15 Reasons Why Rihanna Is Hotter Than Rita Ora

Okay, the fact that this is even up for debate is completely absurd. Princess RiRi is a dime, a diva, and even in her young age, a dame.  In fact, RiRi is tied with Madonna and The Beatles as the only people in history to ever appear over 30 times on the Billboard chart. Moreover, RiRi has won eight Grammy's while Rita Ora….wait. Rita Ora? Who the f**k is that? Exactly.

Here's the 411 on Rita Ora. Ora is just some girl from the U.K. that Roc-Nation signed thinking she would be the next Rihanna, but she couldn't quite measure up so now she wants out of her contract because she's not getting the first pick at songs.

However, Rita fails to realize that it is her lack of talent, compared to Princess RiRi that hinders her career. She's just not good enough. I know, sometimes the truth hurts. She's not good enough in singing capabilities, nor does she measure up in attractiveness, polls have even shown. But we will get to that later.

We asked the question earlier: who is Rita Ora? Rita Ora is that girl that sings "Body on Me" and Princess Rihanna is the girl who sings everything else you hear on the radio today. Exactly, you would have to hunt hard to find the few songs that are out by Rita Ora. Heck, you might even have to Google her. If so, we are sorry and you probably already know why Princess RiRi is the true queen.

There is no doubt the Rihanna is a legend, but here are some reinforcements, just in case there is any doubt.

Here are 15 reason why Princess RiRi is better than Rita Ora.

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15 Princess RiRi Is Smoking Hot

That’s right. A couple of years back, some Instagram videos were released of Rihanna in Barbados smoking weed and dancing on a yacht. That is so princess RiRi. No, RiRi did not post the video on Instagram, but she sure didn't seem to mind whoever was filming. Rihanna has never been shy of the camera. And her song lyrics include, "Kush rolled, glass full. I prefer the better things." Well, looks like the Kush was rolled and Rihanna was chillin' on one of those better things (a yacht) on this awesome Barbados day. Or as Rihanna would refer to it, a Tuesday. Now we see why they call her "Princess RiRi." This dive-type behavior is just one of the many reasons that we love Rihanna.

14 Rita Ora Has Only Been Around Since 2010

Right? Who is Rita Ora? RiRi released her first hit album 5 -years earlier. Rihanna was already top of the charts when Ora was just a cameo in Jay-z's 'Forever Young' video. It's true. Google it. RiRi already had two albums out. Granted, Ora is younger, RiRi is still way more talented. No one had even heard of Ora until early 2012 when she was on DJ Fresh's  single "Hot Right Now." RiRi has 70.5 million Twitter followers. Guess how many Ora has? A mere 6 million. Don't get me wrong, six million is a lot of followers. But the fact remains the Twitter-verse shows who is truly the best. I mean, come on. Seventy million vs. six million says it all. The world is with Princess RiRi.

13 RiRi Dated Jay-Z

So, rumor has it that Jay-Z cheated on Queen Beyonce with Princess RiRi.  It was a real Roc Nation love triangle, according to sources. That's right back in 2005 it was reported that the Queen left Jay-Z because of rumors of an affair with RiRi. Then a publicist for Rihanna's "Pon Don Replay" single came forth and said that he fanned the rumor. Sources close to Queen Bey say that she is suspicious of Princess RiRi, but she hasn't banned Jay from working with her.....yet. Which is good, because Jay-Z and Princess RiRi makes some pretty awesome songs together.  So we wouldn't blame Jay is he did even think about cheating with RiRi. I mean, look at her.  Actually, yes we would. Beyonce is the queen, RiRi is the princess, and Ora is a borderline nobody with six million Twitter followers.

12 RiRi Is In Bates Motel

Have you seen the 5th season trailer for Bates Motel? Princess RiRi plays one of the mot iconic figures in Hollywood horror history. No, she's not playing Norman Bates. Princess RiRi plays Marion Crane from Hitchcock's Psycho. The original role was played by Janet Leigh in 1960. If you don't remember the movie you at least remember the famous shower scene. That scene is not only famous for the brilliant use of camera angels, but it set precedents for filmmakers for years to come. Some critics even claim that Psycho was Hitchcock's best work. Princess RiRi always shows off her bad girl side with a steamy sex scene. Princess RiRi is a star, while Ora has a small role in the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  She's pretty much a featured extra, really.

11 RiRi Shows Ora Who's The Boss

Alright, so there is a little drama going on at Roc-Nation. You know the music label that Jay-Z owns? Yes, that Roc-Nation. Ora and RiRi are both signed with Roc-Nation. RiRi was signed long before Ora, and therefore she gets 'first pick' at songs.  But apparently, Ora is suing Roc-Nation over this. Maybe Princess RiRi just doesn't want her messing up a perfectly good song that she could sing better. Some people even claim that RiRi used her influence with Jay-Z to make sure that Ora wasn't a priority. Ya know, just let Ora know who the real boss was. Apparently, RiRi doesn't like Ora. Or, perhaps it's the more logical approach. Meaning that Jay-Z and the label know that it's a better business decision to give Rihanna the songs opposed to Ora. Even the label know's RiRi is better.

10 Rita Dated Calvin Harris

Rita dated Calvin Harris, because he’s from the UK, as well.  And since RiRi dated Jay-Z that makes her better. Jay-Z is like the trump card, the ace of spades, the top of the caste system. Whereas, what does Calvin Harris really do? Make a few beats with a computer? No, Harris is great. He has actually made some really cool music with RiRi, such as "We Found Love".  Maybe they should get together?  His music is awesome. However, Rita is just not that talented. That's why haven't heard much from Rita Ora as of late. Seriously, what do you think about Prince RiRi and Calvin Harris hooking up? Would it end like his relationship with Tay Swift or would it be a match made in heaven? Maybe RiRi and Calvin could "find love in a hopeless place?"

9 RiRi Sang "Stay"

Come on, you know you love this song."Stay" rose to the number three spot on the Billboard 100. "Stay" was Princess RiRi's twenty-fourth top ten on the Billboard 100. She also sang this song on Saturday Night Live and performed it at the 2o13 Grammy Awards, a performance which stunned America.  In fact, Princess RiRi took home the iHeartRadio Music Award for "Song of the Year" for this song. RiRi also received a GRAMMY nomination for "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance."  She was also nominated for "Best  Female Video of the Year," and "World's Best Video" at the MTV Music Awards. The song is amazing and you can tell by all the award nominations that the video is, too. You know you have listened to this song more than once, don't lie.

8 RiRi Looks Better On The Red Carpet

There is no comparison. Princess RiRi shines bright like a diamond or even more like royalty in her white gown, whereas, Ora kind of looks like something out of Narnia. Also, look at their different facial expressions. RiRi is a star. She is made for the red carpet. Then you have Ora, who seems to look more like she is posing for a Playboy centerfold. Princess RiRi is clearly the dominant one here because she is rocking white better than her counterpart, and just being a pure boss. And let's be honest, all white is a difficult look to pull off unless you are dressing up for Halloween or in some costume contest. But Princess RiRi does it effortlessly.  Don't you agree, that RiRi slays in this department?

7 RiRi Looks Better In Red

Try and deny it. I dare you. Look how well Princess RiRi pulls off this all red evening gown. That thing looks like it was made for her. Whereas, Ora looks more like cherry or a doll. We aren't sure. Either way, Rihanna is had striking red hair and is rocking red from head to toe. She is slaying per usual. All Rihanna does is smoke blunts, and slay, all day. See what I did there? There are not many people in this world that could pull off red outfits like these. And while Ora gives a solid attempt, Princess RiRi dominates yet again with her custom fit red see through gown. Bad girl, RiRi....we love you! Ora, you gave it a solid effort. Thanks for playing.

6  6. Who Can Rock A Black Dress Better Than RiRi?

Ok, again. Red and black so important for a lady to be sexy, don't you agree? However, I think even the die-hard Ora fans, all 6 million of them, can agree that Princess RiRi looks much better in this dress that Ora. I mean, come on.  Princess RiRi looks like a goddess and Ora looks like she may be going on a casting call for the Adams Family remake. When it comes down to what is really important, sexiness, RiRi is far more sexy with the slit down her leg, open back, and v-neck. Ora almost look like some 80's singer with that hair. Hey, Ora, the 80's called, they want their hair back. Don't you agree that how a woman can pull off a black dress really says a lot about that woman? Well, RiRi does it with ease. Wouldn't you agree?

5 Even In Gym Sweats, RiRi Stuns

But even when just chillin', RiRi slays. RiR doesn't even have to try to look good and she can pull off anything and still look good.  In sweats, Ora looks more like a throwback from Saved By The Bell, or maybe even featured extra with no lines. Ora isn't terrible. We are not hating on Ora. But the idea that anyone would try and compare Princess RiRi when the RiRi looks like this without even trying is insane. RiRi is the better singer, and more attractive. RiRi is everything. Let's not forget that RiRi has over 50 million more Twitter followers than Ora. Not that Twitter following is everything but it seems like that's kind of a huge difference. 50 million seems like a lot. Don't you think? Either way, RiRi effortlessly out-stuns once again in her sweats.

4 RiRi Can Even Out-Blonde Ora

You see, Princess RiRi can change it up and still look good. She can change her look, and even her hair color and still pull off that RiRi-ness, if you will. Yes, RiRi is amazing that way. However, even in what we believe is Ora's natural state, she can't pull off blond better than RiRi. I mean, let's be honest RiRi is gorgeous but still, it's pretty sad that Ora can't pull off blonde better than her competition. Of course, RiRi is always going to get the first pick of the songs at Roc-Nation. Princess RiRi just has that 'it' factor. She can pull off anything, anytime, anywhere. That is why she has earned the nickname Princess RiRi.

3 RiRi Sang "Love on the Brain"

Okay, we may like this one better than "Stay." "Love on the Brain" is the song you hear on every radio station these days but you never get tired of it. Can you honestly say that about any Rita Ora song?....Don't worry, I'll wait. I didn't think so. That's RiRi's "it" factor. It makes her songs magnetic. And this is her latest since "Stay." It's almost as if RiRi is getting better as she gets older. RiRi is only 29 years old, but she seems to be getting better as she gets older. Either way, "Love on the Brain" peaked at the number five spot on the Billboard 100. This song broke RiRi's tie with Elvis for the artist with the 5th most top singles. So that's pretty impressive. I don't see Ora breaking any of Elvis' record, do you?

2 People Have Even Said It In The Polls

It's true there is actually a poll. Check out this poll that asked people who they liked better. RiRi won by a landslide. 64% of the people surveyed said Rihanna all the way. As you can see the questions asked were pretty standard when comparing two singers. The poll was based on who the audience thought was a better singer, attractiveness, and who's music they liked more between the two. I mean, isn't that what we have been saying? Yes, Ora is pretty, but she is not as near as pretty as Prince RiRi. And RiRi's music is better than Ora's that's why RiRi has such a higher net worth. Rihanna is worth $170 million, while Ora is worth $2 million. Money talks.

1 RiRi Is A Role Model

Princess RiRi is not only a talented singer and actress but also a good person. Rihanna is known for doing tons of charity work. Furthermore, RiRi often tweets quotes of her role models. One example of this would be when Mya Angelou died, RiRi tweeted that she had written the first book she had ever read. Now, if the first book that you read doesn't help shape you, I don't know what does. She has also given shout outs to other classic entertainers, such as Josephine Baker, thanking them for inspiring women. Princess RiRi uses her power and influence to do good. This is why Princess RiRi is the best.  No matter which way one looks at it, RiRi is still the Queen of these two. Sorry, Rita.

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