15 Rundown TV Stars Who Are Still Filthy Rich

We don’t like to use the term “rundown,” but it’s a word that we all understand. If an actor disappears from the spotlight or if they haven’t appeared in anything of quality in a while, we always assume the worst. We’ve all heard the horror stories of celebrities tearing through their money with no regard for their future. Then, when the high-paying jobs or the talent run out, these former stars are left with an extremely high standard of living, no real skills, and no plan. The results can be disastrous. Some stars flame out and struggle with drugs or depression, others just disappear and we never hear from them again. But this isn’t the same outcome for everyone. Although many of the stars on this list are ridiculed for having “failed” as if every actor is expected to stay at the top of their game for their entire careers until they retire at an old age, that’s not the way it works. For some, yeah, that’s the scenario. But for others, like the actors on this list, they never stayed in the limelight. Yet while they may not be the huge stars they used to be, every single former star here is still rich, like really rich.

So, if you’ve clicked in to see who we’re mocking, you’re out of luck. We’re here to celebrate these “rundown” TV stars. They may not be in shows that are as large as the ones we all know them from, but they’ve still got way more money than you do. They’ve got more money than all of us. So wipe that smirk off your face. Another thing we want to put up front is that many of the actors we’re dealing with here are still in the industry. We don’t want you getting the impression that no one here acts anymore. In fact, most of them still do. Most of them are probably even busier than they were before; they just aren’t making the same money per gig anymore, and they just don’t act in the major films and TV shows and that’s okay. We’re happy. They’re happy. They’re rich. You’re not. We’re all doing just fine, some better than others. Here are 15 Rundown TV Stars Who Are Still Filthy Rich.


15 Danica McKellar – $3 million

via TV Guide

To call Danica McKellar “rundown” is ridiculous. Currently, she’s a talented, working, and very accomplished voice actor, but since we haven’t seen very much of her face for quite a while, we thought we would include her. Plus, people always talk about her as if she vanished from the industry completely, so this is a nice way to address that claim. Really, most of McKellar’s acting fame came from her playing Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. Since then, however, she’s had big voice roles on Static Shock, DC Super Hero Girls, and Young Justice. Considering all this, it’s probably no longer a shock that she is worth about $3 million.

14 Lark Voorhies - $4 million

via Los Angeles Times

Lark Voorhies is the butt of many jokes these days. Whether it was the strange makeup, the rambling and incoherent social media posts, or any of the other weird stuff she did, the former Saved by the Bell star was ridiculed by many. But, despite her strange quality, Voorhies is an intelligent woman. Just listen to her speak and it’s easy to see why. She obviously was smart with her finances as well, at least to a certain degree. Although she’s written a few books since her acting jobs have diminished, we have to assume that these aren’t major sellers. Not that she wouldn’t have interesting stuff to talk about, it’s just that they sound incredibly boring. It’s been almost 15 years since Voorhies has appeared in anything other than direct-to-video films and one voice work gig. To still have $4 million is pretty impressive.

13 Kathy Kinney - $5 million

via huffington post

Old timers would remember Kathy Kinney best as Ms. Goddard, the librarian on Newhart. Older millennials would remember her better as Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. The younger generation probably has no idea who she is or maybe they know her as Bunny from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Either way, it’s been several years since Kinney has been on our TV sets and even longer since she was relevant. But she’s not broke. No, Kinney is still worth about $5 million. Without any other information to go off, we can just assume that Kinney was good with her money. She certainly made a lot of it in her career, so it’s nice to see that she didn’t blow all (or any) of it on crack.

12 Jennie Garth - $5 million

via today show

Although we’re sure that Mystery Girls was a fantastic show, it’s been about eight years since Jennie Garth was in anything really of note (90210). Before that, it was What I Like About You and, of course, Beverly Hills, 90210. She did get her own reality TV show, which probably got her a decent pay day, but we suspect that most of her $5 million fortune is from her younger years of acting. Nowadays, Garth runs MomGiftBox.com, a subscription site that is doing quite well in the early goings. Who knows where it will lead, but Garth has been good with her money up until this point, so it seems that she’ll be just fine.

11 Kevin Sorbo – $6 million

via TV Guide

Just looking at Kevin Sorbo’s film reel makes us feel like we were way off on this one. This guy doesn’t seem rundown. In fact, he might be the busiest man in Hollywood. He is in about 15 movies a year–none of them we’ve ever heard of–but still, he’s working hard. In the late ‘90s, Sorbo was a megastar. He was Hercules and life was good. He then jumped into Andromeda and kept his fame afloat. After that, things slowed down. He got a gig on The O.C., but his life on TV was slipping away. For the next decade, he would start doing lesser-known films. We’re thinking the reason this guy works so hard is because he’s got to try and keep up his Herculean life standards. He was probably so rich that he was buying houses for his cars, so when the big-paying jobs dried up, he needed to do three times as much work to keep everything up in the air. The fact that he is worth $6 million today is a great feat. Way to go, Sorbo.

10 Alfonso Ribeiro - $7 million

via the gazette review

Since finishing up on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alfonso Ribeiro has done what many D-list actors end up doing. He’s gone on to host various shows such as America’s Funniest Home Videos and has appeared on reality TV shows like Dancing with the Stars. But this guy isn’t broke and washed-up. He’s rich and washed-up. He’s got a net worth of about 7 million dollars. We can all agree that this is phenomenal for an actor who’s been almost entirely absent from anything worth watching for a very long time.

9 Dylan Sprouse – $8 million

via Entertainment Tonight

Cole Sprouse is back on TV screens with his role in Riverdale but Dylan, his twin brother, is basically nowhere to be found. Well, actually, that’s not true. Dylan went back to school (NYU) and has been spotted working as a host in a restaurant. This got the rumor mill churning about how he must be broke at this point, but he insists that it’s about experience and meeting people. He also insists that he is not broke, which we know to be true. Together, the Sprouse brothers are worth about $16 million. We know the brothers made a boatload of money with the different Suite Life shows, but we didn’t expect him to still be worth so much.


8 Stacey Dash – $8 million

via Entertainment

Stacey Dash still acts, but like Sharknado 4 kind of acting. She was a correspondent on that Fox show, Outnumbered, which we will also count as acting. Really, it’s been almost 20 years since Clueless went off the air, so you would expect Dash to be broke, but she isn’t. She isn’t even close. She’s still worth $8 million. Now, her family is rich. Crazy rich. Her brother, Damien, is an internet mogul and her cousin, Dame, is the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. This group knows how to make money and be responsible with it, so we expect that Dash will do well no matter what wacky politics she has or whether she ever gets any respectable acting gigs again, which we strongly doubt will happen. It’s weird. Dash has the looks and the ability to continue on acting, but she’s off her rocker. She’s so damn opinionated, it would seem she couldn’t even play a character without spewing off at the mouth.

7 Jaleel White - $10 million

via BET.com

Jaleel White will always be better known as Steve Urkel. In fact, we bet most people don’t even know his real name and still refer to him and Urkel all the time. Well, aside from Family Matters, voicing Sonic the Hedgehog, and doing the odd random show or film, White has been fairly inconsequential in Hollywood. As we type, however, White is actually on the verge of an attempted comeback. His new show, Me, Myself & I, is currently on the air, but we doubt it amounts to much. Even though White has spoken about how much he hates the character of Urkel, he owes him big time. That dweeb is the reason White is worth $10 million today.

6 Fran Drescher - $12 million

via Closer Weekly

Over her career, Fran Drescher has done a ton of work, but we all know her best as the Nanny in The Nanny. She’s the one with the laugh if, for whatever reason, you’re having trouble placing her. Aside from some voice acting in the Hotel Transylvania franchise, Drescher’s most notable recent work was in the sitcom Happily Divorced, which ran for three seasons. In both of her big shows, Drescher starred in, helped write, and produced them (alongside ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson). This all contributed to her net worth of $12 million, an astounding number for someone who has worked so infrequently over the last decade or so.

5 Angus T. Jones – $15 Million

via Trend Chasers

Everyone knows Angus T. Jones from Two and a Half Men. The kid grew up in front of our eyes. He grew up in front of us, got insanely rich, went crazy, then regretted it, but he stayed rich. When Jones was only 17, he signed a contract for two more seasons of the show worth just under $8 million. That, if you’re doing the math at home–which would be weird–is about $300,000 per episode. During this time, Jones got super religious and started telling people they shouldn’t watch the show. It wasn’t long after that the producers downgraded his role on the show and then phased him out completely. Since then, Jones said he regrets being so outspoken about the show that gave him everything he has. He’s only been in one other TV show (for one episode) since 2015 and has basically stopped acting. He is now part of the management team of Tonite, a multimedia company. He’s also worth a cool $15 million.

4 Jonathan Taylor Thomas – $15 million

via Good Housekeeping

Jonathan Taylor Thomas always appears in lists like these. Whether it’s because he stopped acting almost entirely when he was at the top of his fame or whether he has completely stepped away from the limelight, people have long wondered about JTT. Well, aside from appearing in a few episodes with former co-star Tim Allen on Last Man Standing, JTT has done no acting over the course of about 10 years. He’s still got his paws in the industry on the other side of the camera, but he’s not making the big bucks he used to. Still, the guy is worth $15 million. That’s all that Lion King and Home Improvement money.

3 Kirk Cameron – $20 million

via jenni and jody

Kirk Cameron is one of the biggest wieners on the planet. Because this knob was famous and still has a recognizable name, stupid people listen to him when he mouth-breathes all his hate speech. Well, the moral of this story is that Cameron is still very rich. Known best for his role on Growing Pains, Cameron still acts. His films are laughably bad and his acting is atrocious, but it seems that he still makes money. He also is a Christian evangelist who convinces others to give him money. Add it all up and this clown is worth $20 million. Sometimes, the world just isn’t fair.

2 Frankie Muniz – $40 million

via today show

After Frankie Muniz wrapped up on Malcolm in the Middle, the bulk of his acting was finished. He got into music and then race car driving afterward, but he didn’t make much money doing either of those things. If anything, he probably spent more money than he earned. Most of the acting work Muniz has done in the last decade have been playing himself, which might be part of his design. Muniz was in the news recently talking about how he is rapidly losing his memory. Shockingly, Muniz has decided to do nothing about this, saying he doesn’t like going to the doctors. That’s a weird decision, though, because doctors study medicine, and they probably have a better chance at treating Muniz’ condition than his girlfriend, who Muniz has said is trying to help him. Well, thankfully, Muniz has a net worth of $40 million because when that brain runs out power, he might be able to buy a new one. But a doctor will likely have to do that operation pal, so you’ll have to get over your fears.

1 Andrew Shue - $150 million

via Us Weekly

If you haven’t read up on Andrew Shue in a while, you would be forgiven for thinking he’s probably under a bridge somewhere, but he’s not. He’s actually crazy rich. It’s been a long time since Shue was famous for his acting. He was on Melrose Place and has done a few films, but the bulk of Shue’s money has come from other ventures. He first started a company called Do Something, which does something, but then he launched CafeMom. That was the big money maker for the former star. This social media site was the first of a series of companies owned by Shue. From those, Shue has earned more than $100 million dollars. Not bad for a rundown actor.

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