15 Redneck Chicks Who Have More Class Than Tara Reid

Tara Reid is one Hollywood actress that we all know had a lot of potential. Sure, it’s almost been twenty years ago, but Tara was part of a great movie franchise that could have taken her places. But unfortunately, after her American Pie movies, Hollywood didn’t pay much attention to her. Even though she was cute, smart, funny and had all-American girl looks, she lost focus of her career and started going down a slippery slope into Lindsay Lohan land. She started partying more, drinking more, and paying more attention to her social life than her career. And as a result, people stopped taking her very seriously.

Unfortunately, Tara Reid is just one celebrity (because we can’t really call her an actress anymore) that should go away, but just can’t. No matter how hard you try to make her go away somewhere in celebrity obscurity, she always manages to come back in one way or another. If she’s not falling flat on her face while spending a night drinking in a club, she looks like she hasn’t slept in days while hanging out with Euro trash dudes on some Spanish party island that smells like alcohol and bad breath. I mean, there are redneck girls out there that have shown better class than Tara Reid! If you don’t believe me, you can check out these 15 photos of hot but classy redneck girls below.

15 God’s Gift

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A lot of people say that redneck girls truly are God’s gift to men. They come in all shapes and sizes, are never afraid to speak their mind and will protect and stand by their man, no matter what they do or what they say. They don’t let anyone stand between them and their culture and they stand up for what they believe in. You can’t get any better than that.

Plus, you can’t just not see them when they are in a room. I think Kenny Chesney said it best when he said, “Southern girls are God's gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the Mason-Dixon line and once you go Southern may the good Lord help you – you never go back.” And we completely agree with him.

14 It’s A Lifestyle

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A lot of people think that "redneck" is a derogatory word, but that’s not always the case. In fact, a lot of born and bred rednecks will tell you that it’s a lifestyle. It’s part of your roots, its who you are, and it is also part of your identity. There is nothing to be ashamed about and certainly nothing to hide. True rednecks are proud of who they are and they would shout it from the top of the highest rooftops if they could.

With that being said, there are plenty of redneck gals out there that have more class in their pinky finger than Tara Reid has displayed all throughout her life. I’m sure you know what we are talking about. Not every redneck gal is going to stumble out of a club drunk and half-dressed, if you know what I mean.

13 Southern Charm

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Again, we don’t mean to put redneck girls down, especially since we know that there are so many of them that possess real Southern charm. Plus, there’s a huge difference between having an innocent crush on one of your cousins as a kid and literally doing anything with that crush, right? Classy redneck girls know the difference.

Plus, they’ve got charm. They know what to say at the right times. They don’t speak with unfiltered mouths or with nonsense in hoping that no one will notice or understand their babble. They know how to charm the pants off of you (quite literally), just like this classy redneck gal here. And they won’t steal your wallet or go make out with your brother behind your back, either. Know what I’m talking about, fellas?

12 Party Girls

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According to Tara Reid, everyone has a huge misconception about who she really is. She says she’s nothing like what she’s portrayed on television and in the gossip magazines. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Tara once said, “People think I am America's party girl, which is just stupid. I have done 24 movies and I am creating my own TV show.”

Yet, classy redneck girls don’t make these kinds of excuses or apologies. They know who they are and don’t apologize for it. They can be nail salon technicians by day and hard partying chicks by night. The best part about being a redneck girl is that she can wake up and do it all over again the next day without a hint of a hangover. That’s just how tough they are.

11 There’s No Hollywood In The South

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One of the big differences between a classy redneck girl and a D-list celebrity from Hollywood like Tara Reid is that they don’t need to be pampered and treated like high-class princesses to know who they are. They don’t need the paparazzi following each and every move they make. And they certainly don’t need the media telling them how great they are in their faces just to turn around and write something snarky about them in magazines and blogs. Nope. Classy redneck girls aren’t interested in that kind of fabricated or fake lifestyle.

Simply put, Hollywood and the South are two different worlds. There’s no way someone like Tara Reid would even survive in the South. There’s no one to tell you how great you are, simply because they don’t care.

10 Redneck Girls Do It Themselves

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If there’s one great thing about dating a classy redneck girl, it’s the fact that they can do almost anything themselves. They rarely ask for help and they rarely ask their man to do something for them, especially since they know that they can do it themselves. A redneck girl doesn’t need a how-to manual. She is the how-to manual.

She’s not only a self-starter, but she’s self-sufficient, too. You don’t see redneck girls starving because they know how to hunt their own food. You don’t see them stranded, because they know how to drive their boyfriend’s pickup trucks. And they sure don’t ask you for any of that lovin’. Why? Because when she’s ready, you better bet your bottom dollar that you will be ready, too. Am I not right, fellas?

9 She Can Party With The Best Of Them 

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The biggest difference between flaky Hollywood girls and classy redneck girls is that D-list stars stumble and act like fools when they’ve had one too many, and redneck girls can drink anyone under the table. They are just that good. When it comes to alcohol, they don't look like sloppy drunks. They keep it together and they certainly don’t look like lightweights, either. You won’t find a redneck girl making a fool out of herself like Tara Reid usually does.

If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s challenge a redneck to a drinking competition. You will lose each and every time. Author Bryant A. Loney said it the best: “How many of you were born in Oklahoma? Yeah, never raise your hand to a question like that again. We’re the mecca of beer drinkin’ rednecks.”

8 Redneck Fashion Rules

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Redneck fashion rules for classy girls are quite simple. Most redneck girls wear cutoff jeans and tank tops during the summer because let’s face it, it gets hot in the South. Also, this is basically their everyday uniform. They also like to wear camo, regardless of whether or not they are hunting that day.

In some ways, Tara Reid looks like she follows redneck fashion rules, too, right? I mean, is there a day that she’s not wearing cutoff jeans and tank tops while she is out and about in Hollywood? And people say that rednecks don’t have any worldly influences. Who are they kidding?! Ha! Redneck girls are the epitome of both high and low fashion. People just haven’t realized it, or worse, haven't given credit where credit is due.

7 The Redneck Insult

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When a Hollywood girl like Tara Reid wants to insult you, there’s a good chance that she will probably do it behind your back. What she will do is go to the editor of a sleazy tabloid magazine or blog and plant vicious rumors about you, your boyfriend, or better yet, the things you may or may have not done at a Hollywood party recently. And worse, she’ll probably provide evidence in the form of a video clip, too.

Redneck girls don’t play that way. Oh, no. When they are mad or feel like telling you what’s on their mind, they will do one of two things. They will either tell you, “Bless your heart,” (and trust me when I say that it is the worst kind of insult to get) or they will tell you off completely. There’s no in between.

6 Classy Redneck Girls

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Classy redneck girls know that they have to be top of the crop. They are crème de la crème. They only wear the best that camo clothing has to offer, never show off too much skin (because they are not that kind of redneck), and regularly visit the dentist at least once every six months. Plus, most are high school graduates. They know the true meaning of a good education before they become the head manager of their local IHOP or Denny’s or better yet, shift supervisor at the local Bass Pro Shop.

Now, we are not trying to put redneck girls down by comparing them to someone like Tara Reid, but I’m sure you get what we are saying. Not every stereotype is true and there are girls who know how to act like classy people, regardless of where they come from.

5 Always Looking Good

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Classy redneck girls know the importance of always looking good. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a stars and stripes itty bitty bikini or you put on the most expensive outfit you bought at Walmart; you always have to put your best face forward, especially if everyone is watching you.

When it comes to Tara Reid, though, the same can’t be said. We’ve seen more of her bad days in recent years than her good ones. But apparently, she doesn’t see it this same way. She said not too long ago, “I can make a scene that's not supposed to be sexy, very sexy. It's a power you're born with. It's not a physical thing, it comes from inside. It's all in the eyes.” Sure. Whatever you say, Tara.

4 The Difference Between A Southerner And A Redneck

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A lot of people don’t know this, but there’s a huge difference between Southerners and rednecks. As a matter of fact, you can put them in two totally separate categories because that’s just how different they are. And let’s also get this straight: not all Southerners are rednecks. That’s also the reason why they insist on capitalizing “Southerners,” while keeping redneck lower case. I bet you didn’t know that.

Plus, a Southern gal only remembers being barefoot outside while she was playing with her friends as a kid. A redneck goes to the grocery store barefoot. And when it comes to Tara Reid, she enters a gas station in Malibu that same way. We bet you didn’t know that either. Either way, shoes are only for classy occasions, anyway. No one has time for socks, either.

3 Dream Big

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Classy redneck girls have big dreams. They know what they want and they work hard to achieve it. Just ask all the Miss Georgia, Miss Alabama, and Miss Texas beauty pageant contestants out there. They got there for a reason, right?

Sure, Tara Reid used to have big dreams, too. She once said, “It would be the ultimate dream for me to win an Academy Award, be in love, and have kids. Then I would say, 'Life is great! I have done everything I wanted.' I would love to work with Anthony Hopkins; I would love to work with Meryl Streep; I would love to work with De Niro; I would love to work with Johnny Depp; I'd love to work with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow... I think she's amazing.”

2 No Flakiness Here

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Simply put, classy redneck gals aren’t flaky. Heck, they would rather be caught doing questionable things with one of their first cousins than be flaky. Every classy redneck girl knows that you need to be feminine, but tough, too. You should know how to hold a rifle and when to use it, too.

Apparently, Tara Reid doesn’t think that she’s flaky either, and that’s because she’s from the East Coast, whatever that means. She thinks she’s tough, but we all know she’s not redneck tough. Tara once explained it best when she said, “Once you get to know me, you would know in a second that I am an East Coast girl. You can tell because I'm not flaky, and I will tell you how it is. I also walk faster than they walk in L.A.”

1 Redneck Self-Confidence

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If there is one thing that D-list actresses like Tara Reid lack, but that classy redneck girls have, it’s self-confidence. And a whole lot of it! That’s maybe because classy redneck girls were brought up to know that they don’t need a man to cater to their every need. It’s quite the opposite. Redneck guys NEED their classy redneck girls. Without them, they wouldn’t survive.

I mean, who else would shoot an intruder in the middle of the night (while you are sleeping), cook you bacon and eggs from the same pig she slaughtered just yesterday and keep your fridge stocked with Mountain Dew during all times? A good redneck wife or girlfriend, that is. And don’t you forget it. I mean, could you imagine a flaky West Coast girl doing the same? I didn’t think so.

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