15 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Needs To End ASAP

There’s no doubt that The Walking Dead is a hugely popular show on TV right now. Even people who started binge-watching it, later on, were hooked as soon they got into it. There are so many hard-core

There’s no doubt that The Walking Dead is a hugely popular show on TV right now. Even people who started binge-watching it, later on, were hooked as soon they got into it. There are so many hard-core fans that its hard to keep up with fan theories and bets on who will die next. It’s a violent show that is known for great character development and a stellar cast. The show is now in its seventh season, and even the fans have to admit that the show is becoming a little repetitive. Have they started running out of ideas, or is the comic book it’s based on just as repetitive? Many people are wondering whether season seven will be the last one. Even though the show is receiving good ratings, it still may be time to call it quits. The same thing happened with other AMC shows such as Madmen and Breaking Bad. If the show has nowhere else to go, it may be time to end it for The Walking Dead as well.

It’s always best to let a show go out with a big bang that will not only shock fans but also leaves them satisfied rather than waiting until the show gets cancelled due to low ratings. If the show loses its fire, it could start dropping fans and then it will be forced to end. It appears as if the series is moving towards an end regardless of the ratings. The Walking Dead needs to end for a variety of reasons.

15 The Episodes Are Starting to Drag


When the premiere of season seven aired it definitely shocked viewers. It was not only a heart-wrenching episode but one that was terribly violent and exciting. It was a great way to bring in a new season that people have waited a long time to see. It got everyone excited to see what the new season would bring; that was until the succeeding episodes. Viewers were forced to watch a few boring episodes before they could find out the after-effects of Negan’s viciousness. Viewers have more of that to look forward to as the characters have to find themselves once again after the death of their friends. It’s evident that there will be a lot of soul searching throughout the season. It’s not the first season where they have allowed things to drag on either; season two had them stuck on Hershel’s farm for thirteen episodes not really doing anything.

14 Ratings Aren’t What They Used to Be


As popular as the show is right now, the ratings are continuously slipping from season to season. When they aired the finale of season six, they got 14.2 million viewers, but that was ten percent less than the previous season's finale. Because they left viewers hanging for the season seven premiere they knew they were going to get more viewers because people wanted to know what was going to happen. But that spike in ratings won’t last because statistically people are becoming bored of the show unless something shocking happens. Which means that the show will continuously have to add shock value just to keep the fans tuned in. We’re not sure what’s going to happen with the season at this point, there are definitely some developments with Daryl coming up, but we’ll see if they can hold their ratings until the end.

13 The Show Has Trouble Adding New Characters


For the longest time, it was the original cast, and then a few characters got added here and there throughout but for the most part through the series it’s the same cast all the time. Some of them have been dropping like flies lately, but overall we see the same cast day in and day out. Still, the show struggles regularly to add new characters, and that’s a problem when the characters that we do see are dying. Because of the death toll, you would think the show would be continuously adding characters regularly, but they’re not. It seems like every season that comes around there’s a part where a lot of the characters die, like at the prison. The group numbers have significantly shrunk once again. The problem is they do need new characters because the show will just grow dull if it’s just the same characters surviving every tragedy.

12 It’s Not About the Zombies Anymore

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The TV series is supposed to be about the zombie apocalypse and how the survivors live in a world that is overrun by the undead. If you think about World War Z, there was no escaping those zombies. You couldn’t even get on an airplane without having to be worried about being stuck on a flying casket. As the seasons go by there seems to be just one major attack, and then the rest of the time they see one wandering zombie. It hardly seems like the undead have taken over. Instead, the series has become more about the original cast and another group of people. It’s happened in more than one season, and now it’s happening again with Negan’s crew. Where are the zombie attacks throughout the series and where have all the zombies gone to? Considering the lack of population, there should be thousands of them around all the time.

11 There Are Too Many Annoying Characters

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There have been so many annoying characters throughout the series that it’s really hard to keep track of them all. Some of them were so annoying in fact that we breathed a sigh of relief when they were killed. You know who I’m talking about; some of the characters were no doubt, Lori, Andrea, and Dale. I can easily see Jesus and his group becoming a huge annoyance as well. We can’t really blame the characters for being annoying; they are just acting off of a script. It’s the writers that make the characters annoying, and it just means that we are in for some more upcoming characters equally mind-numbingly boring. Hopefully, in the upcoming season, we can be spared any more of the characters that we love to see die.

10 The Crew is Becoming Predictable

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We love the crew; a few of them have even been there since the beginning of the series. But, it’s really gotten to the point where we can pretty much guess what the characters are going to do at any given time. Take Rick, for example. We know exactly what he’s going to do when he gets mad; he’s completely predictable. They all have their parts now: Carol is the strong person, Glenn is the good guy, Rick is the leader, and Carl finally stopped being a whiny brat. But wouldn’t it be refreshing if just one of them did something different, something outside of their character? We know how each and every one of them reacts to certain situations, how they will handle a new invader or a zombie. It makes the storyline boring and stale when it’s always the same repetition.

9 Stop the Group Meetings

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I honestly think if they have another group meeting I might start to scream and I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. If you remember when Hershel was still part of the group, he said “We’ll have to call another meeting later…” because the group couldn’t do anything without having constant meetings. It’s the zombie apocalypse, after all, you would think that there would be some room for spontaneity but every single thing had to be discussed. It’s still going on in the current season, and it’s exhausting to watch. They spend more time discussing things then they do actually discovering new ways to survive and defend themselves. Remember when they had to discuss the Governor’s offer even though Rick knew that the Governor had no intention of following through on any deal. They should have spent the time figuring out how to kill the Governor instead of dissecting yet another issue that meant nothing in the first place. We will see the same issues when it comes to Negan and the Saviours; more talking instead of doing.

8 Pointless Characters

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To this day I have no idea what the purpose of having the Priest character on the show. The guy, for endless episodes, has literally done nothing and has served no real purpose to the gang. He obviously has no loyalty to the group as he wavers between extreme dislike and a need to take his own crew down even though they have saved his life on more than one occasion. The show has a habit of adding pointless characters to the show and then have them serve no purpose. Beth is another great example of someone that just coasted through the show not adding any real value to it. Her purpose on the show seemed to be that of a babysitter. These weird additions to the show are proof positive that the writers of the show are a little sketchy. The show is failing right now because the writers are not developing the plot. Instead, they are writing in these characters that are pointless to the story.

7 They Are Reusing Old Stories

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When a series starts getting to the point where it’s time to call it quits, it’s because it no longer has a story to tell. You can usually see that coming when they start reusing old themes from previous seasons. They don’t know where to go next, so an old storyline pops up to rear its ugly head. One theme we keep seeing is the need to keep one’s humanity in a zombie-filled world. They have practically beat that theme to death. Or how about the inability to trust new people. You would think that the group would try to get as many new members as possible to keep their team strong, but instead, they are more likely to kill you than to welcome you into their family. Nevermind the constant confidence crisis that Rick regularly goes through as a leader. The show becomes boring when we are reliving the same storylines constantly.

6 The Pace Remains Slow For Far Too Long

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We have seen more than one episode in a row at times where it just runs so slow. It’s even painful waiting for something exciting to happen. After Glenn’s death, there were easily two episodes that made you question whether you even wanted to continue watching the show. When they lived in the community, there were far too many episodes of the characters cooking, building and generally just living a normal everyday life. That’s not what I signed up for when it came to watching a series about the undead. How many times did we see Carol making cookies or baking a casserole? Boring! There are also episodes that were spent in long conversations with deep, meaningful looks between the characters. A whole episode? They wasted thirteen episodes of the crew on Hershel’s farm! The farm life dragged on way too long; it was refreshing to finally seen it run over with zombies.

5 Rick is Still Alive

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I’m not sure how it’s even possible that Rick is still alive after everything that has gone on in the show, but there you have it. Don’t get me wrong; I couldn’t imagine the show even going on after Rick’s death, but maybe that’s where we are at this point. Rick and Daryl will probably outlive everybody on the show, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. We never really worry about these characters because we know they are going to live through anything. In my opinion, the only strong character in the show is Daryl; we could probably live without Rick and maybe that’s the boost the show needs. A new leader, someone with better decision-making skills. The fact that he is still alive and leading the group is one of the reasons why the show is on its way out or at least should be.

4 The Romantic Stories Suck


Many people may find it hard to believe that there is a reason for romantic entanglements during a post-apocalyptic world but I think it should be one of the most important aspects. It’s the end of the world and everyone you know and loved is likely dead. You spend months at a time possibly alone or with strangers; how could you not want to become intimate or develop a romantic relationship with someone? It could be one of the bright lights in a terrible existence. The problem with The Walking Dead is they suck at relationship matching. After Rick lost his wife, he finally found the perfect girl for him in Jessie, but instead of hooking them up, he has to watch her being eaten right in front of him. There are so many meaningless relationships in the series that it makes for boring television. Would it be too much to ask to have someone’s love life work out?

3 The Dialogue is Messy

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The cast of The Walking Dead is pretty awesome, some of these characters can really hold their own when it comes to a dramatic or emotional scene. Yet, time and time again you will see the characters engaging in meaningless and rather vague dialogue throughout. Even during zombie invasion scenes, the characters will often say the cheesy thing that just has you rolling your eyes. Every time a new gang is closing in on our old familiar crew, Rick has to give a cheesy speech and how many times have we heard him say, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” That speech sure didn’t pan out when it came to Negan entering the picture. Some characters don’t even bother talking, or they force us to sit through their painful monologues while they try to make a point. The dialogue I swear is getting worse with each passing season.

2 Characters Are Getting Old

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I don’t mean physically, I mean that the characters at times, especially the originals are becoming tiring. I’m kind of sick of Carol’s cold demeanor; I get that she’s been through a lot, but she just comes off as a psychopath at times. She has the good housewife down pat when she’s trying to get something from someone, but then she turns into this sadistic killer, willing to do anything or kill anyone for her family. Her character among others is tiring and maybe it should be changed up again. Maybe she needs to fall in love to give us a chance to see her in another light. Not to mention I would love more than anything to see Morgan snap and finally kill someone. The core characters need some changes, and hopefully, through all the soul searching that occurs after Glenn’s death, we will see that.

1 There is No End in Sight

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The great thing about Abraham and Eugene’s arrival on the scene was the fact that there was this mysterious cure looming on the horizon. The idea that their world could be brought back to normal was exciting because it brought hope not only to the group but the viewers as well. We loved the idea that something great could happen and it also gave viewers an idea of how the show would end. We didn’t even care if it took three more seasons before they got to that cure, we were more than happy to go on the journey to find it. However, those hopes died when we found out that Eugene was a jerk and lied about the whole thing. Now what? The problem with the show right now is it seems like there is no end in sight. Nothing to look forward to and no real conclusion to the issue with the zombies. The show is moving literally one step ahead and three steps back almost every episode which makes the viewers just wish they would get on with things.


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15 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Needs To End ASAP