15 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Sense8 On Netflix

Imagine waking up one morning to find that you and seven others are all mysteriously linked together by a supernatural bond. You can now connect with seven different individuals that you are linked with from across the globe and have the power to access each other's memories, skills, and even each other's core emotions at any given time. You have woken up to find that you are now a "sensate."

Sense8 is a Netflix original series that features eight different characters who can communicate with each other emotionally and physically. This show has a very simple foundation that is both enticing and controversial. What is so gratifying about this show and its idea to link eight different lives together, is how it brings together all different kinds of people from all over the world and from all different walks of life. It is so satisfying to enjoy a show that has a true craving to bring diversity to a world that can, at times, seem so hopeless to change.

This show brings on an influential human adventure, a modern creativity that has finally brought the idea to life of allowing others to feel how another person feels. From the opening scene in the first episode to the season finale, Sense8 is an exquisite opportunity that should not be passed up and if you have not already found yourself enraptured in these sensates' new world, then allow me to convince you with these 15 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Sense8 On Netflix. You better hurry, because season 2 will be out on May 5!

15 All The Jam-Packed Action

Who doesn't like action, right? When it comes to action, Sense8 is the show to watch when wanting to be consumed by their electrifying fight scenes. It may not be Crank with Jason Statham or James Bond, but, as I mentioned in the intro, these characters have access to over eight other abilities that they can access through their newly linked brains. So as you can imagine, putting eight people and their skills all into one, makes these fight scenes totally rad as you individually watch these sensates access one another as they inherit each other's skills.

What is so brilliant about these fight scenes in this show is how these characters can pull from all these different skills all while working as a team beside oneself. At one time it can feel like a dramatic heist that is being preformed at a quick rate and all by one person.

14 Open-Mindedness

Surely, being open-minded is crucial for human connection and empathy, in any instance. Allowing oneself to be open is crucial for human connection because it allows human beings to not jump to judgement and by doing so we must keep an open mind. And this important factor is something the characters passionately teach the audience, because these eight total strangers have gotten to know the depth of one another through their new abilities and have encountered each other's emotional backgrounds through this new supernatural bond they begin to carry.

I think it almost shows the viewers how to be open themselves, how to pay more attention and listen to others because although you are drawing your own picture of their experiences, Sense8 shows the audience that these characters are there to represent a viewer connection and anything can be relatable with an open mind.

13 Sexual Orientation

If you have any gay friends, they've probably already raved to you about this show. With that said, this show is not just about gays, but it does bring the exploration of sexual orientation to light. With Sense8, we have finally found a show that isn't afraid to delve into different sexual orientations. Not only are there homosexual characters, there's even a transgender character. With each other's minds they can relive each other's stories. This seems pretty obvious as I've continued discussing their abilities and shared skills, but this one is far more important. We know they can share their experiences, but they can also relive each other's pain by going through their past. This pain is exchanged in order to understand each other's history by demonstrating personal restraint or fear as well as cultural value. This helps the characters develop such a deep, emotional connection despite the fact that they had never met each other.

12 Timing

With this show, it's all about the timing. Sense8 is not a show that progresses at a rapid rate. Altogether this show may seem a bit slow at the beginning, but believe me that's a good thing! Time gives these eight characters the capability to develop toward one another and their new abilities. It also moves at an appropriate enough speed to properly introduce the viewers to the concept.

The speed of the show really pays off, the timing that was taken to establish each character was a necessary one and admittedly, a spectacular one. Remember, there is a pretty large cast (eight main characters) that are all introduced and the show's tempo allows us to get to know them, and get to care for them. With so much going on in the show, the timing gives these sensates the opportunity to be individuals first, and then grow together. You know what they say, timing is everything; and the timing in Sense8 is done brilliantly.

11 Let's Talk Sex

Because this is a Netflix original series, it gives the show that extra leg up to be as open and as comfortable as they choose. They don't exactly have to worry about taking to many punches when it comes to being so brute and wild, we've seen this with other Netflix show as well. This show is scandalous and it isn't afraid to show it.

Now let's get to it. Just like the sensates can inherit one another's abilities, they can also inherit each other's orgasms and sometimes all at once (imagine having an orgasm x8?). It's a pretty wicked idea and this also plays a role with sexual orientation as well (as does most of the show) because it's not about being a man or a woman, it's simply about pleasure. This show does an excellent job by breaking their walls down and proving how simple it is to just be human.

10 The Magic Of Music

Now, this is not a foreign concept to us. Music is a universal language and Sense8 demonstrates this interpretation over and over again. There have been a few times in this show when the characters have connected through music, through a song that explains their current situations perfectly. In these moments, there is truly magic in the making. The delightful realization of connection through the music that brings each of the characters together makes everyone, even the viewers who don't possess these same mind powers, understand that there is true connection between these people, through music, and through their abilities.

9 "You Are No Longer Just You"

This is the slogan of the show. And quite a powerful one. As you are aware of, the sensates can take on one another's memories and expertise, the question has also arose, can they also take on each other's sexual preferences? The answer would be yes. The writer of the show announced on Twitter that she is working on the theory that all the characters are, in fact, pansexual. I could've guessed that by all the orgy sex scenes, go figure. As for season two, it looks as if her and the other writers will be exploring sexuality in all other members of the cast, not just the already out LGBT characters.

8 Religion

Now, it's no surprise that, while Sense8 is crossing major lines, they would have no problem also crossing the major line of religion. This almost seems unheard of in any other TV show or social media broadcasted form of entertainment. Have I captured your attention yet? Hopefully you've started to notice the trend with Sense8, that it is about human life and the human experience that all characters and all people maintain. From love to sex to religion, while the show has a twist, its core is about what it is to be a human being.

One of the (many) great things about this show is its skill to be so raw and so honest with the audience. Sense8 is not afraid to bring real life issues to light, nor are they afraid to bring together people of different races and different religions in a way that shows, despite our differences, we are all still one in the same.

In our current world, there are so many different kinds of religions that defy our culture and our diversity. And with Sense8, they have ridiculed the fourth wall with stereotypes and agony, to tear it down with the understanding that each human being is equal, despite the belief of others or their current perception.

7 This Would Only Be Crossing A Line If Sense8 Had One

That's right, it's obvious by now that this TV show does not have any kind of filter. They are willing to go the extra mile for human relation. In one scene in particular, one of the male characters experiences the emotional and physical pain that another female sensate endures through child birth. Although it is a more intense scene as the two are both experiencing labor, it is also a magical idea to think that men can experience the miracle of birth as well. It is yet another powerful idea captured by Sense8.

6 A Helping Hand

Yes, I've mentioned the totally awesome fighting scenes in this show, but what makes them so stunning is the fact that all these characters are there for one another when they are in physical need. As you begin to understand the show, you'll notice that some characters are bigger assets in some situations than others. Most commonly, the boxer and the cop are inevitably bigger assets for major problems. However, each character does carry some sort of skill that is almost always useful and not common to the rest.

There is a hacker, a gnarly bus driver, and a DJ - and of course a cop and a woman who has been trained in an intense amount of martial arts, and the list continues. But their assets depend on the situation. Although we are aware that their hearts and their connections truly drive this show, at the end of the day it truly strengthens their emotional connections by being able to reach out to one another and deliver for the other.

5 LGBT Struggles Brought To Life

As I mentioned plenty of times before, this show is not afraid to be honest, and it does so with the struggles of sexual orientations and having the vulgar tales brought to light. I know this may seem a bit repetitive to continue talking about sexual orientation, but it truly is something really special to have a how be so real about it. Not only does Sense8 experiment with its different characters' sexual orientations, it also tells you their stories in the most genuine way they can.

With this honesty, they do not skip over the heinous details that members of the LGBT community are most commonly devoured by, that they are often identified by. Whether going through a transition or being a grown man who is a closeted gay to keep his career, the show distinguishes a raw portrayal of their gay and transgender character, educating both the sensates and their viewers about the true hardships of becoming yourself.

4 MENstrual Cycle

Yes, you should hate this idea, guys. But to women, it seems quite brilliant. Sense8 takes it above and beyond to have even the men in the show feel the burden, the pain, and the emotional discomfort that is brought on by their female cohorts' menstrual cycles. The scene in this show is horribly funny, but dare I say someone has finally gotten it right, when they captured this role reversal to have men experience the true downfall that is the menstrual cycle. Not just the menstrual cycle either! It was obvious this same idea was portrayed when a male character also took on the same emotional and physical pain of labor (like we mentioned already).

3 The Love And The Connection

You know in Harry Potter when Dumbledore shares his stories and memories with Harry through his Pensieve and he could see them vividly? Well, that's how Sense8 is, but not only can they see each other's past, they can feel it all too, as if it is their own. It's almost as if this show has a sort of transcendent magic, the way it can beautifully capture the past and express pure pain. It all feels so real that, through each other's stories, not only can the sensates feel it, but it's so powerful that the viewers nearly can as well. The connection is riveting and the content is unapologetically redefined and we know it's because ultimately, this show is all about love.

2 A Good Laugh Builds Character

It's quite clear that this show can be dark, and certainly a bit heavy. There is blood and violence and a whole lot of intensity that this show brings to the surface. But to be completely honest, what can you expect when experiencing eight different lives that have joined together to understand one another and are forced to live as one? But don't worry, Sense8 has its moments when it comes to comedic relief, these lighthearted moments give even more life to these characters and have the viewers falling even more in love each of them. You always need a little comic relief!

1 Finally, Some Diversity!

Or should I say, finally - some REAL diversity! Unlike the recent cover of Vogue magazine that claimed to be "diverse," Sense8 legitimately is... If you haven't already figured that out through the statements about religion and exploration of sexual orientation, this show presents stereotypes and hardship, but most importantly you see an overall acceptance for each character. The characters represent different orientations, genders, races, religions, and honestly may be the most diverse show on the market right now.

The characters are able to live vicariously through one another by being able to experience one another's culture and history. This diversity is being discovered first hand and the viewers get a front row seat to this very powerful screening.

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