15 Reasons You Should Be Watching CW's Riverdale

Have you ever seen the Archie Comics hanging around your house, or maybe actually read a few of them? Well, if you did enjoy them, you're in for a real treat! The CW has crafted an amazing show out of these comics and created this dark, surreal drama, adapted for TV. What's really cool about this show is that the comics were played out in a much different way, since they clearly didn't have such a dark, drama feel to then.

The show ends up playing like its own series, really with borrowed characters from the comic book series. Many of the main characters from the comics stand strong in the show as well, with KJ Apa playing the role of the legendary Archie Andrews. Along with a new atmosphere for TV, as well as much more drama, the actual TV show has some new twists and turns that some fans may really enjoy, things like cameo appearances, murder mystery, revolving plot twists, and story complications. Not to mention, the way it all comes together on the big screen, and of course, some really hot characters. All these elements combined really allow this version of the series to really breathe on our screens, and live as its own entity. So, that's all dandy and everything but why should you really sit down and tune in to a show like this? Let's get into it.

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15 Cole Sprouse

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Our favorite former child star Cole Sprouse decided it was important to take time away from the spotlight and decided to go to school and pursue a degree in archaeology at NYU. So how did he end up getting rolled back into Hollywood? Apparently when he was reading through the script, he really felt like he connected with Jughead as a character and really thought he could play him well. Since it has been quite a few years since you've seen him, it might take you a second to recognize him. Him being in the show really takes the series to the next level with his super creepy demeanor, and the power that he brings playing Jughead Jones. He aimed to look just like the comic character and he's pretty great at playing the role so far. This isn't a throwback to Zack and Cody at all, this is a whole new Cole Sprouse.

14 KJ Apa

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KJ Apa is the head leading role in this show, and what can we say? The ladies absolutely love him. I mean, the man's an extremely talented actor as well as a musician, and he's ripped. Debuting the fresh faced 19-year-old actor from New Zealand, hunk K.J. Apa is set to change the pace of the game with his good looks. Of course, along with his face there are many other new faces in the series, too.

Just you watch, KJ Apa is going to be the next big teen heart throb with his good looks, and of course being so young, he's actually a really good actor. Better than you think he would be at only 19. The only other role he had was previously in A Dog's Purpose, and The Cul De Sac. Not to mention, the man's American accent is extremely spot on! He can really shred on the guitar, too.

13 Adult Cast


What's really great about this Riverdale re-imagining is that the older adult cast is just as awesome and incredible as the younger cast. Because there are so many young and rising Hollywood stars in this show, there is more than enough veteran acting talent to give this show the stability it needs, talent like Luke Perry and Marisol Nichols, for example. Believe us when we say that the production crew that handled the casting of the show did an incredible job with who they were able to hire  for the show. It's such a perfect blend of actors, old and new, that really have the potential to take this teen drama to a whole new level. I mean I could easily see this show going on for season upon season with the current cast line up. You'll fall in love with at least one character on the show.

12 Greg Berlanti

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For those that don't know who Greg Berlanti is, or how great this man is, you should know that this man alone has produced some of the best superhero TV series of the past ten plus years. Shows ranging from Arrow, Eli Stone, Supergirl, and so many more. And now he's behind the producer chair for Riverdale, so you're practically promised a good, long lasting series. With him behind it, I really won't be surprised if the show ends up going on for multiple seasons and gains some serious traction over the next few years. It's no wonder that the CW is absolutely crushing it and is on fire right now with its fantastic superhero lineup it has going on, and now they can add the cool, dark drama of Riverdale. We're really excited to see what he's got in store for the series and we can't wait to watch more. If you haven't watched any of the shows Greg is behind, we highly suggest you do so.

11 Storyline

The entire storyline is this intense, teen drama masterpiece put into a tv series for you. So far, it has been following a kind of murder mystery plot. Of course, you take something simple like that, and you add complexity to it with interchanging characters and plot twists, with character drama and secrets that are going all around Riverdale, and of course there's going to be questions that you'll demand the answers to! It really is the perfect teen drama with a perfect sense of ominous, impending danger around the entire town.

That alone enough is to build intensity and authenticity in a storyline while at the same time, Riverdale is able to stay relatable with the topics and issues they're covering, like slut shaming. It's a pretty powerful show all in its own right, and it's most likely bound to just suck you right into the series.

10 Love Triangle

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It shouldn't be a surprise to you that the show pulled deep inspiration straight from the comic and kept the love triangle alive between Betty, Veronica, and Archie. Of course, as the shows plays out over multiple seasons and as time goes on with coming and going characters, we're quite sure that things will get complicated with these 3. It's bound to happen, I mean just look at the situation: Betty is totally head over heels for her childhood best friend Archie, and then Archie is totally head over heels for the new girl, Veronica. Then, you have Veronica, who just wants to be friends with Betty and it just spells out a perfect recipe for future drama. It happens to come off as very Dawson-Pacey-Joey from Dawson's Creek and we love that! If that's not good enough, there's even a little bit of a student-teacher tryst in there for you as well, just to ensure things!

9 New Cast

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One of the best things about any TV show, let alone a great teen drama, is when they introduce the audience to a new cast to learn and get acquainted with. Of course, they're usually always young hotties for you to ogle up and down, but isn't that the point of good looking actors and actresses? This is the same reason why guys like Jared Leto get a free pass for so many roles because of their looks alone. If you got the looks, more than likely you'll be able to get a lot more lead roles. That's Hollywood for you!

There are many new faces in this show, with K.J. Apa as just one of them along with Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes as Betty and Veronica, respectively. The cast doesn't stop there of course, they throw in a bunch of extra high school hotties, like Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott, and Ashleigh Murray.

8 Stereotypes

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What show, and especially a teen drama at that, doesn't like to pick on the classic stereotypes in high school? Of course, Riverdale really does have their own take on all of this, and even though they do include some stereotypes in their show, it's more head turning and refreshing than others simple because it's a little more mixed up. It throws in some stereotypes while changing things up that you wouldn't normally expect out of that stereotype. It makes it interesting.

Archie tries to break the jock stereotype with his musical interests, which is a struggle that he has to deal with, and of course, the bad, dark, almost-Winona Ryder like Veronica is actually trying to be nice and make friends. Then you have Betty's gay best friend Kevin, a classic poke at all the funny 2000s high school movies and shows where the pretty popular girls had gay best friends. Oh and of course there's the cheerleading.

7 Drama

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Isn't this one of the reasons we're watching this show alone? Yes, of course there is plenty of drama. I mean come on, it's a teen drama on The CW after all, you couldn't expect there to be none. From the pressure these children deal with from their parents, and just being high school  students, there's already lots of drama brewing. And let's not forget the sensational actors from the 80s and 90s who are playing parents!

Besides the parents having their hands full with these high school kids, you get some extra fun in the mix with former teen stars Skeet Ulrich who faces off against Luke Perry as essentially a gang leader from a different side of town who wants to make trouble, and he somehow has a bizarre and mysterious connection to... Jughead? Lots of drama to unfold so stay and watch, we can all tell this is going to get really good really fast.

6 Music

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The music in this show is great! What's really cool about the show is that it doesn't follow the traditional indie pop soundtrack that so many other TV shows follow thanks to Josh Schwartz's usage of it. Instead, the show seems to embrace a little bit more of a Friday Night Lights styled score, which is the music that were really excited for as well as the music that will come from some of the characters of Riverdale.

With Archie alone having interest in songwriting and music, the show is sure to take a more musical side and delve into Archie's character more as the seasons go on. However, make no mistake that the true musical stars of the show are introduced in the pilot episode. That would be Josie and The Pussycats; we are really excited to see what the producers are going to do with them and how they're going to use their music for the show. Who knows though, maybe Josie (played by Ashleigh Murray) will end up doing a duo with Archie later on in the series? We can't wait to find out!

5 Cameos

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The fact that they were able to bring in Josie from The Pussycats as a regular character for the show is cool, and even though most cameos are quick and short, the cameos on Riverdale seem to be a bit more permanent. Many of you out there are big fans of Stranger Things, or have at least seen an episode or so, but it's really cool that Barb from the show ends up getting a role on Riverdale as character Ethel Muggs! She ends up teaming up with Veronica and Betty to set things straight and to seek out some well deserved revenge on some stupid meat head jocks who deserve exactly what's to come.

And with Riverdale getting as big as it is, were all practically guaranteed some really cool cameos in the future of the series. Who knows what characters they will bring in with small roles or even potentially new characters who they integrate into the story. There's been talks that they're going to be introducing Sabrina Spellman (aka The Teenage Witch) as a character later on! The fact alone that they brought some great actors in from the 80s and 90s as parents kind of acts as its own cameo, too.

4 Murder Mystery

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The show itself, plays off as a really interesting murder mystery intermixed with teen drama, and of course it all revolves around the unsolved murder of a boy who was murdered in the town named Jason Blossom, twin brother of Cheryl Blossom. It really just adds a huge twist on things, because as if drama wasn't already starting to happen between the characters you kind of forget all about the murder that happens and everything in between.

This is why this show is such a dark and gloomy rendition of the original comics because it's not all sunshine and rainbows here. Of course if the show just strictly revolved around the murder mystery of the town, it would detract away from the growth of the characters, and the drama that already exists between them is potential for new things to happen in the series, which is great because there is always things going on.

3 Veronica Lodge

Just like Archie, she's basically the new blood of the town along with the rest of the new cast. All the girls want to be her and everybody wants to be friends with her but she has a single desire to be good friends with Betty, the same girl that's head over heels for Archie. Being a little more complex than that, it's no surprise that the writers decided it would be more interesting if Archie was actually in love with the new girl Veronica but of course she doesn't know it.

What really sets Veronica, played by Camila Mendes, apart from KJ and Lili is that she is just so different, and that she plays off the other two's personalities and chemistry so very well that you want to know more about her. She makes such a good third piece of the trio that if she was missing, the show wouldn't be at all what it is.

2 Diversity

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Again, the show is so much more different and diverse than what the original comics would portray. Gone are the original comics with their predominantly white characters, and now it's revamped with the super varied and more relatable cast of all ethnicities. It's kind of weird too, because the character Jughead has the potential to be asexual but we are not entirely sure. Then you have the character Kevin Keller, who is played by Casey Cott and the character is openly gay. I guess it's not that surprising to have an openly gay character in a teen drama show, but it's still diverse!

Adding to that diversity, one of the new main cast members that are part of the main trio, Veronica, is Latina and then you have some Asian American actors like Ross Butler, who plays Reggie, and of course, Josie and the Pussycats are now a black girl group. It definitely adds an interesting blend to the mix, and makes things seem much more modern day and realistic.

1 Plot Twists

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A lot of people who like thriller movies and heavy drama are loving Riverdale because there are so many twist and turns throughout, I mean that's what makes drama alone so good. If you think about some of the big TV shows like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, there are just so many plot twists and side plots going on that all intermingle with each other. This is the same reason why you get sucked in. Then you take a great show like Riverdale and it becomes literally effortless to just suck your audience right in with the storyline, the characters, and the plot twists.

Getting down to the meat and potatoes of the show, though, this really has the ingredients for everything you could want in a long lasting teen drama and it will definitely shake its audiences to the core with every episode.

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