15 Rough-Looking Celebs You Didn't Know Used To Be Attractive

There’s this weird thing about the first time you meet someone. You just assume that the way they look in that moment is the way they have always looked. But this is simply false. As time goes on, we age and we go through stress that causes us to look much older than we are. Trust me, this new generation will look at Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson and see the 2017 version. They will have no memory of Kelly on American Idol in her adorable hats. They won’t know that Jessica Simpson was once the “hotter” of the two sisters, and that she was a size two. They don’t know how amazingly “girl next door” Amanda Bynes was. This list is for those who need to cut these celebs some slack. Before age and drugs got to them, they were smokin’ like a pot roast on a Saturday afternoon. Not an appealing comparison, perhaps, but it’s true.

Pretty much every celeb anywhere has been attractive at some point in their life. After all, that’s kind of the reason a majority of them make it as far as they do. Looks get jobs, simple as that. But not all of them were complete knockouts that need to be on a poster somewhere. However, these celebs were! Check them out now and you’ll be shocked.

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15 Britney Spears

Via: People

Now here’s someone who has gone through so many rough phases that she’s meme-worthy. Somehow, Britney Spears has managed to become the most ridiculed and the most worshipped pop star in history. She was really good at what she did, after all. Unfortunately, the stress could really get to her. “Baby One More Time” and “Oops!... I Did It Again” both broke records. But so did her breakdowns.

She’s been called the Sexiest Woman in Music, as well as one of the Top Teen Idols and Greatest Women in Music. She originally planned on going country, but decided she wanted something she could dance to. Smart move. She’s been through the ringer multiple times, but word is, she’s back at it and is trying to pull her life together. Although, who needs to when you’re worth $200 million? I’d shave my head and let myself go for that!

14 Hellen Mirren

via: pinterest.com/monsterincmovies.wikia.com

This young lady had quite the… eyes. Her name is Helen Mirren. You may know her today from the RED movies (where she played the “old” woman), Collateral Beauty, and several others. But in the 60s and 70s, she scored big hot roles in movies like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hamlet. Even in the 2000s, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress when she portrayed Elizabeth II in The Queen. Though her most noted role was that of Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect.

Looking back, the older generation claims she looks similar to Jennifer Lawrence, the popular movie star of today. Some don’t see it, so perhaps it was her acting style. Either way, there’s no denying that she knew how to work the camera and was just as hot as the other actresses on screen, if not more so. She wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty, but was more elegant than you can ever imagine to be.

13 Pamela Anderson

via: Wackyy/Dailymail

Seriously, this well-endowed thing? Pamela Anderson was no doubt the hottest star in the 90s. Every guy had a crush on her when she starred in Baywatch. This was only amplified when she scored Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in February 1990. She even made it to the 2017 movie remake of Baywatch, looking pretty darn fabulous. She did age well, but she shined far too bright in the 90s.

She still makes her rounds on TV and in modelling these days, but in her fifties with so many other stars “taking her place” it gets pretty difficult. No wonder all of the older stars turn to plastic surgery. It’s so hard to make it once the new generation steps up with their perky assets to take the stage. There should be more movies about this, starring Pamela Anderson, maybe?

12 Lindsay Lohan

via: Wizbang/Gameranx

You probably know this, but it’s never been more true. Lindsay Lohan used to be the sweet, innocent fiery redhead of the early 2000s. But then, obviously a demon took over her body. The demon known as entitlement and substance abuse. She didn’t handle the fame too well and it really got to her. She hasn’t ever been the nicest girl in the industry, ask her costars. But she was once one of the hottest stars in the industry. We have pictures to prove it!

From Mean Girls to Freaky Friday, she was the teen every girl wanted to be. But a few years later, she started to get into major trouble, getting DUIs and raging on set. No director wanted her, and thus, making her addictions even worse. She stopped caring, despite her going bankrupt! Not a good way to go. We still have hope she can pick herself back up.

11 Madonna

via: TheMindCircle

She was the most controversial icon of the 80s. It’s hard for those who watched Madonna in her prime to believe the woman she is today. She’s so much tamer and… older. According to her, as a teen when her mother died, she pretty much went crazy. She said that she was a "lonely girl who was searching for something. I wasn't rebellious in a certain way. I cared about being good at something. I didn't shave my underarms and I didn't wear make-up like normal girls do. But I studied and I got good grades... I wanted to be somebody."

She’s gone through more phases than Miley Cyrus and has the pictures to prove it. But she’s also had signature looks, and is known for going where no woman dared to tread. You wouldn’t know that the woman you see today is the same woman!

10 Dolly Parton

via: Ranker/eonline

Dolly Parton isn’t one to shy away from… well, anything. She’s very upfront about her surgeries. She got her start as a solo artist in the 60s with Hello, Dolly. It didn’t take long for the young blonde to rise to the top. Now, she has starred in dozens of movies, had hundreds of hits, and owns multiple companies, including the amusement park, Dollywood.

She’s still known as the country sweetheart, but at seventy, she’s also known as one of the most “plastic” celebrities in Hollywood. When she was young, she was anything but, as she was au naturel and a total babe. That’s not exactly a surprise. But what is a surprise is the lengths she was willing to go to for success. She posed as a Playboy Bunny and even more. All along, she’s always been one of the most wholesome women in the industry.

9 Russell Crowe

via: News.au/Yahoo

Russell Crowe wasn’t well known until 2000 when Gladiator came out. The man was nominated fifteen times for different awards, winning five of those awards! The following year he did it again with A Beautiful Mind. He was a good looking forty-year old man back then. Today, he’s over fifty and it’s showing. He looks good most of the time, but in some of his latest movies he looks bloated and greying.

But have you ever seen him in his twenties? Geez! He began his acting career in Australia in 1990. But before then, he was a solo musician called “Russ Le Roq.” Please let him live that one down, he deserves it. He’s an excellent actor and he looked more than good in Gladiator.

8 Goldie Hawn

via: PopSugar/People

It’s no surprise that Kurt Russell’s girl and Kate Hudson’s mother, Goldie Hawn, would be such a knockout. At seventy years old, she’s been in the business since the 60s, and sadly, it’s showing. She got her start on Laugh-In and it was only uphill from there. Especially since in the 70s, she was primarily cast as dumb blonde characters, which led to her appearance in Playboy Magazine in the 80s!

Today, she’s still around (albeit with quite a bit more plastic surgery) even after her hiatus after the hit movie opposite Susan Sarandon, The Banger Sisters. In her latest movie, Snatched, Amy Schumer plays her daughter! It makes her seem old, but after all, she’s over seventy these days. She’s rockin’ it, but she set high standards for herself back in the day when she was the it girl of her time.

7 Johnny Depp

via: Pinterest/People

We know, he still seems to be the hottest guy in the world to some of us. But sadly, the younger generation sees him as he is in 2017. Without any memories of him as he is younger, it’s hard to connect the 2017 Johnny with 1990 Johnny. I mean, we’re calling him Johnny. He’s only 53 as of 2017, but guys in Hollywood somehow age better than women.

It’s funny how Johnny Depp, one of the most attractive men in the world, chooses the creepiest roles. Think about it: Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, The Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka. There are tons of these roles. No wonder he’s been called “ugly” lately. Those roles and his 2017 image are all the young have these days. But think about What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Crybaby, and Don Juan DeMarco. Where is our modern day Johnny Depp equivalent?

6 Jane Fonda

via: Pinterest/W Magazine

Anyone who was born before 1990 is sitting here laughing their heads off as if this isn’t obvious. Jane Fonda was everything in the 60s and beyond. She received a Tony Award for her Broadway debut performance, and it only got better. She was Cat Ballou, she was Barbarella, she was everything! But she wasn’t only known for her acting; in 1982, she released the highest-selling video of all time which was Jane Fonda’s Workout. Why? Because everyone wanted to look like Jane Fonda.

But who could have predicted that the sister of Peter Fonda and daughter of Henry Fonda would have been so perfect? Believe it or not, her career has not slowed down as she appears in new movies and TV shows nearly every year! We say she’s “rough,” but only because she’s eighty years old (no, she doesn’t look it) and she set a high bar for herself.

5 Maggie Smith

via: 9gag/telegraph

Today, Maggie’s most notable role was that of Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series. But she has appeared in over 50 films and is one of Britain’s most recognizable actresses. Though in the US we all recognize that face in an instant! She studied at Oxford and is now a legend. It may seem cruel to make you view Minerva in such a light, but you already kind of liked her, didn’t you? So why not realize how gosh darn beautiful she was?

You may wonder what happened to her, but in actuality, she still looks really good. Especially considering she has gone through Graves’ disease and breast cancer. You try doing that! Her most recent hit post-health problems is Downton Abbey, which she starred in for five years straight, starting in 2010. But all that aside… Minerva used to look like that? Yes, indeed, so deal with it!

4 Ricky Gervais

via: Pinterest/RickyGervais

Ricky Gervais isn’t someone you’d imagine on a “male model” calendar. He’s more of a funny guy, right? The one you want to invite to a party and have a few beers with. You may think this has always been true. But one time, he was more than deserving. Funnily enough, this was a glamour shot for none other than a new wave act Seona Dancing. This didn’t get very far, however, so he turned to comedy. I guess his new wave look wasn’t working for him either, even though it sure works for us.

Since the late 90s, he has risen to fame as one of the best comedians of the century! Appearing in many lists, including Time’s Top 100. But how much more entertaining would it be to watch pretty boy perform stand-up comedy? Might get a little distracted, he was inhumanly pretty for a man.


3 Kirstie Alley

via: Pinterest/StarTrek

Known today as the “Weight Watchers Woman,” Kirstie Alley has obviously battled with her weight. But you have no idea what she’s gone through. In 1980, she lost her mother to a car accident that severely injured her father. This took its toll on her as well as abusive relationships that left her emotionally scarred. It didn’t help when she started gaining weight and the media would not leave her alone. She was practically harassed and abused by paparazzi and the media both.

Back in the 80s, she was best known for her role as Rebecca in Cheers. She looked hot then! Can we please look at her back then and admire her beauty and how strong she was? She’s still strong and beautiful. But Hollywood can be rough on you. Hopefully, she’s been pulling it together like she says she has!

2 Martha Stewart

via: Buzzfeed/Dailymail

Yes, Martha Stewart! You may think we’re making this up, but believe me, this is indeed Martha Stewart. The one who went to jail back in the day and makes centrepieces for a living. She was one of the most attractive women when she was young. She’s still a very pretty woman, but she’s 76 years old. Every seventy-something I’ve seen doesn't look half that good. Still, she doesn’t exactly look "fresh" anymore.

Want a comparison to how old she is? When she was ten, she babysat Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Gil McDougald, who would go on to become New York Yankees. But as she got older, she realized what she wanted to do with her life. At 15, she started modelling for big name companies, such as Chanel. But that was just to pay her college funds in the end, for as soon as she got out of college, she became a stockbroker, followed by a connoisseur of all things home and garden with her mother and grandmother’s help.

1 Betty White

via: PopSugar/Yahoo

The oldest woman in the industry had to get there somehow. And it may not have been in the classiest way. But let me tell you something. Everyone loves Betty White. Everyone! But do you know how old she is now? She is 95 years old. That’s ridiculous and I’m proud of her. To commemorate her, let’s take a look at what she looked like hardly less than a century ago. But first, you should know that in 1955, she was given the honorary title of the “Mayor of Hollywood.”

In school, she wanted to be a ranger, but at the time, women were not allowed to become rangers. So she decided to start writing plays, which eventually led to acting. And boy was she a bombshell! She was adorable and incredibly fiery. She was not only the first woman to produce a sitcom, but she was classier than you can imagine.

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