15 Reasons Why The Big Bang Theory Needs To End...RIGHT NOW

When the first season of The Big Bang Theory was released in 2007, no one could have known how successful the series would become. At first, there was a question as to whether or not audiences would be able to relate to the socially awkward geniuses and their various interests. Yet, there was something extremely appealing about a guy who was picked on in school pursuing a relationship with the hot blonde from across the hall. Fans quickly fell in love with the show, and there were some who referenced The Big Bang Theory for the "Geek Chic" trend.

While the series made it seem like the characters' obsession with comic book characters made them losers, the way they were perceived by audiences began to change. The main characters seemed to be excited by what the rest of the world was anticipating like the latest Star Wars film or the Batman v Superman franchise. Yet, that's not all that has changed; the characters, who are the main focus of the show, have changed as well. Fans have already become so invested into the characters, and there were a number of seasons that continued to churn out some truly funny episodes. Yet, the series has definitely declined in recent years, and it seems like it's definitely time the series should come to an end. Check out our list of 15 reasons why The Big Bang Theory needs to end, and see if you agree that the series should go out while it still has formidable ratings.

15 Perpetuating Negative Stereotypes

When The Big Bang Theory first started, the main reason why the character of Raj fit into their group was his professional background and his social awkwardness. He worked at the same university as an astrophysicist but had zero charisma with the ladies. He couldn't even speak with women unless he had some alcohol, which wasn't even discovered until after Penny started bartending at The Cheesecake Factory. Yet, as the series progressed, things started to change for Raj with regard to how his character was treated. The show has referenced Howard being Jewish, but the comments haven't been perpetuating negative stereotypes the way they have with Raj. In the episode where Howard went to the International Space Station, Raj stated, "Howard is staring down on our planet like a Jewish Greek God." Yet, that's harmless compared to the Indian call center remarks made about Raj.

14 Spark A Raj Spin-Off

When the hit sitcom, Friends, came to an end, it was inevitable that a spin-off series would be created. While each of the characters definitely had a storyline that could have continued after the show, Raj has a plethora of quirks in his personal life that would be great for a spin-off series. There are so many different options available for a Raj spin-off. Raj could be forced to move and have to make a new group of friends (with all his social awkwardness), Raj could go to India for a visit and then fall in love with someone there, Raj could get married and have children, or something could happen with his family whereby they would no longer have money. This would be a great opportunity to introduce more characters and could be a great way to give more Hollywood opportunities to other Indian actors and actresses.

13 Penny’s Plot Has Become Unbelievable

When the series first began, the most appealing thing about Penny was the fact that she was a hometown girl from Nebraska looking to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. The series showed her working at The Cheesecake Factory in an effort to keep the lights on while she waited for her big break. Yet, her character evolved into a high-powered pharmaceutical representative that made more money than Leonard. However, it's not just the job that has changed for Penny; her whole attitude has changed as well. While she was once loved for being super sweet, her persona changed to be severely sarcastic and, at times, she came off as smug and insensitive. While Jennifer Aniston's character did practically the same thing on Friends when she went from a lowly coffee shop waitress to a high-powered figure in the fashion industry, she never lost those sweet qualities that made audiences love her from the beginning.

12 What Happened To Amy?

In any normal relationship, it wouldn't come as a surprise for two characters to move forward the longer they stay together. Yet, the evolution of Amy Farrah Fowler is something that's more like a complete transformation. Her character started out completely disinterested in having a boyfriend, and then all of a sudden, she was the one pushing Sheldon to have a physical relationship with her. She was also quite weary of close interaction with anyone else within the group, and some of the best parts of the series were when she would publicly mock and criticize them. Yet, her character transformed into a girl that enjoys drinking, likes to go dancing, pushes her boyfriend to have sex with her, and often makes lesbian-like comments to Penny.

11 Unbelievable Guest-Starring Characters

This is another big similarity with the Friends series since both of them started having big name actors toward the later seasons. Brad Pitt even guest-starred on an episode of Friends, but the character was really forced, and it wasn't long after his appearance that he and Jennifer Aniston divorced. While there have been some noteworthy actors featured in The Big Bang Theory, the majority of them had characters that were somewhat believable. Stephen Hawking guest starring as the lead scientist working on various theories and Wil Wheaton representing their love for Star Trek are the types of celebrities that would seem believable for the series. Yet, there have been other actors who have been pushed into the show, and the characters have been completely unbelievable. Billy Bob Thornton appeared as a socially awkward doctor, and the entire episode was cringeworthy, at best.

10 Big Celebs Playing Themselves

While The Big Bang Theory has featured some A-list actors in various unbelievable characters, the show has also been known to feature actors portraying a version of themselves. From Nathan Fillion trying to pretend like he's not himself so he doesn't have to talk to his fans to LeVar Burton responding to a social media invitation to attend a gathering with Sheldon and his friends, these drive-by appearances have really cheapened the show. There was even an episode where Howard ran into Elon Musk at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving (by himself), and the show wanted audiences to believe that he really got along with Howard and even exchanged contact information. These types of appearances just look like shameless self-promotion by these celebs and take away from the storyline involving the main characters.

9 Sheldon’s Looking Buff

When Sheldon was first introduced to audiences, his character was seen as lanky and scrawny with child-like tendencies. This may have something to do with the fact that he flew through school as a boy genius and was already getting his doctorate degree while everyone else was still managing their prerequisites. His taste in clothes never seemed to change, and it became somewhat of a uniform for him on the series. Yet, he no longer looks like the same scrawny genius from earlier in the series. In fact, it's become quite obvious that Sheldon has been lifting some weights and bulking up. While the audience is meant to separate the actual actors from their characters, it's hard not to notice the big change in Sheldon. When the veil is starting to lift, it's time to end the show.

8 Leonard Gained Major Weight

One of the biggest issues with a long television series is the fact that the characters can look noticeably older, and physical characteristics could change. In the case of Leonard Hofstadter, there's a huge difference between what he looked like in the first season compared to Season 10. He was always called out for being short, but he was also quite frail. While he was once swimming in a suit, Season 10 has shown him looking well on his way to what he looked like in the fatsuit flashback scenes. The interesting thing is that Penny's character has maintained her figure, and there's no way the showrunners would have stood for Kaley Cuoco gaining an excessive amount of weight. Yet, Johnny Galecki has gained a considerable amount of weight, and it definitely wasn't just a character choice.

7 Penny Is Losing Her Appeal

It's no secret that Kaley Cuoco's character, Penny, played the role of the impossible-to-get, hot girl on the series. Much of the storyline of the series has revolved around the notion that Penny was simply too hot for Leonard. The showrunners didn't hesitate to throw her into scenes where she was scantily dressed, and the skimpy tank top used to be her go-to outfit. Yet, as the series progressed, Penny no longer looked like the impossibly beautiful girl across the hall. The biggest blow was when Cuoco decided to cut her hair, and then, the producers were forced to incorporate it into the show. While her hair eventually started to grow back, she's replaced those skimpy outfits with boyfriend jeans and long blazers. This isn't exactly the Penny that fans signed up for.

6 Encroaching Side Characters

One of the reasons why The Big Bang Theory has been so successful is because of the main characters. There aren't many shows that have the same chemistry with its characters, and this unique blend creates something extra special. However, recent years have featured episodes with a huge focus on some of the smaller side characters that have been introduced. People like Stewart and Bert from the Geology Department aren't exactly the characters that fans want to focus on, so it seems like the showrunners are starting to lack in storylines for the main characters. While Stewart started off as a friend of theirs from the comic book store, the series began depicting him as a pathetic loser whom they never wanted to invite. This isn't what fans signed up for, and it's starting to ruin the show.

5 Shamy Spin-Off

Although all of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory add hugely to the series, there's no denying that the Sheldon Cooper character is the big breakout role of the show. It led to Jim Parsons earning prestigious accolades and awards for his performance as Sheldon, and it undoubtedly led to his opportunities on the big screen. He voiced the lead role in the hit animated film Home and even had roles in The Normal Heart and Hidden Figures. Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that the series wouldn't be the same without Sheldon, and the audience always wants to see more of him. There's already a spin-off series showing what Sheldon was like as a child, but a more natural spin-off would be with him and Amy Farrah Fowler. The conclusion of The Big Bang Theory series would be great for starting up The Shamy Show.

4 Sheldon’s Storage Of Shame

From the very first episode, it became quite clear that Sheldon Cooper had a myriad of different quirks. It became clear that he had some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder, and it was often referenced that his mother had him tested when he was younger (even though she never went to the recommended specialist). As the series progressed, his eccentricities became magnified, from the compulsive need to knock three times to his bathroom schedule. While fans were able to accept the majority of these eccentricities, the most recent seasons haven't exactly followed the same sort of model. The audience is expected to believe that he's turned a milestone with regard to physical interaction and empathetic behavior but then also believe that he's a hoarder. This contradictory storyline is a big red flag that the show has run its course.

3 Bernadette’s Baby

While the main cast members have had partners come and go, there was something truly special about Bernadette. Her extra small stature and squeaky voice provided the perfect amount of awkwardness that helped her fit into the show. Yet, the real TV gold was when she would sound like Howard's mother when she got angry. She was often dressed in clothes that a little girl would wear, which would be a sharp contrast for when she became angry. Bernadette's colleagues were afraid of her around the lab, and she wasn't shy to reveal that she had a vindictive nature. Penny's constantly terrified of getting on the bad side of Bernadette, which has made a great storyline for her character. Yet, things have changed now that Bernadette has had a baby. Fans wonder if the old Bernadette is gone forever, and now, the series is stuck with a completely different type of character.

2 Howard And Bernadette Spin-Off

With Howard and Bernadette getting married and having a baby, the majority of some of the most recent episodes have focused on their trials as new parents. The conclusion of The Big Bang Theory would be great for launching the Howard and Bernadette spin-off series. Perhaps they have to move out to the suburbs for a good school district, and audiences could see their child grow up. The series could also show Howard as a stay-at-home dad since that was the deal when they were considering have children. This could lead to some hilarious moments, but having Bernadette as the stay-at-home mother would probably be even better. She would definitely be the head mother on the PTA and the scariest soccer mom in the car line.

1 Leonard And Penny Got Married

The very first episode of The Big Bang Theory showed Penny moving in across the hall and Leonard having an immediate attraction to her. Audiences loved seeing the push and pull in their relationship, from the breakups to the makeups. Penny had major trust issues, and it seemed like their love was never meant to be. Rather than maintaining that storyline, the couple wound up getting married. There was a bit of conflict in the beginning since Leonard divulged that he had kissed another girl while he was dating Penny (which seemed utterly unbelievable for his character), but then, their relationship just seemed to plateau. Fans loved to see the will-they-or-won't-they aspect to their relationship, and putting them into a dull marriage wasn't exactly how fans saw that playing out.

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