15 Reasons Why You'll Feel Dirty Following Emily Sears

Emily Sears is more than just an Instagram bimbo. Yes, she's become somewhat of an Internet celebrity with over 4.2 million followers on Instagram, but she didn't get those followers from only being pretty. She managed to launch her own modeling career in Australia, only to relocate to the United States to try and push her career to new heights. It was a risky move for her, but it's certainly paid off. She's done photo shoots for GQ, Playboy, and Maxim. Not too shabby, Emily.

As you're going to learn, Emily Sears has quite the personality. I gained a certain level of respect for Sears while researching this article. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she also has a certain level of professionalism that you won't find with a lot of Instagram celebrities. This is probably because, at 32 years old, Sears has had a lengthy career as a model long before she started posing on Instagram. The rise of the social media platform led Sears to embrace her own beauty and brought her career to a level that she would've never thought possible. You're about to see why. She's good to her Instagram followers, and, in return, her Instagram followers are good to her.

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15 She's Australian

With more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram, Emily Sears is one of the hottest models online. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Sears has managed to keep her humble beginnings in her heart. She's living the high life in California right now, but Sears has openly stated that she would choose "VB [a cheap Australian beer] over VIP any day." It's great to see that she's never forgotten where she came from. But why does Australia produce some of the hottest models ever?

Sears's great Aunt was a model in 1956, and her parents work as art publishers. Growing up, Sears was surrounded by photos of women. She told an interviewer that seeing so many photographs of women made her picture herself in a magazine, and it became a dream of hers as she grew older. While modeling in magazines is becoming a thing of the past, Sears has taken to social media to promote herself.

14 She's An Established Model

In her own words, Sears is "feminist AF," which some people have found hard to believe. Many feminists are conflicted when it comes to modeling. On one hand, a woman using her natural beauty to earn a living and promote herself is empowering. But on the other side of the coin, some feminists speak out against traditional modeling because the profession objectifies women. Looking at Sears's career, she's never done anything she wasn't comfortable with — and that's empowering. Sears has appeared in Zoo Magazine, Maxim South Africa, and Playboy.

In an interview, Sears said that the hardest part of her job was the scrutiny she faced over her face and body. In her own words, "It can be quite emotionally scarring to have your body picked apart and ridiculed." How can anyone look at Sears and ridicule her? She's absolutely stunning. Even in a more natural look — which you'll see later — Sears is a bombshell.

13 She's No Bimbo

Despite having the look of one, Emily Sears is the farthest thing from being a bimbo. She's been outspoken about the abusive comments that she reads on Instagram on a daily basis. Furthermore, she's spoken about why she thinks people write abusive comments in the first place.

In her own words, Sears told an interviewer, "I think this speaks to a bigger issue of disconnect in society. It's indicative of the state of our culture. People love to blame social media and reality TV, but there is a disconnect in homes, there is a lack of resources for youth, there is a lack of consideration and empathy towards people suffering from prescription addicts, from homelessness, from PTSD, from domestic violence, from systematic racism... 'Anything goes' is commentary, because anything goes in our society."

12 She Might Be Off The Market

At 32 years old, Emily Sears has to consider settling down at some point. There are rumors that Sears has an on-again, off-again fling with retired cricketer Shane Warne. The two have been photographed at a number of celebrity hot spots in Hollywood over the past few months. In one instance, the pair went on a dinner date that lasted over three hours, but the two didn't go home together.

Warne, 48, is no stranger to dating beautiful women. The cricket superstar has made it known that he regularly browses Tinder to find his next fling. In the past, Warne has faced controversy over a number of racy texts he sent to women while touring with the Australian cricket team. He was married at the time, and rumors of cheating tore his family apart. He and his wife divorced in 2005, and he's found comfort hooking up with the world's hottest supermodels ever since.

11 She Used To Be Bullied Over Her Booty

Beauty trends are a strange thing. In the '80s, everyone was obsessed with having long legs. In the late '90s and early 2000s, women wanted to show off that they had a flat tummy. Lately, it seems that women are obsessed with the junk in their trunk. And, as you can see, Emily Sears has quite the trunk — but she wasn't always proud of it.

In an interview with Maxim, Sears opened up about what she thought her best feature was. In the early stages of her career, Sears tried to hide her curvy figure as she used to be bullied for having a big butt. But that all changed when Kim Kardashian showed that curvy women are beautiful, too. Sears credits this change in beauty standards as a key moment in her career. Once she embraced her curvy figure, Sears said that her career began to take off.

10 What Does She Want In A Man?

Many of you are probably wondering what you need to look like in order to date a girl like Emily Sears. You'll be surprised to hear that looks aren't everything, especially not for a girl like Sears. I mean, sure, they definitely help — but like anything in life, confidence is key. There are a few other characteristics that Sears puts above looks when she's looking for a potential lover.

In an interview, Sears revealed that she loves a man who's aware of social issues and is passionate about something in his life, whether it's his career or his family. According to her, "This shows that he can make a passionate lover and partner." One of Sears's biggest turn-ons is a man who's emotionally attentive and someone who listens to her problems. Sears admits, though, that she enjoys strength and power in a man, and she says that those characteristics are usually found in physical attributes.

9 She Loves Drinking A Mojito Or Two

Like most Australians, Sears loves to have a drink or two on a night out. But when she's not out having dinner with Australian sports stars, Sears loves to talk to her fans on Snapchat. She tries her best to encourage discussions about loving your body, building confidence, and seeking out healthy relationships. It's refreshing how open Sears is to talking to her fans. After all, her fans are the reason that she's such a success.

In an interview, Sears revealed that she doesn't mind receiving direct messages from some of her followers who just need to talk. On top of hearing how she's helped her followers with their own body image issues, Sears revealed that she loves receiving photos of bears from people. She said that they're her favorite animal and that her followers have started spamming her with bear-related photos. I mean, I guess it's better than being spammed with another type of picture. Which leads us to...

8 She Doesn't Mind Getting Racy For Her Fans

As an Instagram celebrity, Emily Sears has had to handle her fair share of internet trolls, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment, and she's seen way too many unsolicited d*ck pics. Instead of ignoring the photos like most people, Sears decided that it was time for her to do something about the men who've been sending her so many inappropriate photos.

After receiving one too many d*ck pics, Emily Sears decided to publicly shame some of the men who've sent her d*ck pics. In one instance, Sears tweeted a censored version of the photo that the guy sent her and publicly played a prank on him. In most cases, Sears tries to contact the girlfriends of the men that send her crude messages. According to Sears, the girlfriends are usually thankful that Sears reached out to them but were overall pretty embarrassed about the whole ordeal. Sears said that she hadn't ruined any relationships and, rather, that "the men themselves ruin their relationships with their actions."

7 She's A Fan Of Sports

Emily Sears is a fan of sports, which makes sense considering that her summer fling was with Shane Warne, a former Australian cricket player. Outside of her own relationship, Sears has shown an interest in fitness and wellness because she regularly posts selfies at the gym. You don't get curves like hers by sitting at home watching Netflix all day — you have to work for it. She's also advertised a number of protein powders, workout equipment, and gym outfits on her Instagram.

It's rather surprising that a large clothing brand hasn't picked up Sears to do some modeling. Right now, it seems that Sears is busy promoting products that people have never heard of outside of Instagram. There's nothing wrong with that, but it'd be great to see her in something out of Lululemon.

6 All Dolled up

As much as Emily Sears loves to workout, she's no stranger to getting all dolled up. When she has makeup on, Sears could pass for a modern-day Barbie doll. With long lashes, defined eyebrows, and lips so big they're practically jumping off her face, Sears rocks the glitz look. Then again, she's a model. Is there any look that she couldn't pull off?

Just because Sears looks great with makeup on doesn't mean that she won't show her natural beauty. If you follow her on Instagram, you'll see Sears will 'natural' looks that look just as great. There've been a few times when she's posted photos of her without any makeup on at all, and she's just as stunning. Some girls just have a great look; others are just photogenic. Sears has both of those qualities — that's why she's one of the most followed Instagram models.

5 Lounging Around

Most celebrities like to pretend that they're just ordinary people who happen to be famous. A lot of the time, these celebrities aren't very convincing — but Emily Sears acting like an 'ordinary girl' is pretty believable. Besides pretending to read the newspaper in leopard print underwear, Sears has a number of obsessions that ordinary people can relate to.

For example, Emily Sears is absolutely obsessed with bears. She's not sure when it happened, but sometime during her adult life, Sears fell in love with those massive mammals that would tear her face off if she got close enough. According to Sears, she saw a video of someone with a pet bear, and she instantly knew that she wanted one. Her fans are well aware of her obsession, too. Sears is frequently sent photos of bears and tagged in photos of bears. She finally got to meet her first bear while on a photo shoot for a new social media app. Since the shoot, Sears has become an advocate for PETA. When asked what it was like to see a bear up close, she said, "I ... it was ... just ... I ..." Yep, sounds like an ordinary fangirl to me.

4 Expect These Posts On Instagram

Like an Instagram model, Sears's feed consists of professional photos as well as selfies. Part of her appeal as a model is that she can share a photo from a professional shoot to help promote a particular brand. While you may be looking to follow an Instagram model who doesn't post professional photos, you should know just how much work goes into taking an impromptu selfie.

If you've ever been with a social media-obsessed person, you might get a little irritated with how long it takes them to take a photo. Imagine what it would be like for someone to take a selfie that's going to be seen by millions of people around the world. Many Instagram celebrities have revealed their lengthy selfie processes. Others have shown just how easy it is to fake a good body by using filters and only posing in a certain way with the camera held at a certain angle.

3 She's Appeared In Music Videos

For years, music videos were an essential marketing tool for any music act. Artists were suddenly able to show what their song was about or appeal to audiences in a way that they weren't able to do in the past. For actors, music videos were a way to get their foot in the door of the entertainment business and expand their portfolio. Most people you see in music videos are aspiring actresses, models, and dancers. But, even actresses who already have a dose of fame, like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Megan Fox, have starred in music videos.

Like any model, Emily Sears has appeared in a number of music videos over the years. According to Sears, her favorite music video to work on was 'I Won' by Future featuring Kanye West. Sears says that she's a massive hip-hop fan and that it was awesome to work with some artists whom she was a fan of. Sears was also seen in a music video for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne. In the video, Sears has a pillow fight with her friend using pillowcases stuffed with cash.

2 Everyone Loves Pizza

There's a stereotype that models and fitness freaks never indulge in any unhealthy habits. While that may be true in some instances, other models are a lot more relaxed with their diet. Clearly, Emily Sears is one of those women. As a curvy model, Sears can consume a healthy amount of calories and treat herself every now and then. It probably helps that she, more than likely, has a professional trainer and dietitian to help her maintain her curves. Other women aren't so lucky.

You may think that what you eat doesn't change how you look to other people, but that's simply untrue. A recent study revealed that men who eat fruits and vegetables every day have a more appealing scent to women. On the flip side of the coin, when women are on dates with men they find attractive, they'll order healthier foods. Everyone wants to project a better version of themselves.

1 Workout Selfie

Emily Sears has to read through messages from creeps every day. Sadly, it comes with the territory. Some people feel that she deserves to be harassed because of the photos she shares online — and that's just wrong. With over 4.2 million followers, Sears has to worry about the scary fans, too -- the ones who want to follow her in person and the ones who wouldn't leave her alone if they found her.

In April 2017, Sears was approached by a man who would be called a pervert by most. Sears, who says she receives over two d*ck pics a day, tweeted about the man and shared her tweet on Instagram. She said that a man approached the window of the vehicle that she was in and said, "You in the back; come get some of this" while rubbing his groin. Sears tweeted the man's location, but there wasn't any vigilante justice that day. Sears said she snapped when she sent the tweet because she was tired of dealing with harassment like that every day.

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