15 Recent Photos Of Rihanna That Prove Thicker Is Better

To say I'm loving Rihanna's new shape lately would be an understatement. But I'm so glad I'm not alone. Rihanna has been making headlines after she unconsciously debuted a brand new look that proves she's, well, eating REALLY good. And I'm not the only one who took notice. In fact, she has now earned the nickname, Thickanna. But what I love the most about her new shape is that it's not one that is considered cookie-cutter or even the norm when it comes to her peers in Hollywood. Based on the consensus on social media, many girls are glad that Rihanna has put on a little weight. While Drake said he likes his girls thick and beautiful, Rihanna takes it to another level as she doesn't just talk the talk but she walks the walk, and looks amazing doing it.

Of course I don’t think Rihanna wasn't beautiful before. But now, she definitely has it going on. And even though her new look hasn't sparked any valid rumors that she's pregnant by any guy she's been spotted with lately (or an ex, from Drake to dare I say it, Chris Brown), she has gotten some negative attention. Bar Stool actually received lots of flack after they wrote a headline that reads, "Is Rihanna going to make being fat the hot new trend?" I certainly think they regret writing that. But in the meantime, we're going to celebrate Rihanna in all her thickness glory. Take a look at 15 recent photos that prove Rihanna never looked better.


15 The Effortlessly Chic Look

Rihanna has always looked amazing in pretty much anything she wears. After all, she's more than one of the biggest fashionistas of our time, she's a trendsetter too. But somehow she can make a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, just like this one, look just as great as a night out on the town at the Grammy Awards. Still, now that she is the beloved new "Thickanna," I have to say I have never seen Rihanna fill out a pair of jeans like this. This definitely calls for a "You go girl!" moment. And considering it surfaced in the heat of her receiving attention for gaining weight, I think it's safe to say the look on her face makes it clear she's unbothered. But when you think about it, has Rihanna ever been bothered by anything negative someone has had to say to her? So I'm just going to leave it at, "Get down girl, go get down."

14 When She Didn't Bare All


Rihanna still looked amazing when she literally covered up from head to toe at an event recently. Of course her option to cover up instead of baring all sparked speculation that she is carrying her first child. But Rihanna has always gone from one extreme of wearing clothes that were barely there to letting as little skin as possible hang out. But this time around, Thickanna has taken over and filled out the camel colored jacket and long pants in a way that the Rihanna we've known since 2006 all the way up until 2016 probably wouldn't be able to deliver. While her body type might have changed, one thing that didn't is her ability to strike a pose. And this photo proves that she can rock the latest style whatever her size. Her current one just has to be one that we can't enough of. So thanks, RiRi!

13 When She Kept It Classy

Let it hang out, Rihanna! Okay, not everything was hanging out in this one. But she left enough to the imagination for fans to clap it up for her. I must say, Rihanna has found an amazing way to carry this reported new weight she appears to have. The off-the-shoulder look is an extremely sexy one along with the distressed jeans, including the large hole right by the knee. She topped it off with a brown purse that is most likely designer as well as she strutted down a boulevard looking flawless as ever. I love the confidence that she shows in this photo while being fully aware of what the world is saying about her. The funny thing is, knowing Rihanna and her attitude, it’s more than safe to say she doesn’t give a f*ck. And that, my friends, is just another reason why Rihanna is looking better than ever.

12 These Boots Are Made For Walkin'


Please don’t judge me but I couldn’t help but sing out the song, “She’s a brick house!” when I saw this photo. All I can say is, “Yes, Rihanna! Yes!” She looks absolutely amazing in this picture. It’s probably one of the first ones, if not the first, when fans realized just how slim thickums Rihanna was getting. She sported this look at Coachella back in April and pretty much shut the place down. Like, no one was ready for this one at all — except Rihanna of course. I can only imagine what she thought as she prepared to step out for the evening. Did she wonder what reactions she would get about her new look? Did she think about what headlines she would be the next day? If there was a best dressed category for Coachella 2017, Rihanna would be one of the stars at the top of the list.

11 That Time She Channelled Her Inner New Yorker

Rihanna might not be an around-the-way New York girl but she certainly looked like she was born and raised in Brooklyn in this photo. She’s one of the few celebrities who can rock mega faux dreads and still look absolutely amazing (shoutout to Zendaya Coleman for being one of the others who can pull them off). She’s been spotted court side with the hairstyle and found fun ways to switch it up whether it’s a high bun like this one or one that lets it fall to her waist. Even in this all denim outfit, Rihanna lets the jeans hug her hips and thighs in the most perfect way possible! Excuse me while I go do a few squats. She actually makes lots of girls feel better about their shape and lets them know that they can afford to eat an extra french fry or too if they can still look like Rihanna. What an inspiration she is.

10 When She Was An Ideal All-Around Girl


Rihanna clearly has lots of style and this is just one of the photos that she graces. She might have dressed casual but I’m willing to bet this got her on the cover of a magazine or two. It looks like she’s at home in Barbados but we know she's not, and the “Where Have You Been?” singer might have caused millions of her fans to head over to Pinterest to find a cute outfit to lounge around in with the hopes of looking like they didn’t try too hard to look amazing. Yes, Rihanna has that impact on us. From the head wrap (which is pretty much flawless to say the very least) to the crop top camisole paired with the cardigan around it that falls off of her shoulders to the camo pants and shoes, I’m not the only one who’s fangirling over this look.

9 When She Kept It High Fashion

It’s clear that Rihanna looks like she’s rocking a runway anywhere she goes. But this look actually deserves a catwalk. It does cover her curves a little bit but the notion that it goes just below her knees and shows the bottom half of her legs lets us know she's still working with a whole lotta body underneath. Well maybe not a whole lot but it’s certainly more than she had this time last year. The one piece she's rocking certainly compliments her shape like many of the other outfits on this list. But her blunt forehead bangs and short bob also help her complete the high fashion look. She never goes wrong and this time she went completely right. Only Rihanna could pull off something like this confidently — and I haven’t even mentioned the shoes. This look is certainly one that reminds us that Rihanna is looking better than she ever has.


8 When She Looked Comfortable and Chic


Oversized grey sweatsuit? Check. Oversized camouflage jacket? Check. Long hair, don’t care moment? Check. Unbothered look? Double check. Yep, Rihanna has it all in this one. Who else can wear this and still look flawless? I love this one especially because even though everything is oversized, she doesn’t look like she’s shaped like a refrigerator. Instead, you can still see the curves of her hips and the ultimate shape of her physique. She has an amazing way of being able to cover up but still exude sex appeal more than someone who might step out with short shorts, a bra for a top, and a high messy bun. And while Rihanna probably wore a very similar outfit on her own body, this one could be considered just as sexy depending on who you ask. Either way, it’s another reason why Rihanna is giving us all the feels lately. All. the. feels.

7 When She Brought Us Back To 2006

Does this look not remind you of what Rihanna looked like when she first came out? Long before her good girl gone bad days, Rihanna had the image of a sweet island girl. Yes she often took risks and went bold every once in awhile, but this picture brought me back to her first handful of videos like the one for “Pon de Replay” and “S.O.S.” I think the high ponytail contributes to that. This was another look she rocked this year. And while it didn’t look anything like the denim outfit above (in fact it looks like a completely different person to some), it’s still one that falls into the category of why Rihanna is looking better than she ever has. Even though it does remind me of her earlier days, I think it still shows how much she’s matured over the last ten years or so.

6 When She Made Us Green With Envy


The first thing I think when I see this photo is, “Only Rihanna…” From only Rihanna would rock this to only Rihanna could rock this and not look absolutely crazy. Her face might be smug but it’s certainly glowing. And if that didn’t garner enough attention, check out the green sneakers. Rihanna is a fashionista in her own right and now that she seems to be coming into her own with this new level of thickness, she’s still letting us know she is one of the best. The statement of, “you can tell so much about who someone is just by their style,” that she made when she accepted the Fashion Icon of the Year award never rang as true as it does in the recent days of Thickanna. She’s letting us have it and we’re proud to accept it whether she’s fully covered or showing a little extra skin.

5 When She Gave Us All The Fringe

Yes, Rihanna, Yes! I love that she’s showing her belly in this photo too. Just because she might have gained a little weight and was called “fat” at one point, doesn’t mean she should be afraid to show her midriff. And I’m ecstatic that she isn’t. In fact, I have to clap it up for her because her confidence is worth celebrating. Especially because her crop top lets her hips shine bright like a diamond. This picture is everything, from the crop top to the hat and of course the slightly loose distressed jeans paired with a white belt. But let’s talk about the jacket. How amazing is it? Some of us only wish we could rock a look like that. She’s all smiles and so are we with this one and many others in which Rihanna isn’t afraid to show her new curves. After all, just because they’re new to us doesn’t mean they’re new to her.

4 Shine Baby Shine!


Clearly it’s safe to say that Rihanna just took Coachella by storm, honey! This is yet another look she wore during the festival this past April. So looking at it, everything, like the pose and the sunglasses and of course the glitter covered physique is just SO Rihanna. She portrays her carefree attitude and she certainly deserves to have a carefree life after holding down the spotlight for so long. She’s broken record after record so when it comes to events like Coachella, I love to see her just let loose and enjoy herself. Even if that means covering her body in glitter and topping it with a black wig and decked out sunglasses. She was pretty much the face of Coachella this year. There’s no other way to put it than to say she just dressed very Rihanna. Of course her shoes were on point too but that’s just a given.

3 When She Made It Ok To Wear Pink Slippers Outside

Who else thought that Rihanna made it completely okay to wear bright pink slippers outdoors after seeing this picture? Not to mention she doesn’t have on anything else that’s actually pink so that makes them stand out even more. But when it comes to her outfit, she’s sporting the go-to for thick and curvy girls so it looks like she’s fitting right in. She rocked a charcoal color hoodie, black sweatpants, an oversized jacket, sunglasses with a thick, white rim and of course a bag that goes perfectly with everything. Her daring style is sheer perfection and yet inspiring at the same time. I wonder who else is taking notes in their head for the next outfit they’ll wear to the airport or when traveling anywhere. Who else but Rihanna can look fashionable but also like she’s going home to crawl in the bed? Only Rihanna I tell you. Only her.

2 When She Made Us Want to Flash Dance


So Rihanna could be a good contender for a remake of Fame after this photo. While the likes of Beyonce and Tamar Braxton are pros at rocking a body suit, Rihanna should definitely be in the running when it comes to who the leader is. Okay we cheated, this is an older photo of Rihanna, back in another one of her earlier "Thickann" eras, and she fills out this look perfectly and wears it well. This was clearly for a performance but it wasn’t just her voice that made her the star of the show. This isn’t necessarily a situation when you wonder who else can rock this except Rihanna. Honestly, plenty of girls could. But the notion that Rihanna rocks it too is amazing. It might be simple but it’s certainly a good look for her. I don’t think we need too many more reminders that Rihanna is looking more amazing than usual these days. I’m all for it, to say the least.

1 When She Told Us Her Hips Don’t Lie

Okay, one more photo from Rihanna's previous thicker days!

Celebrities probably pay to get a body like this. But Rihanna could have just started eating more cornbread during her visits to the dirty south. Her new weight gain (that sounds offensive but in this context it is definitely a positive thing) is au naturale unlike some of her singing and acting counterparts who would take shots and drink tea to get a bod like this. She makes it look completely fun and easy in the crop top and… I don’t know if those are shorts or not but it works, and her curly tresses going strong.

I think the lesson to be learned from this list is that Rihanna is rocking her body and most likely loving the skin she’s in. Despite getting a little bit of backlash and even being attacked with pregnancy rumors, she looks better than she ever has and I hope her new look is here to stay.

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