15 Roles Celebrities Should NOT Be Proud Of

Actors and actresses do the best they can. They're always looking for a fresh, new script they can put their own twist on. Something that will launch them into the limelight. With the evolution in film-making and more big budget studios willing to shell out obscene amounts of money to create stories that will lead the race in box office hits, you'd think that there'd be ample opportunity for celebrities to leave a positive, lasting impression on a global scale. When they take or pursue a particular job, they expect the project to succeed. They believe they're involving themselves in work that will transcend things they've done before. With the advance in technology and filming techniques, you'd think the studios would produce sensational scripts and screenplays to make their actors shine and their stories grip audiences from the get go.

But, it's all easier said than done. With the influx of so many movies claiming to be blockbusters, there can be some that fall through the cracks, making a bucket load of money but leave either no lasting impression or a horrid taste in audiences. Acting to portray a character that pleases the viewers and silences the critics have become increasingly more difficult on the actors' part and relating a story and have it shine on screen have become next to impossible now.

Below are 15 times that actors or studios seemed not to even bother with putting in the effort required to reach that mark and have wound up creating 15 ROLES CELEBRITIES SHOULD NOT BE PROUD OF!


15 George Clooney As Batman In Batman & Robin (1997)


BAT-NIPPLES! Need I say more? Kicking off this list is pretty much the worst ever portrayal of any fictional character in the history of cinema. Sure, Val Kilmer sported the bat-nipples before Clooney did but Clooney takes the heat for them all the same. With bat-nipples (really hard to get over them, folks), gratuitous butt-shots, cheesy one-liners and even a bat credit card for crying out loud, this movie made a farce of arguably, the most popular superhero franchise in the world. With an all-star cast, one could be forgiven for thinking it would make a brilliant superhero movie but what we got was comedic acting that turned some of the most fearsome Batman villains into walking puns. And at the center of it, George Clooney's painful performance of what should've been Gotham's Dark Knight! Considered one of the worst movies ever made - some even considering it the worst thing to happen to humanity - it's not a role Clooney should be looking back on with any pride whatsoever.

14 Ryan Reynolds As Hal Jordan In Green Lantern (2011)

The next entry on our list follows Clooney's Batman in an early trend of DC movie flops. To be fair, Reynolds himself has admitted that the film "didn't work" and has even gone on to rate it a miserable ONE out of ten in an interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live. The movie was highly anticipated with it being the first live action adaptation of the character but failed to deliver with critics blaming lazy writing and the use of a completely CG animated super suit, right down to the mask. Maybe things would've panned out bit better if Reynolds, who has the body and looks for it, had donned a properly designed costume and if -MAYBE IF- the character had any defined nuances in the very generic good guy needs revelation of self to save the day to make the Hal Jordan of the comic books really shine through. Reynolds tried but couldn't save a sadly overproduced, underwritten debacle all by himself. We're just glad he was able to put this behind him and become the hero he was billed to become; albeit, some years later!

13 Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan In The Twilight Saga (2008-2012)


If you've only seen Kristen Stewart in the Twilight Saga, you'd think she was a horrible actress all over. But she's not! Before Twilight, critics and moviegoers alike had been undivided in their opinions of her. Considered one of the most promising upstarts, she received a nomination for Young Artist Award for her role in 2002's Panic Room. She went on to receive much praise and nominations for several other roles... until... Twilight! Dividing opinion with some considering her brilliant and irreplaceable as Bella Swan and others criticizing her acting as being 'wooden', describing her facial expressions as 'blank'.

Let's face it. She has her moments but all in all, wooden, is a pretty accurate description of most of her acting through the entire series! A plot about a shiny, hundred year old vampire falling for a high-school girl while fending off buff werewolves should potentially have Stewart's character Bella Swan going through a range of displayed emotion and yet, for about seventy percent of the movie, she wears a wonderfully vacant expression.

This role is nothing to write home about but it's been her breakout role putting her up there as one of the most recognizable faces (face? See what I did there?!) in Hollywood.

12 Kirsten Dunst As Mary-Jane Watson In The Spider-Man Movies (2002-2007)

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If you like watching girls scream, cry, beg for mercy and be all-round as useful as a sack of rotten onions, you've either got HUUUUGE problems or this particular fictional portrayal is for you. Dunst cycles through a predictable range of motions for her role as the iconic web-slinging, wall-crawling Spidey's love interest. She's confused, she's in danger, she's helpless, she's crying, she's confused again, she's in more danger, she's in grave danger AND she's confused, helpless and crying in grave danger. When your most memorable scene in a movie involves being part of your very own wet t-shirt contest, you've failed horribly in bringing that role to life and such was the case of Kirsten Dunst's Mary-Jane.

It seemed like she read the exact same script for each of the three different installations of the franchise. Luckily, Spider-Man fans got to enjoy a decent reboot which starred Emma Stone as Spidey's leading lady and she provided stark contrast to Dunst's half dimensional portrayal.

11 Will Smith As General Cypher Raige In After Earth (2013)


The Fresh Prince of Nova Prime?!? Excuse me?!? The name Will Smith is so beloved, such a synonym for excellence that it always spurns controversy when his name in mentioned in any negative tone at all. But such was the disaster of 2013's sci-fi, father and son film, directed by M. Night Shyamalan that prompted Will Smith to comment that it was "The most painful failure of my career" in an interview with Esquire. No actor is exempt from being called out on bad roles and Will Smith has somehow managed to fall prey to this. Worse so for dragging down son Jaden Smith into it with him. The duo did not seem as if they even knew each other in any form or way and that surprised everyone as it should've been a natural thing for Will and Jaden to provide the father-son dynamic. Instead, tense acting, sad quips and 90+ minutes of it saw the two create a beautifully horrid film for absolutely no one to enjoy.

10 Halle Berry As Catwoman In Catwoman (2004)

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Halle Berry is a brilliant actress. Goes without saying really. She's the only African-American woman to win a Best Actress Academy Award to date so that should give you a decent measure of her aforementioned brilliance. She's also been a part of the spearhead that ran the X-Men franchise for over a staggering period of FOURTEEN years as 'Storm' (one the most powerful and prominent characters in the films) so she knows what a good superhero script looks like. Sadly, this anti-hero script just didn't hold up. The whole thing was clumsy, over-edited with the characters written so poorly with no depth that one could wonder why an actress of Berry's stature even bothered to give this a second look, let alone star in it. The film just could not land on its feet, not even managing to break even, making a measly $82 million to a production budget of $100 million!

With so many better roles to look forward to in the future (fingers crossed) and so many iconic performances behind her, she'll be glad she doesn't need to relive this in 9 lives over.

9 Ben Affleck As Daredevil In Daredevil (2003)

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Ben Affleck stars as one of the most iconic superheroes in the whole world. No, not Daredevil and certainly not in this particularly dull telling of yet another superhero origin story. Before he landed his golden role as DC's vastly popular Batman in 2016's Batman V Superman, he played the part of Marvel's Matt Murdock. An attorney in New York City's Hell's Kitchen who was blinded as a child by a toxic waste spill. Training the rest of his remaining senses to the best of his ability he became the vigilante known as Daredevil, hell bent on ridding the streets of the criminals that he couldn't take down by the book. The role suited Affleck and the film wasn't horrible but it was dull, dark and nothing special. With his new role as one the most iconic superheroes ever created, he won't need to remember this particular role one bit.


8 Scott Adkins As Deadpool In X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)


Atrocious! Is the word Deadpool would've said about himself IF HE HAD A MOUTH!

In this incarnation, the producers made Deadpool a mouthless, petri-dish of superpowers that was solely in the movie to challenge Wolverine towards the end of the movie.

With Ryan Reynolds playing Wade Wilson, the character that originally undergoes the Weapon X program to become 'the merc with a MOUTH', the studio should've stayed true to the source material. But moviegoers and fans anticipating Reynolds' smart-alecky Deadpool got Adkins' nightmare, action-only disappointment of a portrayal instead.

Nevertheless, this is a role he should forget in a hurry and fans and critics can thank their lucky stars that Deadpool was brought to life in a much better, almost perfect, fashion in 2016.

7 Cara Delevingne As Prof. June Moon/The Enchantress In The Suicide Squad (2016)

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In a flop of a film, her acting and American accent were an apparent bright spot. But that's not saying much as her role as the Enchantress was extremely underwhelming. When watching her on screen as a villain, you never felt as if she were an actual threat. She seemed more a means to an end than someone to be feared or even taken seriously for that matter. The writers and producers must take the bulk of the blame for a story that poses more questions than it answers, but the fact remains that Cara Delevingne does not amount to a halfway decent mega-villain. An immortal, all-powerful being ultimately being beaten by the simplest of feints by Harley Quinn and a time bomb activated by a bullet just doesn't scream major threat.

In the end, Cara can look back at this is a minor blip in her otherwise decent career and move on while WB and DC take a hacking for a film that committed cinematic suicide by default.

6 Nicolas Cage As Ghost Rider In Ghost Rider And Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (2007/2011)

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Many believed Cage was made to play this Marvel anti-hero but what the believers got was not what was expected. Rotten Tomatoes rated it at a 26%. If you want an indicator as to how bad that is, 2016's Suicide Squad also made the same grade. So it's pretty much a big, loaded mess. There's hardly any coherence to the plot with action sequences feeling extremely outdated even for 2007 and Cage's acting taken completely over the top (in all fairness, it's how he plays all his roles but still). It's just too bad that a character this interesting made a spectacular nosedive on such a high-profile live action movie but it seems the current portrayal of Ghost Rider on Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D"is getting some good press. All things considered, we would do well to never look back at this very average attempt at a blockbuster.

5 Dwayne Johnson As Hank Parsons In Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)

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This 2012 sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth has been described as "a good movie that was instantly forgettable the moment you stop watching" and I'd agree. It had its moments of scenery and provided fun bits of entertainment for a younger, pre-teen audience. But on a whole it is so unassumingly written that it is one of countless movies that fall into the category of movies that die a natural death the week it comes out in.

Dwayne Johnson isn't bad in this, he's just forgettable. He's naturally charismatic and yet the most memorable part of the movie came from his pectoral muscles bouncing away objects flung at them. If your most glorious moment on screen adds no value to the plot, you've already lost the plot.

4 Jamie Chung As Chi Chi In DragonBall Evolution (2009)


DragonBall Evolution united fans and critics in that EVERYBODY hated it. Those that didn't hate it, hadn't seen it. And for that reason alone, Jamie Chung makes it onto this list. She's definitely a much better actress than this movie gives her credit for. With writing so bad it took any decent acting and stomped on it, this movie is one that does not deserve the acting talent of Jamie Chung. It is still difficult to justify her acting as well in this as it is such a poor adaptation of the widely popular manga, leaving no room for Chung to put in a decent shift that would mark something - ANYTHING - good about the film. Chung, though, with much better things to look forward to, will quickly repress the nightmare that was DragonBall Evolution.

3 Megan Fox As April O'Neil In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

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This film won Worst Supporting Actress Award at the 35th Golden Raspberry Awards in 2015 for Fox's performance as April O'Neil. IT WON!

The movie received negative reviews on a whole and were also nominated for more horrible awards but the one award they did win was for Megan Fox's work in it. Good Job, Megan! The actress has had a string of bad movies litter her career since her breakout role in Michael Bay's first installment of the Transformers film but remains confident in her abilities as an actress. Many critics and even fans alike have discounted her as an actress and have resigned to considering her nothing more than a pretty face which wouldn't be too wrong after taking this particular role into account.

2 Adam Sandler As Any Character In Any Movie EVER!

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If you've seen one Adam Sandler movie, you've seen 'em all. The plot tools may be different but he uses the same template to write, produce, direct and star in every single movie he's in. Here's how it goes. The movie opens with life as it should be. Things are just fine, he cracks a few stupid jokes. Something 'major', and I say major as a very loose term, happens. There's usually a flashback to an event from Sandler's character's past. Things get crazy and he messes up big time trying to fix things. His personal friends, who'll be in supporting roles alongside him, will gang together to fix things with him. Things get worse and there's a slump in the atmosphere with his friends all giving up or getting upset about something. There's a segment of completely irrelevant jokes between Sandler and a few of his support cast to pick up the mood again. Flashback scene. Sandler gets the courage to do something seemingly adorable that will fix things. Everything is good again. Oh, and there's a beautiful girl that's fallen for Sandler's supposed 'charm' because you know, he always gets the girl.

There! You've seen ALL his movies EVER! Thank you Adam Sandler, for your movies (movie?!).

1 The Entire Cast Of Avatar The Last Airbender (2010)



Sigh. This movie actually happened. And nobody in the world is ok with it. The entire cast, the production team, everyone involved in this debacle is to blame for the butchering of the live action adaptation of one the most beloved animated shows to come out of Nickelodeon's studios. Every single thing about this film was wrong from start to finish from a sketchy plot, inconsistent screenplay, differences from the source material and controversial casting choices. Many critics across many different forms of media slammed the movie for reasons too extensive to list but suffice to say that this is one movie that any competent moviegoer will detest.

Fans of the TV series were also in outrage at how clumsily the adaptation was handled.

Forget about being proud of a role, the entire cast of this movie will remember this cringe-worthy abomination in their nightmares.

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