let the cat out of the bag, so hopefully, the husband is ready for a divorce. She wouldn’t be happy unless the wife finally found out about what she’s been doing with her husband. Tsk tsk... this woman needs some schooling of her own.

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