14Paris Hilton Was The First Cast Member The Producers Wanted

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When the idea of a celebrity version of Big Brother first became a discussion at CBS, Paris Hilton was actually the first celebrity they wanted to snag as a contestant for the house. According to BB host Julie Chen, Paris had actually signed on for the possible first season

of Celebrity Big Brother, but ultimately the plans for the show fell through. However Hilton claims that she has never signed on for anything related to Big Brother, and it's unclear if the current iteration of Celebrity Big Brother will seek out Hilton as one of the housemates. It just goes to show how far reality TV has come since the early 2000s, though. Chen said that when they booked Hilton for CBB initially, some of the producers didn't even know who she was yet, and now it seems like Hilton is a star from the Stone Age of reality TV.

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