15 Recent Embarrassing Botches The WWE Didn’t Want Us To See

With the WWE being a live program, the company is usually prone to the casual botch, whether it be during a Raw or SmackDown show, or even a PPV event. Botches however can even take place at live events and thanks to social media, we are now well aware when one takes place.

Botches in wrestling can go down in a variety of ways. The most commonly known botch is an in-ring botch when a wrestler messes up a certain spot or maneuver. However, there also exists a variety of other botches like the infamous wardrobe malfunction, production botch and various other forms of things can go wrong during a live telecast.

In the following article, we’ll highlight some of these very botches with the most recent WWE blunders to take place. The list includes failed entrances, horrendous use of certain props and even a WWE legend losing his teeth during an in-ring segment. These are the 15 most recent WWE botches that the company didn’t want us to see. Enjoy the article and let us know your favorite blunder from the list!

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15 Foley’s Teeth Come Flying Out


Mick Foley’s run as Raw’s General Manager continues to be debated amongst the masses, some don’t mind his contributions to the program while others believe he’s been way too over the top since being put into power his second time around.

One wrestler Foley has tried to elevate during his stint as the GM is Sami Zayn. Foley has repeatedly called him out and worked various segments alongside the Quebec native. This one segment in particular, got a little too heated, some much so that Foley’s fake teeth came flying out his mouth while the two yelled at one another back and forth. As Mick yelled in Zayn’s face, his teeth came flying out. Props to Foley for catching them and putting them in his pocket without any noticeable stall to the segment. An even bigger props goes out to Sami Zayn for keeping a straight face throughout the segment; seriously the dude deserves a raise for not laughing after seeing Mick’s dentures come flying out. Surely, the two had a chuckle about it backstage after the angle.

14 Botching Cedric’s Entrance

Most of us can agree, the Cruiserweight Division has been a pretty big letdown thus far. Despite the plethora of talent throughout the division, the WWE has found the need to add an “entertainment” value to the class with meaningless storylines putting a lesser emphasis on the in-ring action. It just goes to show just how out of touch those in charge truly are as Triple H is no longer taking care of the class.

Adding to the insult, the WWE recently botched Cedric Alexander’s entrance playing the video and pyro design of Drew Gulak. Alexander quickly realized the botch and seemed uninterested when coming out to the ring. Seriously though, at least get the guy's entrance right. Fans have been disappointed with his involvement thus far and the entrance just added to his tough start with the WWE. The entire division has been lackluster and we hope things change sooner rather than later.

13 The Lights Go Off On Booker

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As wrestling fans know, anything can happen during live television. From technical errors coming out of the production truck to fan interactions, the show can experience several twists and turns. That’s truly the beauty of having live television.

Thankfully, this recent incident took place on a pre-show and not the actual PPV itself. Before the Road Block PPV, Booker T hyped up the event alongside host Charly Caruso. As the two discussed the night ahead, the power went out leaving both of them in the dark. The young rookie Caruso was noticeably startled, Booker T however was not, playing the role of the veteran and even making a joke that the Boogeyman was coming. The two both took out their cellphones for light in order to read their scripts, although thankfully it was short-lived and the lights came back on. Now that’s live TV for you, folks!

12 Sasha’s Stretcher

The goal of pro wrestling is to make the product as real looking as possible. It’s meant to tug at your heart strings and to have the fan fully invested into whatever is going on without thinking it's fake. For the most part, the company does a great job, but in this particular instance, man was it ever a fail.

The spot with Sasha and Charlotte did look pretty brutal leading us to believe that Banks was actually hurt. When the refs and paramedics came out however, we quickly thought otherwise. First off, the paramedics on hand looked like they just came out of a frat house. Second, the neck brace was completely botched around Sasha’s neck and didn't even fully tie around. Finally, the absolute worst, was the fact that the referees were trying to tie Sasha onto the stretcher with cable wires. Yes, if you take a closer look, it seems like the WWE forgot about strapping Banks in so they settled for some darn black cable wires. Thankfully, before they could use them, Banks got up from the stretcher and continued the match.

11 More Botched Entrances

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Not sure who’s working the entrance videos, but man have they botched several entrances in the last couple of months (including another one we’ll discuss a little later). This was yet another botch which took place during the Dudleys against R-Truth and Goldust encounter.

Although the names in the match were less than prestigious, you’d still expect things to run smoothly with the four veterans. Leave it to the WWE to make a mess of things as Goldust came out to the video of the Dudley Boyz. As the cameras tried to capture the golden plated WWE Raw entranceway, the Dudleys video was noticeably on the screen. The cameras quickly changed, trying to fix up the botch zooming into Goldust with a lesser view of the big screen. Thankfully, R-Truth quickly came out and the blunder was fixed. Although, it was truly too late, and the footage went viral pretty quickly as things normally do in the world of the WWE.

10 The Spear On Shane

No doubt about it, the most popular member of the McMahon family remains Shane-O-Mac. Fans love him and there’s a reason; the guy's genuine inside and outside of the ring, along with being one hell of a performer. Time and time again, Shane has put his body on the line for us fans and he’s been a joy to watch.

Since his return, things have picked up. He returned to an insane ovation and fought The Undertaker in the best match of last year’s lackluster WrestleMania card. He’s continued his good fortune on the SmackDown brand leading to show to great success. As of this writing, the Tuesday show is far ahead of Raw at the moment.

This situation however, wasn’t so glorious to put it in the words of Bobby Roode. During a Raw versus SmackDown Tag match at Survivor Series, Shane ate a brutal spear by Roman Reigns. The move wasn’t botched, but the result was as Shane was completely knocked out. As Reigns went for the pin, McMahon kicked as a reflex, although he should have been out for the three count. The refs deemed Shane was KO’d by the move causing his elimination.

9 Fix The Apron

As we stated before, it’s live TV and anything can happen. NXT has the privilege of being taped, but isn't immune to a botch or two during their live PPV specials. On this night during NXT TakeOver: Toronto, two noticeable botches took place. One of them didn’t make the airwaves as Nikki Cross botched a top rope maneuver and fell off the turnbuckle. Luckily, the stunt took place during the pre-show and was edited. Cross would try her luck once more going back on the top rope for a second time, this time, hitting the move.

Another incident would take place during the live show in a match featuring the two Canadians, Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger. During the match, the apron cover was lifted leading to an awkward scene. The camera crew purposely avoided the ring malfunction, while the crowd made it be known as they chanted “fix the apron”. Poor Roode looked on confused during the match trying to make out what the fans were saying. Finally, the cameraman fixed the malfunction and got a nice ovation by the crowd at hand.

8 Goldberg’s Botch

We all know how the WWE feels about blood in this new PG climate. The company goes at great lengths to avoid any signs of blood. They’ve even stopped matches to clean up opponents in the past.

One thing the company was not ready for however, was Goldberg bashing in his own head during a promo. Goldberg is notorious for these bone head moves; who can forget when he “accidentally” broke a car window with his own hands during a WCW backstage segment? The botch led to several months of Goldberg on the shelf and you’d figure he’d learn by now.

Pumped up and ready to go, Goldberg bashed his head before going out. The head bash led to blood, along with Goldberg being noticeably rattled from the incident. Bill poked fun at himself claiming he’s surely not doing that again and that he felt pretty woozy out in front of the crowd.

7 A.J.’s Pant Rip

One of the most classic botches we’ve seen in the past is a good old wardrobe malfunction. Whether it be a wrestler wearing tight gear that rips, or something sliding off, we’ve seen various wardrobe malfunctions in the history of pro wrestling.

The most recent one couldn’t have come at a worse time during a main event bout between A.J. Styles and Dean Ambrose, at the TLC PPV. Not only was it a WWE Title Match, but it was a TLC main event bout for the evening. You heard the crowd suddenly get a little more rowdy and many of us at home wondered why? The cameraman did a great job at hiding the botch up until a certain point. Poor Styles had a noticeable tear on his tights. To make matters worse, the malfunction was located smack on his backside. To A.J.’s credit, he handled it like a pro and truly didn’t miss a step throughout the bout.

6 Bending But Not Breaking

It was a historic night for both Sasha and Charlotte, not only entering the cell but for main eventing a WWE PPV for the first time in history. Unfortunately, the match did experience some blunders as we saw before. But this one in particular was actually worse and took place during the finish.

The final spot was meant to show Banks go through a table while Charlotte would hit that Natural Selection for the win. Unfortunately, that was not to be as Sasha’s petite body could not break the table. Flair shot Banks onto the table two times, only to see it stand firm on both occasions. After it didn’t break the second time, Charlotte went for the finish anyways ending the match abruptly and seemingly out of nowhere. Fans weren’t too happy with the finish, but it just goes to show that once again, anything can happen during live television.

5 Protecting Roman

One of the most underrated feuds and matches to come out of 2016 took place between A.J. Styles and Roman Reigns. The two put on some fantastic bouts which were certainly five star quality. They didn’t botch anything in the ring, but it was actually a sign that the WWE tried to hide which caused for a ridiculous blunder by the company.

Look, we all understand the WWE’s trying to protect Roman, but come on now, censoring a sign is a little much, isn’t it? Posted on WWE.com following their Payback match, the company decided to censor a Roman sign which read, “When it Reigns, it bores”. Instead, the WWE faded out the “it bores” part and chose to just keep the “When it Reigns” part of the sign.

Fan expression is a huge part of the WWE and should not be tampered with by any means. Every fan has a right to follow and dislike whichever wrestler they please, making this entire situation quite laughable.

4 KO & The Young Fan

Reactions were mixed regarding this incident as some deemed it as Owens just being a heel, while others found that he went a little too overboard. During a live event taking place in Lowell, Massachusetts, Owens took on Roman Reigns. While entering the ring, KO approached a seven year old fan who had Reigns’ merchandise on. Owens heckled the young fan telling him to buy his shirt instead and concluded by telling the little fan not to touch him.

In the midst of a PG era, many believed KO went way too far. Even the mother of the child took to social media claiming Owens broke her child’s heart. KO was having none of it as he posted about the ordeal on social media claiming that the mother was only doing so to get free stuff out of the WWE. Whether that’s true or not, we’ll let you guys decide.

3 Stephanie And The Google Screen

We round out the recently botched entrances with the bosses’ daughter, Stephanie McMahon. This one, was truly the most bizarre out of all the incidents listed in the article pertaining to entrances.

As Stephanie made her way to the ring during an episode of Raw, an odd Google search bar screen was put up. We seriously doubt Stephanie changed her video to a Google page, which only meant that once again the WWE botched an entrance. The cameraman swiftly picked up on the blunder and took the focus away from the big screen. However, as we’ve seen in the past, wrestling fans catch absolutely everything whether it be at home, or in the stands during a live show. This was another incident that didn’t go unnoticed and caused quite the stir on social media following the failed botch by the WWE.

2 Roman Laughing

The beauty of live events is the fact that anything can happen. That was the case on a Wednesday night during an event which took place in Brooklyn, as the main event featured Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

KO, who’s notorious for heckling crowds, took things a step further during a live event away from the camera. In this particular incident, Owens began to mock a fan ringside claiming he made more than him in just merchandise bonuses. What made everything so comical was the fact that the back and forth was taking place while Roman was locked into a sleeper-hold. Roman could not contain himself any longer and he burst into laughter. Reigns covered his face as he laughed at KO’s comments towards the fan. Even the referee himself had a chuckle throughout the ordeal. Despite the botch, the two were able to finish the match laughter-free.

1 Royal Rumblers

Celebrating the anniversary of the Rumble, the WWE decided to go all out hosting the event at the Alamodome. The spectacle of it all was truly something to look at.

One curious factor however, was the entrance ramp which was really long. This couldn’t happen at a worse event as 30 men were set to enter the ring every two minutes but with such a long ramp and bigger wrestlers, it certainly took some a little more time. Unless you’re Sheamus that is, who sprinted the entire darn thing; a true savage move.

It was curious that for some entrances, the WWE would show the wrestler come out and quickly put the camera back to the ring. The reason as to why was later revealed. What the WWE did not show us, was some of the wrestlers being carted to the ring with a darn golf cart. This only happened to the larger performers like Big E, Braun Strowman, Big Show, Mark Henry and even Bray Wyatt. Seeing the online pics was truly hilarious and you can understand why that did not make television.

Sources: sportskeeda

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