15 Royals Who Partied Harder Than Prince Harry

Just imagine a country under Harry’s control. It would be a party nation.

Most of the members of royal families all around the world will not lose time in telling you how hard their lives might be. As a matter of fact, these people really do make a point in convincing other folks that being part of a royal family is not easy. And that might have been true a couple hundred years ago. After all, back in the day, most people within royalty had the responsibility of ruling entire nations or at least portions of them depending on their degree of royalty.

Nevertheless, the purpose of royal families these days is much less important in the grand scheme of things. After all, the vast majority of these people have basically become fodder for tabloids and magazines to give ordinary folk conversational topics. It is hard to find a royal family that still has any power that goes beyond their wealth. The most famous of royal families, the British, don’t actually have any sort of government power. And unless they find a way to get enough people behind them for a coup, this will remain the reality until the country decides it no longer needs monarchs to feed to the public as entertainment pieces.

However, if there was someone we would choose to rule Britain if it was ever to become a monarchy again, it would undoubtedly be Prince Harry. Just imagine a country under Harry’s control. It would be a party nation. From partying in the buff in a Vegas hotel room to whatever new scandal comes up when you Google “Prince Harry,” this Prince is one royal who tried his best at becoming the number one partying heir to the throne. Still, we have found 15 members of royalty, current and past, who could give Harry a run for his money.

15 Princess Beatrice


Here is one current royal who consistently rivals Harry when it comes to drunken party antics. Princess Beatrice of York is the daughter of Prince Andrew of York, who we will mention again in this article later. And while the daughter might trail behind the father in the severity of their actions, Beatrice has partied her fair share during her 29 years. For example, at a party not too long ago, the Princess of York was having some fun with famous singer Ed Sheeran when she decided that it was time to knight the brave millionaire.

So, she picked up a real sword during the party and proceeded to knight Ed Sheeran, the same way we are used to seeing monarchs knight people in movies. However, Beatrice was probably too drunk and ended up slashing Sheeran’s cheek right below his eye. Yes, the guy had to be rushed to a nearby hospital and was almost blinded by the drunk Princess.

14 Caligula


When it comes to royalty and partying, no one did it in the old world as well as Gaius Caligula. This is a man who died very young but lived one hell of a life as a Roman Emperor before he was assassinated in 41 A.D.

Caligula was actually a pretty good ruler when he took the Roman throne still as a youngster. But at some point, he decided that he didn’t like the Senate and wanted to show everyone how he was the real deal in town. From throwing massive s*x parties to having incest with his sisters, this guy partied in the face of the Senate and the Roman people with impunity until he was assassinated. What ultimately led to people saying “enough” was that, at some point, Caligula decided to declare war on the sea. Yes, you did not read that wrong. He declared war on the sea. Just imagine how belligerently drunk or high this man had to be to do something like that.

13 King Henry VIII


England had a lot of kings named Henry, but it was the second Tudor monarch that really left a mark on the kingdom; not just because of how he ruled but how he lived. As you can see from the portly figure with which he is portrayed in most paintings, King Henry was a man who enjoyed eating and drinking at feasts like any other. But what is particularly interesting about this King is that he was obsessed with having a male heir.

It happened rather quickly as his first wife, Katherine of Aragon, gave birth to Henry, Duke of Cornwall, in January of 1511. Unfortunately, the heir to the British throne died just two months after birth. After that, everything went downhill. As Katherine was unable to give him a son who survived longer than the first one, Henry got to the point of naming himself the head of the Church of England with the sole intent of being able to end his marriages and pursue new wives until he finally got that male heir he so wanted. He ended up marrying a total of seven women before he passed away.

12 Pope John XII

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Currently, we see the Pope waving at people and conducting masses in a pious and orderly fashion. You could never imagine the current pope being involved with anything that would be unethical. Whether you are a Catholic or not, you have to admit that the guy is as righteous as they come. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church has had problems because popes back in the day were not exactly the pious and righteous people they wanted the faithful to believe they were.

Pope John XII was a great example of that. The first problem here is that you cannot expect an 18-year-old to be able to control an organization as immense and powerful as the Catholic Church. Either way, everyone else thought it would be a good idea to give this kid a shot. However, as many could predict, John was not the kind of Pope you would want as your poster boy. The man was consumed by a life of debauchery filled with drunken s*x parties. Ultimately, the young Pope “died” while in bed with another man’s wife.

11 Zhu Houzhao


They might be overlooked a lot in terms of rankings, but ancient Asian emperors were some of the royals who most enjoyed partying. That was especially the case when they rose to power rather young. We just talked about Pope John, who rose to the throne of the Catholic Church by the time he was 18. But during the Ming Dynasty in China, Emperor Zhu Houzhao rose to the throne by the time he was 14. Yes, just put yourself in his place and imagine being Emperor at 14. What would your priorities be?

If you said, “I would enjoy life as an Emperor,” you would have gotten along well with Houzhao. The young leader wanted nothing to do with his people or ruling them. Instead, he spent the overwhelming majority of his time as Emperor visiting brothels and getting drunk as often as he could. He actually died because he fell into a river while boating drunk and contracted a disease that killed him at the age of 29.

10 Princess Srirasmi


When we start talking about royalty, for some reason, it seems that weird starts to become the norm. We don’t know why, but apparently, being richer than you know what to do with your money can sometimes flip a switch inside a person’s head. And if you don’t believe that is true, just hear this story out.

Princess Srirasmi of Thailand is someone who loves her dog. But more than that, she might have had the weirdest idea of how to celebrate her dog’s birthday. First, she invited a whole bunch of people, which in turn is not all that weird because when you have as much money as the Thai Royal family, you use every occasion you can to party. The problem was that while every other guest of the party was fully clothed, the Princess showed up wearing nothing but a G-string and started doing some weird stuff. She even got to the point of eating out of a dog bowl.

9 Sarah Ferguson


Sarah Ferguson is one of those people who became royalty but never should have gotten to that point in the first place. At least, that is what most of the members of the royal family thought. Sarah, the Duchess of York as she became known, was one of the most interesting characters ever to enter the British Royal family. She married Prince Andrew in the ‘80s and seemed to be head over heels with the possibility of becoming a member of the royal family. Despite most of the royals being against the marriage, the Prince and Sarah tied the knot.

The honeymoon didn’t last too long, though, as in 1992 a bunch of paparazzi pictures surfaced. In them, the Duchess was sunbathing topless in the company of an American financial manager named John Bryan. But that’s not the weird part. The weird part is that in one of those pictures, Bryan was sucking one of the Duchess’ toes. So yes, that must have been one odd poolside party for two.

8 Eglon


In ancient ages, being fat was not considered something bad like it is today. Today, when you see an obese person, your thoughts go immediately to the fact that that person might not be healthy. Earlier in human history, however, being fat meant you had money. And since nobody really lived that long, fat people who had stuff to eat usually lived more than the common folk.

King Eglon of Moab was one of these healthy and portly fellas. The king enjoyed a party as much as the next guy, and by all intents and purposes, he was a good king who managed to unite several tribes and conquer a bunch of places. Nevertheless, more than his partying, the story of his death is quite interesting. Eglon was killed in his quarters by a man with a dagger. The thing is that after burying his blade into the King’s belly, the guy just could not pull it out. That’s how massive Eglon was. Even funnier is the fact that the assassin left the room and told the servants that the king was taking a d*mp, and no one entered the room for a long time. Just imagine how bad the smell of this guy using the restroom must have been for his servants to mistake the stench of a decomposing body with that.

7 King George IV


King George IV was a man’s man. This guy did everything that could be considered manly back in his day. He was a gambler, he was a drunk, and he enjoyed the company of women as much as the next guy. George was also quite the cunning ruler, and even before ascending to the throne as king of England, he ruled the nation as Prince Regent because his father suffered from a mental illness. As you can see from his rotund figure, George liked a feast just as much as he was good at ruling a nation.

And no fact proves that this guy was someone who enjoyed having a bellyful and getting drunk at any time he wanted more than his favorite breakfast course. As the legend says, a nice breakfast for King George would include two roast pigeons, three beefsteaks, a bottle of white wine, a glass of champagne, two glasses of port, and one brandy.

6 Princess Charlotte Of Prussia


Partying and being a member of a royal family go hand in hand. But, few royal family members ever threw a party that would ruin reputations like Princess Charlotte of Prussia. You know how sometimes teenage daughters can go against their parents and get angry at anything? You know how they might rebel and do stuff just to spite their parents?

Well, Charlotte took that to a whole new level. The daughter of German Emperor Frederick III and Victoria was dead set on making her parents mad. And the way she found to do this was quite epic. Charlotte decided to throw a party, but not just any party. The Princess threw a massive "intimate" party in a hunting lodge and invited a bunch of nobles from all over the realm. However, unlike most parties of that nature, things were not kept secret. No, instead, most of the nobles received letters that threatened to reveal their identities. Some of those letters even came with inappropriate images of the nobles. Naughty Charlotte.

5 Farouk Of Egypt


The last real king of Egypt lived his life in a very kingly manner. Farouk had a lot of money, and he had no shame of showing it off to everyone. Sure, it might not have been that fun for his loyal subjects to watch, as their monarch spent their taxes in ridiculous stuff like cars and horses. Seriously, it is believed that this guy had more than 1000 horses. Who the hell needs 1000 horses?

Not only that, Farouk had a bunch of homes scattered across Europe. Speaking of Europe, he loved traveling the old continent, looking to party with some of the wealthiest royals in the world. This big fella was the definition of someone who had no shame. He would go to state meetings and steal stuff from other palaces. He even stole a Winston Churchill pocket watch. Fortunately for the Egyptian people, this kleptomaniac was removed from office and exiled. King Farouk died the same way that he lived. Apparently, the former king ate himself to death. Some even claim that he had surpassed the 300-pound mark by the time he passed away.

4 Ibrahim I


If there was one thing royals from other nations had that we bet Prince Harry would not complain if he had one, it would be harems. Someone who had one of these and enjoyed it to a ridiculous extent was Ibrahim The Mad, most commonly known as Sultan Ibrahim I of the Ottoman Empire. This Sultan was kept in isolation for most of his youth because he suffered from several mental illnesses. When his brother died and he was the only heir left to the Ottoman Empire, Ibrahim was released. And boy, did he enjoy being a Sultan.

After living like a caged animal for years, this guy was all about the women. He built one of the largest harems that were ever seen. One interesting aspect about Ibrahim’s harem was that the Sultan had a thing for large-figured women. So, while a lot of Kings would ask their subjects to go around the land and find the most beautiful woman so they could wed her, Ibrahim asked his subjects to find the largest woman in all the land. As the story goes, they came back with a 350-pound woman whose nickname was “Sugar Cube.”

3 Prince Andrew


And finally, we have reached Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. So far on this list, you have heard about the antics of his ex-wife, Sarah, and his daughter, Beatrice. Those two sure had interesting stories, but they don’t even compare to the shenanigans that this Prince got involved with. While a lot of the party antics we have talked about are funny or weird, this one is just nasty.

Nothing was ever proven, and everything is alleged, but just to have his name connected to this disgusting conspiracy should be a shame for Andrew. What transpired is that an investigation linked the Duke of York to an underage s** slave ring. This is as nasty as royal scandals get. Oh yeah, it never hurts to remember that Andrew is a friend of a convicted pedophile who goes by the name Jeffrey Epstein.

2 Sultan Of Brunei


After delving a little bit into that most disgusting of royal parties, let’s turn the ship back to friendlier and funnier tides. Actually, this one might still make you mad, not because anything nasty happened but just because we are about to talk of a man who probably spent more money on one party than most of us will ever make in our entire lives.

The reports differ from one place to the other, but there are some who claim that the Sultan of Brunei spent nothing less than $27 million on his 50th birthday bash. Yeah, imagine how many people you could feed with that kind of money for how many years. But this guy clearly didn’t care about that. No, the Sultan wanted the best to celebrate reaching the half-century mark. All the thousands of guests invited to his party got to eat the most expensive caviar and drink the best of champagnes while watching a Michael Jackson concert. Oh yeah, the best part is that this guy paid $16 million for Michael Jackson to play for his birthday and didn’t even watch the concert.

1 Alexander The Great


It is a given that the guy who earned a nickname like Alexander The Great would throw amazing parties. Alexander conquered every place he walked through. The Macedonian king was by far one of the greatest military commanders who had ever lived. Alexander, however, was also one of the royals who liked to party the hardest. And no party was ever as big as the one that followed the conquering of Persepolis.

Alexander and his men had been through hell after defying the odds and subjugating the powerful Persian army despite sustaining heavy losses in the battle of the Persian Gate. After the city was taken, the Macedonians wanted nothing but to get drunk. What they did to that city is something that stayed in the history books. It is said that Alexander got so drunk that he even ordered his men to torch the royal palace. Needless to say, the surviving Persians weren’t too happy, but the Macedonians razed and partied their butts off that night.

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