15 Rumored WrestleMania 34 Plans (The WWE Doesn’t Want Us To Know About)

Nowadays, trying to figure out what the WWE’s going to do is nearly impossible. Back in the day, the booking team had a clear-cut vision, working long-term storylines. Back then, predicting what was next was a lot easier. Today however, that same mindset has shifted given the chaotic atmosphere backstage. Today, Superstars don’t even know what they’re doing the day of, never mind knowing months from now down the road. Aside from upper card talents like Roman Reigns, the company does not book long-term any longer. The goal with such a mentality is that it’ll help add spontaneity to the product. Though, all it's done is cause some serious confusion in storylines.

So with that being said, take these rumored matches with an open mind as they're likely subject to change at any point. McMahon is one wacky dude as we’ve seen in the past, so take these rumors for what they’re worth and that’s sheer speculation at this point.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to engage in discussion via Facebook. Let us know which match you’re looking forward to, and which match you can do without. Here are 15 rumored WrestleMania 34 plans that the WWE doesn’t want you to know about. Let’s begin!

15 Finn Balor Challenges For The Intercontinental Championship

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What’s next for Finn Balor? That’s the question that the WWE Universe is asking, as many fans can’t wait for Finn to finally finish up this outrageously long program with Bray Wyatt. Once his feud is up, options for what can be next are quite broad.

A rumored match can see the ultimate David versus Goliath matchup in the near future as Balor challenges for the Universal Title he never lost against Brock Lesnar. Perhaps the Royal Rumble would be an ideal event for such a match. Naturally, he isn’t likely to win the title which leaves his schedule open for WrestleMania. With The Miz as the current IC Champion, suitable opponents are truly few and far between. With Jason Jordan still failing to get over, Balor seems like the best possible fit. Given how over he is with the audience, Finn winning the IC Title at ‘Mania is a likely scenario we can see taking place.

14 Asuka Vs Charlotte

For the first time ever, the rumor mill is buzzing over the possibility of a Women’s Royal Rumble match to take place in 2018. Like the men’s Royal Rumble, the winner would challenge the champion at WrestleMania.

This scenario would be ideal to set up a marquee women’s matchup. We’re only speculating here, but the ideal route would be to have Asuka win the Royal Rumble and challenge one of the champions of her choice. With Charlotte currently involved in a long-term storyline with Natalya, we expect Charlotte to ultimately prevail and hold the championship once Asuka wins the Rumble, setting up this blockbuster encounter. This bout could have been that much more special had the WWE kept Charlotte’s PPV win streak intact, but hey, we’ll take the match with open arms regardless.

13 Kurt Angle Returns To The Ring

This one in particular is no secret, as speculation of Angle returning to the ring has been a big talking point since he signed a deal with the company. He’s yet to step foot inside the squared circle, instead he's fulfilling the role of acting General Manager on Raw.

Angle has clearly stated that he’s interested in returning to the ring as a performer and WrestleMania seems like the perfect time for such a highly anticipated return. At this point, his slated opponent is set to be long-time rival Triple H, as the two are set to rekindle their heat from the past. Stephanie is likely going to play a big part in this feud, clashing with Kurt. We can expect the storyline to begin to take shape in the upcoming weeks, likely following the Survivor Series PPV.

12 Bayley Vs Sasha

Whether this bout turns into a title match or not, that remains to be seen, however, we know that such an encounter is likely in the works and one that has the potential to steal the show. The two put on arguably the greatest match in women’s wrestling history while down in NXT and we can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store for the WWE Universe when they clash on such a big stage.

Sasha has been teasing a turn for a long time, and it seems like that time is coming as we get closer to WrestleMania. The company loves to build such dramatic character turns, which explains the slow build pertaining to this potential WrestleMania matchup. Whether a title is, or isn’t on the line, this match is expected to take place on the grand stage.

11 Speculation: Bobby Roode Vs Chris Jericho

Unlike the others on this list, this particular matchup hasn’t been rumored and instead, we’re only speculating that such a match can take place. A talent like Roode needs to be featured on the WWE’s marquee show and we can't think of a better opponent than the veteran Chris Jericho in such a scenario.

The booking towards such a bout would be very interesting. In truth, either of these two can easily turn heel, as both have endured tremendous recent runs as villains. Though you can argue that working as babyfaces simultaneously can also be an option for such an encounter but you know the WWE, if such a match of this magnitude takes place, someone is bound to turn. Roode can easily get himself into the US Title (although most would rather see someone like Gable challenge for the belt) picture as well, but this match seems a lot more intriguing on such a stage.

10 SmackDown Live Tag Team Picture

For a while now, the SmackDown Live Tag Team Title picture has been a two team race with The New Day and The Usos dominating the spotlight. Now we’re not complaining as the feud has been spectacular, however come WrestleMania, that same tag team title picture is set to change a little bit.

We expect The Authors of Pain to make their presence be felt by the time WrestleMania rolls around. The two are extremely promising talents, both still so young. This one seems like a stretch, but even the likes of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn can potentially get involved in the Tag Title picture but again, that’s only speculation. The Usos and The New Day are likely to take part in the show in some form, and The Authors of Pain are rumored to be the other tag team in the mix at the grandest stage of them all.

9 Speculation: Paige Competes In A Match

This is sheer speculation, but the WWE can potentially have three high profile women’s matches slated for WrestleMania. If Bayley and Sasha’s match remains a non-titled bout, we can think of no better opponent for Alexa Bliss than a returning Paige. Just imagine the reaction that would get from the WWE Universe; yes, that’s big-time dollar signs right there. Nia Jax was favored to win the championship at one point, however a returning Paige can possibly derail those plans in a big way. A multi-women match can be another possibility however.

We fully expect the women to have a huge role at the upcoming WrestleMania and these rumored matches certainly make things interesting. It remains to be seen if the WWE will in fact agree to three women’s bouts on the card. For now, we can only speculate on such a rumor.

8 NXT TakeOver (Mania Week) – McIntyre Vs Cole

Adam Cole made his NXT debut in a big way taking out the new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre. Triple H could have easily setup the match for the upcoming TakeOver event but instead, he wisely chose to hold off putting Adam Cole in a War Games match, which will only add to his overall draw value.

The epic encounter between these two will take place, and the ideal night for such a match is the TakeOver event before WrestleMania. In all likelihood, Adam Cole is destined to win the title, starting his dominant NXT run as champion, while Drew McIntyre will probably make the main roster jump following WrestleMania. Given his body of work on the indies and with NXT thus far, he’s more than earned a shot on the main roster.

7 Bray Wyatt Vs Woken Matt

Since he signed with the WWE, and even before he joined the company, fans salivated at the possibility of Broken Matt taking on Bray Wyatt. Now we might not necessarily see Broken Matt due to legal restrictions, however we’ll see something close: Woken Matt.

Despite the name, the match should be one heck of a treat; maybe not so much in the ring, but more so the buildup. Bray has been floundering since dropping the title to Orton at last year’s WrestleMania, he can really use such a feud to get his name value back up. As for Hardy, he’s also lost in the shuffle since his brother Jeff, recently suffered an injury. A program for the two is exactly what the doctor ordered at this point. Just please, Bray, don’t use that Sister Abigail gimmick against Woken Matt, signed every fan.

6 A.J. Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

That monumental stare down between Styles and Nakamura at the MITB PPV was actually all A.J.’s doing as he pitched the angle to Vince before the match, giving the fans a sneak peak at what is to come between the two. Believe it or not, despite their lengthy careers, the two have only faced off once and that came at the Wrestle Kingdom event overseas. The rumor mill suggests part two is going to be special and the only event that can hold such a marquee matchup is none other than WrestleMania.

With Cena likely entering the title picture, A.J. desperately needs something of greater importance at the event. With Nakamura floundering at the moment, he too is in need of a marquee matchup. The timing of such a clash couldn’t be better; in terms of a possible show stealer, if this match is in fact due to take place, look no further than this encounter for 'match of the night' and potentially, 'match of the year'.

5 Ambrose Vs Rollins

A massive heel turn is expected in the near future. According to the rumor mill, this time around, Dean Ambrose is the one set to cross his Shield brother leading to an epic encounter between these two. The truth of the matter is that Dean’s been desperate for a character turn and changing to a heel is exactly what is needed at this point. For now, he’ll continue to embrace The Shield reunion, however come WrestleMania time, we expect Ambrose to be rocking a new attitude.

Although the two have feuded and fought before, such a match can still serve a huge purpose at the event, especially given the drama of Dean potentially turning heel. The buildup to such a match is crucial; such a story has money written all over it. It’ll be interesting to see when the WWE bites the bullet on this renewed rivalry. Will it be Mania?

4 Rousey Or McGregor At The Show

The WWE loves to use a mainstream name at their marquee event, it only enhances the reputation of the show, helping it to go viral in other fields of entertainment and sports. For the upcoming WrestleMania, the two names that are heavily rumored come from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Both UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor are being rumored for the show.

A contract between Conor and the WWE was said to be in the works last week, however Dana White completely shot that down, showing a text from Vince McMahon himself claiming there was no truth to the allegations. Rousey however does seem like a huge possibility, given her interest in the company. Ronda hasn’t denied any claims as she recently stated that she’d rather keep whatever happens as a secret, because that’s what she would want as a fan. We’ll leave what that means up to you guys.

3 Undertaker Inducted Into HOF

Once again, The Undertaker is being linked to a return, this time however, WrestleMania isn’t the event, instead rumors indicate that Taker might end it where it all began for The Deadman: Survivor Series. With Kane recently returning and Taker having a tough time working in a singles match, the new rumor out there sees Taker teaming up with The Shield at the Survivor Series PPV. If he’s to attend the event, this is likely his final WWE matchup.

What’s next would be a Hall Of Fame induction, one many believe can take place before WrestleMania. Rumors have also suggested that if Taker is to be inducted, other inductions would be limited as the company wants to do its absolute best in paying homage to an absolute legend.

2 Jinder Mahal Vs John Cena

Here are two matches we never thought would occur; one, Jinder taking on Lesnar in a champion versus champion match at Survivor Series. And two, Jinder potentially taking on Cena in a high profile WrestleMania bout.

This is the reality folks, and Cena taking on Roman at No Mercy suddenly makes a lot more sense. The bout seemed set to take place at Mania but instead, the company chose to pull the trigger earlier. It seems the reason was simple and that’s because there was a bigger picture in the grand scheme of things. Roman’s involvement will be featured next on the entry and as for Cena, the company was likely looking ahead to the event as a perfect opportunity in making John the greatest champion of all-time, with his record-breaking 17th title win. With Jinder recently challenging Cena at the event, this match seems like a big possibility.

1 Brock Vs Roman

As big as Cena’s 17th title win might be, this match is without a doubt set to close the show. We thought the WWE was changing their game plan at one point, but again, this match remains of the most importance in the company. Lesnar continues to be booked as an unstoppable force since winning the title, while Roman is clearly "the guy" in the company being booked in the highest regard by the powers that be.

This rematch is long overdue, and WrestleMania 34 is the destination for the matchup. From day one, this was the plan and we expect this particular match to stay the same. We expect Roman to finally prevail against Brock, with yet another show revolving around Roman’s dominance. As for Lesnar, his contract is set to expire in the summer of 2018, so who knows what’s next for The Beast.

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