15 Reasons Why Thor: Ragnarok Will Be Terrible

As the juggernaut that is Marvel's MCU rolls onto its next phase this year with the release of several movies and TV shows, new heroes such as Black Panther and Ms. Marvel will soon be getting their own movie to firmly cement themselves within the universe. Plus old favorites such a Spider-Man will be getting a proper MCU outing. All of these movies are leading up to the grand finally of this phase of the MCU with the two part Avengers Infinity Wars which will be upon us soon enough.

But before the next Avengers movie, a few other sequels are going to hit our screens. The next instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is fast approaching and then there's the final movie of the Thor trilogy, with Thor: Ragnarok. These two movies alone are causing a lot of buzz and hype as they promise to be something special and spectacular. However, with all the news and gossip that gets leaked about these movies, we can't help but feel like they will be a massive let down. Especially Thor: Ragnarok. With everything we know and everything we've been promised, let's look at 15 worries that we have about Thor and why Ragnorok could be the worst MCU movie yet.

15 The Trailer

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We start our list with the trailer itself. It must first be said that the Thor: Ragnarok trailer has been bouncing around the Internet for a while and everyone has seen it. It has actually become one of the most viewed trailers ever and almost broke the Internet! Although the trailer looks good, exciting, and promises so much, there are a few concerns we have. Some of those concerns we will go into further down this list but the main one is Thor's hammer.

Mjolnir is clearly seen, not only being caught in mid air, but being disintegrated. This could well be an amazing moment in the movie, but to show something that huge in a trailer means that we can't be surprised by it. It also means that this isn't the end for Mjolnir, otherwise why would they show it in a trailer? It would be like having Superman dying of Kryptonite in the trailer to The Justice League.

14 Thor's Hair

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It's very strange to us, but clearly not to everyone else. But the biggest backlash that the Thor: Ragnarok trailers have gotten so far is Thor's new look, and in particular his new haircut.  Out of all the things that fans could be worried about or concerned with, it's Thor's short hair that has the Internet buzzing with disappointment.

This in itself is not a worry or even a big deal to us but what does concern us is that there are a lot of fans out there that don't like to see change. This could affect the direction of the movie and the content of the stories and the characters.  After all, if the writers and producers of the MCU movies want to change things up or go in a different direction, then having so many people complain about a simple thing like Thor's hair, could stop them from doing anything different in the future and they will continue to play everything safe. That's where the issue is here. It's about more than hair, people!

13 The Lack Of Natalie Portman

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Every superhero needs a love interest and a romantic element in order to keep them grounded, and also to give us all hope that anyone can find someone. Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson, and Thor has Jane Foster. In Thor's solo movies, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, was built up to be Thor's great love, and his real reason that he wants to keep coming back to Earth and protect it. Even in the comic books, Jane Foster is an important part of Thor's story. Not just being his girlfriend, Jane Foster actually becomes the new Thor when Thor finds himself unworthy of the title and power.

However, over the course of the last few MCU movies, Jane Foster has disappeared. What started off as the biggest love story within the MCU has suddenly been swept under the rug as if it never happened. We're not saying that we need Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok, but for continuities sake, the lack of Jane Foster needs to be addressed so we can have some much needed closure!

12 Cameos

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Sometimes our next entry can be a great thing, and other times it can be a sign that the movie isn't going to be great. Unfortunately we think it's the latter for Thor: Ragnarok. There is no denying that having cameos from the fans' favorite characters can be a wondrous thing, especially when you have the wealth of characters that Marvel does.

However, because this is a solo movie for Thor we can't help but think the executives don't have a lot of faith in it and the reason for that is the superhero cameos. We all know now that The Hulk will be playing a big part in this movie, which is fine, but they are also trying to sneak in some other heroes to make sure we watch it. The biggest name drop is Doctor Strange. Given that his movie was a huge, and slightly surprising, box office hit, it could be a very bad sign that they are trying to shoehorn his character, and popularity, into this movie.

11 It's A "Buddy Comedy" 

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In recent years and across all movie genres, there is one phrase that strikes fear and dread into our hearts whenever we hear it: "It's going to be a buddy comedy!" We have nothing against buddy comedies as a general rule, but phrases and themes like that have no place in Thor: Ragnarok. We can't deny that the comedy aspect of most of the Marvel movies has been a joy and a surprise, particularly in the two Avengers movies; each character and actor seems to play off of each other well and this creates some great chemistry and banter, but enough is enough!

It's funny that the MCU has been criticized for being too light, funny, and family friendly, while its counterpart, the DCEU has been criticized for being the exact opposite. With the recent DC movies, most people feel they are too dark and gritty and everyone should smile every once and awhile. But we need a comic book movie that finds the right balance between light and dark. We've yet to have one and it's looking like Thor: Ragnarok isn't going to be it.

10 Moving Too Far Away From The Comic Books...

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Our next entry may not seem fair to a lot of fans out there but it is a worry that we've been having about the MCU for some time now. Simply put, the MCU is slowly getting further and further away from the comic book stories that inspired it. We are well aware that the sheer volume and quantity of  comic books makes it difficult for the movies to stick to those stories but the differences between the movies and the comic books are becoming vast.

If we look at Captain America: Civil War as an example, the comic book event of Civil War was monumental. It was so big and important that it changed the very essence of the Marvel comic books forever. We know that an all inclusive, and universe changing, story like Civil War would be very difficult to achieve in one movie, but the end result was nothing like the comic books. From what we've seen of Thor: Ragnarok so far, it's looking like it's going to be the same, only a reference to the comic book story that inspired it and nothing more.

9 ...But Stealing The Best Bits From Several Others

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As we've just mentioned in our previous entry, the MCU is slowly becoming a separate entity from the comic books, which on one hand we don't mind, after all we are still getting an all inclusive universe that tries to do justice to its heroes, characters, and storylines. But as fans of the comic books, we also feel that the MCU sometimes misses the point because of this.

However, what the MCU does seem to do is take certain elements from different comic book stories and mash them together to form a new story. This is very clear with Thor: Ragnarok. From what we've seen so far, Thor : Ragnarok seems to be taking elements from the Ragnarok storyline and Planet Hulk. Both of them are brilliant stories in their own right and in their own forms but we can't see them working together. Taking two big characters such as Thor and Hulk and two big storylines, then mashing them together could be a complete disaster and a wasted opportunity.

8 Loki Again!

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Ok, so we should clear two things up with this entry. Firstly, we know that Loki isn't the main "big bad" for Thor: Ragnarok and secondly, we love Loki. Both in the comic books and on screen, played excellently by Tom Hiddleston. However, having said that, we really do feel that this is one area in which the MCU are not only failing, but really can't seem to get right.

When the first Thor movie came out, Loki was the bad guy, as you would expect. He was such a joy to watch that the MCU used him again and again. In Thor's sequel and the first Avengers movie, we saw Loki being the main "big bad" once again. The problem with that is the MCU haven't really bothered to develop and flesh out any of the other villains of the universe. Loki is the only one that the MCU has taken its time over and developed over the course of it's movies. The other villains we get are 2 dimensional characters that are just there for the heroes to fight. Because Loki is always there for the MCU to use, they don't bother so much with anyone else. We're truly hoping that this isn't the case with Thor: Ragnarok and they actually take the time with new characters and villains, but we fear that the evil parts and best lines are going to be left up to Loki once again.

7 The Hulk

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It's a very strange thing within the MCU but for some reason The Hulk doesn't work as a major character. It's even more surprising given that the character of The Hulk/ Bruce Banner has been such a fan favorite within the comic books for years. Since his first appearance way back in 1962, The Incredible Hulk has been one of the most popular and interesting characters across all comic books.

Apart from a TV series in the 1970s, which was pretty good, audiences and critics have slammed anything The Hulk has been in. His recent two movies before The Avengers came along and bombed harder than anything since. While it's true that The Hulk flourished in both Avengers movies but that's only because he was a side character. Considering that Thor: Ragnarok is setting itself up as a two hander between The Hulk and Thor, we've become worried that The Hulk as a movie character can't handle the weight of a big movie.

6 Lack Of Real Peril

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If there is one thing that has been plaguing the MCU since its inception, it's the fact that no one dies. Throughout all the solo movies, crossover movies, and superhero team up movies, there has never once been a moment in which we were worried about the fate of the heroes. We know that most superheroes usually save the day, stops the bad guys, and live to fight another day. But the fact that each MCU movie seems to build up the tension to apocalyptic standards and then it gets resolved easily, is becoming a bit, dare we say, boring.

Only twice has the MCU actually put any of its heroes in danger, and this includes a movie that had all our heroes fighting each other! The first was Agent Coulson who 'died' during the first Avengers movie, only to be resurrected, and then there was Quicksilver who was shot in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. At the moment, it seems that Quicksilver has stayed dead, although we're expecting him to pop up sometime soon. But if Thor: Ragnarok is going to be a success then there needs to be real danger and the fate of our heroes needs to truly be at stake.

5 It Should Be The End 

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On a similar note to our previous entry, the fate of our heroes has been pretty much secured before the opening credits even begin. However, with Thor: Ragnarok. we feel that this is the MCU's chance to really change things up and go in a different direction.

So far the staple of the MCU has been pretty straightforward and simple: each hero has their own outing to flesh out the character and then those characters come together to battle something bigger and badder. Everyone looks good, works well together, and no one dies. Everyone is happy. However, as the MCU starts to wind down its phase three and builds towards The Avengers: Infinity Wars, this could really be the chance to take everyone by surprise and do the one thing that these movies are supposed to do and that's entertain the hell out of us. Unfortunately we think that Thor: Ragnarok is going to be another safe outing.

4 Thor's Solo Outings 

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As we've mention already on this list, the character of The Hulk has struggled to make his mark on the big screen when he is the main focus. Unfortunately, and maybe some people out there don't want to hear this, but the same can be said for Thor.

The thought of Thor and The Hulk teaming up together on the big screen is actually very exciting to us, after all, they were probably the best things about the two previous Avengers movies. Having said that, the last two Thor movies have been less than satisfactory. It's not just that the two Thor movies have underperformed at the box office, but they've also underperformed in regards to storytelling and plot. Let's be honest, when we think of the MCU as a whole then the Thor movies are the weakest of the lot. We really do hope Thor: Ragnarok is going to be different but we have a feeling that it will complete the weak trilogy of Thor.

3 We Already Know Too Much 

Our next entry is a bit of a double edge sword when it comes to the MCU. Obviously a lot of the characters, storylines, and events have already been played out in the comic books, so not much of what they do can actually surprise us. But more than that, because of the world we live in, we actually know pretty much everything about the movie before it's even released. Because of the news, social media, and constant updates from cast and crews, we know every development that comes up.

More than that, we actually know well in advance what is coming up. Because of the sheer scale and planning for the MCU we know which heroes are going to be involved in which movie before it's even begun filming. So, for example, we know that Thor and Hulk make it through Thor: Ragnarok because we know they are involved in The Avengers: Infinity Wars. Although it still may be exciting to see these movies, we know before the movie starts that everyone is going to be okay and they'll be in the next instalment. If only the MCU could keep a secret then the movies might have a bit more peril to them.

2 The Hype Could Be Its Downfall 

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If there is one thing that can really affect the performance and box office success of a movie, then its hype. Just like so many movies before it (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Godfather Part III, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and The Matrix sequels, to name just a few), hype can really destroy a movie and the disappointment that we get from the hype clouds our judgement as to whether the movie is actually good or not.

Keeping ourselves within the comic book movie genre, we just have to look at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War to see how hype can break a movie. Having such a big superhero team up and the chance for our heroes to go head to head was too much for a lot of people. The hype was so much that the actual quality of the movies was forgotten and people classed them as failures. With The Hulk and Thor going head to head in Thor: Ragnarok, we feel that the hype could have the same effect here.

1 It Could Be A Movie Too Far

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The number one entry on the list of worries for Thor: Ragnarok that we have is the MCU itself. With the recent movies, such as Captain America: Civil War, forcing our heroes against each other, and to break apart, plus the new direction that the MCU is going, focusing on more space stories with the Guardians of the Galaxy and also introducing magic into their universe with Doctor Strange, we just have one question: Is another Thor movie really necessary?

We hate to say it but we don't think it is. Although Thor and Hulk play important parts within the MCU and The Avengers, we don't feel that having them do their own movie is needed and because of that we don't think it's going to be any good. We hope we're wrong but Thor: Ragnarok could be the movie that stretches the MCU too thin and ultimately be its downfall.

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