15 Reasons Why You Never Hear About Iggy Azalea Anymore

There are a lot of reasons why Iggy Azalea has been under the radar lately. She's committed quite a few faux pas over the years.

I've honestly never really had an opinion about Iggy Azalea. She's always been sort of a non-event for me: she's a nondescript blonde Australian who makes nondescript music. That being said, she consistently makes the news for both her musical achievements and her personal life. She's been all over the place for a long while since her single "Fancy" hit the radio waves and took over the world for some reason. Like her or hate her, Iggy Azalea is a thing. Unfortunately, her antics both in her musical and personal life make me just want to wrap her up in a blanket, give her a piping hot cup of tea, and say "oh, honey." She's a famous musician and all, but she's also a mess.

There are a lot of reasons why Iggy Azalea has been under the radar lately. For one, she's committed quite a few faux pas over the years, to the point where her name might just be synonymous with messiness. For another, some of the things she's been quoted as saying have bordered on offensive, even racist, and to make matters worse, her entire schtick might be couched in racism. Her recent comeback with her music video "MO' Bounce" might just be more of the same from here. Here are fifteen reasons why we haven't heard from Iggy Azalea for awhile, and why she might just need a hug and a good friend.

15 She Twerks With Her Plastic Butt For No Reason

Iggy Azalea has been known to twerk. This doesn't really set her apart from other white female pop stars in any way: Miley Cyrus practically staged a comeback based on twerking. That being said, Iggy's twerking is on a whole different level. Unlike many other white female pop stars who twerk, Iggy at least has the (surgically enhanced) booty to pull it off. The problem here is that Iggy Azalea's twerking is seen as a run of the mill. It really doesn't add to her music credibilities and if anything, it's just a tool she uses to distract from her 'rapping.'

14 Her Style Is Tacky In A Bad Way

Oh, honey. This is just one example of an outfit of Iggy Azalea's that just does the most. There's just so much going on here. For one, you are at a red carpet event. I do not need to see the outline of your vagina poking out of your dress like a Victoria's Secret model's errant sideboob. Iggy is tall, and this dress does her no favors: her legs look really short thanks to the thigh slits. On top of that, the dress isn't doing her any favors in the boob department. I'd be willing to forgive all that if it weren't for the shoes, which should totally be black, and the hair, which I wish was loose. This isn't the only outfit that has major issues by a long shot, either. There are some times where Iggy's fashion choices look good and should be emulated, but then there are times like these, where every part of the outfit seems like a call for help.

13 Cultural Appropriation

'Cultural appropriation' is a form of racism and oppression, let's just get that out there now. That being said, Iggy Azalea loves to culturally appropriate. The picture above is just one example. It can be argued that Iggy's entire public persona is a glaring example of cultural appropriation, actually. She created this "blaccent" that is in no way representative of who she really is, and actively benefits from being white in the sense that she can do certain things and go uncriticized. She's made her name making music that can be considered black by putting on this fake persona. That persona isn't accurate to real hip hop culture, just of what she thinks it is, and that's kind of not okay. Eminem's a white rapper, but he doesn't pretend to be someone he's not.

12 Nicki Minaj Out-raps Her Every Time

We've mentioned Nicki Minaj already, but honestly, I need to say something here. Both of these women are maligned for being "pop rappers" who don't know how to rap at all. However, Nicki tends to get the shorter end of the stick despite the fact that she's clearly the superior artist. For one, Nicki can freestyle, and it's long been established that Iggy Azalea can't. Nicki, for all of her messiness on social media, knows how and when to withdraw from a battle, and Iggy really doesn't know how to do that yet. Finally, Nicki Minaj simply makes better albums. Did you buy the New Classic? I didn't, but I totally bought Pink Friday. If you still think Iggy is superior to Nicki, you might want to read on, because you might be falling victim to some very faulty ways of thinking.

11 She's An Ignorant Racist

Oh, sweetie. Iggy Azalea's history of racist comments on the internet is hilariously detailed, thanks to the fact that the Internet never forgets. The above exchange began with Iggy Azalea speaking out on the name "Becky," the name for basic white girls that people like to call them. She took this as a personal insult and made the comparison that if people could call her Becky for no reason other than that she was white, she could do the same by calling all black men DeMarcus. When Bruce Cares called her out, rightfully citing the original reference to the name "Becky" meaning basic white girl, she called him DeMarcus and refused to acknowledge what he had to say. Not only did she show that she doesn't know her hip hop history, she also showed that she doesn't want to learn from others or acknowledge when she's wrong. She also acted in an aggressive and racist way. This isn't even the only example of her doing things like this.

10 She Made A Super Creepy Song

One of Iggy Azalea's songs is so creepy, I actually had a really hard time tracking it down. Before she got really famous with "Fancy" she released a single in 2011 called "Pu$y" and it's exactly what you'd think it is. The video went viral, not because of her musical talent, but because she really messed up with the imagery, to the point where YouTube had to take it down, and I still can't find a copy of this video to watch myself so I can spare you all from looking for it. The video caused a lot of outrage because it had a kid riding a rocking horse while Iggy chanted "p*ssy" over and over again. On top of that, the video came down because she uploaded the video without the permission of the producer, which is a major no-no that you'd think she'd know because she's an artist on a recording label. Either way, it's a creepy song, and I'd avoid searching for it, but if you're the type that needs to unearth everything, good luck to you, because the video still isn't on YouTube and the song isn't on Apple Music.

9 She's Messy On Social Media

One of the worst things about Iggy is her penchant for going off on social media. When Azealia Banks — another insufferable female rapper known for making terrible decisions — got jealous of Iggy for landing XXL's Freshman Issue cover and being the first woman to do so. Azealia Banks then went out of her way to make Iggy's life a living hell on the internet. According to insiders, Iggy had elected to stay above the fray, and her management had encouraged that. However, things changed when she moved to a new management group, which went from a multicultural team to an overwhelmingly white and British one. The multicultural team understood things about credibility in hip hop that her white, British team didn't really know. They were treating her like a regular female pop star and not realizing that rappers have a lot of different things to worry about that female singers might not ever have to think about. That team told her to jump into the fray, which has led to some of Iggy's messiest actions to date. She didn't just lose arguments with Banks, making her look good for the first time, she went for legends like Q-Tip and Snoop Dogg, and is now known for using Twitter to be insensitive and mean, and her artistry was reduced to being a joke. She even lost her biggest hip-hop mentor and co-signer for it. T.I.

While she might not be learning from her mistakes, we certainly can. We should always be aware of our impact by acknowledging when we mess up, and we should definitely listen when others tell us we're being appropriative. We should also avoid getting relationship tattoos because removing them is just not a good look. Most importantly, we should know our history and make sure we're not alienating the very people we're trying to make music for.

8 She Looks Unnervingly Familiar

Iggy Azalea is a really pretty girl, and I would never sit here and write that any woman is ugly for any reason. Putting that aside for a moment, there's something about Iggy Azalea's face that's just on the wrong side of familiar. Memes have been made about her physical similarities to the "girls" in White Chicks. She reminds me of a much thinner Meghan Trainor, which is ironic since they share some of the same qualities that would make them problematic faves. On top of that, she kind of reminds me of Gwen Stefani. She's also a dead ringer for Demi Lovato if she dyed her hair, and Lady Gaga if she wore particularly out there sunglasses. I could go on, but if I did, I'd literally be here forever. Needless to say, she looks like a lot of people.

7 She Fakes Her Accent

Oh, sweetie. I don't know if anyone doesn't know this by now, but Iggy Azalea tends to put on a very fake accent when she raps. She's Australian, and as we all know, Australians have distinct accents, even within the country. It's been dubbed the "blaccent," and we'll talk about the implications of that accent later on, but for now, let's just talk about how unnecessary it is. Remember Lady Sovereign, the tiny, white British rapper that made "Love Me Or Hate Me?" She put on a bit of an edge to her voice, but no one could deny that she was British. I didn't know Iggy Azalea was Australian until I went to stream one of her less famous but infinitely better songs "Bounce," and her biography said she was Australian. She didn't need to put on the accent because now it's just one more thing that shows her qualities that could be seen as fake.

6 Her Songs Are Decidedly Mixed Bags

I did mention before that Iggy Azalea does have a couple of good songs. "Bounce," one of her singles before "Fancy" came out, is a good example of that. It's not a song I want playing at my funeral or anything, but it's a good track if you want to get really hyped up. As for "Fancy," it's good, but that's because Charli XCX tends to make most songs better, and that's something we're going to be calling back to later. While she's got a few good songs, some others are kind of a mess. I'm sorry, but there's no way you can convince me that "Black Widow" was a good song. I actually put on the song to write this section of this article, and it was distracting to write to. There are issues with the beat, the diction, and the fake accent, which is not helping the diction or the beat, and Rita Ora's kind of a non-event in it. This isn't even getting into "Mo' Bounce," which we'll get into in full later.

5 Excessive Autotune

For a rapper, Iggy Azalea uses a lot of autotune effects in her songs. Now, I am by no means a music snob. Sure, I've got my classical and alt-rock playlists, but I also love pop and rap music and love a good beat drop as much as the next person. I'm actually not all that great at picking up autotune in music, especially if it's done well, just because I'm not really listening for that the way some other people might. That's why I was so surprised when I started listening to Iggy's music because I was hearing the autotune more than I was hearing her. That's honestly kind of disappointing because her lyricism kind of gets lost in the autotune. There's a part in "Black Widow" where she raps pretty fast, and that would be totally impressive if I understood her. The autotune robs me of my ability to do that.

4 Every Single Has A Feature On It For Some Reason

The two biggest songs of Iggy's that are still in the public consciousness, "Fancy" and "Black Widow" have other artists featured on them. While a feature or two can be pretty good, it's also important to allow yourself to shine on your own, and her bigger singles haven't allowed her to do that. To be fair, "Mo'Bounce" is a track where she's all by herself, but that might not necessarily be a good thing. Regardless, whenever an artist is always putting features on their tracks, it tends to make you wonder why. Even the artists that we don't think are all that talented will sometimes put out a decent album that barely has any features on it (one good example of this is Royalty, one of Chris Brown's more recent efforts). All of the really notable tracks from Iggy are either featuring her and by another artist or the other way around. Iggy, if you read this, know that I have nothing against you, and I really want you to make more songs like "Bounce."

3 "Mo' Bounce" Is A Mo' Mess

Iggy Azalea has made some decidedly middling songs, but none stand out to me quite as much as "Mo'Bounce. It's almost like every issue that her other songs are plagued with came together to make a song with super problems. The chorus is needlessly repetitive, and I needed the lyrics to follow along with the verses. On top of that, the video was kind of a mess. While I appreciated the talent of her dancers, it reminded of Gwen Stefani's earlier efforts with the Harajuku girls. That's really not a good thing because it reminded me of the fact that she bears an uncanny resemblance to a lot of other female stars and the fact that she's been more than a little appropriative over the course of her career. Some of her tackiness was also very much on display here, too, and while some of the fashion choices in the video were great, the things she was wearing were kind of a mess, like that pink fishnet leotard thing.

2 She Got A Significant Other Tattoo

Oh, sweetie. Sure, she eventually got the tattoo removed, but having to get it removed simply highlights the craziness of the decision to get a tattoo for a significant other. She used to date A$AP Rocky, and she had a tattoo on her fingers that said: "Live, Love, A$AP." Eventually, they broke up, which is what happens with a lot of couples who choose to immortalize each other on their skin, so she eventually tattooed the "A$AP" part over with a big X in 2012. She didn't get the tattoos removed until 2015. Now, I don't have an abundance of tattoos or anything, but I've seen enough people get them that I can pass this advice to you confidently: don't get a tattoo for your significant other and especially don't get a tattoo of your significant other's name. If you guys break up, which is statistically more likely, you're going to hate that part of your body until that tattoo comes off, which as Iggy discovered, is a painful, expensive process. If you insist on doing this, make it something innocuous, and not their name on your fingers.

1 She Doesn't Acknowledge Her Mistakes

All of this would be fine if Iggy showed a willingness to learn from her mistakes, but she doesn't. Remember when "Pretty Girls" came out? The single didn't do as well as either she or Britney Spears liked, but she was the only one who went off on social media talking about how it wasn't her fault that the single didn't do well. Britney didn't even bother lowering herself to respond. She still makes music with her "blaccent" while knowing the implications of that accent, has yet to think more critically about her choices of imagery, and probably wouldn't have a problem getting another tattoo for a significant other who was so inclined. She's certainly never acknowledged her penchant for cultural appropriation, especially as an Australian woman trying to make it in an industry that makes music, which is a big deal. On top of that, she has no problem undermining her own credibility, as we'll discover next. While some of this could be because of management, which I'm willing to give her, a lot of her behavior signifies that she has more control over her decisions choices than a lot of other artists, and it's disappointing that she's not using those choices more judiciously.

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15 Reasons Why You Never Hear About Iggy Azalea Anymore