15 Ridiculous Films That Actors Should Be Embarrassed By

Out of all of us who have favorite actors, we all know a movie or two that the actor has done that we're really not too fond of. It could be movies in which the actor didn't play the role so well, or maybe they acted poorly. Or it could just be because the role was so out of the ordinary for that actor that it didn't fit or just didn't seem right. Like when actors known for comedies, like Jim Carrey, try to play serious roles, and don't end up fitting so well.

Even though all of these movies, at one point or another, may have looked great on paper in the script, they weren't all executed in the best manner. Some movies cost a huge amount in production expenses, while other films performed so badly and received so much flak from critics and fans that they set back certain actors and gave them a bad reputation, or maybe the movie just did so absolutely terribly in the box office. At the end of the day, if people at movie studios, directors, or actors could all go back in time and eradicate some movies from existence, this list would be a great place for them to start.

15 Gigli

I'm sure many of you remember back in the early 2000s when Ben Affleck dated Jennifer Lopez. There was a huge craze about it in the media and the two as a couple were probably one of the most popular celebrity couples of the time. This movie that they were cast in together almost destroyed both of their careers. It was that bad.

Gigli was essentially supposed to be a crime-based romantic comedy that would have Lopez and Affleck in the leading roles. The film turned out to be so bad, it almost cost several actors their careers just from this one film. After the film was released, Jennifer Lopez was no longer a considered a leading actress in Hollywood and even Ben Affleck's career suffered a massive spike downward.

One of the only things that saved Ben Affleck after this career bomb was to go and have success as a director. If he didn't have that he would probably still be pretty irrelevant.

14 Die Another Day

The James Bond film Die Another Day is one of those movies that, when you look at it from a script perspective, it looks amazing. It's got everything you want in a James Bond movie, or so you would think. It's weird to think about, because Pierce Brosnan did such a good job in the other James Bond movies like Goldeneye, and Tomorrow Never Dies.

Unfortunately, even though this film got a lot of praise before it was released it didn't perform so well once it got to theaters. Out of all the Bond films, it is said to be the most over-the-top and outright ridiculous. Even the first Bond to step on screen, Roger Moore, said it was too over-the-top for his taste. On top of that, Pierce Brosnan gave an absolutely sub par performance throughout the entire film. It felt like him just going "okay, another Bond film. Let's wrap this one up ASAP," whereas it feels he was more involved with his character in the other two films.

13 Catwoman

The movie in question actually started off as a project that stemmed from the 1992 Batman Returns movie. It is a film that Halle Berry shouldn't be proud of starring in. Originally, the film was supposed to feature Michelle Pfeiffer, who played Catwoman in Batman Returns and gave a spectacular performance. However, due to it taking so long for the film itself to get off the ground, Michelle was no longer interested in being a part of the production. Not really knowing what to do then, the producers turned the Halle Berry who had just won an Oscar for Best Actress.

The end result is kind of… Well you'll just have to watch it. Halle gives a very bizarre performance that doesn't really fit the film and feels awkward. How she ever won an Oscar, I'll never know. I'm apparently not the only one that thinks this way; the film got a lot of flak from fans and critics alike when it was released. It tanked hard at the box office, and really set Halle Berry back a little bit.

12 Green Lantern

Some of you might remember this Ryan Reynolds superhero film, and no I'm not talking about Deadpool. This was another one of those movies that looked absolutely amazing on paper, but when executed, it was done so poorly that it was one of the poorest performing superhero movies of the past 20 years.

The film itself had a great director, Martin Campbell, the same man who directed and reinvigorated the James Bond series with Pierce Brosnan, with such movies as Goldeneye. The issue lies with Warner Bros. trying to desperately get their own superhero movies up and off the ground after seeing how much money was being made by Marvel Studios. Remember, Marvel Studios had just had a tremendous amount of success with Thor, The Avengers, and Iron Man all doing extremely well in the box office.

It also looked promising because it was kind of the first major superhero movie that didn't feature Batman, or Superman. Instead, the Green Lantern serves as the unsung hero which, in their eyes, was a recipe for a lot of money. The film ended up disproportionate, disarrayed, awkward, and ultimately did terrible at the box office.

11 X-Men: The Last Stand

As it might surprise you, this is another movie that bombed hard. Financially, however, it was one of the highest grossing films of the entire X-Men series. The X-Men series, which is owned by Fox, is one of the hottest and best selling movie series for the company.

The huge issue with this film was that there was a major change in production. The original director of the first two films ended up leaving Fox to go work on Superman Returns with Warner Bros. Fox didn't like that and were very insistent on this X-Men movie coming out before the Superman film.

Because of these reasons, the film was incredibly rushed and had a very overcrowded feeling. It also got some flack because instead of following the story of the comics, they focused more on individual characters. It feels like there was just so much action crammed on screen, as much as possible for filler. Even though it made money, critics and comic book fans criticized Fox for putting out such a poor third installment.

10 Waterworld

I'm not sure many of you out there have seen the movie Waterworld, but it turned out to be one of the most troubled productions in all of film history. There are so many horrible aspects of the production of the movie. For starters, it started out extremely expensive and only jumped in cost as time and production went on.

It gets even more dysfunctional: the director and lead star of the film, Kevin Costner, had a feud and absolutely hated each other so much that they didn't speak to one another. I don't know how you can make a decent film when as the director, you absolutely hate your lead actor as a person and will not communicate with them.

There was also a lot of on-set rewriting of the script, and trying to trim a lot of fat and work parts in that hadn't been working well. It was an extremely depressing time for the crew. In terms of finances, Waterworld luckily broke even considering how much of a financial disaster it was to get the film moving. It was such a bomb that apparently Kevin Costner stayed away from the science fiction genre in the future.

9 The Lone Ranger

Disney's The Lone Ranger is a great example of when the director can't take no for an answer. It was another film that should've been a hit, considering it starred Johnny Depp and was even made with the same production crew that worked on The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The weird thing with this film is that just a few days prior to production, Disney decided to cancel the whole project and fire everybody. They said that they were overly concerned about the ever-increasing budget of the project and didn't want to dish out the money. When a company as big as Disney is saying that they're not willing to spend the money for the movie, that is saying something.

However, the filmmakers decided to give the project a go on a much smaller budget. The result is unfortunately a very long and boring film. The film itself lost vast amounts of money at the box office and potentially damaged Johnny Depp's acting career. What's worse for Johnny is that his next big movie after this one was also a total bomb. It's reported to have lost around $100 million, so they took quite a hit with this film.

8 Jack The Giant Slayer

Based on the childhood fable tale that we all know and love, Jack The Giant Slayer was hit with quite a bit of bad luck after being delayed three different times during its production life. It even sat on the back burner for over a year before Warner Bros. even wanted to release it.

It was not a well-received movie and didn't bring in a lot of people. It's speculated that a lot of the blame falls on the studio, as well as the director Bryan Singer. It's stated that the studio constantly got involved and interfered with Brian's work and the production. Brian would also go really over budget on the special effects for the film. Either way, the film that resulted from that disaster isn't that great, and just adds itself to the ever growing list of movies you think will be good, but just end up being terrible.

7 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

The first Final Fantasy movie of its kind, it was released in the early 2000s. The film was so bad that it reportedly bankrupted the company that produced it. Of course, it didn't look that way when the script was being put together, considering the Final Fantasy franchise is absolutely humongous and is one of the most played video games of all time.

Another odd thing about this is that the film was actually made by the same people who make the games. Of course, there is more space for special effects and a bigger budget in a film, and the film itself did look totally great in the end.

The downfall to this movie is the overall plot, that's where it fell flat. The problem is that they try to appeal to the largest audience possible, and the most diehard fans at the same time. It didn't work well for this movie, it cost well over $100 million to have the entire film made, and they only brought back about 1/10 of all that money. It was also actually the very first film that Square (Gaming Company) has ever released in the US.

6 Land of the Lost

I'm sure some of you will remember that there was a time when Will Ferrell was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, as well as one of the most sought after, kind of like how Kevin Hart is all the rage right now. The thing that got Will Ferrell to that level was the number of big box office hit movies he had in a row. Of course, a lot of critics don't like him, but the money does the talking.

This movie, however, permanently damaged Ferrell's acting career. It was a movie designed to poke fun at the classic television show for kids with the same name. Many fans didn't find it funny at all, and say that it is one of his worst films ever. It also didn't bring a lot of money in, because the fans of the actual TV show didn't really care for it either. It basically became one of those movies that was quickly swept out and forgotten about. Every actor bites into a bad apple every once in a while, and this was a bad apple!

5 The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Back in the 1990s, Eddie Murphy was at the peak of his acting career, releasing hit movie after hit movie. However, just because he was releasing tons of movies doesn't mean every single one was good. The Adventures of Pluto Nash didn't set well in the stomachs of a lot of the audience that watched it. Or I should say, the very small amount of people that watched it. It was apparently one of the least funny comedies filmed, and was extremely expensive.

On top of that, it had such a small turn out that it's known as one of the biggest flops of all time. It was almost as if this film had stopped his hit movie streak too, because since this movie was released, he hasn't really had a big hit film come out. I'm fairly certain that this movie damaged his career, at least to some extent.

4 Heaven's Gate

This is another film that did so bad that it actually bankrupted a major film studio. In fact, it was so bad that books and documentaries have been made about this particular movie.

To rewind a little bit, this movie was actually released during the 1970s. What's particular about that time in the film industry, is that many big movie studios were given full and complete artistic control over their movies. There really wasn't many guidelines at all, and all avenues of film were explored more than once. With the film's director having a huge amount of money to work on the project with as well as total artistic freedom, he went bonkers.

The film itself is awfully strange, awkward, and three hours long with lots of dancing. It's even been re-edited several times and rereleased several different times. Of course it's all been in vain. None of them were any good. Anyway, the film was so bad that it ruined the career of Michael Cimino, who directed it. He didn't really direct any hits after that, and passed away in 2016.

3 A Good Day to Die Hard

I'll admit, the first couple films of this series were awesome. But now, since being revived in the past decade, it just seems like they're trying to pull as much cash from the name as possible. This film is just painful, even for anybody who likes this franchise. Bruce Willis was in top shape back in the 80s, not only physically, but his acting career as well. The first two Die Hards movies were great because they were well-written, filmed well, and well-executed, but that was a long time ago and no longer the case.

Bruce Willis is a mere shadow of what he used to be in the 80s, and just comes off as a grumpy old man trying to force himself to act the part. The plot and story itself are unclear and seemed disjointed at times. Ultimately, it's just another long boring action film that was thrown together to pull in millions of dollars. If there's any film that just seems like a paycheck to actors, this is definitely one of them.

2 Suburban Commando

This one was a pretty cringe-worthy early 90s movie starring Hulk Hogan when he was at the height of his WWF popularity. In the movie, he plays an alien warrior that ends up on earth babysitting kids. I don't know when or why it was decided that certain WWF stars should also star in movies, but it is a thing.

Of course, with a movie plot like this one, you can't expect it to go far. It turns out it didn't. This film seemed to be the Grim Reaper to Hulk Hogan's acting career, thankfully. We didn't need more Hulk-mania movies with poorly written scripts. Once the movie was done and released, Hulk Hogan went back to wrestling full time.

It's funny because the only true wrestling star that went on to become an actual movie star is The Rock, who had big hit movies like The Scorpion King, The Mummy Returns, and many more that made him big. Another reason for that is because he's not a terrible actor, either.

1 Judge Dredd

Think Sylvester Stallone meets a comic book. There are so many things wrong about the idea, plot, and the overall movie itself. It's one of those movies that doesn't really relate as much to the original source material, but instead took the idea in a different direction. The movie sought to change major parts, and got rid of everything that made the original cool. This pissed a lot of fans off, obviously.

Sylvester Stallone was insistent on making these changes to the film so that it would be a different experience from the comic book. The result is just a boring, unfunny, wannabe action comedy film. The CGI and other special effects were weak, and definitely under budget for what other films were doing at the time. So many fans of the comic books say that he was a terrible choice for the role and that his wanting to pursue that character ended up ruining the film. It wasn't until the 2013 remake of the same film with a different name that they actually did things better.

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