15 Redneck Girls So Trashy We Can’t Look Away (Part 2)

When it comes to redneck girls, you either love them, hate them, or love to hate them. Simply put, there’s no ignoring a redneck gal, especially if she walks in a room full of paper. It doesn’t take very long for all heads to turn in her direction. And that’s not necessarily because she might be the most beautiful, refined, and classy girl in the room (in some cases it might be the exact opposite). Instead, redneck girls tend to draw your attention because they are loud, proud, and hard not to notice. You can't ever feel indifferent to a redneck girl, because she simply won't let you.

What’s more, redneck girls don’t take it offensively when you call them who or what they are (the worst thing you can really do is call them a Southern girl, which quite clearly is not the same. Redneck and Southern women come from two different categories). These women are bold and proud of who they are, and we can't fault them for that kind of bold confidence. If that weren’t enough, they also don’t make any apologies for who they are. They expect you to take them as they are, plain and simple. With that being said, we have 15 photos of redneck girls so trashy that you just can’t look away. These girls are owning their looks, and we can't stop staring (sometimes in admiration, and sometimes in shock). And while you might think of trashy as being a negative thing, they see it a totally different way.

15 She’s Into Her Looks

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The great thing about dating a redneck girl is that while she’s into her looks, it doesn’t take her all afternoon to get ready for a date. Redneck girls know that they were born with natural beauty and that’s why they don’t feel pressured to pile on pounds of makeup before they leave the house.

But at the same time, redneck gals know that looks are important. You won’t see her wearing yesterday’s short shorts or her favorite confederate flag bikini three days in a row. Also, since she only washes her hair on important days like holidays, she’s on the low-maintenance side, too. She also appreciates all of the beauty gifts and products that you buy her, even if it did come off the clearance rack at your local Walmart.

14 She’s A Fashionista

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It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from; fashion is important. As a matter of fact, redneck girls know that what they put on their bodies represent what kind of people they are. That’s why they put on very little in public. They don’t want people to get the wrong impression.

Still, you won’t see a redneck girl carry a fake Louis Vuitton bag or wear last season’s fashions. Oh no. She knows that the best styles come from one place and one place only: the clearance rack in Walmart. The clothes are usually great quality, they are affordable, and best of all, they never go out of style. That’s why some redneck girls often wear the same tiny shorts they had back during their high school days.

13 God’s Gift To Men

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Redneck girls know that they are an integral part of society. Without them, some communities certainly wouldn’t function. I mean, you need redneck girls to make sure that everyone is abiding by the law, because they are the kind that will pull their boyfriend’s teeth out if they are caught messing around behind their backs. Also, they are the reason why so many redneck men come straight home after work rather than hit the local bar with their construction buddies. Redneck men know where their place is.

Kenny Chesney once put it this way: “Southern girls are God's gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the Mason-Dixon line and once you go Southern may the good Lord help you – you never go back.”

12 They Love Outdoor Sports

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Redneck girls are very active women. As a matter of fact, they love to be outdoors and they certainly love to participate in outdoor sports, too. It doesn’t matter if it’s mud wrestling, shooting, alligator trapping, or motor boating, redneck girls rarely say no to a good time. Plus, they like to keep fit. While they do take pride in their muffin tops, they cross the line when it comes to triple chins and flapping arm (double chins are okay, though).

What’s more, redneck girls love auto racing, too. That’s why there are so many of them that live near the Daytona Beach area. It’s like their New York City, to put it simply. Jeff Foxworthy once explained it like this, “If you think the last four words to the national anthem are 'Gentleman, start your engines,' you might be a redneck.”

11 They Don’t Mess Around

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If you decide to date a redneck girl, it’s very important that you keep her happy at all times. In fact, you should make it your number one priority to make sure that your redneck gal is always satisfied. Because if there is one side that you don’t want to be on, it’s her bad side. When redneck girls get angry, it’s like seeing a hurricane and snow blizzard form into one. There’s just no stopping them.

Also, redneck girls do a good job of laying down the law themselves. They don’t know no law enforcement officers to take care of the bad guys. Author Cole Alpaugh once wrote, “I believe a family just isn’t complete without skeletons. My dearest momma clean bit off my daddy’s nose right around the time they divorced.”

10 Redneck Moms Are Tough

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If you are dating a redneck girl who is probably stronger than your CrossFit obsessed cousins Dylan, Derrick, and Dale, it’s because she uses the great outdoors and life experience as her own personal “sweat box” (plus she doesn’t need a gym to learn how to kick your behind). Redneck girls are tough because they learned from the best: their redneck mamas. From a very early age, redneck girls have been taught to fend for themselves and better yet, not rely on a man to save them when the going gets tough.

Cole Alpaugh also said, “Whenever I’d get howlin’ over something, he’d grab [me] up from wherever I was and head straight for the john. Momma said my head would get banged up along the way, but she said it was probably bein’ dunked under water that made me stupid.”

9 She Doesn’t Need A Pool For A Pool Party

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The best thing about dating a redneck girl is that she’s very reliable, cost-efficient and resourceful. As a matter of fact, many redneck girls will tell you that they don’t need a pool in order to throw a pool party. Nope. All you need is a few bales of hay, a large tarp (which is something you should readily have in your backyard), a water hose, and a rope. Now you’ve got yourself a pool party that many Beverly Hills socialites would be envious over (and also wondering why they didn’t get an invite themselves).

Also, redneck girls love to celebrate their birthdays in the best possible way: by wearing as little as possible. See what I mean about being low maintenance? I’ll just leave you with that visual right there.

8 She’ll Judge You By The Size Of Your Car

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Sure, many girls judge men by their size, but redneck girls do it for a totally different reason. Simply put, she can’t be seen with a guy who has a small engine. I mean, there’s no way on this planet that a redneck girl would roll into a bacon fest and cookout in someone’s backyard with a hipster boyfriend that drives a Prius. That is what you call the worst form of humiliation.

Redneck girls want their shirt sizes to be big but they want their boyfriend's to be bigger. And you better bet that he should drive a car that fits into at least two parking spots in the back lot of a Walmart (you know, their place of worship). Anything smaller (or gas efficient, for that matter) just won’t do.

7 Hair Matters

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While wearing makeup isn’t a priority for many redneck girls (especially if they are already wearing mud after a tough afternoon of wrestling outside in the pit), their hair is very important to them. A redneck girl once said, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” And she wasn’t kidding, either.

What’s more, redneck girls are very particular about the kind of hairstyles their boyfriends should have, too. A mullet is a symbol of pride. The longer the rat-tail, the wealthier he is. Plus, Aqua Net hair spray was made and sold at Walmart stores for a reason. While the length of the hair isn’t that important, crunchy, uneven bangs are. For a redneck girl, the best hairstyles originated in the years 1986 to 1989. She also hasn’t changed her wall calendar since then.

6 Redneck Girls Have Class, Okay?

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Don’t think that just because she’s a redneck, she doesn’t have class. In fact, that’s not the case at all with most of the redneck girls you meet. You’d be surprised to find out that she has standards and that she’s not the kind of girl who will go home with just any guy out there, okay? She has to make sure that you check off each box on her requirement list.

First and foremost, you better have a big truck. A true redneck girl won’t ride in a Ford F150. It’s like putting the Queen of England in a Mini Cooper. Secondly, you better know that she doesn’t go far on the first date (unless you look like Matthew McConaughey). And thirdly, don’t even think about taking her to Burger King for dinner. She likes to more fancy establishments like Red Robin.

5 But Don’t Confuse Her With A Duggar

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If there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do when you date a redneck girl, it’s confuse her with a Duggar sister. There’s a HUGE difference, okay? First up, rednecks aren’t that spiritual. Plus, a lot of them don’t know how to read, so there’s no point in carrying a Bible around with them. Secondly, their hygiene isn’t as important to them as it is for the Duggars. And thirdly, they don’t believe in covering up by wearing skirts below their knees unless it’s in the winter.

Plus, most Duggars visit the dentist on a regular basis. Author Starley Ard said it best: “I had a dream that I lost my teeth and when I woke up they were all still in my mouth, thank God that I am not a hillbilly after all.”

4 An Exotic Vacation For Her Is Going To The County Fair

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If you are dating a redneck girl, you don’t have to worry about spending a good chunk of money by whisking her off on a vacation to an exotic Caribbean island. Nope, that’s because redneck girls don’t like to go to places that require passports. In fact, they don’t even like to go to places outside of their own zip codes.

Plus, why travel when some of the best attractions in the world usually come to your hometown at least twice a year? That’s right, we are talking about the county fair! It’s like New York City, Los Angeles, and London all rolled into one. Plus, the food is to die for. Anything that doesn’t require utensils is a good meal for a redneck girlfriend. She can’t be bothered with using forks and knives anyway.

3 She Has A Thing For Billy, Bob, Joe And Jim

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Redneck girls love guys named Billie Joe JimBob. The more first names, the more of a chance that she will shout all of them while you guys are fighting. Plus, having multiple names is a sign that your mama must have loved you. The more names, the more important you probably were to your mama. Redneck girls see it this way as well.

If that weren’t enough, redneck girls know that the kind of name you have most likely says what kind of person you are. She’s not going to date a guy like a Kai, Jasper, or a Bjorn. Hipster names have no appeal for her. To her, it would be embarrassing to date a guy that sounds like a brand of mustard or mayonnaise. She hates weird names, or any names she has never heard before. She has high standards.

2 Her Dogs Are Important To Her

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The main difference between a redneck girl and a Southern girl is that redneck girls have pets for children while Southern girls have real human beings that they call their children. While many Southern girls fight their exes for custody of their kids, chances are you will end up fighting for custody of your dog if you break up with a redneck girl.

Simply put, redneck girls are fierce animal lovers. They even sometimes treat their pets better than their own family members. If you end up dating a redneck girl, prepare to have at least three bodies in your bed every night (and no, it’s not what you are thinking or hoping for, either). Her dog will end up taking more space in the bed than you, so you better be prepared for it.

1 Is A Redneck Girl Good For You?

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Now, that’s not a question that we can answer on our own. If you happen to fall in love with a redneck girl, you’ll feel it. In fact, you will probably see it and hear it, too (that’s because you can hear them shout from miles away).

Redneck girls are very special women because once they have your heart, there’s just no turning back. She will mark you the same way that her daddy marks his cattle (and don’t even think about running away because chances are she will catch you!). Once you have a redneck partner, you are set for life (even if you don’t agree to it). Breaking up is just not an option, especially if she has already tattooed a picture of your face on her back. Good luck!

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