15 Recent Photos The Cast Of Jersey Shore Don’t Want Us To See

Back in December of 2009, perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact this show would have on the American culture. Before you knew it, people were rocking GTL shirts and hats on the regular while popping bottles in the clubs. After all, that was the premise of the show. The program aired for six seasons (airing 71 episodes). It was a giant hit for MTV and arguably the most popular reality show to ever air on the network.

Since the show came to an end, the cast has kept busy in a variety of ways. We’ll take a look at some of the forgettable moments they’ve undergone lately with pics they likely don’t want you to see. Pictures include lackluster television cameos, along with controversial real life events taking place. This article has it all! With the cast recently reuniting, fans are now buzzing for a return of the show to a network. However, it might exclude one cast member, but we’ll touch base on that during the article.

So without further ado, put some gel in your hair and get ready to fist pump as we take a look at some of the most forgettable recent photos of the cast. Here are 15 recent photos of the Jersey Shore cast they don’t want you to see. Be sure to pass this article along to a fellow JS fan. Enjoy folks, let’s begin!


15 Snooki Goes Under The Knife

Hard to find a more popular Jersey Shore character than Snooki. Her behavior on the show was often erratic and fans loved her because she just didn’t care about much. At the age of 29, she’s now a proud mom nowadays and because of that, she got a little surgery recently in October of 2016.

According to the reality star, once you have kids, your chest is destroyed. For that reason, Snooki decided to get a little enhancement surgery. She claims she did not want to get a massive size (comparable to her fellow cast mate JWoww), but instead, was happy to move up to a full C cup. She flaunted her new goods following the surgery via her Instagram. Yet to hit her 30s, we can safely say Snooki is one smoking hot mom these days.

14 Ronnie’s New GF... Once Again Ends In Disaster


For those of you that actually followed Jersey Shore, you’re well aware that Ronnie isn’t the smoothest player when it comes to relationships. His romance with Sammi was quite toxic and it usually ended up in a verbal bout and even at times, physical altercations. Who can forget the time Ronnie snapped and started to throw his ex’s clothes and items out of the room. In terms of top of the line heated moments on the show, that one ranks right up there.

Nowadays, both have moved on and you’ll see who Sammi has moved on with a little later as well. As for Ronnie, he was recently dating Malika Haqq, the two met on a reality show (shocking) Famously Single. Once again, Ronnie had no luck in a serious relationship as the two broke up after only two months. According to gossip, Malika was the one to end things between the two.

13 JWoww Wins Worst Cook In America

Jennifer Farley, better known to the reality television world as JWoww, was a huge component to the show. Unlike most of the cast, the New Yorker has a cool head most of the time. However, she was also no slouch when it came to confrontations; who can forget her bout against Sammi inside of the Shore house? Now that was another “can’t miss” segment of the series.

Following the end of the show, it wasn’t like work was being thrown at the cast. Most of them stayed in the realm of reality television and that included JWoww. In 2015, she took on a forgettable cameo appearing in the Celebrity Edition of the Worst Cooks In America. Not only did she compete in the season but she actually won the entire seventh season of the show.

12 Mike & Tax Fraud


Most Jersey Shore fans were split when it came to Mike; he rubbed some the wrong way with his arrogance, while others appreciated the entertainment and controversy he brought to the show. The Situation was involved in various memorable encounters, with one of the most recognizable moments featuring the JS star smashing his own head against a brick wall back in Italy. He did so to try and scare off Ronnie before their encounter and let’s just say it didn’t work out as planned.

Since the show came to end, Mike has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, including one incident of tax fraud. Back in September of 2014, Mike was charged with failing to report his actual income. The problem persisted recently in April of 2017 when new tax charges were once again reported. In Mike’s own words, he’s in quite the “situation”.

11 Pauly Finds Love On A Reality Show

Pauly D was arguably the most popular reality star among the group. He was a cool DJ that kept a straight head most of the time, and he was also pretty darn funny providing the show with a lighter side via his many pranks in the house. His role was much needed for the reality show that got a little too dramatic at times.

Like the others, Pauly stayed in reality television along with continuing his high profile DJ career. In terms of his love life, Pauly would score via the reality show Famously Single, which plays over on the E! Network. The show featured a cast of celebrities that had romantic problems; in Pauly’s case, that was specifically due to commitment issues. Seems like the forgettable show cameo did him some good however, as he started dating Aubrey O’Day. The two remain together nowadays, and O’Day recently stated she’s waiting for the ring. With Pauly inching closer to his 40s, that can happen sooner rather than later.

10 Sammi’s New Boyfriend


In terms of then and now, Sammi is the cast member that has changed the least over the years. She seriously looks exactly the same nowadays at the age of 30. Sammi was soft spoken throughout the show but the chick had some serious edge, whether that meant taking on her ex Ronnie in a verbal and sometimes physical bout, or locking up with her own cast mate JWoww.

Since the show came to an end, Giancola has kept a low profile starting her own clothing line and even launching a Podcast. The cast recently reunited in May to celebrate her 30th birthday, which appeared to be quite the reunion.

Might be hard to believe for hardcore fans of the show, but even Sammi has moved on nowadays. Yes, the recent photo you see above features Sammi and her new chiseled love interest, as the two recently spent time vacationing together.

9 Deena Joins Couples Therapy

Deena flew under the radar during her time on the show, mainly because she entered the house a little later in season 3. She was brought in as a friend of Snooki’s and man, did she not disappoint in her first episode! Right out of the gate, she was not only trashed but got into it with both Ronnie and Sammi. Yup, her intentions were clear right out of the gate.

She recently opened up claiming she cut all ties with Ronnie following Ronnie’s “cutting of ties” with the cast. She ended the friendship after Ronnie did not reach out following the passing of her father.

Since the show came to an end, her roles on television have been few and far between, aside from a role in the show Couples Therapy. Oh, and she did make headlines for a good reason recently as she unveiled her tremendous weight loss figure.


8 Angelina The EMT?


Angelina briefly appeared on the show in the first couple of seasons. Despite her short-lived run, she ruffled a couple of feathers as a big time villain on the show. She got into it with everyone and that included a bitter rivalry with Snooki. The two even got it on in a hair-pulling match. Seems like that animosity has carried over till this very day as the two recently took a couple more jabs at each other via Twitter. Some rivalries just don’t end!

Unlike the others on the reality show, Angelina completely left the television scene opting for an occupation outside of the entertainment industry. She’s now an EMT out of New York City. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves via her various selfies as she rocks the EMT gear.

7 Mike Joins Lame Reality Show

Mike’s post-JS life hasn’t been the greatest, however, good things are starting to take place. He recently admitted to making peace with the entire cast which facilitated his return in the reunion show. Along with that, Mike has wedding bells in his future along with a “mini Situation” potentially on the horizon. Good for you, Mike. Good for you.

Like everyone else on the MTV show, work wasn’t the easiest to obtain. Who can forget his brutal cameo on the Donald Trump roast back in 2011? Man, was that ever cringeworthy to watch! But hey, at least he got the part, right? The lackluster appearances continued as he took part in season 9 of the Worst Cooks in America, back in 2016. In truth, the dude knew how to cook as he was the chef for the cast's "Family Sunday Suppers” during the show’s run. Unlike JWoww, he didn’t win the show, which isn’t the worst thing.

6 Snooki On The Celebrity Apprentice


As we stated earlier, Snooki has been the most popular cast member, especially since the show came to a halt. In terms of appearances, Snooki has had the most “high profile” cameos of the bunch.

One of her biggest appearances took place on reality TV, which might sound lame but really isn’t when you assess the fact that it took place on a national cable channel like NBC. Snooki was on primetime with The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2017. She didn’t do well at all, but it was another great appearance. She also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and with the WWE’s Raw show back in 2011, appearing as a guest host. She didn’t come across glowing most of the time and instead rather ditsy, but they were still in truth, high profile roles that she should be proud of at the end of the day.

5 The Angelina-Snooki Feud Continues

Some things just never change and it looks like the bitter rivals are still at it. This topic of bitterness is simply outrageous and just so darn immature making at this forgettable fight.

Trying desperately to stay in the news, it looks like all Angelina can do is come up with shots against her former JS co-star. Angelina made the statement that Snooki copied her lip injections and even used the same doctor to do so. When Snooki was made aware of the comments from the interview, she called Angelina childish on how she still hasn’t changed. Snooki thought the exchange was friendly and that Angelina had changed, however given the comments, that proved to be incorrect. The two went back-and-forth on Twitter, with both trying to play the role of the victim. Oh boy!

4 JWoww The Producer


With 5 million followers via Instagram, JWoww has kept a large portion of fans since the show came to an end. Unlike the others, JWoww has done well for her reputation, even becoming a huge activist for gay rights. Along with that, she gave birth to two children since the program came to an end. The most recent took place in May of 2016, giving birth to her son, Greyson Valor. You might remember the proud papa, it’s Roger Matthews, who was on the show back in the day. The two have stayed together ever since and are proud parents today.

Along with the parenting life, JWoww took a bizarre turn appearing as an actress and producer for her own comedy film called, The Mint. The film was very low-key and a project most aren’t even aware went down, making it a total miss.

3 Missing Pieces At Snooki’s Wedding

Snooki tied the knot with Jionni LaValle back in November of 2014. The wedding made the headlines, however the top story was that some cast members were missing from the ceremony. It was later revealed that two certain individuals weren’t invited to the ceremony.

It was no secret; back in the day Mike and Snooki weren’t on the greatest of terms, so his absence made sense. The two patched things up nowadays however. As for the other missing link, it was Vinny, who wasn’t on the guest list. Given the history of “hooking up” the two had, inviting him wasn’t the best idea. Vinny also stated in an interview that Jionni was never really a big fan of his either. Both cast members missing was controversial, however we should note that most of the cast are on excellent terms today (asides from one person who we’ll discuss in the final entry).

2 Mike’s Salon Brawl


Sporting a gash under his eye, Mike made the headlines in what was yet another forgettable moment for the reality star. The altercation took place outside of a tanning salon (out of all places!). It seems like the GTL didn’t take place as peacefully that day.

He and his brother co-owned the salon and to make matters, they were the two involved in the brawl that led to Mike’s arrest. The heated altercation between the brothers took place because of checks apparently bouncing. This led to a scuffle between the two with the cops getting called. Not to worry, Mike got himself out of the can with a $500 bail. Thankfully, it seems like those dark days are a thing of the past as he’s cleaned up his act in the last couple of months.

1 Where’s Ronnie?

The cast of Jersey Shore recently made the headlines as they held a reunion while working a Burger King ad. Something however seemed off about the reunion and it was because of a missing piece: Ronnie.

According to gossip, the JS star had a falling out with the cast and he hasn’t kept in touch with anybody, aside from Vinny. Along with the recent reunion, the cast plans on bringing the show back, and it’s rumored that they're just looking for a network to finalize a deal with. Some claim that if this does happen, Ronnie once again won’t be a part of the program’s return. For the hardcore fan, this is a major letdown and it must be for the cast as well, who naturally, would like everyone to be a part of the show’s return.

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