15 Reasons Why Women Have More Fun Than Men

When 2 people decide to be committed to each other, whether it’s in a dating relationship or a serious marriage, it is a commitment that should be taken seriously and respected. It is a beautiful thing when it can work out that way. However, the truth is that people cheat on their spouses every single day. While it’s not necessarily the best approach to an unhappy relationship, it is a reality for many couples. In the media, on any given day, there is a story being released about a celebrity being caught cheating on their spouse whether it is a man or a woman. While it is very true that both men and women cheat, women are far better at pulling it off. Being the best cheater definitely is not a trophy to put on the coffee table, that is for sure. But, if a single gender had to be chosen for the best cheater, it would definitely be women. Naturally, women are compassionate, emotionally aware, and loving. Women pay attention to even the most minute changes with her spouse or side lover. These, among 15 other reasons, outline why women actually make much better cheaters.

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15 Men Assume Women Are Innocent

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Whether it’s the portrayal of women in the media or perception of men in day to day society, women are assumed to be innocent and immune from wandering eyes. I don’t know if it’s because the thought of women being able to cheat just as easily as men is just too much to bare or if it is because men truly believe that their wives and girlfriends are that innocent. Either way, women are able to leverage that idea of innocence to keep their spouse’s suspicion at bay. Even if a woman is not the best at hiding her secret affair, it still may take a man a bit longer to even realize what may be going on because he shrugs off his suspicions. Men have the unfortunate stigma of being cheaters which make women naturally suspicious when their instincts start to tingle. So, even if he’s only thought of cheating, she already knows about it.

14 Women Can Easily Compartmentalize

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Men get caught cheating because they are not able to separate their outside activities from their relationship with their actual spouse. So, if a man is cheating with other women, his mood and attitude will reflect that which will make his spouse incredibly suspicious. Women have an incredible, and slightly scary, ability to keep their secret lives and their relationships separate. This means that they can definitely go out and cheat but when women come home, it is all about their home life and actual spouse. Being able to keep those 2 very different worlds separate is the key to hiding the cheating activity. It can make it difficult to assume your lady is cheating when she is able to keep both worlds spinning, on their own, so very well.

13 Cheating For Women May Not Be Physical

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When people hear about cheating, they assume that it is something that is completely physical. While there is a wide array of physical interactions that can be a part of cheating, there is also the other realm of cheating that many men forget about. For many men cheating is totally physical. It can be kissing and holding hands or all the way to the home run, but there is usually a physical aspect. When engaging in a physical affair, the chances of getting caught are increased incredibly. Women, on the other hand, can engage in physical and emotional affairs. While some women may choose to become physically involved with someone outside of their marriage, many women end up engaging in emotional affairs. It’s something their actual spouse is not expecting or looking for.

12 Women Have Watched Exposed Men Do It Wrong

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From celebrities to the men in their regular daily life, women have watched countless men cheat, fail at it, and be exposed terribly. By watching these men constantly make the same foolish mistakes in regards to cheating has taught women about everything not to do. Click on the latest article on just about any entertainment news website and there is a fairly large chance you will see some male star being exposed for being a cheater. How did they get caught? The same way the hundreds of celeb men did before him. Whether women are paying attention to their sloppy attempts at rubbing off the lipstick smears or the scent of another woman on their overcoat, women have a basic map of what not to do when cheating. It makes us pros.

11 Women Have An Arsenal Of Track Covering Products

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When you decide to cheat, whether you are a man or a woman, you run the risk of there being clues left behind that will alert your spouse to what you’ve been up to in your free time. This could be make-up on your clothes, a hickey on your neck, or the scent of cologne that is clearly not something you would suddenly choose. For men, they may not have the necessary products on hand to cover up a black and blue hickey. There’s a time limit on how long he can get away with wearing a scarf in the house to cover up his extra activities. Women are able to cover up their tracks when it comes to cheating because they have the necessary tools. A hickey can easily be covered with a bit of concealer and powder.

10 Women Are More In Tune With Their Emotions And Others

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It’s no surprise that women are more in tune with their own emotions and those of others. For me, I can easily pick up on a shift in someone else's attitude or emotions surrounding a situation. Things that seem obvious to me seem to totally go unnoticed by men. This is an essential difference when it comes to the way men cheat as opposed to the way women cheat. Men will cheat on their spouse and not notice how close they are coming to being caught. The cold shoulder their spouse is giving at home will simply be ignored as they are so wrapped in their own secret affair. Women, on the other hand, are totally in tune with their spouses emotions. If their spouse is acting different in any way or as if they are suspicious, a woman will pick up on it and adjust her behavior as needed.

9 Women Avoid Obvious Mistakes

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In a situation where you are stepping out on your spouse, there are obvious things you should avoid doing if you don’t want to be caught. For men, many of them find it an insurmountable challenge to avoid very obvious pitfalls. Even if he is making sure his clothes don’t smell like Chanel perfume and that he doesn’t have any scratches on his back, he is still forgetting to set boundaries with his lovers or leaving his hotel receipts out in plain sight. Women have a keen attention to details. You will not likely catch a woman making clear and obvious mistakes like saving a 3 month long text thread outlining every encounter or leaving screenshots in the regular photo folder on her phone. A woman will make sure she has covered all of her bases and the obvious potential mistakes are covered. Those naked photos will be locked away behind some hidden app and her text threads are probably deleted on an hourly basis.

8 Women Cheat When The Home Is Out Of Order

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One of the major differences between men and women when it comes to cheating is the reason behind their desire to step out on their loved one. For men, the reasoning typically is related to a physical attraction that will lead to a physical interaction. Women, on the other hand, may have a stronger desire to cheat if their emotional needs are not being fulfilled at home. However, because a woman has an emotional connection to her spouse and home life, she will ensure that she is there, present, and functioning in the home. Men can easily fall into the trap of cheating that causes them to stay out all night long, spend money they don’t have, and watch their real life crumble around them. A woman is not likely to do that.

7 Men Underestimate The Physical Needs Of Women

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There is a huge, quite ridiculous, assumption that women do not have physical needs. While it is true that many women cheat on their spouses when they are not being fulfilled emotionally, there is also a large percentage of women that cheat because they are not being fulfilled in the bedroom. Despite what society would like the world to continue to believe, women enjoy getting it on just as much, if not more than men. This plays back into the perception of women being too innocent to have a wandering eye. Men often times make the mistake that their spouses are too modest to even consider cheating for a physical need. Because of this, women are better cheaters simply because their spouses aren’t even expecting it. The thought of a woman having needs outside of emotional desires is still groundbreaking.

6 Women Won’t Put Their Home Life On The Line

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We’ve all heard the stories before of a man stepping out on his wife with a mistress and abandoning his entire life in order to be with the other woman. Even if the other woman doesn’t have half as much to offer as his actual spouse and he knows that leaving his current relationship means possibly giving up his home, children, and an unknown amount of money, many men still choose to do it. While women are not immune from falling into a situation like this, women are much more realistic when it comes to what they are willing to give up in order to chase a side boo. A woman that cheats is not going to put her home life on the line in the name of cheating. It is not rational and is not worth it in the long run. Cheating is already a terrible thing, leaving your family on top of that is overboard to say the least.

5 Women Don’t Let Their Side Person Cross The Line

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Another tragic story line that is common when men cheat is not being able to keep their mistress in her own lane. There are countless stories of women getting phone calls, emails, and texts from the other woman. Again, a woman that is cheating is not magically immune to this happening to her as no one can truly control the actions of someone else. However, a woman will make every effort to keep the two worlds as separate as possible and let her side boo know that they are not ever in a position to contact her spouse. It doesn’t matter the reasons why a woman is cheating on her spouse. Unless she plans on leaving her spouse for good, she will not allow that other person to cross important boundaries. She will attempt to prevent that by keeping her intentions clear and setting firm boundaries.

4 Men Tend To Not Question A Woman’s Loyalty

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This, of course, is not a hard and fast rule. Some men are suspicious of their spouses, even if they aren’t doing anything. But, generally, men have an idea that women tend to be the more loyal of the 2 genders. While that is more than debatable, it makes the best situation for a woman that is cheating in her relationship. Even if a relationship is not going the best, a man may assume that his lady is not going to step out simply based on her loyalty to the relationship. The truth is, if a woman is fed up with her relationship but not quite ready to leave and the opportunity to cheat comes her way, she is just as susceptible to caving under temptation as a man is. Loyalty aside, temptation and desires are not gender specific. But the assumption of undying loyalty is what helps women cheat without being caught.

3 Women Can Love Their Spouse And Enjoy Their Lover

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While it is true that men have the ability to carry on a physical relationship without developing emotional attachment with their mistress, it can be difficult for them to spread their emotional availability so thin. Even if it is just a physical relationship, there is a chance of feelings developing. For women, however, they have an emotional reserve that is much larger. A woman can maintain a secret relationship, physical or otherwise, while still maintaining an emotional connection with their spouse at home. A woman may have physical needs that are not being met and driving them to cheat but still be able to love their spouse at home that is fulfilling their emotional needs. Cheating doesn’t have to mean that they don’t care for their spouse at home. Even if it is wrong, a woman can handle loving their spouse and being physical with someone else.

2 Women Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Technology

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One of the easiest ways to get caught cheating is by leaving a digital trail of breadcrumbs. Some of the most powerful men have been caught cheating because of their open, public dating profiles or their exposed thread of emails. The thing about technology, while it is amazing, it is hard to delete everything that you do while using it. When you put something out into the internet, it is there forever. Women are not likely to fall into that trap. Sure, they may use their phones to communicate but they aren’t likely to be caught with illicit dating profiles, secret social media profiles, or interacting with their side boo online. A woman is likely to keep it simple to make it easier to cover up what she’s getting into. Text threads can be deleted in one quick swipe.

1 Women Are More Selective

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Everyone has heard it before; a woman has caught their man cheating only to find that he’s either cheated with someone that is less than desirable or with several other people in a short amount of time. When a woman has gotten to a place where she has rationalized stepping outside of her relationship, she is not going to do so with just anyone. She knows all that is being risked and even if she isn’t totally happy in her relationship, she is not going to risk it to get mixed up in an affair where the person is not even as good as their actual spouse. Women also aren’t as likely to get wrapped up in dealing with multiple people on the side. Since balancing their actual relationship and their side boo is already hard enough, women are going to be more selective about who they cheat with and how many people.

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