15 Savage Big Bang Theory Memes

The Big Bang Theory gifts viewers laughter week in and week out and has done so the past ten years. Even if you don't enjoy the show, something associated with its humor has probably made you grin at some point. Maybe it's Raj and his struggle talking with women, or Sheldon and his tactless use of his intellect? Could it be Penny and her carefree nature? What about Howard and Bernadette? They're a riot too.

Then there's Leonard. Leonard may be the only man who's landed a super fine female by being an insecure dweeb. Well, that's a little harsh, but you get the idea. Being awkward and brilliant doesn't usually get you a girl like Penny (Kaley Cuoco) in the real world; at least not very often. Are you a dorky, genius, that happens to have a hot blonde sleeping in your bed at night? Sorry if so, excellent work! I apologize, you lucky devil you. Your next package of #2 pencils; or possibly a coffee, caffeine free of course, is on me!

Not much on TV is funnier than The Big Bang Theory. Over 10 million viewers a week say they love the show. The cast continues to be fantastic at dishing out instant comic relief. Brainstorming, we decided to put together an article that combined each character with an equally humorous, but a different form of comedy. It's called the meme. Indexed as far back as the 70s, the word "meme" today encompasses clever, carefully written jokes combined with photos. So what happens when we combine The Big Bang Theory and memes? Well, they go together like peas and carrots that's what.

15 There's Nothing Blind About Kaley Cuoco's Dates!

Come on now, don't act as if you've never been on a blind date before! Horrifying situation isn't it? If you've had a blind date turn out well in the past, by all means, you're a lucky SOB. For the rest of us, we can relate to this meme of Kaley Cuoco reacting in a less than positive way after meeting her company for the evening. Snooty bitch, huh? I sincerely hope you guys out there have never had a woman look at you like Kaley looks in this meme. What's worse, yet? Having your blind date show up looking fantastic, well, besides the scowl on her face. Her expression says it all! Date over!

14 Sheldon Knows All!

Theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper knows how to make every body around him feel like their intelligence isn't on the same planet with his. If mounds of knowledge communicated in a condescending, arrogant, dorky way are what makes you laugh than Sheldon is your man. We know he claims to be "the perfect human specimen," but is that true? Not at all! The Big Bang Theory star has OCD like tendencies about everything. He even insists that he sit in the same place every time he sits on the sofa. The brainy physicist is certainly weird, and that makes memes like this super funny. Fans of the show can picture Sheldon saying something exactly like this meme, word for word.

13 Bernadette Has A Way With Words.

When Bernadette gets fired up, it usually makes us laugh. Melissa Rauch began her Big Bang Theory career in season 3. Initially, she wasn't a full-time member of the cast, but that soon changed. From a young age, the east coast Jersey girl hoped she would end up in the performing arts someday. She wasn't wrong was she? Melissa's a talented actress that's for sure! She openly confesses in a Maxim Magazine interview, "I was a theater dork in high school, and I did all the plays." What ever it was Melissa learned on her high school's stage helped catapult her to her biggest role ever. She's undoubtedly one of the best actors/characters on the TV show.

12 Surely He's Not The Only One, Right?

It's not inconceivable to believe that Dr. Leonard Hofstadter is the only man who's landed himself a blonde bombshell that is willing to put up with his quirks. Sure he may be an odd fellow, but he comes across as genuine, even endearing. Despite whether you label Leonard a "nerd" or a "geek" doesn't matter. Well, unless you're talking about money making skills in the real world? Speaking of which, that reminds me of a joke, "Do you know the difference between a nerd and a geek? About 6 figures dude." I heard that one years back, and it continues to make me laugh. I wonder how many guys around the globe have wished, hell dreamed, they were in his shoes?

11 8 Howard Wolowitz Memes Equals 8 Times More Fun.

Simon Helberg, otherwise known as Howard Wolowitz, might be the weirdest, most interesting character that The Big Bang Theory calls a cast member. Howard has a unique relationship with the two women in his life (his mother and Bernadette) that's for sure. His mother is heard, but never seen, screaming at him often. Retaliating, Howard screams back at her lashing out, only he barks at his mother as if their form of communication has always been that way. Other than communication at home, he's arguably the luckiest man on the show. It's no secret that Howard struggles with most everything outside of his intelligence, but his significant other Bernadette doesn't seem to mind in the least.

10 Amy Farrah Fowler Is The Female Version Of Sheldon

Most Big Bang Theory fans will admit that the relationship between Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon is at a minimum, hard to understand. Looking back, it's mind boggling that the relationship between the two brainiacs happened at all. If Sheldon wasn't responsible for meeting Amy then how did it happen? His two buddies Raj and Howard made sure they got the two together via an online dating site. That sounds like a dating service that single men would love to take advantage of, right? Regardless, Amy Farrah Fowler has given viewers her share of laughs. Honestly, anytime she and Sheldon start talking their conversation usually reveals some odd ball topic or point of view that you won't hear anywhere else.

9 Raj Meets The Biebs...

What happens when you mix an astrophysicist like Raj with a famous singer like Justin Bieber? Nothing if you're Raj Koothrappali. This meme is perfect because Raj and his struggles with girls are hilarious. What about meeting the Biebs, though? If he can't easily talk to a woman without having issues then Justin Bieber won't be any easier, right? Justin is the male equivalent of a female...am I wrong? He's awfully pretty and even more famous. Sorry Bieber, you're too attractive not to be included in this article with Raj. If you readers don't love this meme, then you probably don't love Raj. It's doubtable you love the Biebs, either. That's just crazy talk so keep on moving.

8 Sheldon Weeps For Average People!

Which of the Big Bang Theory cast members do you think owns an IQ of 187? I'll give you a hint. This cast member is so anal-retentive that any deviation in his routine drives him mad. He's also a needy, overly annoying, pain in the neck roommate. Maybe Sheldon makes you laugh, or maybe he doesn't? That depends on your taste. Nevertheless he claims in what seems like every episode how brilliant he is. His brain is a work of art after all. Jim Parsons by day and Sheldon Cooper at work, he continues to be a bundle of laughs on The Big Bang Theory even if his personality isn't going to win him any awards.

7 Raj And Girls

London born, Indian actor, Kunal Nayyar, better known as Rajesh Koothrappali, has a debilitating problem most men couldn't handle. Difficulty talking to females adds a massive handicap to Raj's life until the end of season 6. At times it's as if he has some social anxiety disorder? His character does indeed have a rare disease; it's referred to as selective mutism. Have you ever heard of that illness? Me neither! Raj's problem talking to women, unless he's drinking, is widely known to the shows many fans. There's no denying that witnessing Raj in action around girls is painful to watch. Shockingly enough Raj doesn't even speak to Penny until the season 6 finale.

6 Penny Must Be The Richest Waitress Of All Time!

If you've ever wondered how a struggling waitress can afford an apartment in the same building a group of bright, Ph. D. yielding friends do, you're not alone. After all, rent isn't cheap, no matter what you do for a living. That's just rent too! Yes, Penny does look good enough to garner her fair share of tips, but that's a far cry from what her friends across the hall earn individually, let alone as a collective unit. According to PayScale's web site, a waiter/waitress makes between $9,000-$38,000 a year. Even the thriftiest of people would have a difficult time making rent in Penny's sweet ass digs. Thank goodness she eventually lands a different gig as a pharmaceutical rep.

5 Yes, You Are Seeing This Meme Correctly

Fans of The Big Bang Theory may not remember that many of the characters found in the initial pilot were cut from the reshot pilot. Are you surprised? Don't be. Do you know what characters were later carried on to the reshot pilot that first appeared in the initial pilot? Here's a hint, it's only three of them. Had enough time to think it over? Hope so! The answer to this bit of trivia is Sheldon, Leonard, and Althea (a character featured in the first episode). Even the most famous television shows don't continue with the same cast it initially begins with; that fact holds true for The Big Bang Theory as well. Who knew?

4 Wi-Fi Issues? Of Course!

Some of our favorite moments from The Big Bang Theory are when Penny tries to high-jack the boy's Wi-Fi password. Sheldon likes to change the password from time to time, often digging at Penny. One of the funniest instances in recent memory is when Penny asks Leonard, " Um Leonard, did you change your Wi-Fi password again? I can't get on the internet!" Leonard replies, "Yeah, Sheldon changed the password again. It's now'Pennyisafreeloader,' no spaces." I love it when Sheldon picks a fight with Penny. We all know that she could kick his ass all the way up and down the hallway! He doesn't seem to care though, and he isn't afraid of changing his Wi-Fi password to prove it.

3 Are Kaley's Assets The Only Reason To Watch?

Kaley Cuoco's character "Penny" isn't the brightest crayon in the box, is she? Fans of the show don't seem to mind, and neither does Kaley. Of course, being attractive does help but just because you're good looking doesn't mean you're liked. Fans of The Big Bang Theory know Kaley isn't only beautiful; she's got the personality to spare. She's a bright spot on the show! Apparently a little of her character's personality carries over into her personal life as well. The famous actress has been quoted saying, "Obviously, I don't have a high IQ, but I've always liked nerds and quirky guys." Well, it looks like she landed the right gig then didn't she?

2 Ice Cream And Sprinkles And S*X

These Big Bang Theory memes are pretty damn funny, aren't they? If you haven't laughed yet I'm not sure what it's going to take? A mood enhancer? More memes? For some reason the memes featuring Raj make me laugh the hardest, though. How about you? Raj is one of the best characters on the show, and he continues to show us why often. Raj has a way of saying the stupidest things, all the while acting completely serious. Do you remember when he said, "No, I'm not gay? If anything I'm metrosexual." when asked what a "metrosexual" is he replies, "It means that I like women, as well as their skin care products." Classic!

1 It's Not Often Kaley Looks This Rough

Before Kaley leaves for work in the morning, she admits she has to eat or else she'll be miserable in no time! Kaley tells us, "I start the day with oatmeal and vanilla almond milk. If I don't, I'm dying by noon and eating everything in sight. On-set, I avoid crap and pack soup and salad. I cook pork chops or turkey tacos for dinner." What ever it is she's eating must be working because she's looking good, well most of the time. Kaley also claims, "I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style." That comes as no surprise to many of us men, right? Women adore the world of fashion! Kaley Cuoco is no different.

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