15 Rumored Behind The Scenes Affairs The WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About

With the rise of technology, the WWE rumor mill or gossip mill keeps growing as the years roll along. Nowadays, some fans would rather read into the gossip than watch the actual show. One bit of information fans love to read about is what goes on behind the scenes, particularly when it comes to hookups.

In this article, we take a look at various hookups which took place in 90s, 2000s and today. They took place on the regular back in the 90s but they seem to have calmed down nowadays with the WWE’s new policies and squeaky clean image. For that reason, the headlines were buzzing with Paige’s name surfacing following a leak to her personal property. The leak featured some disturbing footage, of Paige in particular, hooking up with both former and current stars Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods. Surely, it’s a behind the scenes affair the WWE didn’t want us to know about, but the information was leaked by a hacker.

In this article, we highlight similar situations with some past affairs the WWE surely wants us to forget about. Unlikely names to make the list feature Stephanie McMahon and even Triple H. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Here are 15 behind the scenes affairs the WWE doesn’t want you to know about!

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15 Paige & Xavier Woods

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We start off with the affair making all the headlines on social media. Twitter blew up following the taping of Paige’s phone, exposing some her private affairs from the past. One in particular, made all the headlines and it was of Paige hooking up an unusual suspect: Xavier Woods, as the two took part in a three way (no not a Triple Threat Match, but a different kind of three way).

In their defense, not only was the hookup private, but it also appears to have taken place during their earlier days down in developmental. After a lengthy stint on the indie scene and with TNA, Xavier was signed to the WWE in 2010, while Paige joined a year later. Both reported to FCW, and it appears that the hookup took place before their time on the main roster. Nonetheless, it has caused a firestorm online and one the WWE wishes nobody ever found out about. Don’t expect anyone to acknowledge the incident on WWE television.

14 Chris Benoit & Michelle McCool

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Take this one with a grain of salt, but according to legends, Chris Benoit was in the midst of having an affair with former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. Apparently, the legend indicates that this was taking place during Benoit’s final days and led to disputes between Chris and his late wife, Nancy. The rumor mill also suggests that phone numbers were found in Benoit’s phone and one included Michelle McCool's.

Looking at a historical perspective, Michelle got her main roster call up in 2006, which is a year before Benoit’s passing. The legend believes the altercation took place during that time period. Benoit would end up taking the life of his son, wife and his own on June 24th, 2007. Since the unveiling of the events, the WWE has pretty much black-listed Benoit without ever mentioning his name again. As for McCool, she went on to have a terrific career and is now happily married to The Undertaker.

13 Sunny & British Bulldog

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This is another situation of a wrestler being unfaithful that the WWE doesn’t want you to know about. Since the passing of Chris Candido, Sunny has spoken quite openly about her past affairs and one of them included an unusual suspect who was married at the time, the British Bulldog.

Sunny revealed that the two were in fact hooking up at the time despite the fact that he was married to Diana Hart. With Candido gone to ECW, the floodgates opened up for Sunny and she became unfaithful, hooking up with a couple of wrestlers (another one which we’ll discuss in the next entry). This backstage affair is certainly one of the more controversial ones considering Bulldog was married to a prestigious member of the Hart family. Sunny even made a claim that the hookup caused tension between Davey Boy and the other dude she was hooking up with at the time. At the end of the day, you won’t hear about this ordeal on WWE TV that’s for damn sure.

12 Sunny & Shawn Michaels

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Of course, the other dude we were referencing to in the previous point was of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. The two grew very close to one another behind the scenes and even took a vacation together which saw sparks fly between the two. Sunny revealed that even Vince knew about the relationship at the time and was apparently okay with it.

The two hooked up everywhere behind the scenes, even in Vince’s office at one point. They grew very close, so much so that Shawn would apparently ask Sunny to move into his home. After weeks of pondering, Sunny turned it down and that’s when things started going south between the two megastars. Michaels would end the affair, and get married shortly after while Sunny would be released by the company which would begin her downwards spiral. Looking at Sunny’s current status, the WWE won’t be making a mention of her at any point in the future. Odds are, they regret inducting her into the Hall of Fame.

11 Torrie Wilson & Mitch

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Following the purchase of WCW, there weren’t many stars that managed to earn success, but there were a few notable names that were able to rise, one of them, was Torrie Wilson. She grew to popularity with WCW but would see her stock skyrocket in WWE. Picking up her contract was one of the best moves the WWE made during the Invasion angle.

During her final years, Torrie would embark in a relationship with an unlikely candidate, Mitch from the Spirit Squad. The relationship really didn’t make any headlines as it seems like the WWE wasn’t all that fond about it.

According to Nick, he felt those same sentiments as he claims his career came crashing down once his fellow co-workers were made aware of the relationship. Nick describes the others backstage feeling as if he was undeserving of the most beautiful looking female the company had to offer. Nonetheless, they dated from 2006 all the way till 2011. Not once did the WWE acknowledge the relationship.

10 Sunny & Dolph Ziggler

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Only a couple of entries in, and we’ve already managed to feature Sunny in three of them. Yikes. Nowadays, Sunny is spilling the beans on her past working with various shoot wrestling companies discussing her personal life. Say what you must, but she somehow remains in the spotlight years after her mainstream popularity with the WWE. To put things into perspective, the last time she was with the WWE full-time was in 1998, almost two decades ago. Yet, we still discuss her many stories to this day.

One of the stories that rocked social media was Sunny claiming she slept with Dolph Ziggler. After a fan asked Sunny who she found hotter between Dolph and Randy, she simply answered: “I’ll say Dolph since I had him”. The news obviously went viral and according to the rumor mill, Ziggler was ripped pretty badly about it behind the scenes. Obviously, no mention has been made by the WWE and it seems highly likely that nothing of the sorts will ever be mentioned on their airwaves.

9 Melina & Batista

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We go back in time for this alleged backstage affair that featured high profile WWE stars Batista and Melina. Both had a mixed reputation behind the scenes, Batista was known to be a hot head and a player with the women, while Melina wasn't the most popular as she apparently had a massive ego problem, which led to various backstage disputes.

The urban legends suggest the two of them hooked up behind the scenes. Various pictures also suggest that claim to be true as they were together a lot outside of the ring. None of them have confirmed the rumor, claiming they were nothing more than just really good friends.

Ultimately, Batista’s ego would die down a heck of a lot following a scuffle with Booker T. Melina instead would be released by the company in early 2011, and wouldn’t return to the company. Both are now out of the WWE today holding questionable relationships with the company.

8 Chris Jericho & Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly didn’t have the greatest reputation backstage, leading to many believing this affair was true. Throughout her career, Kelly was linked with several Superstars, including the likes of the late Test, CM Punk, Batista, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Randy Orton and a peculiar name on the list, Chris Jericho.

The evidence was supported online as various pictures came out of the two together at bars and clubs. One candid picture even shows the two entering an arena together in the same rental car, which raised quite a few eyebrows. Many Divas were infuriated with Kelly, claiming she was destroying the personal lives of several WWE stars. A guy like Jericho was certainly at the forefront of that as he was and still is married to Jessica Lockhart (as of 2000) and shares three children with his wife. The rumor has never been confirmed or denied, but we most certainly believe the company won’t be shedding any light on it.

7 X-Pac & Chyna

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At the time of the affair, Triple H warned Waltman about Chyna, although X-Pac went along with it anyway. It was an unlikely pairing and one that the WWE wanted to know nothing about.

You got to love Waltman who’s brutally honest about his past; X-Pac has been featured in various shoot interviews discussing his time in the pro wrestling industry revealing various personal stories. He recalls his time with Chyna being filled with drugs and alcohol on the regular. He also recalls Chyna being quite the businesswoman even after she parted ways with the WWE.

Of course, things between the two would take on odd twist during the 1 Night in Chyna  adult film featuring the two. Eventually, the two would separate. Waltman was able to get help before it was too late but sadly, Chyna never made it out of those dark times.

6 CM Punk & Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix is making some serious history with her current Hall of Fame induction. Not only is she the first Superstar from the 80s to ever be inducted, but she’s also the youngest performer to enter the Hall at the age of 36. Along with that, she’s the fastest female to get inducted following the announcement of her retirement. She’ll join husband Edge, amongst the prestigious names, making them the first real-life couple to ever be both inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame.

What the WWE likely wants us to forget about though, was her past with former WWE Superstar CM Punk. Punk was quite the player during his heyday, as the two hooked up while together in developmental. According to the rumor mill, things ended off on a sour note between the two. Shortly after, Beth would be introduced to Edge and the two would hit it off instantly. She would get divorced to wrestler Joey Knight, in 2010, and marry Edge in 2016. The happy couple now lives a quite life with two children.

5 CM Punk & Lita

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Lita certainly made the headlines for her past relationships inside of the company. The most well documented one of course, was Lita’s behind the scenes affair with Edge. While on the shelf nursing an injury, Matt was at home while Lita was on the road working. During that time-frame, she hooked up with Edge who was a good friend of Matt’s, which just added to the controversy. The WWE would turn it into a storyline, something they would never even dare to do today with the company’s current PG climate.

After all the dust settled, Lita began to be linked to CM Punk. It’s believed the two were together from around 2009 till 2013. Although it sounded like a high profile relationship, the WWE didn’t make much of it and chances are, we won’t hear a word from either side pertaining to their past relationship details. Shortly after the break up, Punk started dating AJ Lee. The two would eventually tie the knot.

4 Paige & Brad Maddox

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Another shocking part of Paige's leaked photos featured a familiar WWE face in most of the content. The party was identified as Brad Maddox; the two started off in developmental with FCW around the same time, leading to the secretive affair which nobody knew about, and one that the WWE wants us to forget about quickly, although that doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.

The two hooked up a lot, as videos keep pouring out of the two engaging in intercourse at various locations. Thankfully for Brad, he’s out of the spotlight nowadays; however, he still managed to lock his Twitter account while changing names. He’s now under Tyler Warner, trying to minimize the amount of press he’s been getting. We can only assume his WWE window is officially closed following the revealing of the content. It remains to be seen what the future holds with Paige following this disastrous leak.

3 Mickie James & John Cena

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Rarely did John Cena ever make headlines for all the wrong reasons, but if he ever did, you surely knew the WWE was going to try their very best to squash it immediately.

While engaged to Kenny Dykstra, Mickie had an affair with John Cena. The outcome? Kenny was shipped off to Raw, as he saw his career go in a downwards spiral. James and Cena would stay together, although things would go south when Mickie demanded things be official. John was having none of it and as the two separated, she was released shortly after. Coincidence? Probably not.

Surprisingly, she was welcomed back into the company recently. Some believe that’s largely because Cena works a part-time schedule. Whatever the case might be, James is happily married today and has one child. Once again, don’t expect the WWE to make any mention of this affair, in large, because of the fact that it features its prime time player, John Cena.

2 Macho Man & Stephanie McMahon

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One of the greatest urban legends in pro wrestling history; the story goes that Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon hooked up behind the scenes, leading to Vince and the WWE blacklisting Randy for life from the company. Not only was Steph a minor at the time, she was also the boss’s daughter, which led to so many red flags about the affair. Not a single world has been spoken by Stephanie or Vince pertaining to the situation after all these years of speculation.

Eyebrows have been raised because of Macho Man’s ban from the WWE. Some feel like it wasn’t warranted and it only happened because of the Stephanie incident actually being true. The company finally made mention of the legend following his shocking death. He was also rightfully inducted into the Hall of Fame shortly after.

1 Triple H & Christy Hemme

Winning the WWE’s Diva Search in 2004, Hemme grew to massive popularity with the WWE. She was well liked by the crowd and her peers, along with improving inside of the squared circle. While she was down in OVW improving on her skills, Christy was surprisingly released without much of an explanation. That raised a lot of red flags which led to this urban legend, which is still discussed today.

According to the rumors, those in the company weren’t too happy with Christy’s actions around Triple H, calling them inappropriate. Another story also indicates that Stephanie was very upset at how happy Hemme was to travel with both Batista and Triple H. Some call it a case of Stephanie protecting her man and saving her relationship with Hunter, as Hemme was released in 2005, much to everyone’s surprise. Christy would continue her career in the wrestling business joining TNA for nearly a decade.

Sources: YouTube, WWE, Sportster

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