15 Reasons Why The Justice League Is Better Than The Avengers

With the imminent release of The Justice League movie later this year, fans are getting excited, as for the first time in box office history, we'll get to see DC's finest heroes in a live action movie together. Whether or not the movie will be a box office or critical success, we know one thing: that fans are going to be chumping at the bit to see it and we can't wait.

However, with the MCU already establishing itself on the big screen long before the DCEU started, and the first Avengers movie arguably being one of the greatest comic book movie of all time, it may seem like The Justice League have too far to go in order to top The Avengers in the movies. This wouldn't be the first time DC's and Marvel's greatest heroes have gone up against each other. Whether it's in the comic books, TV, movies or just in the interest of the fans, The Justice League and The Avengers have been the source of much debate for many years as people try to decide which superhero team is the best. With this list we look at 15 reasons why DC's Justice League are far superior than Marvel's Avengers.

15 Money 

For our first entry we are all about the money. We're not talking about the money in real life, as in the respective franchises, comic books, or movies. We're actually talking about the money of the characters within the superhero teams.

It's fair to say that if you want to bring together the biggest heroes in the world, then you'll need a lot of money to fund it. You'll need a headquarters, transportation, gadgets, and so on, so there needs to be a mountain of cash to fund it. While The Avengers have Tony Stark's billions, plus the resources of Black Panther, they still don't come anywhere close to the richness of DC's finest. Even if we just take a few characters, Bruce Wayne's wealth, Wonder Woman's legendary riches, Oliver McQueen's multibillion dollar fortune, and Aquaman's vast wealth, all add up to more money than they could spend.

14 Darker Backstories 

It's fair to say that over the years Marvel, and in particular the MCU, have been criticized for being a bit too light and family friendly. The superheroes that make up The Avengers are a bit more light-hearted and therefore that makes it difficult to either have any real peril or edge. While it's true that within the comic books, The Avengers do have their problems (Tony Stark's drinking problems and Hank Pym's abusive tendencies), they all still come from a place of relative normality.

DC, on the other hand, don't. Most of their heroes are born out of emotional, physical and just unbearable trauma and darkness and most of the time, this act alone is the reason why they grow up to do what they do. We're not saying having a dark origin story is in itself a good thing but it does give them an edge, especially over The Avengers, as the darkness and pain fuels their heroics and also equips them to handle pretty much anything the comic book universe has to throw at them.

13 More Of A Team

The main thing about The Justice League that makes them work so well, and therefore completely out class The Avengers, is that they truly are a team. More than that, each member knows their place as they work together as a well oiled machine. While The Justice League, just like The Avengers, is filled with a few heroes that have more power than the team combined, Superman, for example, that never stops them from outshining the rest of the team or thinking they are better and therefore can do what they like, which happens a lot within The Avengers. Iron Man does this a lot!

The Justice League have a well formed hierarchy in which everyone works together for the end goal. Although they do have moments of in-house fighting and mistrust, generally speaking, The Justice League are a team. With the founding fathers of the group at the top and the rest below, every member of The Justice League wants to be there, and they're happy to be there and proud to be a part of it. This doesn't happen in The Avengers and The Justice League would exploit this fact in seconds.

12 They Are United 

Following on from our previous entry, The Justice League aren't just a well oiled team, they are united. They don't come together because they want to or it's a good day out for some super friends, they come together because they need to and it's the only way to save the world. This in itself gives them clear definition and character as they know what needs to be done for the greater good and also they know that they can't do it alone.

Going over the comic book pond of Marvel, The Avengers are a very different group. Not only do they not really work as a team, after all, there is always in-house fighting about who should be in charge, and even civil wars. But even when that's not happening, The Avengers aren't together or united, they "assemble." That one quirky catchphrase tells you everything you need to know about The Avengers, they don't come together, they don't unite, they don't plan, they just assemble together at the last moment and usually when it's already too late.

11 Bigger Stories

While The Avengers have had some huge stories over the years within the pages of the comic books, and even on the big screen, Marvel's greatest heroes have still been slightly limited when it comes to the scope and scale of their stories. Yes they have several timelines, parallel worlds, and universes, but most of the time The Avengers are Earth bound and battle out the villain of the week, or themselves.

The Justice League, however, have so much scope within their ranks that the stories they are or can be involved in are almost limitless. A lot of this has to do with the fact that a lot of their members are aliens, then of course they have The Green Lantern that is actually in control of an entire section of the universe. But more than that they have the likes of The Flash who can change time, create new worlds and timelines, and also cross dimensions. The simple fact is that The Justice League have put themselves in a world in which the stories are bigger, more complex, and more entertaining than their Marvel rivals.

10 The Villains

In the world of comic books and superheroes, it's fair to say that what makes a superhero truly great are the villains and bad guys they fight. While Marvel do have some truly powerful and complex villains, Doctor Doom and Thanos spring to mind, they don't have the variety and wealth of villains that DC have.

The Rogues Gallery within the DC universe would have The Avengers running for the hills. Whether it's the lower villains such as The Joker, we only say lower because of his power levels, but the insanity of The Clown Prince of Crime could easily cause problems for The Avengers, or the powerhouses such as Doomsday, the intellect of Lex Luthor, and the galactic threat of Darkseid. These villains alone are more than The Avengers could handle.

9 Willing To Sacrifice Themselves To Save The Day

As we've already mentioned on this list already, The Avengers often come under fire for not putting their heroes in truly life threatening peril and danger. Although the stories are compelling and entertaining, The Avengers always walk away from it and live to fight another day. The Justice League, however, are very different.

Not only do their storylines often involve someone dying, but all of them are willing to put their own lives on the line for the sake of good and to save humanity. Over the years each of the main members of The Justice League has sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Batman was blasted to a crisp by Darkseid, Superman made the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop Doomsday, The Flash ran himself into oblivion to save the universe, and The Green Lantern gave his life in order to restart the sun. The simple fact is that The Avengers might be good fighters and heroes but The Justice League will do whatever it takes to save the day, that's something The Avengers just don't have.

8 The Women

Over the years, comic books have often come under fire for either their lack of strong females or their depiction of them. While today's comic books and their movies are doing their best to rectify this, and doing it with some great success, most notable with Marvel introducing the first female Muslim lead comic book story, comic books have really come a long way.

However, all of this was possible thanks to DC and The Justice League. Firstly, The Justice League have the princess and first lady of superheroes with Wonder Woman. The iconic hero broke ground when it came to what women could do in a male dominated medium, which of course has recently lead to the box office smash that was the Wonder Woman movie. But more than that DC, and The Justice League, have been pushing the boundaries of women for years with powerful, complex, and compelling characters that are more than equal to their male counterparts.

7 More Power

If we just look at the core members of each superhero group, then The Justice League have far more power. The Avengers have their strengths and their talents: The Hulk's strength and rage, Thor's godlike powers, Iron Man's suits and intellect, and Captain America's tactics and military training. All of those things make The Avengers a formidable team.

However, let's take a look at The Justice League. If we just look at the founding members of The League then you will see that there really is no comparison between the two groups. Superman by himself is more than enough to handle the likes of The Hulk and Thor, then you have Batman's cunning, intellect, and crime fighting ability that would put Iron Man and Captain America to shame. Just those two alone could cause The Avengers real problems and we haven't even mentioned the powers and abilities of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. While The Avengers are heroes and superheroes, The Justice League are borderline gods.

6 The Avengers Have Too Many Weak Side Characters 

With our previous entry we talked about the power and strength of the main members of The Avengers and The Justice League, for which The Justice League win hands down. But for this entry we look at the outer members of each group. While both teams boast a huge number of members they can call upon if they need to, it's fair to say that The Avengers supporting cast is made up of less than par heroes.

Yes heroes like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther, Falcon and other similar heroes have their strengths and talents and could handle themselves when they need to and they do bring an important element to The Avengers, they have nothing on The Justice League outer members. Supergirl, Power Girl, Zatanna, Shazam, and Cyborg, just to name a few. Each of those heroes are a powerhouse on their own and The Avengers don't stand a chance against them.

5 Batman And Superman

For our next entry, we are talking about the most famous heroes in all of comic book history. Superman and Batman have been the most popular and successful comic book characters since the 1930's. Not only are these two the most popular and most loved comic book characters, but they are also two of the best. Let's be honest, more often than not a team that just has Batman and Superman is pretty much unstoppable.

The god-like powers and moral code of The Man of Steel plus the cunning, tactics and brilliant mind of The Dark Knight would already be too much for The Avengers. While The Avengers have their strengths and plus points, they just don't have the manpower and resources to handle the likes of Batman and Superman together. If The Avengers went toe to toe in the ultimate showdown between these two comic book giants, then the match would be over long before it starts. Superman's full strength would wipe out The Avengers in seconds, but if for some reason that didn't work then The Dark Knight would already have a dozen ways to take down Marvel's mightiest heroes.

4 As Well As Martian Manhunter 

We've talked about the power that The Justice League has within its ranks and of course, the greatness that is Batman and Superman. Now we look at The Martian Manhunter. The last of his race of beings, J'onn J'onzz is often overlooked within The Justice League, which isn't surprising really when you have Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman on your team. But the simple fact is that The Martian Manhunter is possibly one of the most powerful beings in both comic book universes. Even Superman is quoted as saying so and that The Martian Manhunter is the only being he truly fears.

The Martian Manhunter isn't just strength, although he is pretty much on par with Superman in that respect! His powers go beyond that; he has great mental abilities, he can fly, and more importantly he can shapeshift. This means he can "phase" through anything, seemingly becoming invisible and he can also change the way he looks and his shape. Superman and Batman may get all the glory but The Martian Manhunter is The Justice League's secret weapon that none of the Marvel heroes could deal with.

3 The Movies

Now we leave the world of comic books and turn to the big screen. For this entry we are not looking at the MCU or the DCEU, that is to come, but we are looking at the characters within the universes and their relationship and success on the big screen. Although Marvel are blowing DC out of the water at the moment with their MCU, before that DC were far superior when it comes to movies.

While it's also true that Sam Raimi's vision of Spider-Man was a huge success for Marvel, DC have been making money and legions of fans for decades. Superman, with the late great Christopher Reeves, is still considered one of the best comic book movies. Then we come to Tim Burton's Batman and of course The Dark Knight trilogy, both of those showing us just how great superhero movies can be. It's fair to say that before Spider-Man burst onto the big screen, Marvel didn't have a successful comic book movie and their box office revenue couldn't come anywhere close to touching DC's.

2 DCEU's Potential

We've just talked about DC and Marvel on the big screen and how profitable it's been over the years for DC, now it's time to talk about the MCU and DCEU. Ok, so we know that the MCU has been killing it at the box office since they first brought Iron Man to the big screen back in 2008. Having the foresight to bring their biggest heroes together in an integrated movie universe has been inspiring and has paved the way for so many franchises to do the same.

Because of that the MCU will always be held in high regards as they set the template for what is possible in movies. However, although the DCEU has been slow on the uptake, now that they are starting to get their movie universe in order, the DCEU has so much more potential and strength in characters and story telling that they could soon eclipse the MCU and blow them out of the water. If the DCEU is done right, and this is all depending on how The Justice League movie does, then it could be something truly special.

1 The Justice League Came First

The number one entry on our list of reasons why The Justice league is better than The Avengers is the simple fact that the Justice League came first. DC had already established the giants of comic books with the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, long before Marvel came out with their big hitters. So not only did DC already have the fanbase and experience but they came up with the idea first to put their best heroes together.

So whether the people out there are Avengers fans or Justice League fans, the simple fact is that The Justice League are the original and everything else will always be an imitation or rip off of The Justice League. For that reason alone, that makes The Justice League the best and the true royal family of the comic book superheroes.

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