15 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is The First DC Film That Doesn’t Suck

In a world of male-driven superhero stereotypes catering to the twelve year old boy in all of us, comes an invigorating new era of a timeless classic, for women (and men) everywhere. With the mixed reviews of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016, we’re looking forward to an uplifting comeback plot twist this year in favor of Warner Bros. and DC with Wonder Woman and Justice League, as well as Aquaman in early 2018.

Wonder Woman is the fourth installment of the DC extended universe. The overlapping, or “shared” universe is very much like the original DC Universe comics and was created by combining plot elements, settings, cast and characters we all know and love. What it boils down to is: if you want to watch a kickass superhero flick starring the extremely gorgeous Gal Gadot, you won't want to miss on the action. Wonder Woman comes with the stigma as one of the most highly anticipated films of the year for a good reason. This is one superhero origin story that won't put you to sleep, as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, rises from wide-eyed princess warrior to hellbent hero with a cause that we can all be inspired by.

The most recent DC films have been, well, less than amazing. The most exciting thing about Wonder Woman? Without a doubt, it's the empowered outlook the film attempts to promote, bringing girls and women everywhere in on all the fun the boys are having with a long-awaited, grand entrance that heroically announces, “me too!”

But the question remains: is Wonder Woman the beacon of hope the DC universe has been waiting for? And more importantly, is it worth the price of admission?

With any film, there are always pros and cons, especially for us hardcore film buffs and comic book nerds. Despite whether you’re over the DC franchise or superhero movies in general, we believe that whether you are a man, woman, or child, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Here are 13 reasons why you should see Wonder Woman. Warning: spoilers ahead!

15 Relationship

It goes without saying that one of the most important things in a film is seeing that the stars are not only compatible with the characters, but compatible with each other on set and off... But more importantly, on. Nobody races to the theaters to see a film where the actors take a glossy-eyed, “paint by numbers” approach to their performances.

One of the key wins for Wonder Woman are the spectacular performances by Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, and Chris Pine (Steve) who had ridiculously good chemistry in this film. With all of the action, special effects, fight choreography, and CGI, the bare essential necessity of chemistry often seems to be rushed over or nonexistent in superhero films. Refreshing? We think so.

14 The Music And Score

It doesn't take a film critic to know that the music and score of a film are as essential as a heartbeat. Having the right sound can really make or break the plot, and tie everything together with a big, beautiful bow on top (or not).

The soundtrack features “To Be Human” by Sia (featuring Labrinth) which plays during the end credits of the film. Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, who previously composed scores for Hacksaw Ridge, brings a well-rounded score with tracks such as “Angel On The Wing” and the heart-pulsing, “Wonder Woman's Wrath,” perfect for your summer workout playlist. That is, if you're into the epic, badass sort of thing.

Gregson-Williams has gone on to note that his inspiration for the score was intended to empathetically tell Diana Prince's story from naïve, sheltered princess to brave and compassionate warrior.

13 For Women... And Men, By Women... And Men

Wonder Woman is the first film of the DC extended universe to be directed solely by a female director, Patty Jenkins, who may be known best for eliciting such a shocking performance from Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos in the serial killer film Monster. Talk about a major shift. That's like going from American Psycho to Bruce Wayne!

I will say that all feminism/girl power things aside, this film stands alone as a top notch superhero film and is executed with the finesse of any wonderful film, starting with story. While this may be Wonder Woman’s very first feature film, it certainly isn't difficult to find elements of Wonder Woman adapted into DC’s movie universe as a whole. It's pretty clear to us that Jenkins specifically paid tribute to the comic books while also staying true to the origin story of Diana of Themyscira.

12 Gal Embodies Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, the star of Wonder Woman, proudly embodies elements of whom she believes the character is on a real-world level. Furthermore, she promises that Diana isn't simply a carbon-copy stereotype of the strong female trope, but a human being too. Part demigoddess, part human, Wonder Woman encapsulates the role of all women: strong yet sensitive, as we have seen so many times before with traditional male superheroes. It isn't often that we get to see ourselves in those roles, let alone roles which (even if metaphorically) shed light on the everyday nuances of the roles as women.

11 From Humble Origins...

Diana introduces the nickname “Paradise Island” with a grin as she is quite aware that Themyscira is a tough name to pronounce. This humorous moment focuses in on the heydays of the comic book era, when Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston envisioned Amazons occupying a world deficient of man’s presence. While the island itself may have changed its rules and regulations, becoming more modernized, it’s humbling to see the film pay homage to both new and old traditions.

10 Superpowers Restored To Their Intended Potential

Diana Prince tends to be compared to a female equivalent of Thor, and more often, Superman. As we know from the comic books, Diana is the Goddess of Truth.

Wonder Woman relies on more than a sword and shield in combat, and is known for her signature golden lasso which functions in this film in a similar way as it did in the comics. As often seen in former incarnations, Diana wields the lasso as an extension of her body, but Patty Jenkins made a point to use it for its original purpose: truth by means of trance-like enchantment. For obvious reasons we've dubbed it the “lasso of truth” for quite some time, but the official name, the “Lasso of Hestia” has been restored for 2017.

9 Controversy

The issue with Wonder Woman is one that hasn't been seen in a lot of movies, if any, but is an issue that highlights the ever-so-topical current state of affairs when it comes to women's voices in the media.

The controversy began long before the headline-worthy all-female screening was hosted in Texas. It started with Gadot being cast as Diane in the first place, inciting comments from naysayers that she is not only an “against type” casting choice for the role, but also untrue to the traditional physique of DC's original comic character. This, of course, generated a lot of talk about the film and set the bar for an expectation unlike ever before seen with DC.

Gadot has gone on to announce her views on working women in the entertainment industry, expressing why it is so important to have more ladies staffed on production teams, which has been an anomaly in Hollywood until recently. Many would argue that there's still an imbalance of women-dominated sets in Hollywood, which is just one of many great feats for the film.

8 Romantic Elements

We first meet Steve when Diana is being trained, where he discovers the island as he is being chased by those damn, crazy Germans. He tells her of a war greater than anyone could have ever imagined, that is, World War I. Believing that Ares, the God of War, might be back for vengeance, Diana leaves Themiskyra and follows Steve to Earth where she will help fight the battle using her superpowers.

In addition to the aforementioned chemistry between Gadot and Pine, there is a good bit of romance throughout the film as well, without being overbearing or tone-changing. We learn that Steve and Diana not only have feelings for each other, but history to boot. Between them we see sacrifice and tests of character, not to mention compassion for humanity in general which is what makes them both so admirable, and dare we say, inspirational.

We don't want to totally spoil the movie for you, so we won't say what happens to Steve, but let's just say we've heard the rumors that he's likely to appear again.

7 The Action

While most DC movies have been somewhat uninspired as of late, the action in Wonder Woman is the lasso of truth we've all been waiting for. As I have mentioned, this film is extremely well-rounded in comedy, romance, dramatic events, and overall action. The pacing is near-perfect from start to finish, and best of all: we didn't leave the theatre demanding our money back.

That being said, there are some key moments to watch out for that construct the overall arc of the film starting with Diana leaving her home island once and for all. Diana's mother confesses that she is "her biggest sorrow" (ouch) before abandoning the island, for what she believes is right. This is the setup to her journey for what she will later become.

As she continues on her quest for justice, Diana not only comes into full form as the warrior she was always meant to be, thus fulfilling her personal journey, but also by saving the world at the same time.

6 Franchise

To recap: Diana of Themyscira, affectionately known as Paradise Island, Amazon warrior and demigoddess daughter of Zeus, uses her talents and abilities to help humanity during World War I.

As far as we know, Gadot is signed on to a three picture deal with DC including a solo film. It has been said that Wonder Woman is not only the best DC film to date, but the most important and integral to the universe.

It’s no secret that movies nowadays are often interconnected in some way, as we have witnessed with the likes of Marvel, the fan-acclaimed Tarantino-verse, and the soon to be released Dark Universe by Universal Studios. With a conflict as insurmountable as being exiled from her home island, or having to face annoying relatives (we've all been there), we’re 100% looking forward to seeing some kind of redemption story, or journey home in the coming sequels.

While there isn't a post-credit tease to the unfolding chapter to follow, we can rest assured that Wonder Woman has a lot more justice to restore, starting with her divine kin and superhero family. Producer Charles Roven explained that there simply doesn’t need to be an end-of-credits teaser.

5 Easter Egg Universe

Diana receives a special package that contains a picture of herself with a few militia members (Steve, played by Chris Pine, being one of them). As Diana looks at the picture, we see her as a young child where she recalls her upbringing on an island where Amazon warrior women reign. But who is the package from, you ask? No other than Bruce Wayne.

Another very plain-as-day Easter egg can be seen when Diana and Steve are held up by German spies in an alley. This homage is a nod to Superman: The Movie, back when Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent catches the bullet from a street thug's gun.

Other noteworthy eggs to watch out for are from the old school comics and, of course, The Justice League. Rumors have been flying around of a Spiderman egg. If you see it, be sure to give us all the details in the comments!

4 A Story We Can All Relate To

The classic good vs. evil, fish out of water story. Decisions, decisions – and surprisingly, not ones which will kill harmless civilians along the way. Unlike other DC films we've witnessed in recent history (not naming any names... Superman) the pace of Wonder Woman is delightfully timed, backstory and all.

Gadot has said herself that she hopes this film will inspire positivity to its audiences, and while her character is both tough and heroic, she is also very warm and loving; a role model indeed.

We learn that Zeus created the Amazons with the purpose of showing Man the meaning of love, which contains both theological origins and humanistic elements. Additionally, this story isn't on a mission to bash the male species, or humans in general – in fact, the overall theme tends to sway towards "love will save the world” rather than divisive plot devices.

3 An Epic Comeback

With nearly perfect pacing, each of the plot points given seamlessly come together and make for an astounding revelation, or in other words, a third act that will make your jaw drop to the floor.

There is one character, however, who is ever-present throughout the film, aside from Wonder Woman herself, which is what makes this turn of events so fascinating. It will catch you off-guard which is why we won't spoil all the fun for you. The events leading up to the grand finale ensure an epic battle for the ages.

The conflict starts with an all-out invasion of her own island. Diana finds compassion in the military spy, Steve, who explains the travesty in vivid detail. Her goal (and destiny) is to stop the war once and for all. Along the way, Diana meets interesting figures who both help and inhibit her, and she must fight her natural tendency towards compassion for all, and do what is right.

With that being said, this film is also an epic comeback for Warner Bros. and the DC Universe. We dying to know what they have in store for the next films!

2 Lots Of Laughs

If you've been disappointed with DC's recent implementation of humor (or lack thereof) you're in for a treat with this one. Proving tenfold that she's way more than just a pretty face (but she is that too), Gal's humor was on point in this movie. Gal played up a lot of her own personality in this, which actually made the character more relatable, and overall, paved the way for a magnificent, Grade A performance.

In one word? This film is UPLIFTING. In two words: uplifting and fun! The reason being is that the film balances seriousness and heart with a good sense of humor and an empowering message. What's not to love? Humor in all of its forms is an element that seems to have been lost in recent DC films to say the least. Needless to say, Wonder Woman shines again in this arena with true, laugh out loud moments for the whole squad.

1 Our Bonus Reason?

Well, this one kind of speaks for itself: BOX OFFICE.

Raking in $103 million its opening weekend, Wonder Woman has smashed the charts both domestically and internationally, not to mention it is the greatest box office achievement for a female director... Ever! The numbers speak for themselves. Just think of all the sexy Wonder Woman costumes that will be parading around this Halloween. Superfans everywhere are going to see Wonder Woman. Will you?

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