15 Recent WWE Rumors Vince Doesn’t Want Us To Know About

These are all pieces of news Vince would rather we didn’t know about, but thanks to moles planted backstage, we have access to such revealing info

It seems like every time a big PPV is on the horizon, the rumor mill starts to intensify a little more. The news and rumors are always a huge part of the WWE, as most fans love the gossip more than the actual product. Well, if you love the rumor mill, you’ll love this article as we take a look at the biggest backstage news making headlines today. In all likelihood, these are all pieces of news Vince would rather we didn’t know about, but thanks to moles planted backstage, we have access to such revealing information.

This article will take a look at a wide variety of topics. We’ll take a look at future storylines pertaining to all the big events including SummerSlam, Survivor Series and next year’s WrestleMania. We’ll also discuss potential releases, new arrivals and the current tensions that are taking place backstage with Vince and his personnel. Buckle up, because we got some crazy info in this one. If you love the element of surprise, don’t read this piece as we unveil lots of future planning for the company going into the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy the article and be sure to share it with a friend who also adores wrestling gossip. Let us know which rumors you liked from the list and which you’d rather not see. So without further ado, here are 15 of the latest WWE rumors Vince doesn’t want us to know about.

15 Urgent Backstage Meeting Regarding Universal Title

Word is that the backstage atmosphere has been a little tense as of late and that especially pertains to the state of the Universal Championship. According to recent news, Braun Strowman was being pushed as the next in line to take on Brock Lesnar, but once he fell to injury, the entire scenario needed to be reworked, causing a meeting which was said to have lasted a couple of hours.

The WWE’s creative team, along with Vince, decided on a Fatal-Five-Way which is set to take place at Extreme Rules. According to the rumor mill, the odds on favorites to win the match at this point are either Seth Rollins or Finn Balor. Many would have thought Roman would have continued his monster push, but the plan is to have Reigns and Lesnar (re)meet once again at next year’s ‘Mania, leaving the door open for a new challenger at the moment. For what it’s worth, it seems highly unlikely that the belt is to change hands in Lesnar’s first defense.

14 Ending Finn’s Monster Push

Prior to his terrible shoulder injury, it seemed like the WWE was pushing Finn Balor as the “new guy” following the Roman Reigns suspension for violating the Wellness Policy. Balor defeated the likes of Roman on route to becoming the first ever Universal Champion. Following his injury, it seems like the WWE is currently having second thoughts about his push.

Since coming back from injury, Balor hasn’t received the same treatment from the company. Not only did he lose to Roman Reigns last episode of Raw, but the commentators were also remarking how small he looked. According to the rumor mill, this is an ongoing problem Vince has with Balor, claiming his smaller size makes him injury-prone. Many fear that he’ll move down the pecking order, no longer receiving any type of monster push as “the guy”. In addition, he’s being favored to potentially win the number one contenders match but many believe that’ll lead to a squash defeat to Brock Lesnar.

13 WWE Superstars Watching TNA Backstage

The recently released Simon Gotch is now starting to open up about his time with the WWE behind the scenes. He unleashed a crazy story regarding the face that runs the place, John Cena actually watching TNA footage backstage with his peers.

The story goes that Chris Jericho had an advanced copy of Matt’s Final Deletion promo, and the boys in the back had a field day with it, dying of laughter. Cena came in while the boys were watching the video and said that he’d like to watch it as well once everybody was done. Like all the other boys, Cena also had a positive reaction to the segment, agreeing with Gotch that it was in fact the worst-best thing he’d ever seen. Now just imagine Vince walking in on his franchise stallion watching such material... Man, would that have made for another great story.

12 The Disturbing Owen Hart Footage Does Exist

If you watched the WWE during the Attitude Era, chances are you remember Kevin Kelly who was not only a backstage interviewer, but someone notoriously known for getting buried by The Rock during his classic promos. Today, the New York native is still in the business at the age of 50, working with companies like ROH and New Japan Wrestling.

A couple of months back, Kelly made a disturbing reveal that likely turned the stomach of most wrestling fans, Vince McMahon included. According to Kelly, footage of Owen’s tragic fall does in fact exist, however, the WWE is unlikely to ever publish such a clip. The WWE has been very secretive of this, and to this day, there is no footage of the actual tragic fall, not even from a fan cam. The reveal was quite disturbing, and for the sake of the Hart family, we hope such a video never goes public. Rest in peace Owen.

11 Charlotte’s Face Turn Not Well Received

Putting Charlotte Flair on SmackDown was the right call for both the brand and Charlotte’s longevity in the business. However, another decision hasn’t sat all that well with WWE officials backstage and it seems like things are likely to change sooner rather than later.

With the WWE creating a new faction featuring Carmella, Natalya and Tamina, creative decided to turn Charlotte face in the process in order to combat the group alongside the brand’s other babyfaced Superstars. However, the idea hasn’t sat well with numerous WWE officials and it seems like the face turn won’t last all that long. The rumor mill believes Charlotte is likely to turn on her group, setting up a future feud with Naomi for the championship. Rarely does the WWE go back on an idea, but it seems like the company is pretty dead set on rewriting this wrong, and protecting their future gem, Charlotte Flair.

10 Adam Cole Rumors

Just recently, Adam Cole officially left ROH with one of the most epic departures in the company’s history. Kenny Omega showed up in a video, dropping a chilling promo. Before you knew it, highly scouted prospect Marty Scrull was in the ring serving as the new member of the Bullet Club. Cole was kicked out of the group receiving a beatdown from Scrull and his former buddies, the Young Bucks. It was certainly an epic way to go out.

The next move seems pretty obvious and many believe that his destination will be NXT sooner rather than later. Cole is currently a free agent, signed to a couple of indie shows in the future. In recent interviews, Adam has stated that he’s still a free agent, awaiting word on what’s next for his career. In all likelihood, the WWE is going to add this gem as an integral part of NXT.

9 Orton Battles The Indie Dudes

At age 37, it’s truly remarkable that Orton is still at the very top of the WWE ladder as the current WWE Champion over on the SmackDown brand. It seems like not only is Orton making headlines in the ring, but he’s also stirring up the pot outside of it taking shots at indie wrestlers, particularly Bubba, ridiculing him about a dive.

Orton took things a step further writing a lengthy Twitter message that received thousands of likes and retweets, ripping the stereotypes that follow the indie scene. Orton trolled the community on anything from the “this is awesome chants”, to the prototypical "indie dives". Some believe there’s more to the story, as Orton’s potentially stirring the pot for a future program with Styles, as he’s set to work as a heel in the program, while others believe it’s just Orton being Orton. Regardless of what’s really going on, we believe Vince wants this saga to end sooner rather than later.

8 Bryan Still Confident That He Can Return

First and foremost, we’d like to congratulate Daniel Bryan on the birth of his child. The SmackDown General Manager is currently taking time off to help raise his kid alongside wife Brie Bella. It’s a great time to be alive for SmackDown’s GM at the moment.

Putting that aside, it’s truly remarkable that Bryan is still stating he’s coming back to the ring at some point. More specifically, Bryan said on Talking Smack that when his contract expires in a year, that he’s likely going to continue wrestling outside of the company. Dave Meltzer confirmed the statement, saying that Bryan has interest in working with CMLL, having a hair versus mask match, something that’s apparently on his bucket list. Along with that, it’s been reported that Bryan already has established a new in-ring style that’s much safer than his past repertoire, which just adds to the allure of his return. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out once his contract expires.

7 The Ongoing “Broken” Struggles

Matt’s return to the WWE has been pretty great, however fans are displeased that he hasn’t gone fully “Broken” yet and that’s all because of TNA holding his gimmick hostage. Apparently, TNA has the legal rights to the gimmick, and they haven’t been all that interested in handing over the rights to the WWE. Matt continues to hint a “Broken” return, claiming that TNA will eventually do the right thing and hand over the rights for the good of his career.

As for now, Matt continues with his half Hardy, half Broken gimmick which hasn’t been all that bad, especially considering that he’s working a Tag Team angle alongside his brother Jeff. However, looking to the future in a run as a solo act, the Broken gimmick is almost essential. Just imagine Matt feuding with Bray Wyatt and not being able to be “Broken”? No! No! No!

6 The Real Strowman Injury Length

For the WWE, this injury could not have happened at a worse time as Strowman was receiving a monster push from the company, and the word backstage was very positive about his future. An untimely injury derailed that push, but it seems like the WWE is still protecting his super-human gimmick given their verdict on the injury length.

The WWE has “reported” that the injury is set to take Strowman out of action for the next four to six months. However, it seems like that timeline is all a work as according to Dave Meltzer, the injury will only sideline the big man for the next four to six weeks, adding to the shock factor once he “prematurely” returns. Word is that Strowman is set to return in time for the SummerSlam build, as he’s set to challenge Brock Lesnar for a showdown set for the event of the summer, with the Universal Championship on the line. A mid, to early July return seems rather likely.

5 Eva Marie’s Future

It seemed like Eva Marie was finally getting pushed, however that came to an end in August when it was revealed that she violated the WWE’s Wellness Policy, earning herself a 30 day suspension. She hasn’t been seen since working in the entertainment industry, taking on several acting gigs.

The rumor mill has suggested that her days are done and that has only intensified when it was revealed that Eva wouldn’t be returning to the seventh season of Total Divas, ending her time on the reality show. It seems like her WWE says are done with, and the reality show is currently casting for a replacement. The likes of Charlotte Flair have auditioned for the role. Nikki, Brie, Natalya and Naomi seem to be the only Superstars confirmed, as it appears Paige is another name on the rocks and unlikely to return to the company at this point.

4 Roman’s WWE Future

Following his Wellness Policy violation, it seemed like the monster Roman Reigns' push was coming to an end. He was losing matches, and competing for the US Title, however, it didn’t take long for his mega push to continue once the dust settled. His massive win over The Undertaker re-confirmed the company’s faith in the "big dog" and it remains evident that he’s a big part of the product moving forward.

With Lesnar being the champion and playing a part-time role, the importance of the IC Championship has become that much bigger. With that said, the plan moving forward is for Roman to compete against Miz (who’s likely set to win the title) for the belt. Reigns is scheduled to win the title for the first time in his career, adding to the prestige of the belt. This will set a monumental champion versus champion clash at next year’s ‘Mania between Lesnar and Reigns.

3 Ratings Causing Backstage Heat

When asked about the current ratings situation, the WWE doesn’t seem that bothered nowadays due to their reach on social media. According to company reps, they have such a stranglehold of the demographic online, that the TV ratings have become secondary in terms of importance.

However, it seems like that’s only a front as Raw recently received a record low rating during a telecast overseas. This didn’t sit well with Vince who was infuriated by the numbers. McMahon held a meeting with the writers to improve for the next show, and that was quite obvious with the booking of a huge matchup featuring Fin Balor and Roman Reigns. The creative team also went the extra mile with other storylines turning Apollo Crews heel and having Goldust also turn by attacking his former partner R-Truth. The show did decent in the ratings despite the heavy competition, and you can expect show quality to only improve moving forward heading into SummerSlam.

2 Hiring A Female Referee

It’s no secret, women continue to rise in the world of sports and entertainment. Now more so than ever before, the females in the WWE are given every possible chance to thrive as in-ring performers. The WWE is only adding to this with a future Women’s Tournament on the horizon.

However, it seems like the company took things a step further with the recent announcement of the signing of a female referee. The WWE has kept this on the down low, but 25 year old Baltimore native, Kennadi Brink was recently signed to the company. According to news, she’s worked as a referee for NXT, serving as the ref for live events that took place in the Florida area. She’s a former wrestler that worked for the likes of MCW, Ring of Honor, Shimmer and Shine. It remains to be seen how and when she’ll be utilized, but nonetheless, it’s a huge statement by the company.

1 Future Storylines

For the time being, the WWE’s creative team is slowly working towards SummerSlam. The big matches set for the event include Strowman and Lesnar, Orton and A.J. Styles, and a clash we discussed earlier in the article, Reigns taking on The Miz for the IC Championship.

Moving forward looking at the big picture, the plan is set to have Lesnar and Reigns main event WrestleMania. However, there’s a lot being rumored for the in-between, and that includes a possible epic showdown for the Survivor Series event, that’s rumored to include The Shield reuniting, taking on the Balor Club, featuring Finn and his buddies, The Club. The match might see a heel turn from Seth Rollins, as he’s struggled to find an identity as a babyface. Ambrose turning heel in such a match is another possibility. Other stories to look out for feature long term programs between, Styles and Nakamura, Lesnar and Joe (Survivor Series), Charlotte and Asuka, and Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.

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15 Recent WWE Rumors Vince Doesn’t Want Us To Know About