15She's Australian

With more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram, Emily Sears is one of the hottest models online. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sears has managed to keep her humble beginnings in her heart. She's living the high life in California right now, but Sears has openly stated that she would choose "VB

[a cheap Australian beer] over VIP any day." It's great to see that she's never forgotten where she came from. But why does Australia produce some of the hottest models ever?

Sears's great Aunt was a model in 1956, and her parents work as art publishers. Growing up, Sears was surrounded by photos of women. She told an interviewer that seeing so many photographs of women made her picture herself in a magazine, and it became a dream of hers as she grew older. While modeling in magazines is becoming a thing of the past, Sears has taken to social media to promote herself.

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