15 Reasons Why The Walking Dead's Ratings Are At An All-Time Low This Season

We’re only a few episodes into The Walking Dead season 8, and the ratings are already at a near all-time low. They’ve had fewer views than they’ve had since the first couple of seasons and the ratings are troubling. Anyone watching can feel this but can’t quite pinpoint why. That’s why we’ve given you the real reasons behind this.But before we do that, let’s take a look at the season with the best ratings thus far. Season 5 had the best ratings and views by quite a bit, while the third and sixth seasons are close behind. During season five, Rick and the gang had just escaped the prison and the Governor was just killed. During this season, we also saw Carol and Daryl become a thing, and Daryl became a major favorite. This is when Carol is exiled but comes back and saves the whole gang in a poncho. We know she’s crazy now, but we still love her.

This is also the season when Father Gabriel is introduced and he’s shady as a bushy tree. Oh yes, and where is Daryl at this point? Watching Beth's tragic end. As you can see, a lot of great plot elements made this a great season. We also got a surprise return of Morgan, a fan favorite from season 1. The season finale and the season premiere “No Sanctuary” broke records for not just for TWD, but for network broadcasting in general! Clearly, season 8 is very different, and some of the decisions made have resulted in it being one of the worst seasons of The Walking Dead so far. Of course, spoilers for season 8 are coming your way.

15 Glenn Is Gone And The Fans Don't Like It

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Bottom line, this is the biggest reasons that the ratings are down. He was gone for most of season 7 and it didn’t affect things so drastically, as the drama of him being gone was enough. We still felt like he was there. Maggie was pregnant, and everyone was traumatized by his death. It drove everyone! Seriously, like everyone. But now, he’s hardly mentioned with any heart at all.

Also, many fans were kind of in denial about it throughout season 7. But now fans have realized that one of the best characters on the show is gone. That’s not something they are willing to live with. So, they just won’t. They could be sad and heartbroken, or they can simply stop watching the show. It seems like some people are doing the latter. But hey, the depression rate is incredibly high this year, and maybe it’s AMC’s fault.

14 Gay Characters Can’t Make It

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This one’s a biggie. In the third episode of season 8, we all saw how the sweet, innocent Eric was killed in battle, or at least injured to the point of no return. His fate was to become a walker. Sad, but that’s the way it was. This wouldn’t have been so frustrating if Tara’s girlfriend hadn’t died not so long ago. Just like their old problem with keeping black people alive, they now seem to keep killing off gay characters.

This isn’t too noticeable until you see couples getting ripped apart. Aaron and Eric were a great couple. Everyone loved them, but now they are no longer. We don’t know what will happen to Aaron, but let’s pray that AMC didn’t kill Eric just so Aaron could get into a relationship with Jesus simply because he’s so attractive. Now that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever said.

13 Daryl Is Getting Boring

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The most popular kicka*s character is becoming the most boring, one-dimensional one. Aside from the fact that he’s killing without reason, he also seems to have no feelings. The point of his character before was that he was secretly an emotional wreck with conflicting emotions. On the outside, he was super tough and capable. This made him very likeable from season 2 on. It broke our hearts when Meryl died, not because we cared, but because Daryl’s reaction was heartbreaking.

But he still kept his cool attitude. Now, all he does is kill people and keep his hair in his face. Like, move your hair out of your face! We need to see Daryl! Plus, it’s gotta be poking you right in the eye. Painful! We can only hope that by the mid-season, Daryl is back, and he actually has lines. He has hardly said two words this season. Daryl is getting so boring.

12 Rick Is Also Getting Super Boring

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Very few could actually pinpoint what Rick’s goals are this season. He lost his morals completely a while back, but that was easier to deal with than this. He seems numb. At one point or another, he has been the most emotional character on the show or he has been the hardest. He is the leader and therefore has it pretty rough. But this season, he kind of makes us want to yawn. He hasn’t said anything mind-blowing, or even anything that triggered any sort of emotion in the viewers. Main characters are supposed to trigger emotion. He hasn't been irrational and he hasn't made any super sick moves. He’s just been there, like he's following a script.

If they want their ratings to go back up, the producers need to make Rick go crazy again or make him some sort of hero again. Whatever they do, they need to change him because there’s something major missing here.

11 Jesus Is The Only One With Morals

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We're not talking about that Jesus. The character of Jesus has easily become the most popular character this season. That’s because he is still very much human. That, and he has some boss martial arts skills. Oh, yeah, and he’s hot. These altogether make him a fan favorite. He’s likely the reason that most people are still watching, hoping that he becomes even more relevant.

If they kill him off, I guarantee you that people will stop watching. It's sad, but true. The way to fix this is to not kill him. The way to get things going in the other direction is to give some more characters some morals. We aren't talking about the whole “to kill or not to kill” dilemma, but an actual likeable personality. You can’t say that you don’t like Jesus, he’s just too likeable. Producers need to take note of exactly why this is so and maybe they’ll get their season 5 ratings back.

10 Internal Conflicts On The Rise

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A little bit of conflict between characters is great. It keeps things going and people growing. But when all of the fights and conflicts are so full of hate and dishonesty – it’s just annoying. We don’t want to pick sides every time. We want to be able to see both points of views and tell them to not fight. But we know in the end, everything is going to be alright. They love each other, and will both become better people after the conflict.

Now, we have the once peaceful monk, Morgan, fighting Jesus for being so peaceful. Weird. A little verbal scuffle is great, but Morgan literally tried to kill Jesus and that’s not something we needed to see. Then we have what used to be the two “number one” characters silently fighting. Rick still has a little humanity and Daryl is killing people without a thought. Producers say it’s his revenge season, but if that’s so, let us see that. Don’t just make him seem empty.

9 They're Not Letting New Characters Last

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Remember when that big, important character called Morales showed up? You hardly remember him from season one and beyond, but there’s a vague recollection there. You knew that soon, his whole story would come to light. You'd start seeing why he did what he did and he would either become the main antagonist, or join the group for at least a half a season. Right about the time you think that he’d be a great addition to the team or could be even a greater enemy than Negan, boom! He’s dead. Daryl killed him.

This links in with the point about internal conflicts. Rick didn’t want to kill him and with good reason. Then there’s Daryl, who is down to business. I hope he blows up soon and gets it out of his system, because one day, new characters are going to join the group and we need to be there to see that.

8 Everything Is Predictable

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Thus far this season, aside from the whole Morales thing, which was too short for you to care about, what has surprised you? Every season, early on, they usually shock the viewers with things they didn’t think possible. But what now? The only shocking things make fans mad. For example, we have Eric's death, which we haven’t forgiven the show for, yet. Then Rick killed Gracie’s dad. There was nothing shocking that really mattered to the story or really affected the plot. They claim that the mid-season finale will be big, but just how big does it have to be to make up for the fact that the season has been so boring? It’s only three episodes in, but those first few episodes are the ones that will make the difference. The first few episodes are supposed to be the ones that will catch fans off-guard in a good way and make them keep watching. It seems like all that’s left are the diehard fans just watching so that they can “finish” the show.

7 There Is Some Seriously Bad Acting

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Everyone is saying that the actors are actually getting worse at their job. This was brought to light with Gregory in episode 3. Fans exploded on Twitter with comments about how awful Gregory. Many called him a backstabbing coward who doesn’t’ deserve to live. They also said that the actor who plays him needs a few lessons because everything he did seemed fake. Whether this is true or not is not for us to say, but if the acting on The Walking Dead gets worse, then we are all doomed.

We’ve always applauded Rick and Maggie for using Georgian accents despite being British. They do a rather swell job. Even when Rick gets emotional and his drawl seems to get all wacky, it’s actually pretty cute and endearing.

6 Negan Is Less Relevant


Negan makes you watch the show. He’s the most evil, interesting antagonist the show has ever had. But this season, he has hardly been shown. He really does need a bigger spotlight. He’s that good… or bad, I guess. If his time is over, at least let us see that more dramatically. He’s only talked about this season, rarely seen. We were hoping to see some backstory on him, or something to complicate his character. We need to know what made him this way, so we can excuse it at least a little. We’ve noticed that he takes it easy on kids, so that is saying something. He probably won’t touch kids, but why is he so violent and evil in every other way?

We have to know, or the show needs to get rid of him. But not until we see things from his perspective. It’s too interesting not to show.

5 There Needs To Be More Zombies!

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Oh yeah, this is a zombie apocalypse show. I almost forgot. For a second there, it seemed like a show about revenge and killing everyone on sight. The monsters walking around are there for your entertainment and to be used as a weapon of course. They do your bidding. Remember how the zombies used to be the number one threat, and the only threat for a while? But now, there are more zombies than people by a long shot and no one seems to care.

It’s totally possible that they just got so used to it, and got so good at fighting them that they can just do their job and ignore them. But the plot involving the walkers is so thin, and so nonexistent. We want them to keep all of the other drama, but at least add a few zombie scenes each episode.

4 Family Means Too Little


Family drama is few and far between these days. The group used to be so close knit and beautiful. Now, everyone seems so distant. Where is Carl, anyway? And Michonne? They said they wanted to go with Rick and that’s the end of them this season, right? Rick used to think family was the most important thing in the world and now, that is hardly a focal point. He is being taught to not think of himself, being reminded that it’s not about him. But aside from that, there are no hints that family and friends are still the most important.

The season is all about revenge but I’m having trouble seeing any love, which is usually what inspires revenge in cases like this. I feel like these people could easily stab each other in the back these days. That’s not something that is easy to watch. It could at least keep us on our toes, but all it does is make us scowl.

3 Old Rick


The old Rick thing is pretty annoying, if I do say so myself. It has so much potential, but with nothing to go off of, it leaves us feeling empty. What future is this? Is this the real future or is it some dreamland that Rick made up? Is that child Judy and everything is all happy? The place they are staying looks nice, but is the apocalypse over? This needs more development. I know that they will explain it all later, but it seems pointless to show us this without scaring us a little. If this is real, it means that the family is all good. Michonne, Judy, and Carl.

But how could it be real? If that is Judy then why is Rick so old? Judy can’t be more than five years older than she is now in the flash forward. Why did Rick age so much? Is an apocalypse like the presidency? Does it really age you that much? If so, why does Michonne look so good?

2 Theories


Fans ruin everything. One of the worst – and best – theories that is circulating is the one about Gracie. Some people are saying that Gracie is the one in Rick’s vision. The little girl is this new babe. This would insinuate that Judy is no longer. Killing Judy is inhumane and unacceptable. To make things worse, remember that scene of Rick crying by two graves? People say that those two graves are Judy and Michonne! What kind of monster would think of that?

Apparently, people are blaming producers for killing them when they haven’t even done it yet. It’s likely all a misunderstanding, but geez! They are losing viewers and good ratings all for what people think will happen. That’s how the internet works, so the least they could do is shut down the really awful theories on the show or in real life. However, you have to let us know that you’re not killing Rick’s baby girl.

1 The Cure Is No Longer A Thing

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Accepting that the apocalypse will not end is understandable. But you’d think that there would be at least one person that is still searching for a cure. Just like the walkers are no longer part of the plot, neither is the disease that created them. It’s just part of life and everyone is okay with it. It’s been years, that’s true, but maybe they should keep traveling. There could be a nice, normal city that has not even been affected yet! The Caribbean Islands could easily be safe, or maybe somewhere overseas is safe.

Besides, isn’t Israel prepared for this or something? The point is, they’ve given up, and it would be really interesting to see the original plot actually go further than it has so far.

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