15Perpetuating Negative Stereotypes

When The Big Bang Theory first started, the main reason why the character of Raj fit into their group was his professional background and his social awkwardness. He worked at the same university as an astrophysicist but had zero charisma with the ladies. He couldn't even speak with women unless

he had some alcohol, which wasn't even discovered until after Penny started bartending at The Cheesecake Factory. Yet, as the series progressed, things started to change for Raj with regard to how his character was treated. The show has referenced Howard being Jewish, but the comments haven't been perpetuating negative stereotypes the way they have with Raj. In the episode where Howard went to the International Space Station, Raj stated, "Howard is staring down on our planet like a Jewish Greek God." Yet, that's harmless compared to the Indian call center remarks made about Raj.

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