15 Reasons Why Zendaya Is The Hottest 20-Year-Old Around

If you don't know who Zendaya is, you will definitely want to after reading these 15 reasons why she's the hottest 20-year-old around. Or you can just look through the gorgeous photos and make the determination for yourself.

She was a Disney child star who's blossomed into a fine young lady who sings, acts, dances, models, writes, designs, and more. Zendaya seems to be able to do it all, and remember, she's just 20! Impressive, to say the least. At the rate she's going, this celeb could rule the world one day!

Zendaya is undeniably beautiful with a tall and lean physique, gorgeous facial features, and a knack for style and fashion. Her look is always unique and tasteful, she’s not afraid to experiment with new fashions and trends, and her fans love her ever-changing looks.

She seems to be super-cool and relatable despite her fame and fortune. She loves her fans, is close with her family, and tells it like it is. She’s open and honest and doesn’t put up a fake front for the cameras. She's wise beyond her years and as talented as can be. This chick is going places… although she's already made it pretty darn big.

Read on for more info about Zendaya. You'll be truly impressed with all she's done and what she aims to accomplish in the future. She's beloved by her audience, so this gal is on the right path for even more fame in the years to come. Fans already love the star, but a celeb could always use more followers. If you’re not already obsessed with Zendaya, prepare to be charmed!

15 She’s a One-Name Wonder

There are only a handful of stars and celebs who can go by just one name, and everyone knows who they are instantly. We’ve got Madonna, Cher, Sting, and Prince, to name a few oldies but goodies, and the 20-year-old beauty, Zendaya, is now part of the elite one-named pack. Born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, that was too much of a mouthful for the child-turned-grown-up star, so going by her first name alone was a wise business choice. Plus, there are not too many people named Zendaya in the world, so it's not like we're left wondering which Zendaya someone is referring to when her unique name comes up in the news, on television, or in conversations. One name is all this cutie needs, and one-of-a-kind is what she is.

14 She’s a “Triple Threat”

Bursting with youthful talent and perky pizzazz, Zendaya is a singer, dancer, and actress, and excels marvelously at all three. She's like a mini-J. Lo, who will probably rise to the level of fame as Jenny from the Block has over her many years in the entertainment biz. Fans adore the fact that Zendaya can wow them with her excellent voice, her killer moves, and her stellar acting chops, and she never fails to impress at each and every turn. It's always a true thrill to watch one of her performances, as she knows how to work the crowds with fine stage presence and a finesse that far surpasses many entertainers twice her age. All that raw talent packed into her svelte body is a feast for the ears and eyes for those who get the privilege to see and hear her perform.

13 She’s a Model

With fabulous looks like hers and a tall 5’10” frame, it’s no surprise that the stunning Zendaya has done some modeling. She began her career as a fashion model for Old Navy and Macy’s and has since graced the pages of many celeb and fashion mags. Her keen sense of style and trim figure make her the perfect model, and her unique and lovely facial features are hard to turn away from. She looks great in all sorts of clothing, and she isn’t afraid to take risks in photoshoots and on the red carpet. Any company or brand would be lucky to have the gorgeous Zendaya represent their products or services. She appeals to the younger generation and inspires and impresses those who have a few years on her, too. Her smile is contagious, and her eyes can melt your heart.

12 She’s a Pianist

Zendaya isn’t just a singer when it comes to her musical talent. She's also a piano player who can “tickle the ivories” like nobody’s business. She's obviously gifted musically, so her knack for playing an instrument was probably a piece of cake for the sweetie. Don’t forget, Zendaya is only 20 years old, so whatever she's able to do now is only a taste of what’s to come. Surely, she'll get even better at playing and will continue to wow the crowds as she makes her way in the spotlight in the entertainment business. As a pop and R&B musician, it must be fun to hear her play such tunes on a grand piano. Perhaps she enjoys playing classical music as well when she’s not on the road and performing in concert arenas. This talented diva deserves a standing ovation!

11 She’s a California Girl

There's something special about born and bred California girls that ups their hotness game instantly. Case in point -- Zendaya was born in Oakland, California in September of 1996 and now happily lives in Los Angeles, California, where all the big stars and celebs seem to reside. That noticeable California cuteness and laid-back demeanor makes Zendaya seem totally down-to-Earth, kindly approachable, and always up for a good time with friends and fans alike. That bright California sunshine and breezy fresh air allow California girls to get outside all the time and catch some rays, splash around in the ocean water, and get in lots of outdoor activity, keeping them fit and healthy, just like we see with the lovely Zendaya. Like the song lyrics say, “I wish they all could be California girls!”

10 Diamonds are Her Best Friend

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the sparkling Zendaya agrees 100%. She's said that she's obsessed with diamonds, and with the big-time money she makes, she can certainly afford to buy plenty of multi-carat diamonds for herself. She shines like a star as is, so adding some glitz to her look further enhances her already glittering beauty. And any fella who is lucky enough to call Zendaya his main girl would be a fool to not buy her a diamond ring one day. Stars like Zendaya often get free swag from jewelry companies or at least a loan to wear expensive jewels on the red carpet, so the celeb must have had her share of fancy jewelry so far in her time in the limelight. Shine on, girl!

9 She’s a Dog Lover

What's not to love about a cute gal who loves her adorable canine companion? Zendaya has a precious pooch named Midnight, who is surely the love of her life. Dog lovers are fun-loving people who care deeply for animals and are truly warm and special. That darn dog is one lucky guy to have a lady like Zendaya to call his “master.” That proud pup must be pampered with the finest chow, awesome toys, lots of bones to chew on, and a big dog house that must seem like a doggie mansion! Midnight must simply adore Zendaya and cover her in tons of wet kisses and warm cuddles. Even as busy as the sizzling star is, she always has time to care for her furry friend. That dog’s tail must be wagging 24/7!

8 She’s a Published Author

Is there anything this talented 20-year-old can’t do? Zendaya, along with owning skills in singing, dancing, and acting (and modeling), is also a published writer who wrote Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence, which was released in 2013, when she was still a teenager herself. As a famous gal that tweens and teens look up to, this book was a great idea and surely sold plenty of copies. Zendaya seems to have a solid grasp on knowing how to accept herself, and her self-confidence and strength surely resonate with her thousands of female fans. And of course, the male ones are impressed just as much. Hopefully, Zendaya will find time in her busy schedule to pen more books for her fans to read in the years to come.

7 She’s a U.N. AIDS Ambassador

Not only is the amazing Zendaya a smokin’ hot and undeniably popular star, but she's also leading the way for youth to become more involved in the fight against the AIDS epidemic. She's a U.N. AIDS ambassador, encouraging young people to get tested regularly for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. It's a truly positive thing to see a young and popular celeb like Zendaya get involved in such a worthwhile cause and use her celebrity platform to make the world a better place. Hopefully, her public stance and participation with the U.N. will make a difference in the lives of the future leaders of the planet. Not too many big stars her age are doing something so notable and commendable, so a major kudos to the change-making star.

6 She’s a Melting Pot of Beauty

Zendaya’s unique looks can be attributed to the fact that her parents have a multi-national background. Her mom is Caucasian and has roots in Germany and Scotland. Her pop is African-American. With such a unique mix, Zendaya is the perfect blend of stellar beauty from all over the world. While she's American-born, this worldwide ancestry makes the shining star a rare gem, and her looks are incomparable. With her one-of-a-kind beauty, it's no wonder she's highly sought after for acting roles and big-time modeling gigs. She's certainly not a “cookie cutter” replica of standard Hollywood beauty, making her roles and gigs memorable and ones to watch. Others may try to emulate her sexy style and rip off her looks, but nobody can do it quite like Zendaya.

5 She Was a Guest Judge on Project Runway

Project Runway is a big TV hit for those who love the wide world of style and fashion. It was a natural choice to hire the fashion-forward Zendaya to be a guest judge in 2014. In this episode, the contestants had to design an outfit for the star to wear to one of her concerts. It must have been a thrill for the reality show contestants to create a one-of-a-kind design for the singer, and she played a pivotal role in getting that designer's name out there into the fashion world. No matter who won the show, everyone knew that Zendaya would look amazing in the winning look since she never looks bad in anything. Heck, she could wear a potato sack and still look like a million bucks! Fashion and fierceness are what make Zendaya a style expert. She was back on the show again in ’16 for the show’s season finale for season 15.

4 Her Name Means “To Give Thanks”

Zendaya is a unique name for sure, so knowing that the meaning is “to give thanks” makes her name all the more special. And her fans surely give thanks each and every day that the talented and beautiful young woman was put on the planet to admire. Fans are thankful for her superb entertaining abilities, her down-to-Earth nature, her charitable work, her beauty, and her dedication to her many crafts. She surely gives thanks right back to the many fans who support her, see her concerts and movies, and purchase her records. With the way things are going for the celeb, we'll be giving thanks for decades to come, and we can’t wait to see what the gorgeous stunner does next. Whatever it is, we’ll be thankful she’s come into our lives!

3 She’s Got a Personal Motto

Zendaya’s motto is “Don’t forget to smile.” But who in the world could not smile at the sight of the brunette beauty? When fans are feeling low, all they need to do is think of the star, play one of her catchy songs, or watch her perform on TV, and their frowns will turn upside down. Zendaya is like a walking ray of sunshine, so she puts smiles on the faces of anyone who crosses her path. She’s always full of smiles, and she should be. She's wildly successful, well-loved, talented, and gorgeous. Plus, she has a killer smile, so why not show off those pearly whites? Say “cheese,” and smile along with the spectacular Zendaya. Her smile is contagious, so it'll be hard to hold back a big old grin!

2 Her Brows are “On Fleek”

Bold and thick eyebrows are all the rage these days, and Zendaya’s brow game is on point. She always has perfectly groomed and lush-looking brows that frame her fine face and make her pretty eyes pop. She's even said she's totally obsessed with her eyebrows and calls her brow love “browfection.” As perfectly pretty as the young star already is, her well-done brows make her face even more beautiful, and even makeup-free, her brows define her appearance and make her look like a natural beauty. And when she’s done up for the cameras, her bold brows really steal the spotlight. Makeup artists must adore doing her makeup and working with those beautiful brows. Women envy brows like hers, so she better keep them in good shape and never over-pluck.

1 She Nails Her Nails

From head to toe, Zendaya is always looking amazing and takes great pride in keeping herself well taken care of. Take a look at the tips of her fingers, and she’s even doing things right there, too. She loves getting her nails done to the max, with cool and colorful polishes and unique nail designs. She always has a hot manicure, which makes sense since she's all about style and trying new things. Nails can be switched up all the time, so the celeb must have a ball trying new looks and getting frequent manicures. Her fans must keep an eye on her new nail art and probably try to replicate her look at their local nail salon. She's a perfect 10 in every way, even down to her 10 luxe fingernails!

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