15The Show Has Been In The Works Since 2002

via: Pioneer Press/Zimbio/NY Daily News

The original American Big Brother has been around for a whopping 17 years and 19 seasons and CBS is finally taking a shot at their own celebrity version of the show on Big Brother's 20th anniversary, but the network was actually discussing the possibility of an American Celebrity Big Brother

since the second season. CBS network president Les Moonves began tossing the idea around with the host of the original Big Brother, Julie Chen (who also happens to be his wife) after the initial success of the series. But the network couldn't really nail down a cast lineup that they wanted that was willing to appear, and that would have been financially viable for the network, so the idea was pretty much shelved up until this summer. Due to BB's consistent strong performance during the CBS summer season, the network decided to give a winter season a shot, and apparently thought that making it a special celebrity edition could be the twist they needed to drum up some good publicity.

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