15 Rumored Post-WrestleMania 33 Plans

In the following article, we take a look at some of the rumored plans set to take place after the event.

When it comes to the WWE product, there just always seems to be a buzz when it comes to WrestleMania. Not only do fans ponder matches for the card, but they also speculate beyond the show, making predictions in what is set to go down after the show. Following WrestleMania, the product is unofficially reset paving the way for new storylines and also as per recently, new Superstars.

In the following article, we take a look at some of the rumored plans set to take place after the event. The list includes possible roster call ups, departures and retirements, possible storylines and some wrestlers that might be receiving their pink slips after the show, as the company usually cuts down the roster to decrease its budget.

Enjoy the article, and like always, be sure to let us know what you think about these possible plans for after WrestleMania. Do you agree with the possible names set to be cut? Who do you think deserves a call up? And in terms of storylines, are you liking what the WWE apparently has to offer after the event? Let us know and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend! Here is the list of 15 rumored post-WrestleMania 33 plans!

15 More Time Off For Cena

Fans of Cenation... We got some bad news. The 16-time WWE Champion will in fact be missing some more time following WrestleMania 33. For now, the plan is for John to take part in a lower tier match on the card which sees him Tag Team with his real-life partner Nikki Bella, as they take on The Miz and Maryse. Teaming with Nikki is quite significant as it’s the first time the two team up together on such a stage.

It turns out that the lower card bout was purposely done as Cena plans to take another extended leave of absence following WrestleMania. According to wrestling expert Dave Meltzer, John is set to film the movie The Pact which is scheduled for a release in April of 2018. With that project being a priority, John is expected to be out of action for a couple of months at least.

14 Goldberg’s Departure

Perhaps not even the man himself could have predicted such an ovation upon his long awaited return. Goldberg’s fans validated his triumphant return to Monday Night Raw and not only was it heartwarming for Bill, but it caused his return to be extended with such success.

As of now, the plan of action is for the former WCW star to once again reclaim a major championship by beating Kevin Owens at Fastlane for the Universal Championship. The next move, would be to main-event WrestleMania alongside Brock Lesnar, as the two go toe-to-toe for one more battle. This time, Goldberg is finally set to lose the bout and drop the championship in the high profile bout for the night.

As for what’s next? It seems like another WWE departure unfortunately. As of now, Goldberg isn’t scheduled for any events following WrestleMania but does have several non-WWE appearances in the works, including a special Inside The Ropes tour in the UK as he visits Glasgow, Manchester and London during the summer.

13 Roster Cuts

With so much time, effort and money being spent on WrestleMania every year, the company attempts to cut its budget significantly yearly following the event. One way they’ve been known to do so is by cutting the roster size and eliminating the dead weight from the company. With the rise of NXT, the cuts have been easier to make considering the plethora of talent the company has at their disposal down in the developmental brand.

Looking at the rosters of Raw and SmackDown, several names come to mind as potential cuts in the near future. Looking at the Raw side of things, the rumored individuals that can potentially be released by the company includes Curtis Axel, Darren Young, Primo and Epico, Jinder Mahal, Sin Cara, Summer Rae and perhaps, even fan favorite Paige.

Over on the SmackDown side of things, the list isn’t as extensive considering their roster size, but some names have made the potential release list. Some Superstars from the Tuesday show include Curt Hawkins, Erick Rowan, Viktor and Simon Gotch.

12 NXT Adds To Its Roster

With more big-time call ups set to take place following WrestleMania, you can expect Triple H and his fellow NXT staff to once again bolster up the roster. The developmental brand has lost several names throughout the years which has hurt them to a degree but you can expect help to be on the way following WrestleMania.

In terms of talent, the WWE will stick with its formula of finding a healthy blend of experienced faces from the indie scene, along with new faces we’ve never seen before coming from athletic backgrounds. Don’t forget, the entire purpose of NXT was to train athletes how to wrestle, and the company will likely stay the course with that formula as well.

In terms of new signings, the company has recently recruited some long time indie wrestlers in Roderick Strong and Kassius Ohno. They’ve also embraced the UK wrestling scene welcoming in the likes of UK Champion Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven. Look for the development to add to that list following WrestleMania 33.

11 The Next Big Faction Debuts

It seems like once again, the WWE plans to go the faction route following WrestleMania, creating a stable that is set to decimate the Raw roster. According to the rumor mill, the members will include Triple H as the puppet master, along with new Raw star Samoa Joe and the current Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Of course, the faction is set to play the roles of heels on the program with Triple H leading the attacks. Samoa Joe recently hinted at the group when he told the world that Triple H is responsible for telling him who to take out. A similar act took place with Hunter and Owens before the Festival of Friendship as The Game spoke to Owens, likely telling him to cut ties with Chris.

A dominant faction hasn’t been seen in a while, so of course, the odds of it happening are pretty high. Down the road, look for the WWE to include a fresh face with the faction, rumored names include Braun Strowman, Big Cass and Big E.

10 Finn Balor Resumes His Monster Push

The WrestleMania 33 card got added with a huge pinch of excitement when it was announced that Finn would in fact be ready to appear at the show for the first time in his career. According to the rumor mill, this was always the plan since his abrupt departure following his championship win at SummerSlam.

Despite the fact that he appeared at the NXT live event aiding Nakamura, the plan is still set on Finn returning to the main roster and joining Raw. As of now, the Demon King is slated for a slew of live events in March.

His WrestleMania involvement remains questionable, but we can guarantee that he’ll be appearing on the show and he'll be competing in the ring. Following the event, the plan remains the same on pushing Finn as the main dog on the Monday night show. Look for his gigantic push to continue once he resumes his career inside of the squared circle.

9 Corbin Pushed As IC Champion

The WWE can take pride in the fact that they built Baron Corbin from ground up. Coming from a background in football and with NFL accolades, Corbin had no prior experience in the wrestling business. Once he was signed to NXT, the developmental brand successfully created a monster heel who continues to grow week in and week out.

Today, the Lone Wolf continues to improve, becoming one of the best heels on SmackDown. In addition, the company is very high on the wrestler which will lead to great results in the future. As of now, the plan is to keep pushing Corbin as a ruthless heel that will do anything to win. His push is set to continue with a likely title run on the horizon. The results for WrestleMania’s IC title match are unknown at the moment, but the plan is to have Corbin hold the title as some point as a stepping stone to a future World Championship run.

8 Nikki’s In-Ring Hiatus

Last year, sister Brie saluted the WWE Universe at the event leaving the company to start a family. This year, it seems like that Bella departure theme will continue with reports indicating that Nikki is set to leave the company following WrestleMania 33.

Nikki’s loss is certainly a tough one especially when you factor in her popularity along with her increased in-ring work rate over the last couple of years. Not only is Nikki a huge face for the company but she can also bring it in the ring, causing her departure to hurt that much more.

According to news, her dismissal is a result of her reoccurring neck injury which continues to bother her despite the surgery. With so many prominent projects brewing for Nikki outside of the WWE, her departure seems that much more immanent following WrestleMania. As we’ve stated earlier in the article, Nikki is slated to Tag Team with John Cena in what might be her final match in the company.

7 Asuka’s Call Up

With the call up of three of the four Horsewomen to the main roster, the NXT product was in dire need of a legit female star; enter Asuka. She took the developmental brand by storm winning the NXT Women’s Championship. The 35 year old hasn’t looked back since, going undefeated throughout her NXT run.

With roster call ups set for post-WrestleMania, Asuka is a big time name we truly believe will debut on the main roster at some point. Due to language barriers and the fact that she’s continuously learning the WWE style, Asuka has been kept down for a little while longer. Eventually, that’ll change with a Raw or SmackDown call up set to take place sometime in 2017 following WrestleMania 33. For now, the plan remains the same for Asuka to defend her title at the TakeOver event before the night of ‘Mania. Her rumored opponent as of this point is slated to be the talented Ember Moon.

6 Other NXT Call Ups

Following WrestleMania, the WWE loves to start with a clean slate. With that said, the company now uses the window to debut new NXT stars onto the main roster. Last year, Enzo and Cass received a thunderous ovation during their debuts and the same scenario is set to take place this year following WrestleMania 33.

A couple of names have begun to circulate regarding a possible call up. We discussed Asuka in the previous point, other names include the Tag Team of The Revival who are more than due for a call up at this point. Other names slated to debut include The Drifter Elias Samson who’s also set to join the main roster following WrestleMania 33 and The Perfect 10 himself, Tye Dillinger. As for the other rumored names, they include, Andrade Almas, Buddy Murphy, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and No Way Jose.

5 More Title Runs For The Queen

Since the company signed her back in 2012, Charlotte has been destined for greatness. She began to progress down in NXT claiming the Women’s Championship of the developmental brand but that was only a stepping stone in comparison to what she would achieve on the main roster.

She took part in the Women’s Revolution in the summer of 2015 and has continued that momentum ever since. Almost two years into her main roster run, Flair is already a one-time Divas Champion along with a four-time Women’s Champion. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say?

Without a doubt, the company is trying to recreate her father’s title runs with Women’s Championship pursuits. Look for Charlotte to add to the number following WrestleMania as she continues to win and lose the title. Looking at her perfect PPV win streaks, all signs point to Charlotte walking out of the event as a five-time Women’s Champion.

4 Shinsuke’s Call Up

It’s almost a year ago when mainstream WWE fans first locked eyes with the enigma that is Shinsuke Nakamura. The rumor mill indicated that they guy was good, but perhaps nobody could have predicted how good his first match against Sami Zayn would be at TakeOver: Dallas, the night before WrestleMania. The bout was talked about for months and it just added to the excitement of seeing Nakamura down in NXT. Now, fans are salivating at the possibility of the former champion joining the main roster and according to the mill, that can happen sooner rather than later.

Reports indicate Nakamura extended his stay with the developmental brand because he was content with his treatment. He’s learning the ins and outs of the business, and is in no hurry to get a call up onto the main roster. However, all good things must come to an end and it seems like a main roster call up is in the cards for Nakamura following WrestleMania 33. It remains to be seen when he’ll debut, but rumors indicate it’ll be in 2017 at some point.

3 The WWE Stays The Course With Roman

If you’re expecting a radical shift in Roman’s behavior following WrestleMania, you’ll be very disappointed. As of now, he’s slated to potentially take on The Undertaker at the big event which will be one of the main attractions of the show.

As for his post-WM journey, don’t expect a dramatic heel turn or anything of the sort. The WWE loves the reactions Roman gets and plans to stay the course at this point. In addition, Reigns is a huge merchandise seller with the younger demographic, so the fact that he’s bringing in all that money will likely further the possibility of a heel turn.

In terms of storylines, you can expect Reigns to once again take on the heels. Possible feuds include taking on the new faction led by Triple H featuring Joe and Owens. Or, the likely scenario of the long awaited rematch to take place featuring Reigns and Lesnar at some point, and in all likelihood, a match of that magnitude would highlight an event like SummerSlam.

2 Kurt Angle Returns Inside The Squared Circle

Surreal to think that Kurt Angle has been gone from the WWE for over a decade now. The WWE finally made the bold decision to bring the WWE legend back into the mix by inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame class 2017. His induction made headlines and added a new sense of excitement to the event.

The next question fans were asking was, “Is Kurt going to compete?” The likely answer, yes. But unfortunately for fans wanting to see the future Hall of Famer compete at ‘Mania, they’ll have to wait a little longer as Kurt made it clear he’s only focused on his Hall of Fame induction.

That doesn’t mean that the company won’t put him in the ring at some point. Angle has expressed interest in returning to the ring as he’s made several names of wrestlers he’d like to take on public. You can expect the Olympic Gold Medalist to return at some point following WrestleMania. Early projections indicate he’ll be back in the ring for the Survivor Series PPV in November, an event that WWE loves to use legends in while they promote their new 2K video game.

1 Lengthy Title Run For Brock

After taking the WWE by storm in 2015, Lesnar’s momentum plummeted in 2016. He went from being a dominant attraction to taking on Dean Ambrose in a lackluster WrestleMania bout. From then on, the disappointment would continue as Lesnar was made to look like a fool taking on Goldberg. Finally, in 2017, that is finally set to change starting at WrestleMania 33 and beyond.

Brock is scheduled for a big 2017, and he’s a huge part of the company’s plans following the event. As of now, Brock is slated to finally win the championship back two years later as he’s scheduled to defeat Goldberg in the main event on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. Following the victory, you can expect Lesnar to potentially hang onto the Universal Championship at least till SummerSlam. As we indicated earlier, the rumored attraction match for the event is scheduled to be a long awaited rematch between Lesnar and Reigns.

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15 Rumored Post-WrestleMania 33 Plans