15 Reasons Why We Can't Believe Selena Gomez Could Take Justin Bieber Back

There has been much talk, speculation, and rumors over the on-and-off relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez over the years. Up until recently, we were sure that Selena had finally put her ex behind her with her 10-month relationship with singer The Weeknd. However, this now does not seem to be the case. Not only have Selena and The Weeknd called it quits but she has been seen out and about getting cozy with Justin.

This has created a split down the middle with fans. Some are delighted to see Selena reunited with her teen sweetheart, while others are furious with the singer for giving her ex another chance. There have been rumors flying for years that Justin has cheated on her. However, we can’t know this for sure. What we do know, though, is that Justin has shown that he truly has a bad side on numerous occasions, and due to some of these incidents, we find it hard to believe that Selena could ever consider getting back with her ex.

At the same time, we have no idea what actually happened between the two so we can’t really judge Selena’s decision. Despite this though, we made a list of some of the most immature and dumbest things that Bieber has done, and they do leave us a little surprised with said decision. Take a look for yourself…


15 Spat Off A Balcony On To Fans Below

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Yes, it’s true. Bieber was once spotted on a hotel balcony aiming spit on his loyal fans below. The last thing you’d expect when you gather to catch a glimpse of your favorite pop star is that he/she would suddenly start firing spit at you from above. Sadly, this was the case for Beliebers that day. If it wasn’t bad enough already, the singer was then spotted laughing along with his friends at the expense of the hundreds of teenage girls gathered below. We are sure that this broke the hearts of many teenage girls, and it’s hard to think what Selena could see in a guy capable of this behavior. The worst part of this, however, is that Bieber had earlier posted a photo of the very same fans on Instagram with the caption “I woke up this morning to this, best fans in the world #beliebers #sexyfans.” So, in Bieber’s universe, it’s okay to brag about your fans before humiliating them. If this doesn’t sum up the falseness of social media, we don’t know what ever will.

14 Once Bragged About Being In The KKK/ Uses The N Word

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Okay, so Bieber might have only been 14 when this next incident occurred, long before his relationship with Selena and before he may have really understood the full consequence of his actions. At the same time, though, Bieber's actions were extremely offensive and inappropriate, and he’s lucky that he didn’t destroy his career. The incident in question occurred when a video surfaced of Bieber doing a parody of his hit song ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ which replaces the word girl with n***a. Bieber sings “one less lonely n***a” and “if I kill you’ll I’ll be part of the KKK, but there’ll be one less lonely n***a.” It’s assumed that this video was never intended for public consumption, but it still questions Bieber’s character by highlighting what he once liked to do in his spare time.

13 Urinated In Mop Bucket & Said “F--- Bill Clinton”

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Not that long ago, a video surfaced of what appeared to show Bieber relieving himself in a mop bucket. This is said to have occurred after Bieber departed a nightclub through the kitchen. On his way out, the star apparently decided that it would be completely normal to stop and use a mop bucket as a toilet. Worst of all is that Justin’s entourage seemed to encourage the star, making it seem as if the hotel’s staff should be honored that someone as famous as Justin Bieber would use their kitchen as a bathroom. This just perfectly highlights the self-obsessed bubble that some celebs live in; Bieber seems to think he is so famous that the etiquette and rules of society simply don’t apply to him. While in the kitchen, the singer also took the opportunity to express some of his political beliefs. He held up a picture of former U.S. president Bill Clinton while screaming “F**k Bill Clinton!” Then, he proceeded to spray the photo with cleaning fluid.

12 Banned For Life From Indoor Skydiving

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This next Bieber incident occurred in June of 2013 when he, along with his entourage, ended up being banned for life from an indoor skydiving facility in Las Vegas. According to reports, Bieber and his team acted so poorly and childishly that they were placed on the no-fly list for life. Justin and company are alleged to have shown up at the facility moments before closing, trashed the bathrooms, and then refused to make a payment until after they had flown. Upon finishing flying, the owner of the establishment offered Bieber two payment options—they could pay their flying fee normally or else Justin could post a picture of himself along with the owner of the flying facility on his Instagram. In a seriously immature move, the singer faked posting the photo on Instagram. Bieber then left without tipping the staff who had assisted him and completely disregarded the deal he had made with the owner. This is an extremely childish behavior, and we hope, for Selena’s sake, that Bieber has matured a bit and that he now understands that being a celebrity doesn’t give him an entitlement to go around stealing from people and going back on his word.

11 Left Fans Waiting For Hours

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Bieber often continues his antics on to the stage and cannot always be trusted to show up to a concert when he is supposed to. This is exactly what happened when Bieber played the O2 stage in London; although the star was scheduled to be on stage at 8:30, he didn’t rock up till 10:30. This meant that many fans who had paid money for tickets to see the star had no choice but to leave early as they would have no way of getting home once the trains ceased. This was completely unfair to do to fans who had not only spent money but were so excited to see Bieber’s full set. As if appearing on stage a full 2 hours late wasn’t bad enough for fans, Justin didn’t even apologize properly. Instead, he said he was only 40 minutes late and didn’t even provide a valid excuse.

10 Attacked Photographers

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In fairness to celebrities, being hounded by the paparazzi 24/7 has got to be annoying. It must be endlessly frustrating to have a camera pointed in your face wherever you go. However, on more than one occasion, Bieber has not handled his feelings towards the paparazzi very well. Yes, it is annoying; but when there are so many good aspects associated with fame and fortune, it only makes sense that there has to be a downside. In March of 2013, Justin had an incident with a photographer outside his London hotel. The singer launched into a profanity-laced rant directed at the photographer. Bieber was so angry and riled up that he eventually had to be dragged away by one of his bodyguards. This wasn’t Bieber’s only run in with the paparazzi, though. In October of 2014, he went as far as to punch a photographer in Paris, shortly after leaving a restaurant. It’s understandable that Justin would get mad at these photographers, but violence is never the answer.

9 Abandoned His Pet Monkey

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Being a pop star and having a pet can’t exactly be an easy combination. Between touring, recording, and press commitments, it’s almost impossible for someone in the limelight to give a pet the dedication and love it deserves. However, Bieber had the idea of picking up a pet monkey, so he could have some companionship on the road. All was going well for Justin and his monkey friend, up until he ran into some legislation trouble at an airport in Germany. It turns out that the singer had failed to secure the correct paperwork for his pet, meaning he couldn’t pass with him through customs. Instead of trying to sort out these legislation problems, Bieber decided he would just leave the monkey behind him and continue on his journey alone. Abandoning an animal you’ve committed to taking care of is really not a considerate thing to do. In the end, Justin ended up owing the German government $10,000 in fees that added up while they tried to make sure that the poor monkey could find a new and loving home.


8 Spray-Painted A Wall In Brazil

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Justin Bieber made another silly and unavoidable mistake in 2013 when he spray-painted a wall in Brazil. This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal on the surface, but the surface he chose to practice his art work on kind of was a big deal. No, it wasn’t the wall of some run-down building that no one’s cared about but rather the wall of the Hotel Nacional, which just so happens to be a protective heritage site. After committing the crime, Bieber took off out of town quicker than you can say graffiti. In fact, Brazilian officials were actually going to press charges on the star if he hadn’t taken off so quick. We can only hope Bieber has matured a bit since this incident and that he would now have more respect for Brazil and its heritage.

7 Egged His Neighbor’s Home

We really do feel sorry for the people who end up being Justin Bieber’s neighbors. You work hard, become successful, and can finally buy your dream house in a swanky neighborhood. Then you end up with Justin Bieber as a neighbor. Bieber had more than one run-in with his next-door neighbor, another of which is mentioned on this list. The neighbor in question took issue with Bieber’s loud parties and speeding. It’s clear that Justin didn’t like his neighbor commenting on the way he was living his life so, of course, he responded maturely by egging the man’s house. The damage caused by the egging somehow amounted to $20,000, and Bieber’s neighbor took him to court. In the end, though, the singer had to fork out $80,000 to settle the deal as he was charged with criminal misdemeanor vandalism.

6 Said Anne Frank Would’ve Been A Belieber

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When Justin paid a visit to the Anne Frank House in 2013, many believed this was a good thing for the star to do. Instead of filling his head with vapid showbiz for one day, he had taken the time to visit an extremely important and prominent historical landmark. The Anne Frank House serves as a reminder to many of the horrific struggles millions of people faced under Nazi rule during World War II. However, that was clearly not what was on Bieber’s mind the day he visited. It later came to light that upon his departure, the singer stopped to sign the guestbook. In it, he wrote, “Truly inspiring to have been able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully, she would have been a belieber.” This was a very controversial thing to say, and Justin certainly received his fair share of backlash. In fairness, Bieber may not have meant to offend anyone with his words, and in his own world with people constantly praising and adoring him, this may seem like a completely normal thing to say. Nevertheless, the singer really needs to think through his actions and realize that there are more important things in the world than himself.

5 Walked Off Stage, Mid-Concert

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It must be tough being a belieber who has paid good money to see your idol perform, and then he walks off the stage halfway through the show. This is exactly what happened to some British beliebers when Justin stormed of stage halfway through his Manchester set. Fans were obviously devastated by Bieber’s actions. He later tried to explain himself in a letter addressed to said fans stating, “There’s going to be times where I say the wrong thing, because I’m human.” It’s understandable that there is a lot of pressure on the star and that he is still young, but at the same time, there are better times to channel your anger than halfway through a sold-out show full of adoring fans.

4 Punched A Fan

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It can’t be easy being as famous as Justin Bieber, and as much as you love your fans when teenage girls are screaming in your face constantly, it’s bound to get annoying. At the same time, though, Bieber definitely took things too far when he is alleged to have punched a fan in the face while preparing to play a Barcelona gig. Video footage capturing the altercation shows a young man jogging to keep up with Bieber’s car as he arrived at the Palau Saint Jordi arena. When the fan wouldn’t let go of the singer, who had rolled down the window to wave to fans, Bieber punched him in the face. Now, it can be argued that this fan had no respect for the fact Justin is a real person, and to be fair, he did also kind of assault Justin. It’s still clear that the star did not have the best reaction towards the fan—punching him in the face was taking it a bit too far.

3 Threatened A Neighbor

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Another reason why we can’t believe Selena would consider taking back her ex is in relation to the time when he is said to have spit in his 47-year-old neighbor’s face. The confrontation between Bieber and his neighbor is said to have occurred after the father of three saw the pop star speeding around the neighborhood and screamed at him to drive more carefully. Bieber was driving recklessly as he had just had a new Ferrari delivered to his Calabasas home at 8.am and decided it would be a good idea to take it for a test run around the neighborhood. Many of the singer’s neighbors complained that he was driving at 100mph inside their small-gated community. It is said that one neighbor confronted Bieber, telling him, “You can’t drive like that,” to which the star responded, “Get the f*** out of here” and then spat in his face, before saying “I’m gonna -- kill you.”

2 Drove Drunk

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This is one of Bieber’s more well-known offences as it seemed to make headlines over the world. Up until this point, Bieber had been on a downward spiral with his more petty and childish crimes. But, 2014 was the year that Bieber took it one step further when he ended up being charged with drunk driving. The offense occurred when police officers in Miami attempted to pull Bieber over as he was speeding in his Lamborghini and drag-racing with another car. After being pulled over, Justin is alleged to have been argumentative and difficult towards the arresting officers. He then failed a sobriety test. Bieber’s subsequent DUI charge led to a somewhat lengthy court proceeding. Eventually, the singer’s lawyers were able to get his drunk driving charge thrown out in exchange for his agreement to take part in anger management classes.

1 Caught Up In A Scandal With An Adult Star

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Of all the cases on this list, we think this is the one that would probably bother Selena the most. This scandal happened after Bieber was snapped leaving a brothel; the images soon popped up online and made headlines everywhere. Things got even worse for the star when a woman posted pictures of a sleeping Justin and the money he has paid her for a good time. It turned out, though, that the lady in question wasn’t actually a hooker; she was an adult star. Apparently, that’s an important distinction. It is scandals like this that we imagine makes being with Bieber very difficult. It is not the first type of incident Bieber has been caught up in like this, but hopefully, the singer has really changed for the better and that it might be the last.


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