15 Richest Female Stars Of Men's Favorite Industry

When it comes to careers that are lucrative, being an actor in Hollywood is definitely one that can bring in the big bucks. But we aren't here to talk about Pamela Anderson, instead, we're talking about the stars you may recognize when hanging out with Palmela Handerson.

And while these stars' bankrolls may not be as high or their names may not be as prominent as Hollywood actors, we're sure you have probably seen more of their movies than many renowned stars. You just probably aren't going to be discussing their latest movie role with your friends.

While many of our stars have loved their time in the industry, we've also included the harrowing cases of Bree Olsen who probably wouldn't trade her experiences in the industry for all the money in the world.

With salaries ranging from $500,000 - $30 million, we'll leave it to you to decide on if what these women have done for a paycheque is worth the money. Either way, there is no denying that these stars work in some hard conditions!


15 Sasha Grey - $2.5 Million

While some of these stars may only be known for their dirty exploits, Sasha Grey has expanded her resume. This includes appearing in several episodes of the series Entourage and is currently filming a few projects including one television series entitled King of the Golden Sun.

That being said, if you are more interested in Grey's "other" film career that made her famous there are definitely no shortage of options as she appeared in 335.

While some women have left the industry with negative experiences, Grey has also been an advocate for the positive impact the career had on her life. Granted it also helps that her reported net worth sits at $2.5 million meaning she was at least able to save some of that money!

14 Jenna Haze - $3.7 Million


Jenna Haze definitely made a strong impression when she broke into the adult film industry back in 2001 – including taking home an AVN award for Best New Starlet back in 2003.

She also obviously refined those skills over time, taking home an award for the best overall performer in 2009. Prior to working in the film industry Haze had several low-wage jobs, including stocking shelves during the Christmas time which you can imagine would be no fun.

You can hope that won't be an experience she'll ever have to repeat when you consider she has a net worth of $3.7 million.

Haze appeared in 602 films, as well as directing 15.  Haze left the industry in 2012 as a performer and finished her directing career the following year.

13 Tori Black - $1.4 Million

While there are many female celebrities who are known for their body, Black was recognized by Loaded magazine as having the most beautiful face in the entire industry.

Granted that was back in 2010 but Black certainly continued to put herself out there appearing in 418 films as well directing 3.

That's also far from the only award that Black has taken home, including winning the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year in 2011 as well as in 2012.

This made her the first adult star to win the award twice, meaning that perhaps she should have demanded a higher salary given her spot on this list!

12 Asa Akira - $1.5 Million


Asa Akira got her break into the adult industry after appearing on the radio show Bubba the Love Sponge for several years. She's definitely glad she did, as she has come out in several interviews in the past in support of the industry and praising it for allowing her to explore her exhibitionist side.

Akira has no shortage of fans and in 2014 her website was recognized by at the AVN Awards as being the best one out there. We're sure that's helped her income, but Akira is also one of our more experienced entrants on our list and has appeared in 505 films.

Akira married fellow adult performer Toni Ribas back in 2012.

11 Gianna Michaels - $4 Million

Gianna Michaels had experience taking off her clothes in front of the camera prior to her decision to "moving" in front of it as she previously had worked as a nude model. But that's no way to completely prepare for the experience says Michaels,

"Going into it, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. There was nothing that I was like ‘Ooh, it’s going to be like this.’ Some of the people are cool as [crap]. Some of my best friends are in this business."

Michaels ended up appearing in 492 films and in 2013 was voted the fan's favorite star at Exxxotica – which I mean, is no Academy Award but at the very least is a nice sign that your fans are digging what you're putting down!

10 BiBi Jones - $500,000


BiBi Jones has the distinction of being the only bedroom performer on our list to openly sleep with a professional athlete. In fact, in order to prove that Jones had gotten up close and personal with Rob Gronkowski, she posted a photo of her wearing only his jersey.

Her net worth of $500,000, however, is nothing compared to the type of money that Gronkowski brings in, so perhaps she was the one that was trying to brag! Though at the end of the day she has definitely taken a lot fewer shots to the head than Gronkowski.

BiBi Jones appeared in 55 films but is no longer actively working in the industry. She also announced in 2013 that she was pregnant and gave birth in 2014.

9 Belladonna - $3 Million

Belladonna may be one of your favorite performers, but nobody blamed her for stepping away from the industry in 2007 after she was concerned she contracted an STD.

Thankfully for Belladonna, it was just a skin rash, but it still shook her up enough. At least until 2008 when she made a return in the hugely successful Pirates 2. 

Belladonna also worked with James Gunn (...yes the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy) for the web series James Gunn's PG P*rn.

The series only ran for 8 episodes, each only a few minutes in length but bring in various great cameos including Craig Robinson and Nathan Fillion. Belladonna found far more consistent work in the other industry and appeared in 357 films as well as directing 89.


8 Sunny Leone - $2.5 Million


Sunny Leone had plenty of reasons to feel confident stepping into the adult industry that people enjoyed seeing her naked. Prior to booty bumping, she had appeared in Penthouse and ended up being named the Penthouse Pet of the Year - which is at the very least the highest honor that the magazine gives out.

Leone enjoyed time both in front of and behind the camera, acting in 56 and directing another 59 films. This also led to her starting her own studio entitled Sunlust Pictures.

Leone retired from the industry in 2013 and has since attempted to break into the Indian film market.

7 Jessie Jane - $8 Million

Jessie Jane is one of the most beautiful performers of all-time, but you shouldn't expect to see her around for very much longer.

“Now that the internet has taken over, everyone thinks they’re a p*rn star. I wanted to finish my career on top and be remembered as a sex icon," said Jane in an interview back in February after she announced her retirement.

Jane has spent time hosting the AVN awards as well as working as a sex columnist, so perhaps you'll still find ways to check her out even if she won't be booty bumping on camera.

Either way with a net worth of $8 million Jane is definitely able to relax for a while!

6 Tera Patrick - $15 Million


Fans of Tera Patrick may not just love her for the various adult situations that she found herself in during her illustrious career. Because along with dialing up the heat, Patrick also hosted the television series School of Sex which sought to teach viewers various sexual techniques and situations. And you're definitely going to trust her advice!

Patrick also spent time on the television series Night Calls which encouraged fans to call in with sexual questions.

Patrick also stripped it off for Penthouse magazine and was named their runner-up "Pet of the Year" in 2000.

5 Lisa Ann - $2 Million

When it comes to being an actor one of the best parts has to be getting to play different characters. Especially if that character is someone famous. So naturally the same must go for adult performers, right?

Lisa Ann certainly turned heads when she took on the role of governor Sarah Palin. In fact, her performance was so well-received that Ann portrayed her 6 times! Something tells us that Palin herself probably wasn't going to be checking out the movies though.

After leaving the industry in 2014 Ann also underwent breast reduction surgery but still engages in webcam shows. Ann appeared in 547 films throughout her career and in 2009 was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

4 Alexis Texas - $1.5 Million


Alexis Texas has appeared in mainstream movies and music videos, but perhaps you're more familiar with the industry in which she has appeared in 607 films. But while some of the actresses on our list are no longer in the industry, Texas is still going strong including appearing in 4 films this year.

Texas has come out in past interviews and said that appearing in adult entertainment has allowed her to embrace and love her body.

With 2.7 million followers on Texas' Instagram, you can easily make the argument that she is still one of the most popular performers out there.

Perhaps it's only a matter of time before she jumps up this list!

3 Bree Olson - $5 Million

Bree Olson is no stranger to fans of adult entertainment and appeared in 486 films during her career. But that amount of action also helped her gain the affection of Charlie Sheen.

The two lived together from March until April in 2011. The relationship was far from the best, including Olson later coming out and saying that Sheen never informed her of his positive H.I.V. status.

Olson's time in the industry was also far from positive and she has since also spoken out about how she feels judged and treated like a sex criminal for her past. Despite the negative experiences, Olson still has one of the higher net worths on our list at $5 million.

2 Faye Reagan - $750,000


One of the biggest concerns that women may have when entering the industry is that they would have to sleep with unappealing men. Reagan can confirm those fears, saying in an interview

"In the beginning, I was working with the creepiest, grossest, bottom-of-the-barrel guys," and blamed it on her agent saying she wishes she knew she could just do girl/girl scenes.

When you consider Reagan has one of the lowest salaries on our list, you can be assured she may blame her current agent for low-balling her on jobs!

Reagan appeared in 272 films but retired from the industry in 2016.

1 Jenna Jameson - $30 Million

When it comes to the lady that takes the top spot on our list, you perhaps may not be shocked that it's Jenna Jameson.

After all, you don't earn yourself a nickname like "The Queen Of P*rn" for nothing! The winner of countless awards, including founding her own company Jameson has been one of the most influential adult entertainers of all-time.

Despite this, as you know by now her number of films (187) is definitely not the highest on this list.

Jameson can owe her net worth also to her talents outside of the bedroom including penning her own novel How To Make Love Like a P*rn Star: A Cautionary Tale.

Jameson retired in 2008 and began webcamming in 2013.

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