15 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Girl For A Cougar

In our society, it's a rarity to see a younger guy paired up romantically with an older woman. The reverse (older man/younger woman) is seen all the time, and men are often praised and admired for having a much younger woman as his hot and fresh “arm candy.” Why this double standard is in place is not entirely clear, except for the whole procreation thing. But for those guys who don’t base their dating lives on whether or not they’ll ever reproduce, going for an older woman could be the best decision they've ever made when it comes to their romantic life.

Courting a “cougar” is becoming more and more acceptable, and young gents are seeking out partners who are decades their senior. Sure, these “mature” women may not be as smooth or perky, but they offer so much more than a 20-something can when you look at the full picture, past the gray hair and wrinkles.

Just because a woman is older doesn’t mean she can’t be the perfect match for a guy who's potentially young enough to be her son. Like the saying goes, age ain’t nothin’ but a number, so fellas can find their “perfect 10” in a woman who's far more than 10 years older.

So, go on… ditch your immature girlfriend, and find a better companion in an older woman. Like a fine wine, women only get better with age. And we know how much you love wine.


15 More Bedroom Experience

Men may think that a young and spry gal will be quite exciting in the bedroom, but many 20-somethings are very inexperienced with men and with their own bodies, too. They want to turn their men on, but awkwardness and inexperience make the sexual situation not as great as it's cracked up to be. An older gal, on the other hand, knows how to “work the machinery,” so to speak. She's been around the block (and the bedroom) and knows what works and what’s just for show. She can even teach her younger fella a thing or two about getting it on, making him a real “Romeo.” Get it on with an older woman, and find out what you’ve been missing. She can even tuck you in once the lovemaking is complete!

14 No Games


Once a woman reaches a particular age, she's done with all the idiotic nonsense many younger women play into when it comes to their interaction with their men. She won't beat around the bush, test you, try to make you jealous, or play games that have no purpose but to put undue strain on the relationship. She'll not pretend to be mad at you or accuse you of being upset with her, she won't give you the “silent treatment,” she wouldn't dare go through your phone looking for suspicious emails or texts from other women, and she won’t lie to you about being with her friends or staying out late. She's always honest, trustworthy, and open. And she definitely won’t put up with any shenanigans on your end either. A mature relationship can be fun -- even more so without the game-playing.

13 No Body Issues

Once a woman is mature, she isn’t so worried about every perceived “flaw” she may have used to obsess over when it comes to her body and looks. She's OK with her not-so-perfect thighs, slightly saggy boobs, and flatter-than-optimal behind. And unlike a younger, less-secure woman, the older woman has come to terms with her body as is and is confident and cool in her own skin. This is a major plus for her younger partner since she won’t be as inhibited between the sheets. She won’t hide in the dark and isn’t afraid to show off her body, no matter how it looks. She feels sensual and happy just the way she is and won’t cover up when you'd prefer for her to let it all hang out.

12 Kids are Out of the House


If you date a younger woman, there's a chance she has kids from a prior relationship. And the younger she is, the younger her kids are likely to be. This can put a real damper on a relationship when she must tend to the kids -- who'll always come before you. And when it comes time for romance, things can get pretty tricky. If the kids are around, you must be super quiet and sneak in some love-making time when the kids are napping or at school. There's no spontaneity, no privacy, and not much fun. An older woman may have children, too, but chances are, they're grown and hopefully out of the house. This means there won’t be any interruptions, and you can have your babe all to yourself.

11 She’s Not Pressuring You to Get Married

When a young dude is dating a gal in her 20s or 30s, marriage may be top of mind for her. She'll constantly pressure her man into getting engaged and looking for a big sparkly diamond ring to place on her finger. After each month that passes, she'll expect that her man is marriage-minded, and any special occasion is the perfect opportunity for him to propose – birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s… you name it. When you never actually pop the question, she'd prefer to find another guy who'll get down on one knee rather than wait it out with you. An older woman may have already been married and isn’t interested in going down that road again. The pressure is off, and the heat is on!

10 She Isn’t Jealous of Your Female Friends


Lots of younger women cannot find the self-confidence to be secure in the idea that their man won’t stray. If a guy has friends of the opposite sex, his girlfriend becomes a jealous maniac who constantly accuses him of wanting to cheat on her… if he hasn’t done so already. She wants her man to stop talking to any ladies, even if they've been pals for years. An older woman gets it -- men and women can be platonic friends, and she won’t think you're boning every woman who's in your life in some way. She wants to be friends with your friends, too – even the females. Get a woman who's confident that you're capable of choosing decent friends, and tell your current girlfriend to look for a new guy who has no friends at all.

9 She Cooks You Homemade Dinners

So many younger women have gotten used to eating only takeout and whizzing through the local fast food drive-thru. They never cook for themselves, let alone for their hungry boyfriends. They want to be taken out to eat or are perfectly satisfied with calling for a greasy pizza or heating up a microwave dinner. Yuck. That stuff tastes like crap and isn’t very healthy. A more sophisticated woman wants to eat well and knows that preparing her own home-cooked meals is much better for her body… and yours, too. Land yourself an older woman who knows her way around the kitchen and wants to feed you well. She would love to cook you her famous vegetable lasagna or zesty shrimp scampi. Every morsel is absolutely delicious and satisfying – just like your gourmet gal.


8 She Splits the Bill When You Go Out


An older woman may have some old-fashioned values, but she likely has more money in her bank account than a younger woman you may be used to dating. When you take your current younger girlfriend out to eat or for entertainment, she always expects you to pay. But an independent cougar is willing to split the costs for your activities. Heck, she may even pay for you! What’s wrong with letting your woman wine and dine you for a change? She can afford it, and you can pay her back in some way or another… hint, hint. Life is meant for enjoyment, so if your older gal can afford to whip out her wallet every now and then for the man she’s involved with, who are you to stop her?

7 She Encourages You to Chill with Your Buddies

Your current young girlfriend just hates it when you want to head out for a “boys’ night out.” She thinks you guys are going to get totally wasted and hit on slutty chicks at the bar. Even if you tell her you're just going to a pal’s place to watch the football game, she gets all up in your business and wants to know every little detail about what you plan to do there and when you’ll be home. She calls and texts you all night, completely ruining your fun. An older woman is secure and won’t mind you seeing your friends often. She wants her time with friends, too, so she understands that you need some time apart to see other people in your life. Get rid of the nagging, and let an older woman show you the way to a balanced relationship. Your male friends will be relieved.

6 No Worries About Potential In-Laws


You may truly love your current young girlfriend to pieces, but her parents are a real nightmare. The idea of marrying her and having to deal with her insufferable mom and dad literally brings you to tears. Her perfectionist mother always criticizes you from top to bottom, and her creepy father is overprotective to the point that it's alarming. They never really talk to you and think their daughter could do much better. That's why dating a much older woman is the key to a happy future. Her parents are either dead (R.I.P.), or they're relieved that their 50-something “old maid” daughter has finally found a man, no matter his age. Or your cougar won’t want to marry at all, so the whole in-law worry goes out the window.

5 She Loves Pampering You

An older woman may have a maternal instinct to take care of her much younger boyfriend. Sounds perfect, no? She'll love cooking and baking for you, ironing your clothing, preparing a warm bubble bath, giving you back and foot rubs, and taking you shopping. What more could a fella want in a mate? She thinks you're absolutely adorable and wants to lavish you with her affection. When was the last time your young girlfriend did anything that made you feel that special? Sure, you must treat your woman well, too, but there's nothing wrong with allowing your cougar to take care of her little cub. She's attracted to younger guys for a reason, so let her show you her appreciation. A little pampering goes a long way!

4 You Won’t Have to Worry How She’ll Look When She’s “Older”


You may think your young girlfriend is a fox now, but what about when she's older? She doesn’t exercise or eat very healthfully, plus she smokes and drinks, so all of her bad habits are sure to catch up with her sooner or later. Will she still be as hot with a set of squishy love handles, saggy skin, and yellowing teeth? Probably not, and you can’t guarantee this will be her look in the future. When you meet an older woman, on the other hand, you already know how she looks at her mature age. If she's healthy-looking and to your liking, as is, you're all set. No worries about an old hag -- at least not for the moment anyway. We can’t guarantee how she’ll look at 90 if you’re still an item.

3 She Has Exquisite Taste

A mature woman is not into trends or fads -- she has a sophistication all her own and knows what's lovely, special, and worth her while. She won’t be caught dead with fake nails, tattoos, or hair extensions, and she prefers a fine merlot to a sugary wine cooler. She'll dine at the finest restaurants and would never expect you to chow down on fatty chicken fingers when she’s around. She loves going to the theater, strolling through art museums, and decorating her home with fresh flowers and flickering candles. Your young girlfriend doesn’t have much in the way of taste or class. She has nothing to teach you and finds her inspiration in reality TV. Go with the older chick, and get a taste of the finer things in life.

2 She Doesn’t Go Out Partying and Embarrass You


A good portion of young gals is still in that party mode where a night out isn’t a hit if they don’t come home completely hammered. Clubbing, bar hopping, and strip-club visits are the norm, and you can’t stand the fact that this is what your girlfriend likes to do. She gets totally wasted every weekend and spends the mornings puking while painfully hungover. Who needs this sort of sorority-level chick when you can find a real woman with composure and class? Hook up with a woman who's through with those partying ways and can now do things that are more sophisticated and decent. Go out for nice dinners, hit up a jazz club, or just spend the night in with sushi and a classic film. Getting pissed drunk is only good for wasting time and money… and brain cells.

1 She Isn’t Obsessed with Texting and Social Media 24/7

Younger gals are part of the high-tech generation where every moment is spent connected to a smartphone or some other device. Your gal texts her girlfriends every waking minute and can’t go a half hour without connecting to Facebook or Instagram. She can’t hold a conversation with you because she’s glued to her phone, and you can’t tolerate the loneliness any longer. Whatever happened to living in the moment rather than existing inside a screen? You long for simpler times when good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation was what life was all about. You know who may agree with your sensibilities? An older woman. While your girlfriend is preoccupied with the latest celebrity Twitter war, go out to a coffee shop and chat up a mature woman who can look up from her phone without having an anxiety attack.


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