15 Rules Meghan Markle Will Have To Follow As A Princess

There is nothing quite like the prospect of a royal wedding to get everyone feeling perky and excited about a new year is there? 2018 is set to be a bumper year for the British Royal Family with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Catherine) expecting their third child and Prince Harry finally settling down with the woman of his dreams – American actress Rachel Meghan Markle.

Meghan and Harry didn’t meet at a fancy dinner or charity benefit, they were introduced to each other via a mutual friend who set them up on a blind date. The two hit it off immediately and since June 2016 they have been in a relationship, which culminated in a wedding announcement just a few weeks ago.

Meghan doesn’t seem like an obvious choice of partner for a royal prince; she’s an American, an actress, and a divorcee – something that many people are still having a hard time with. But if The Queen is happy for Harry to marry her (and she is) then the everyone else is just going to have to accept it too.

Here’s what life is going to be like for Meghan in her new life as British royalty…


15 She Won't Be Acting Anymore

Meghan doesn’t seem to be sad about giving up her career to devote herself to royal life, in fact, she doesn’t feel like she’s giving anything up at all. “I see it as a change,” she told the BBC during a recent interview, adding that she was looking forward to working with her new “team” AKA Prince Harry.

14 She Will Need To Get Used To Her New Title


You see it works like this: Male members of the royal family receive a title from the reigning monarch on their wedding day and this title will determine Meghan’s title too. Right now it seems that the vacant title of Duke of Sussex seems the likely choice which means that Meghan would become Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. She would also become the first woman to ever hold this title. Harry could turn down any title chosen by The Queen in which case Markle’s official title would be HRH Princess Henry of Wales, but this is extremely unlikely to happen.

13 She Will Need To Learn To Sit Like A Royal

If she struggles with this she can always turn to Princess Catherine for help – she gets it right every time!

12 She Will Have To Keep Her Political Views To Herself


During the EU referendum in June 2016, Meghan posted a photo on Instagram of someone holding a pro-EU placard during a protest. The picture focused on the sign, which read: 'If EU leave me now you take away the biggest part of me.' which she captioned with “If EU leave me now... #brexit #parliament #referendum #London”.

While this may not seem like a big deal, some people speculated that a post like this could have affected her chances of being accepted by the Royal Family.

11 She Won’t Be Allowed To Take Selfies, Sign Autographs, Or Use Social Media

Apart from giving up social media, Meghan will also not be allowed to take selfies or photos with fans. Members of the Royal Family are also strictly prohibited from signing autographs, so if you were hoping to have a signed and autographed selfie with Meghan, it looks like you’ve missed your chance.

10 She Will Need To Learn To Eat And Drink Like A Royal


It’s rumored that The Queen hates the taste of garlic so accordingly, it will not be used for any dish that the Royal Family eats together. Starches like rice, potatoes, and pasta are off the menu at dinnertime, as are shellfish due the danger of becoming ill after eating them.

As an American Meghan probably enjoyed drinking coffee, but she might switch to tea, which is more popular in Britain. If she does she will need to learn how to hold her teacup like a royal: pinching the handle between her index finger and thumb and supporting the bottom of the cup with her middle finger.

9 She Will Need To Adopt A Conservative Wardrobe

Meghan grew up in Hollywood and until now her fashion style has reflected that but she will now need to adopt a style fit for a princess. This means no synthetic or cheap looking materials, no fur, and definitely no cleavage. Her outfits will always need to be modest and casual looking clothes will be a thing of the past. While it might be okay for an actress to be spotted wandering around in yoga pants after visiting the gym, such a thing would be unacceptable as a member of the royal family.


8 She Must Be Perfectly Groomed All The Time


A clean-cut, well put together look is key; timeless outfits, sensible shoes, and neatly groomed hair. Like Catherine, she will need to commit to having her hair done at least three times a week, so it always looks good in public and the styles she chooses will need to be in keeping with tradition too – so no extremes.

7 She Will Need To Become A British Citizen

She will also have to get used to wearing hats to formal events as other royal women do. And if she’s at an indoor event after 6 pm these hats will need to be changed out for something a little more sparkly – a tiara! Tiaras are reserved for married women, so she can’t wear one just yet, but she can practice the correct style in the meantime – towards the center of the head at a neat 45-degree angle.

6 Non-Royals Will Not Be Allowed To Touch Her


Touching a royal is considered to be extremely rude and over the past few years, quite a few American celebs have found themselves in hot water for breaking the no-touching rule. Back in 2009, Michelle Obama caused an uproar when she gave The Queen an impromptu hug and in 2014 basketball star LeBron James committed a faux pas when he put his arm around Princess Catherine doing a photo shoot. Her facial expressions from the photo alone say it all!

Once Meghan becomes a royal the same hands-off rule will apply to her as well.

5 She’ll Need To Learn A Few New Languages

Even little Prince George, who is only 4, is already learning to speak Spanish.

With Meghan’s training as an actress, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her picking up a few new languages for her new role as a princess. Following other members of the Royal Family, French will probably be one of her first choices. She does hold a bachelor's degree with a double major in theatre and international studies, so we don’t think this will be too tricky for her.

4 She Will Need To Learn The Royal “Walkabout”


Princess Catherine loves this part of the day and is often teased by other family members for spending too much time chatting. Let’s hope that Meghan will be just as friendly!

3 She Will Need To Learn The Royal Christmas Traditions

If you were thinking that this might be a more informal occasion, you’re wrong. Christmas dinner is an extremely formal event and the dress code calls for gowns for the ladies and black tie suits for the gentlemen. No one will be opening any presents on Christmas Day either and that includes the children. This is because all gifts are exchanged in the Red Drawing Room at teatime (of course) on Christmas Eve instead.

2 She Will Need To Follow Cues From The Queen


Everyone always needs to follow The Queen; if she puts down her knife and fork and stops eating, everyone else is expected to the same. If she puts her purse on the table, everyone needs to hurry up as the dinner needs to come to an end within 5 minutes. And if she stands up – everyone stands up.

Most importantly no one is ever allowed to turn their back to The Queen. When she feels a conversation is over – she will leave first.

1 She Will Need To Give Up Her Wild Side

But to be a suitable companion for a member of the Royal Family, Meghan will need to act the part at all times, which means things like partying a little too hard or having a few too many drinks will be completely out of the question. Even public displays of affection towards each other will have to be kept to an absolute minimum – most royal couples rarely even hold hands when out together.


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