15 Reasons Why The Justice League Movie Is Doomed To Fail

The highly anticipated Justice League movie is scheduled to hit theaters November 17, 2017 with mixed expectations for its fate. DC Films strategically waited it out to debut this movie towards the end of the year with the hopes of extra time to market and edit it adding to the end result. The superheroes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash are all uniting to form the biggest super team this side of the Golden State Warriors. It is the biggest DC property featuring all of their beloved heroes coming together in the same film.

Many fans rightfully have their excitement under wraps given the way false hope let them down for prior DC films in recent years. Others are going all in with the trailer and leaked information providing reasons to believe this could be something special for the future of many franchises. The unfortunate fate of Justice League will likely lean towards the negative side with history and enough rumors suggesting it will be another bust. Everything is riding on this film for DC. If it is another flop, they may be forced to make some drastic changes. We will take a look at why Justice League is doomed to fail with the following fifteen reasons.

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15 Too Many New Characters

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One of the most important things in setting up a team of superheroes is establishing each hero as being important. The DC Extended Universe has yet to give us any reason to care about half of the team featured in Justice League. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have each played pivotal roles in various films setting this one up, but the same just can’t be said about the others.

This will be the first introduction to Aquaman and Cyborg in the movie timeline. We got a glimpse of The Flash in prior films, but it was very minimal. The new characters have no relationships or connections with the established three. DC is hoping to set up the franchise by having them all join the team at Batman’s request. It will be way too much to process in one film introducing new characters, forming relationships, and battling evil without burning out the audience.

14 No Strong Bonds Between The Team Established

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The strength of the Avengers stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolves around the strong bonds between the heroes. Many of the characters were already linked together before the first team movie. We have only witnessed any interaction between the Justice League heroes in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, which put the two biggest heroes of the franchise against each other. Wonder Woman ended up in the movie as well, but it was mostly a huge mess.

There are no strong bonds or tandems on the team to add the story dynamic as they get together. A strong movie writing crew could make up for this, but we have zero reason to trust the DC Extended Universe given their track record. The likelihood is everyone getting at the throats of their partners until someone steps up to unite them on the same side. You can’t expect the charm or fun typically associated with a superhero team when it comes to Justice League.

13 "The DC Films Stink"

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As already discussed, there is a negative reputation associated with the movies coming out of the DC Extended Universe on film. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad all received horrible reviews and were considered among the biggest disappointments of their respective years. Both diehard fans that want the stories to stay true to the comics and the mainstream viewer that want to have fun at the movie theater find reasons to hate these movies.

This has led to a “stink” associated to the movies coming out of the DC Comics stories. The recent Wonder Woman hit film will improve the aura around the franchises, but the bigger movies still need a lot of help. Fans will go into the movie with the expectations of disappointment. Justice League must be a smash hit or it will be viewed as another bust. The negative reputation of the DC Extended Universe is hurting Justice League before the movie is even out.

12 Superman Drama Clouding Story

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended with the presumed death of Superman. The death will lead to the inspiration of Batman wanting to form the team of meta-humans in Justice League. However, Superman will definitely be alive come the new movie. The end of the prior movie showed the dirt on top of his casket starting to levitate. We all know it was meant to imply that Superman is still living and will be a huge part of the Justice League movie.

Superman’s not so shocking return will likely play a huge role in getting the team on the same page. This sadly won’t surprise anyone and can’t add the depth needed for such an important part of the story. Superman also has been a disappointment in the prior DC Extended Universe. The reliance here will just hurt the movie and adds less excitement to the overall big picture.

11 End Of Year Competition

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The decision to save a blockbuster movie for the end of the year rather than the usual summer time schedule can be savvy. However, 2017 is the exception with many other top tier movies all coming out in the final few months of the year. Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Thor: Ragnarok are both expected to be released within a couple of weeks of Justice League.

Superhero fans will be expecting Justice League to provide as much fun as the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok film after witnessing the Marvel hit. It is expected to be the best Thor film in the franchise, with great trailers already making headlines. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will also overshadow Justice League as the final hit movie of the year. This is without question the hottest movie of the year making it less likely Justice League will be able to stand out against epic competition.

10 Not My Flash!

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One DC property that has been met with huge praise is CW’s The Flash television series. Grant Gustin has done a superb job playing the role of Flash to perfection. The ratings and reviews led to success for the franchise. Many fans wanted to see Gustin continue playing the role of Flash considering he has become the face of the hero. Zack Snyder made it clear that he had no interest in Gustin for the movie and instead casted Ezra Miller.

The talent of Miller is not the question but Snyder’s inability to understand he had a perfect representation for Flash is a huge mistake. Justice League trying to help establish three new characters could have been far easier with Gustin continuing the role from TV. The Flash television series will be starting its fourth season around the time of the Justice League release giving more reason to criticize the movie by comparing the two Barry Allen portrayals.

9 Nearly 3 Hours Long

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The length of Justice League is expected to run a ridiculous 2 hours and 50 minutes. One of the bigger complaints about the DC Extended Universe films is anger towards how long they drag on. It is one thing if a movie has the hype and excitement behind it to risk a nearly three hour long story. Justice League is clearly not the right film to have this run as long as it will.

The writing and story development has proven to be disappointing for three of the four major DC films to recently get released. Justice League would be best served going under two hours rather than pushing three. The best value for a franchise like this is to get in and out quickly with some action and entertainment without overexposing it. Justice League’s run time will provide one of the major reasons fans will end up leaving unhappy and ranting about it on social media.

8 Cyborg Looks Horrible

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The role of Cyborg in Justice League may provide the difference in whether the movie works or not. Cyborg is by far the least popular character on the team. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are the most popular characters with Flash and Aquaman being on the next tier. Cyborg is not on the same level as the others in terms of individual popularity, but his presence adds a lot to the team being one.

Sadly, the early trailers have shown a disappointing visual of Cyborg. The design of the Cyborg suit is lackluster and looks completely cheesy for a superhero that is meant to be part of the epic super team. For a hero many fans are unfamiliar with, going with a horrible look for the costume could destroy any chance at Cyborg becoming a beloved part of the movie. The early signs spell doom for a character that could make or break the future of Justice League films.

7 Everyone Is Secondary To The "Big Three"

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The marketing of the Justice League is already starting to take shape. Wonder Woman being such a massive success has made her a big part of the selling towards the next movie. Batman is already the prized hero of the DC Comics world and Superman’s obvious return is the other huge part. Anyone with a brain would know the importance of selling the three new heroes in the movie would be huge to setting up success.

Instead, the early information shows the movie will be about Batman’s search to convince the new meta-humans to join him in Superman’s honor. Justice League is essentially looking like a sequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with the heroes no longer competing against each other. The movie is clearly going to have Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg play inferior roles to the golden three with their unity being the key. It just won’t work if the movie ends up being Batman and friends.

6 DC Is Horrible At Humor

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DC movies are different from Marvel in the sense that they take a more serious approach. The characters are less fun and play more intense roles. That, however, has to change when there’s an ensemble of superheroes in one movie. The obvious go to for movies like this is to include humor. A situation of all these larger than life characters being together has to provide comedy.

The problem is DC films just can’t get the humor side down. Early indications are that Justice League will feature a lot more comedy than the average DC Extended Universe movie. That can’t be a good sign unless they drastically changed their approach. Zack Snyder’s interviews, however, imply the characters will stay true to their serious natures. The differing messages of what the movie is trying to convey in style are a brutal sign for the end result of Justice League likely leading to disappointment.

5 Can't Compare To Avengers

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The success of the Avengers franchise becoming the biggest thing in Hollywood is what influenced the Justice League movie. No one would admit this but you just know the DC Extended Universe is insanely jealous of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created over the past decade. The idea of a super-team of individually impressive characters working together seems foolproof on paper, but DC will ultimately find a way to screw it up.

Aside from Batman and maybe Wonder Woman, none of the characters have an excitement behind them that can translate to the box office right away. The movie is relying on the tale of Batman recruiting these new characters to form the story. It explains the biggest difference in the two franchises. The Avengers were already set up to be a team before the first movie. Justice League is about Batman finding a team. This will play a factor in the audience rejecting Justice League come November.

4 Way Too Soon In The Story

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As discussed already, there’s no valid reason for the Justice League forming other than Batman wanting to create a team. The right move would have been delivering standalone movies for the new characters before the Justice League formed. Hell, the current Batman franchise in the DC Extended Universe films needed a new movie before people could truly care about him other than the lure of the hero. Wonder Woman proved how important that is to setting up the characters.

The underlying issue of the dangers of the world starting to mount through each of the stories is what is needed for a blockbuster film like this to kick things off in the franchise. Instead, we are getting a cash grab with minimal interactions between the characters. A long road of setting things into play is pivotal to creating a successful team franchise like this, but the movie studios are clearly going for all or nothing.

3 Ben Affleck Leaving Batman Role

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A rare positive reaction to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film was the portrayal of Batman by Ben Affleck. Many were unsure of how the popular actor would do in the role, but Affleck fit the part to create some momentum. The presence of Batman in Suicide Squad even added positively to that movie thanks to the Batman interaction with Deadshot. However, this one good thing in the franchise appears to be on borrowed time.

Affleck is reportedly preparing to give up the role in the future films planned for the DC Extended Universe. The rumors are out that Affleck will play Batman in the upcoming standalone film before dropping out of the role going forward. Affleck may not want to be associated with one of the biggest failures associated to the Batman film franchises despite doing a solid job. Fans knowing Affleck is getting ready to ditch the Batman suit just adds more negativity towards Justice League and other movies before then.

2 Zack Snyder

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Zack Snyder has either been the lead director or a guest director for Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. All of those movies were horrible. Snyder did not direct Wonder Woman. That movie was tremendous. Snyder returns as the lead director for Justice League. You can figure out the math. The talent of Snyder can provide good ideas and results, but his track record is clearly disappointing.

Snyder’s vision often leads to lackluster movies that rely on the action. There is little to no charm in his style and that is not a good sign for Justice League. Many DC fans were hoping the studios would have ditched him for this major project in favor of someone with a different mindset towards the story. Instead, we will likely pick up where Dawn of Justice left off as the DC Extended Universe continues to be an underachieving franchise.

1 Following Wonder Woman

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The massive success of Wonder Woman is the best thing to happen to the DC Extended Universe, but it may be the worst thing for Justice League. Wonder Woman was the first of the DC Extended Universe films to receive positive reviews. The average customer at the movie theater loved it as well, proving DC can make a respectable movie that people would go to see. However, there is now pressure and expectations on Justice League to continue the momentum.

Wonder Woman was unlike any other recent DC film as it was able to standalone in a timeline away from the other movies. The lack of Zack Snyder also helped in giving it a chance to have a different style from the average DC movies. Fans that loved Wonder Woman will want to see this continue and turn around the franchise going forward. Upon realizing Justice League is more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice than Wonder Woman, it could sink the future of the DC Extended Universe in a large way.

Sources: Cinema Blend, Cheat Sheet, Screen Rant

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