15 Rules Tom Cruise Made His Wives Follow

You’ve probably seen him running in movies, or performing impossible missions, or jumping on Oprah’s couch. He’s the media’s favourite maniac and Scientologist. The fastest runner in action movies. He's Thomas Mapother Cruise IV. Finding a quick rise to fame in the early 1980s, starting with The Outsiders, Risky Business, and by 1986 he was starring in Top Gun. By ’88 he was in Rain Man and the rest was history. Or was it?

Tom Cruise is a generationally famous person. Maybe you are fond of his muscled, underwear clad body in Top Gun, or perhaps the famous Risky Business dance scene where he’s running around the house in a bathrobe singing Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger. If not then you probably recognize him by his internationally famous Mission: Impossible franchise where Cruise is known for doing his own stunts. Even at 53, which was his age at the release of the most recent Impossible movie Cruise was riding on planes, and with another slated for 2018 he won’t be stopping any time soon.

But what about his strange relationship with The Church of Scientology, or his sometimes even stranger relationship with his wives? Today we look into 15 weird, bizarre and disgusting rules Tom Cruise made his wives follow. Through the list we will end up unfolding not only Tom’s bizarre relationships with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and most famously, Katie Holmes, but his history with Scientology as well.

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15 You Have To Attend Messed-Up Scientologist Marriage Counselling

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We will be starting with Mimi Rogers and going through his relationships chronologically. That means starting with his first wife, who was 6 years Tom’s senior when they first started dating. The relationship was almost immediately marred by the philandering of Tom, which is to say he hooked up with "anything that moved,” recalls one of Mimi’s close friends in an interview with Tony Ortega in an article posted in 2015.

As a matter of fact, Mimi, was the one who introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology to undergo their version of marriage counselling, which includes being “audited” as a couple. This means a “qualified person” from the church asks you questions as a couple. Mimi was a long standing Scientology member, being introduced to the “church” by her father, a member since the ‘50s. However, due to the current politics inside the organization, their eyes were set on Tom Cruise and his rising stardom. David Miscavige, the current leader of Scientology, personally oversaw their auditing.

14 You Have To Be Okay With Getting Intimidated

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You will no doubt see a pattern of intimidation and anxiety fuelling emotional abuse throughout Tom Cruise’s relationships, but it starts right here, with Mimi Rogers. If you don’t follow Scientology scandals, you probably haven’t heard of Marty Rathbun. Marty is a former bigwig in Scientology and one of their most outspoken critics, and he has a lot to say. Marty’s role had him in a senior executive role within the church. Who Marty was to David Miscavige, Mike Ehrmantraut was to Gus Fring in Breaking Bad.

Now imagine having this massive intimidating man, walking into a room with you waving divorce papers around saying their divorce was “the best thing for Scientology.” And if that’s not scary enough, the actual Marriage counselling reportedly involved hours upon hours of interrogation style questioning towards Mimi, where the “Auditor” would repeatedly ask, “What have you done with Tom?” and “What have you withheld from Tom?”

13 You Will Be Cheated On (Maybe With His Future Wife)

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The title basically says it all, but since we all know you’re here for the juicy details, here’s what they are. When some of the household staff came into Cruise’s house on the set of Days of Thunder in 1989, they were greeted by Cruise’s assistant saying, “He’s in there with a woman. We need to get out of here... He’s in bed with Nicole [Kidman]. I saw her arm and her hair, I know it’s her.”

Cruise had reportedly demanded to the producers that Nicole Kidman be cast in the role of a neurosurgeon. But at 22, she looked much too young for the role. Nonetheless, the producers conceded and she was cast. Apparently David Miscavige wanted to use Tom’s philandering to drive a wedge between him and Mimi. When Mimi arrived to the set she was reportedly “handled” by the Scientologists. When she realized what was happening, she demanded the marriage counselling.

12 The Best Man At Your Wedding Will Be A Weird Pick

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The rest is history. Tom divorces Mimi in 1990 and marries Nicole Kidman in the same year. But this isn’t what David Miscavige wanted. Marty Rathbun quotes him as screaming, “He thinks this Nicole thing is real!” Miscavige immediately started trying to drive a wedge in between them, talking about “planting a seed.” But the proverbial seed wouldn’t hold. So Miscavige told another senior exec to plant the seed. However, when Tom saw what was happening, he demanded Miscavige demote Wilhere, not realizing Miscavige orchestrated the whole thing. And the craziest part? David Miscavige was the best man at Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s wedding.

But if you think that’s a weird pick, let’s be real. Having the mastermind of someone who tried to use professional resources to split you and your fiancée up as your best man is a weird pick. It’s almost as weird as Emilio Estevez, who was the best man for Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers.

11 You Can Only Stay Married Until You’re 33

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman would be married for 11 years before getting a divorce. The reasoning behind the divorce is hazy, some citing that it had something to do with the fact that the couple had little to do with Scientology by 1993, others saying it had to do Tom’s infamous philandering. Both stayed quiet about the divorce, Tom only really wishing her happiness while Nicole was more outspoken.

As ever, Nicole Kidman remains graceful about the divorce and her current relationship with Tom Cruise and her kids, which we will get into later. But what’s interesting is that Tom and Nicole divorced in 2001, when Nicole Kidman was 33. Tom had also divorced Mimi when she had turned 33, even though she’s 6 years his senior. And guess how hold Katie Holmes was when they divorced in 2012? It makes you wonder if Tom Cruise went through traumatic mom-related incident which permanently gave him a complex.

10 You Have To Get Those "Thetan" Levels Up

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Nicole Kidman’s father was a prominent psychologist, and this is of important note for our little story since in Scientology, psychologists are seen as a sort of enemy. Scientology refers to their enemies as SP, or Suppressive Persons, and often requires their members to forsake supposed SPs in their life. Or even worse, members apparently were told, “Now listen, the way you deal with suppressive people is, don't let on to them that you know that they’re a suppressive person. So, be nice, smile, but be aware that this person is more dangerous and damaging than anything you could possibly believe.”

It’s unclear whether Kidman’s relationship with her father was strained during her marriage with Tom Cruise, but it is clear that Kidman exceeded at the churches auditing sessions, going higher than some members go in their whole lives. SMH.com reports, “Kidman rose to Operating Thetan Level II (OT II). She was now just one level away from learning about the evil galactic overlord Xenu, his spacecraft and the exploding volcanoes.”

9 If You Want To Marry Tom Cruise, You Have To Audition

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After Tom and Nicole had split, Tom was apparently not able to find himself a girlfriend. After all, how many women can handle the 5’7” control freak in all his sprinting glory? Penelope Cruz had been dating him for some time, with some reports saying that they had started dating even while Tom was still married to Nicole Kidman. Cheating on your wife with your perspective future wife seems to be a Cruise classic.

How Cruise eventually landed on the then starlet Katie Holmes was apparently by holding a casting couch style auditions under the pretence of it being for a Mission: Impossible movie. The audition attendees included Lindsay Lohan, who was then 18, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Bosworth and of course, Katie Holmes. The audition apparently went so well that Tom Cruise would later jump on Oprah’s couch in celebration. Tom Cruise’s lawyers and spokespeople for Scientology deny organizing the casting call.

8 Scientology Has To Test The Limits Of Your Marriage

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If you haven’t noticed yet, Scientology has its greasy black tendrils very deep inside of Tom Cruise’s love life, which has a sense of irony since it was his relationship problems that introduced him to Scientology in the first place. So far we have reviewed how David Miscavige, the new leader of Scientology since L. Ron Hubbard's passing, has done anything he can to manipulate Tom Cruise and by Marty Rathbun's words, to own Tom Cruise.

He used his influence to cause a wedge between Tom and Mimi, then used Scientology’s “marriage resources” to reinforce this. After using Nicole Kidman as the final nail in the coffin, Miscavige’s plan backfired as he stays married to the daughter of a supposed SP for over a decade. Things come around for Miscavige however when Kidman begins to excel within the church. Now we will see what slimy behaviour Tom and the Church get up to when it comes to the most recent marriages and divorce of Nicole Kidman.

7 Tom Cruise Says No To Postpartum Anti-Depressants

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Giving birth is a singular experience. Those who haven’t, those who can’t, and those (like men) who don’t have the equipment to would do well to tread lightly on the topic of what’s best for those who can. You wouldn’t tell a Biomechanical Engineer how to do their job, or a neurosurgeon to do theirs, and so you should never ever tell a pregnant woman how to do hers. For those who don’t know, postpartum depression is a mood disorder which affects women after childbirth, and while its underlying reasons aren’t fully understood it is believed to be caused by hormones such as estrogen and cortisol.

Tom Cruise did not take to this line of thinking, and demonstrated this by publicly criticizing Brook Shield’s use of postnatal anti-depressants. He claims women suffering from this should “just take vitamins,” and was quoted saying, “You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do.” Another Cruise classic.

6 No Psychiatry

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This leads us to our next little insight from the Cruise control freak. Tom Cruise doesn’t believe in psychiatry – period. This probably comes from his extensive time studying in a recognized school and spending years earning a degree like Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) who’s an electrical engineer, or Tom Morello who’s a Harvard graduate in political science. But it isn’t. Instead Tom Cruise’s medical insights come from the fact that he’s so deeply brainwashed by a maniacal organization which has had their private security turn away the LAPD multiple times after they showed up to kidnapping calls.

It makes all too much sense that Cruise would hold to these beliefs. Ater all, he’s been affiliated with the organization since the early 1990’s, nearly 30 years. And that’s a lot of time to have rhetoric and crazy beliefs dig themselves in deep. But it gets worse.

5 Silence During Labour Demanded

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Another Cruise classic seems to be giving unsolicited medical advice where he has no right to. Tom Cruise reportedly demanded that Katie Holmes stay silent during the birth of their daughter Suri. Can we just take a moment to dwell on how insane that is? One of the defining characteristics of a women’s fortitude is their ability to give birth – something a guy has no comparable experience with, lest they get a golf ball-sized kidney stone. But here’s Cruise demanding silence since he (Scientology) thinks that the loud sounds can traumatize the baby.

Maybe Tom got confused, though. There is a phenomenon called Silent Birth where a woman doesn’t feel the contractions and has a relatively silent and comfortable birth. But it seems Tom demanded silence no matter what. For this we think that Tom Cruise should be sentenced to having one golf ball-shaped catheter removed. And if he’s upset he can take some vitamins.

4 No Dating After Divorce

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Cruise control freak strikes again with Katie Holmes by not allowing her to date after their divorce. Now, admittedly that’s sort of the sensationalized version but the brass tacks aren’t that much better either. In a court order drawn up during the divorce, it apparently called for Holmes to not date anyone publicly for 5 years after their divorce. And on top of that, despite the joint custody of their child, Holmes was reportedly not allowed to let any of her new boyfriends near their daughter Suri for those 5 years.

There’s a couple of troubling things in there. For instance, how is Katie Holmes supposed to date in private? That’s simply not the nature of the beast. Is she supposed to wear a disguise any time her and Jamie Foxx meet up, and then somehow stay out of the ever watching eye of the paparazzi? Simply by being associated to Tom Cruise, his own rules were impossible to enforce. Another rule however, that was easier to enforce, was the iron-clad ruling that Suri would not be made a member of the Scientology.

3 Public Embarrassment On The Oprah Show Is A Must

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Now, you didn’t think you’d make it all the way through this list without hearing more than a sentence dedicated to this, did you? Tom Cruise is a crazy person, let us be frank and clear. There’s tangible evidence of his insanity dating all the way back to Jerry Maguire. If you watch 1996’s Jerry Maguire today, which was filmed at the peak of the Cruise's career, you’ll see that they take these shots of Cruise from angles which make him seem like a menacing psychopath. In the 2010 film Day and Knight with Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise plays an eccentric hit man and his eyes sparkle with insanity throughout. And we’re not just going to act like Tropic Thunder never happened.

So when Tom literally dragged Katie Holmes onto the Oprah show floor and ran around the stage like a crazy person in 2005, we were all very surprised. But we probably shouldn’t have been.

2 Scientology Will Turn Your Kids On You

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It might come as a surprise to some of you that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted kids together. And while the actual attempts at getting pregnant didn’t go well with Nicole Kidman, who had hinted at tragic failures to get pregnant in the past, the couple decide to adopt children together. They are Bella and Connor Cruise and they are a tragic story in their own right. Nicole Kidman, as we mentioned earlier, is the pinnacle of grace and beauty. It’s no wonder Tom Cruise fell for her. And in the face of having her own kids told she’s a psychopath by the church, she still maintains that grace when speaking about them, or the church.

Bella Cruise got married at 23 to Max Parker in a secret wedding ceremony in the church of Scientology. Connor is living up a high life clubbing across the USA with a fortune behind him. When it comes to the other marriage, Suri hasn’t seen Tom Cruise since just after the divorce. For better or worse, it’s clear estranged children is a common consequence at the church.

1 You Have To Escape Scientology

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All 3 of Tom Cruise’s wives have had to take steps in their personal lives to distance themselves from the organization since each of their divorces. Mimi Rogers is referred to as a former member of the church, despite her father being part of the old guard of the establishment. Nicole Kidman has had a reportedly strained relationship with her children and allegedly remained afraid of the church. She has been quoted saying “I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists — Connor and Isabella — and I utterly respect their beliefs.”

As for Marty Rathbun, the former right hand man? Marty has left the church and they have an ongoing smear campaign against him. They have a blog dedicated to smearing him you can find online. Squirrel is a derogatory term used by Scientologists towards defectors, and they use that to describe him.

Katie Holmes has taken largest anti-Scientology steps with not allowing her daughter to be involved with her father or his church. Oh, and remember how we mentioned psychiatry is a sort of enemy of Scientology? Well she’s used her art to give a middle finger to Scientology by starring in a movie highlighting the importance of the science.

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